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  1. Interesting that while we're signing a number of players from Championship, one of our best players makes the move the other way. Good luck to Nicky, I really hope the move works out well for him, especially if the suggestion is true that he only left us because full time football wasn't for him. That's a brave, head over heart call to make, so credit to him for doing whats right for him. I wonder if our Peter Grant jnr put a word in for him to his dad.
  2. Has anyone seen the new kits? Home kit will be fairly predictable, but any news on what the away kit will be like. Hoping for a return of the Irn Bru colours.
  3. QP have today announced a new kit deal for the coming season with Admiral. No pictures yet, but my money is on the home kit being black and white hoops.
  4. Apparently Doig has a long term contract with Hibs, but perhaps they may let him come back on loan, especially if we're making a contribution to his wage
  5. I'm assuming we dont have a budget for transfers, I.e buying players from another team, as all the players we've brought in were out of contract at the time, (in some cases very conveniently recently released). So I would guess we're talking about any new signings being guys who aren't currently under contract. Which rules out Messi this summer.
  6. I noticed that someone had commented on the clubs Facebook page asking about a standing area. There's a reply from the clubs account saying there is some standing included in the plans, but it will be dependant on approval by "licensing authorities, city council etc." Hopefully this gets the go ahead.
  7. I've been thinking recently that I'd be pretty disappointed to see Sal go as I didn't think there were many teams, even in the championship, that would be able to give him a better offer than us. However, if it's true that he has a chance to go to Livi and play in the Premiership and earn Premiership money, then I certainly would never grudge him that. Obviously I'd love him to stay, but if he moves to Livi I hope it works out for him and he is successful there.
  8. Genuinely very sorry to hear that there are people who feel this way. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but I do hope you will continue to stick with us in the future. I voted for the move to professionalism, and I am still 100% convinced that it is the right thing for the club going forward, however I will admit that I understand where you're coming from with regards to the likes of Moore and Jamieson moving on. As I've said before I had hoped that some of our younger players (particularly the likes of McGrory and McGee who had worked their way through the youth ranks) could have been signed up and given the chance in the new setup. I hope that in time we will produce even better players through an improved development system, that can play at a high level in the game. True, we are no longer the last bastion of amateurism (and its debatable when we really last were) but for many of us that's not why we support Queens. We now can (I hope) focus on being a successful local club with strong links to our community, still the underdog in this countries biggest city, without the baggage associated with the other clubs we share it with. We have the opportunity to build a fanbase and fill our new home with people who choose QP as 'their' club, regardless of history, finances, amateurism or professionalism, but because they feel welcome and attached to it. I'm excited about the future, and the journey we're going on, and I really hope that you and others who feel the same way will continue to be part of it.
  9. Definetly nice to be going into the season feeling excited about our prospects, rather than wondering which end of the table we should be looking at. Ironically this next season will start (whenever that may be) much like many others, with an almost entirely new squad. Obviously the difference this time is that we've been recruiting from the Championship rather than the juniors. I fully expect to get the 'Cove/Edinburgh' treatment this season as the team with money to spend. We'll hear plenty of accusations that we're buying League 2, but the simple truth is that we're not doing that.....we're starting now to buy League 1 next year. League 2 is just a necessary stepping stone on our journey up the leagues [emoji6] In all seriousness though, while we should rightly be confident about our chances, we will still have to earn anything we achieve on the pitch, and cant expect to just turn up and win games, no matter how much our players get paid or how many hours they train. I'm looking forward to the season getting started, but fully expect there to be plenty of ups and downs before next May. This really is a great opportunity for us to achieve things, and I just hope we all are able to get to see it happen from the stands.
  10. Was sad to see Moore leave Queens, always gave 110%. Hope he continues to develop with you guys, and that this signing is positive one for him. Fully expect to be ruing his departure when he inevitably scores against us next season.
  11. I like the idea of expanding the league and only playing each team twice, as I too am fed up of playing teams anywhere from 4 to potentially 8 times a season (including playoffs, cups etc.) However I worry that it could lead to fewer games with much to play for (promotion, relegation, playoffs) later in the season. So they would need to have a good number off playoff spots available to aim for (or avoid) to keep it interesting till the end. Not a fan of any kind of split, so for me the league either needs to be kept at 10 teams playing 4x, or expanded to at least 18 playing 2x. No issues with adding kelty, brora etc to an expanded setup. I definitely dont want any Colt teams in the league. That would be the worst thing for Scottish football.
  12. I hope your right. I did think it would be strange for Sal to be featured in the awards video if he wasnt staying.
  13. Sad to see Moore go, always gave 110% every time he played. However, I dont think it's unfair to say he was unlikely to feature reagularly in this new era. Really hope he gets a club where he gets the chance to play regularly and score a lot of goals (but not against us obviously [emoji1])
  14. Still hope for Maclean and Sal to re-sign then.
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