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  1. This is exactly what concerns me. I have no idea how many members there are, or what proportion of them were at the meeting, but my worry is that there may be a significant enough number who for whatever reason haven't been at the meetings to hear the arguments put forward by the president, and will proxy vote to preserve the status quo without having the information that many non members have been given. If the show of hands last night is any thing to go by, and it's probably not the best barometer, then it will be touch and go to get 75%. The exit poll results of the previous meeting only had 7% against, but it also only had 58% for. (I dont remember if those percentages were much different if only taking the responses of members) It's the 35% who were open to the idea but wanted more information before committing that may sway it one way or the other. While I'm of the opinion that we need to go for it, I do understand and respect the view of any who while warm to the idea feel they cant support it without more detailed information. If its a no because everyone has heard both sides of the argument and made their decision based on the information presented, then fair enough. However if it's a no because 26% of members who never engaged with the process vote for the status quo, then that's a difficult one to swallow.
  2. A bit of bad news from the club websites match preview "Unfortunately, we go into the game with a number of injuries to content with, notably Lewis Magee who looks to have picked up a serious injury at training on Thursday night. We don’t know the extent of it at this early stage but it doesn’t look good and that’s very disappointing for both the player and ourselves given the start he has made to the season." Heres hoping he makes a speedy recovery, as he has been great so far this season.
  3. Right I think I have now caught up with all these posts and will stop hogging the thread.[emoji6]
  4. The club website says "Away fans will usually be seated in section P and Home support sit in O1 (complimentary & members area) and O2 (pay at the gate)." It doesnt state which one season ticket holders fall into. It's interesting to hear others experience of being turned away from the members area. When I started coming to sporadic games years ago I came with a group of friends and family, most of whom were season ticket holders. I think one of our group, who has now passed away, was a member, but none of the others were/are. I always just followed them into the members area, and on the odd occasion that I was challenged as being the only one not showing a season ticket, those with just said I was with them and there was no issue. In recent years when I had a season ticket, along with the same group (again all non members) we have never been challenged about entering that area, in fact quite the opposite, as given that it's usually the same two ladies at the door we now exchange pleasantries most weeks. I'm not suggesting that I disbelieve others who have posted on here that they have had problems, but my experience is that we've never been challenged in what must be around 10 years, and none of us wear a suit or club tie. I also know that some in our group who on occasion haven't had a season ticket, have entered via the main stand and have been given a paper ticket which allowed them entry to the members area. I now sit in that area out of habit, and enjoy the comfy seats and central position, but I've never felt that anyone sitting there was looking down on those in the plastic chairs as any different. However, I am looking forward to the hopefully more 'all together' feel at Lesser.
  5. I have to admit that I found the process a bit daunting initially, but in a bid to encourage anyone who has been put off by the application process, my own recent experience of applying for membership was actually fairly easy. I had to do a bit of chasing of the staff in the office to get the initial information and application form, but after that it was pretty straightforward. Fortunately I knew someone who is already a member and was able to ask them to be my proposer. I then just approached a member of the committee and asked them to second me, which he was very happy to do. I made sure I did all this in enogh time that my membership was approved prior to our first cup game so that I could get the full benefit of the included entry to all home games. If anyone is considering membership, I would suggest you go for it if you can afford it.
  6. I agree that there should perhaps be a reduced membership rate for concessions. As it stands the membership fee of £250 for an adult works out about the same cost as a season ticket plus home cup games. In fact if we managed a decent cup run and got drawn at home regularly there is a potential saving to be made via membership, not to mention the other benefits such as voting rights. This is my first season as a member, I was keen to become a member as I wanted to have a say in the future of the club as we move out of Hampden etc. but I had previously been concerned about the cost as given there was no info on the website/matchday programme I had no idea how much it would be. It turns out it's not as costly as I feared and I should have done it years ago. However, if someone has a concession season ticket, then the cost increase to become a member, even with cup games included, is significant, and I can see why it would be prohibitive for many. A concession membership at say £100 would perhaps encourage a few more to apply, and bring in a wee bit more to the club. I suppose some who pay full price may argue that those paying a reduced rate have the same voting rights and benefits as them, but personally it wouldn't bother me.
  7. I have posted on these forums a number of times about the lack of information made readily available (via the website etc.) about the cost, benefits and process or becoming a member. At one of the information meetings towards the end of last season this point came up when someone asked the president to recap some information which non members in the room would not have not yet been privy too. The presidents first response was to ask why some people in the room were not yet members at which point a few folks raised that there was little to no information or encouragement from the club to do so. My point is that the club/committee are obviously keen to increase the membership as it is surely a reasonable source of income, but in that case it baffles me why they dont make more effort to promote it.
  8. I genuinely noticed he was limping in the stand this afternoon at the end of the game. Such must be his devotion to selling the illusion.
  9. I decided some time ago that my preference would be to go pro based on the information I had available. Attending the meeting last week has given me more information and strengthened by belief that we should go pro to give ourselves the best chance of staying in the spfl and retaining our youth system. HOWEVER, I fully understand those who want to see some figures etc. for both options before making any formal decision. I also dont think it has ever been suggested that those projections wouldn't be done before a formal decision is made. The purpose of the meeting was to gauge whether there is enough support in principle to make it worth the time, effort and money involved in putting those projections together. I too would be very interested to see how the figures weigh up, and personally my hope is that the outcome of the poll is that there was enough of a majority in favour of going pro that the committee will now move forward with putting together more detailed information so that a formal decision can be made asap.
  10. As for Saturday, I'm quietly confident, so will go for a 2-0 win for the spiders.
  11. On the subject of our players names (sorry to Stirling supporters that we've hijacked the match thread for this) I may have miss heard, but I'm sure I noticed a number of people (I.e. our players an coaches etc.) addressing to Magee as "Lubo" (I'm taking a stab at the spelling there). Also in the match report on our website, I noticed that Salim was repeatedly referred to as "Our Salim". No idea why, perhaps theres a joke or reference I'm missing.
  12. A further thought that has occurred to me re the move to lesser is that a number of away fans dont like Hampden for its atmosphere and because they have a poor view from the corner. Perhaps more away fans may be encouraged to come to Lesser if their complaints are no longer an issue, which would mean more gate money for us. Whether that is realistic I have no idea, but we'll certainly have far fewer away (and probably home) supporters through the gates if we dont continue to compete in the spfl. In contrast, if we give ourselves the best chance of competing in league one (or higher?) both home any away support attendance at Lesser will probably increase, bringing in more money. As the president said, if we're going to redevelop lesser, we should have the goal of filling it to capacity regularly.
  13. I was really just using 'fans' as a catch all term for members/season ticket holders/supporters/casual fans etc. in that instance. I wasnt really suggesting that significant numbers would stop supporting if we remain amateur, but now that I think about it, a significant number of 'fans' may stop coming if we end up in relative obscurity in the lowland league, which I believe we have the best chance of avoiding by going pro. As others have said, the form on the night asked people which category they fell into, so they should be able to tell if members have a generally different opinion to say season ticket holders, I have no idea whether that is likely to be the case. I also dont know whether the change would need a members vote or not. However, while I dont know how many members we actually have compared to season ticket holders etc, I think it is important that all are included in the discussions. Whether members or not, all at our games are contributing financially by paying for admission and have a vested interest. Perhaps it may even encourage more to become members, especially if it does come down to a vote.
  14. Also, i was excited by the images shown last night of the idea for the redevelopment of lesser. Looks like the makings of a great wee ground for a club looking to compete in league 2 or hopefully league 1, but as was said, theres no point in having all that as an amateur team struggling to compete in the lowland league.
  15. I'm assuming that those posting on here looking for figures and business plans were not at the meeting last night. The reason for the meeting was to gauge opinion of suporters/members. As has been stated, there is no point in spending time, effort and money on the figures and details if the majority of fans are against the change to semi pro. If the outcome of last night's exit poll is that the majority are for the change in principle THEN the committee know that it is worth fleshing out the details and gathering more information for consideration. While a lot of figures etc. will be estimates, I dont believe it was ever suggested that there wouldn't be a business plan presented later down the line if that's the direction we're heading. As has been said by others, this is only the (very sensible and important) first step of many in the process. I was very impressed with how the president and other committee members spoke last night, and applaud the fact that they are involving supporters (not just members) in the discussions right from the start. It sounds like there will be further similair meetings, and I would encourage all who weren't there last night to make every effort to attend and have their say. Yes there will be a lot of detail to be fleshed out before any real decisions are made, but the committee needed to know if there was enough appetite for the change to make the effort worthwhile. Personally, I left the meeting very encouraged that what I felt was the majority were excited about the opportunities for growth, sucess or maybe just survival, that are in front of us if we make the step onto professionalism. Almost all of the barriers presented by those who wish to stay amateur will be their regardless of our status (lack of income from Hampden, need for sponsorship etc.) Another interesting point raised was that one of the committee had met recently with two former club captains who both said they would never have left if we had been pro. Apologies for the long rambling/stream of conscious post.
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