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  1. Yes, same as Harthill play in Greenrigg and BSC play in Alloa. But this list is apparently not based on ground location but spiritual home so I was pointing out to be consistent on that basis St Cadocs should be listed as East Renfrewshire.
  2. Well if you're doing it that way you should have 3 senior clubs in East Renfrewshire - Neilston, Arthurlie and St Cadocs.
  3. Harthill Royal’s ground is in West Lothian so you can’t include them as a North Lanarkshire team. So only 11 council areas playing Junior.
  4. For trivia interest I make Scourie the third most westerly senior football club in Scotland after Stranraer and Fort William. Lewis and Harris FC's Ullapool ground is also slightly further west than Scourie if you count their occasional NCFA cup games as making them a senior club.
  5. I'm staying in Kylesku that weekend (which is even pricier than the Scourie Hotel) but totally worth it. Best hotel in the Highlands. But as I'm up in Sutherland anyway 10 miles up the road to Scourie counts as practically next door by their standards.
  6. If the North Caledonian Fixture Secretary is reading this thread can you please schedule a Scourie home game on Saturday 19th December. (I've got 2 nights booked in a hotel already) Thanks in advance.
  7. Kelty is also north of Stirling as well. Suggests this isn't the best thought through plan...
  8. Inverurie Loco Works has been closed for 51 years, getting on for 40% of the history of the 117 year old eponymous football club. So no reason why clubs can't keep Junior in their name for a good while yet, even if the Junior organisation disappears entirely.
  9. IoM could play in the Northern Lighthouse Board league with Girvan, Eyemouth, Oban Saints, Lewis and Harris FC, Orkney, Shetland and Craigroyston to represent 84 George Street.
  10. I agree Larry came across as bitter but given his posts here that wasn't a huge surprise. I was more surprised by how totally clueless David Cadenhead came across as! It was like he'd never heard of there being a dividing line between Highland League and Lowland League. If NRJFA officials are really that ignorant then it does explain why no progress has been made on dealing with the Tayside issue. And the Tayside clubs have got to take some responsibility for that because surely they should have at least had a conversation with the North Region clubs about potential structures at some point in the last 7 years since the Lowland League was created.
  11. West Lothian Council own Almondvale Stadium but Livingston FC are in the Premiership.
  12. There's no point in having clubs in the Scottish Cup that don't meet UEFA Category 4 as they might win the Scottish Cup and then qualify for the Europa League Group Stage, therefore all clubs outwith the SPFL Premiership and Championship should be excluded from the Scottish Cup and allow clubs with ambition to get on with it. See what I did there...
  13. Just the NCL teams (apart from Golspie) and the Welfare teams who are excluded.
  14. Cromdale has been in Banffshire, Inverness-shire (detached part), Morayshire, Badenoch and Strathspey and now Highland. Can't make up its mind which county it wants to be in.
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