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  1. I'll admit I don't know a great deal about Dempster or what she has done at previous clubs, but from what I have heard and read I am very encouraged by her appointment. My hope is that part of the strategy will be to form stronger links between the club/ committe/decision making processes and the members/supporters. Two common themes on this forum for a while have been frustrations about the clubs communication with members/supporters and the need for more people to get involved and buy into the vision of the club going forward. If she can tie these things together, along with continued improvement of our community interaction and success of our various playing squads, then she could indeed prove to be our most important 'full time professional' signing. Time will tell, but at this point I'm very excited about where things are heading.
  2. 100% this. Couldn't have said it better. This is exactly the sort of proactive approach we should be making in the run up to the start of 21/22 season. From what I've heard from them over the last couple of years I have faith that our president and committee agree and remain confident that we can make every success of this.
  3. Looks like the coaching team from the community side beat you to it.
  4. Worked for me too. A bit strange to do the test at such short notice and at a time where many may be at work and unable to log in. Perhaps they could do another one in the evening?
  5. My son who's a season ticket holder with no email address got a letter through last week, and I'm a Member on the email list, but I got my details in the post yesterday. I'm hoping that members will have access to cup games included too, but don't know if that will be extended to Season ticket holders.
  6. My understanding was that we only got as much as £5m because we gave them the option of paying in instalments. The SFA didn't have/couldnt afford/weren't willing to pay the full amount of their share in a lump sum so if we hadn't agreed to annual payments then we would have got a lower offer. I dont know what the difference would have been, but I'm taking it that we went for whichever option gave us the highest total in the long run. One thing I never quite picked up was whether Haughy and Hunter gave their contribution direct to us, or gave it to the SFA who will in turn use it to make their payments to us. If it's the latter, it's possible that they are paying the SFA in instalments, which could be another reason why we didn't get it all in a lump sum. All in all, the SFA got it for a song, but we are where we are and now have an opportunity to create a new ground far better suited to our needs.
  7. Is anyone else having problems with the stream jumping and buffering or is it just me?
  8. Ha ha, yes I once had that same email too. I'm a member and on the email list, but haven't had anything through yet. However my son has a season ticket and has no email address of his own yet, and he got a letter through today with log in details.
  9. The SFA only paid about half of that, the other half was made up by 2 generous benefactors. If it wasnt for them we might not have come to an agreement at all. Long story, but they were able to get it so cheap as there were a number of historical debts from the refurb years ago (Lottery grants and debentures). Those debts will never need repaid if it remains the National Stadium, but if the SFA decided not to renew their lease and go elsewhere, then we would suddenly be about £20m in the hole, which would obviously cripple us. Basically the SFA had us over a barrel knowing we'd almost no option but to sell for far less than its value. You could argue that as the SFA now take on those debts then the value of the deal was much higher, but unless they sell Hampden they'll never have to repay them.
  10. JUST a paltry £5m I'm afraid.Its being paid in instalments over a number of years (10?), so it's not like we're sitting with all that in the bank to play with. The initial payment is funding the redevelopment of Lesser, and the ongoing yearly instalments will be part of our income each year similar, but lower than, the rent we used to get from the SFA. The SFA now own Hampden and we have no stake in it, so we get no revenue from anything taking place on the stadium. I think that's all right, but I'm sure others will correct anything I've got wrong.
  11. Good first half for Queens (Park). Stream quality has been pretty good and the commentary sounds quite professional, though they could do with some sort of noise gate to ballance out the audio spikes when they get excited. All went to pot when they switched camera at half time though and now can't hear anything.
  12. That new goalkeeper kit is even more eye catching than the multi coloured dots.
  13. Also, do you plan to do a separate weekly video for each league once (if?) they all restart, or will you combine them all into one video? If the latter, and depending on how in depth you plan to go, then there's a lot to squeeze in to 40 mins. I should say that I did enjoy the two videos I watched, so please consider my comments as feedback on how to improve rather than criticism of the podcast.
  14. I agree (not just because there wasn't much time spent on QP). I also watched the league 1 preview and felt it too was pretty rushed towards the end. Assuming it's not streamed live and that the issue is down to time limits on zoom, are you able to edit together two calls into one video.
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