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  1. Lowland League Two for season 2020-21 has got to be the best solution to this. 16 team league with guarantee of 8 spaces for West based clubs (if enough apply) and a commitment to create 2 x 16 team leagues LLW and LLE if there is enough interest. Allows West Juniors to apply knowing there is a viable league for them to go to even if there isn't enough interest for a full WOS league.
  2. 127 is excluding any Linlithgow / Boness junior sides (or Syngenta / Dunblane /Breadalbane). So basically to need the same number of rounds as this year's Junior Cup at least 2 of those 5 will need to be accepted by the ERJFA.
  3. So I'm assuming that Cruden Bay are back in the Junior Cup this year and that Coupar Angus are suspended. With Kinnoull and Glenrothes away to EOS that suggests the Junior Cup entrants are down to 127 clubs. So there will only need to be a Round One this year if there are at least 2 new clubs admitted to the East Region (or indeed North or West).
  4. The only bit you've got wrong is the EOS Premier for next year. The 16th club is Sauchie as Bonnyrigg (or Whitehill) are already included as one of the 15 from the 3 x top 5s. Should read: A new EoS Premier Division has been formed for next season, comprised of the top 5 clubs from each of the 3 "Conferences" last season and the best placed 6th placed finisher, Sauchie.
  5. There were two rounds of midweeks in August for the Qualifying Leagues last year and some teams played another two midweeks before September as well so you could easily get 3-4 full sets of midweek League dates in before September.
  6. Fair distance for Tweedmouth to play their home games...
  7. It's perfectly possible to split into 2 at each level from 5 downwards but in reality we get to such small geographical areas so quickly that it isn't really needed at tier 7/ tier 8. Tier 5 - Highland Tier 6 - NCFL Tier 7 - none / amateur Tier 8 - none / amateur This works only because there is no realistic Tier 7/8 for North West Highlands. Tier 5 - Highland Tier 6 - North Juniors Superleague Tier 7 - North Juniors East / North Juniors West Tier 8 - none / amateur This works just about but North Juniors have found it better to run Division 1 and 2. Maybe with Tayside clubs added a North / South split at Tier 7 works better? Tier 5 - Lowland Tier 6 - Lowland League West (basically current WR Premier) Tier 7 - SOS + WRJFA Premier (but with current Championship teams) Tier 8 - (no SOS feeders) + WRJFA Ayrshire / WRJFA Central This works down to Tier 7 but at Tier 8 forcing WRJFA to split geographically again conflicts with recent reorganisation away from Ayrshire / Central setup. Tier 5 - Lowland Tier 6 - Lowland League East (basically current EOS Premier) Tier 7 - EOS North / EOS South Tier 8 - EOS Fife / EOS West Lothian + EOS Midlothian / EOS Borders Again this could work to an extent but is forcing regionalisation at an earlier point than seems to be desired by clubs. Even with all the East Juniors South of the Tay you're basically about 50 clubs short of what you need for this structure which is a lot to find in the Amateurs. Even moving the LL boundary to the South Esk would leave you about 30 clubs short of what you need to make the structure work. So you probably could achieve a perfect Pyramid but is aiming to do so actually desirable for delivering the most competitive football to clubs?
  8. Thanks. Does seem unlikely this year but SFA are going to have to think about changes for 2020-21 to cope with the additional licensed clubs.
  9. So if BoD joined HL and Largs won the Junior Cup either a rule change or an extra Preliminary Round would be required?
  10. Shocking to see an admission that the licensing criteria were changed purely to try and reduce the number of future applications. The fact the Chief Executive doesn’t even have the brains to lie about this is possibly even more worrying than the fact they did it in the first place!
  11. I agree. My point being that even if say Whitehill asked for a voluntary relegation so a 16th club was needed there is no particular reason why Linlithgow would be chosen ahead of other, higher placed licensed clubs.
  12. If Whitehill were relegated then surely they’d be replaced by the highest ranked licensed team which would be Penicuik, not Linlithgow.
  13. If the rules were changed so all 10 Championship clubs entered at R3 and the HL and LL top 2 entered in R1 instead of R2 it would look like this: 60 entrants at Round 1 30 winners and 10 new entries (L2) at Round 2 20 winners and 20 new entries (L1, Championship) at Round 3 20 winners and 12 new entries (Premiership) at Round 4 We're getting to the point where this almost works. Not quite enough teams entering this year but it will work for 2020-21 Cup. This year we are guaranteed 55 entries at Round 1: 17-18 HL (17 if Cove Promoted) 16 LL 19-20 Licensed (19 if Berwick stay up) Amateur Cup Winners South and East Shield Winners There are also a potential 2-6 extra qualifiers (four junior league / cup winners and two EOS/SOS league winners. However these can be filled by licensed clubs / ineligible clubs / duplicates so there may not always be 6 extra teams. This year there may only be 3 if Talbot win West Premiership and the Junior Cup, combined with licensed Banks of Dee winning the north and ineligible Stranraer Reserves winning the SOS. So we need an extra 3 licensed clubs to guarantee that there would always be at least 60 entrants for a full slate of Round 1 ties. If, as seems likely, we have several more licensed clubs before the end of the year then this definitely seems the best way to arrange the 2020-21 Scottish Cup. This being the SFA we'll probably get three preliminary rounds instead!
  14. At the risk of being extremely pedantic LRT hasn’t existed for 19 years .
  15. This is a good point. In West Lothian for example my understanding is that the only clubs who fully own the land for their grounds are Linlithgow and Bathgate. The other ten ERJFA and EOS clubs all have leases of various types from the council. That's not to say that a lot of the facilities haven't been built by the clubs themselves though.
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