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  1. 2 home games in a week in January (Thistle on 2nd then Cove on 7th). Looking at Lesser, I can't see it being ready by then, but while Hampden would be ideal for us, I'm not convinced the SFA will be too keen on having those games there with the two League Cup Semi Finals the following weekend. 3 away games after that in January then at home again on 4th February, which is probably a more realistic target for the first game at Lesser.
  2. I was about to reply with to say the same thing but you beat me to it. My mate had the same issue as Skyline Drifter so gave me the heads up, but when I logged in I used the procedure Jambomo has described and it worked fine in one transaction. I second the advice to do all the linking of accounts prior to tickets going on sale as it makes the process for both much easier.
  3. Each member needs a separate account, which once set up can be linked as friends and family. When we first joined the SSC about 5 years ago I used the same email address to register both my account and my sons account. I've never changed that, and have even noticed that some of the emails start with "Hi (my name) and (sons name)" so they obviously realise both accounts share the same email address.
  4. I think once we get round to adding the seating above the changing rooms access will be from the pavillion so a lot of the seats will be for folk who are in hospitality in the upstairs bar.
  5. At least it will prevent a long queue of away fans still waiting outside the ground long after kickoff because the guy at the only open turnstile is only taking cash and explaining to each person individually that he is tearing them off a paper ticket from a long strip just in case the game is suddenly abandoned midway through and needs to be rescheduled. (As happened at our league Cup game at New Douglas Park earlier in the season)
  6. https://spfl.co.uk/news/press-release-nohomekit-campaign It's to support a campaign about homelessness
  7. Another furious Raith fan We beat the "big boys" from Fife in the play off semi final back in May.
  8. Hopefully he scores another few and they re-call him in January
  9. Based on those stats, his goals to appearances ratio seems to be improving with every new club. Maybe we should play him up front?
  10. Pretty sure it'll just be the East and Directors Box. From what I've seen work hasn't started on the south stand, which I think will be built in the summer. Also not heard anything about a temporary north stand other than rumours that they might try to put one in for next season (promotion dependent?)
  11. And there were a load of concerts booked in at Hampden in July and August which will make the SFA far more money that QP games do. There will be the same situation next summer (and possibly most summers) so that would have am effect on the rumoured potential of us playing at Hampden for the full season if we get promoted.
  12. Yeah, I saw a picture taken today and see that a couple more rows have been added since the last pics I saw. It looks a bit better now, but it's still quite shallow so the back row doesn't have much elevation, and like you say the front couple of rows will be really poor for viewing the whole pitch.
  13. Regardless of the quality of the concrete poured, or who's fault it may or may not be, the design was still changed from a stand that would hold around 800 spectators with a decent elevation (and which could have easily incorporated VIP seating) to the current build which holds 40-50 people and will probably rule out any future development to increase capacity at the North end of the West side of the pitch. This change came at a considerable cost. I've not heard any plans to further extend the west stand, but looking at the plans and what has been built so far, I can't see where there will be space for any more capacity there.
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