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  1. Not as worried, still have faith we'll take Hamilton Accies fully seriously on Saturday, or at least more seriously than the Accies higher ups do at running their own club.
  2. To be fair, I've just had a read of the article and I don't think it's as dismissive as I first assumed it would be. It comes across more at slight frustration about not getting more of a chance to try out the trialists in matches rather than a dismissive take about the importance of the game. Considering he's got just one more friendly to try trialists in, and it's a more tough opponent in Blackburn, he'll obviously have wanted them to get more game time, especially since they've only just started their trials. Wouldn't be shocked if they played in the game against Lochee United on the 20th or if we hear about bounce games to try and get them more up to speed with the team. I'm not as concerned as I was at first at least, should be taking any opportunity we can to batter Hamilton anyway.
  3. I did think the same thing when I first saw the picture
  4. Ach well, hopefully lessons will be learned for the real stuff on Saturday.
  5. Aye, and Ashcroft is no. 14, but that doesn't matter in friendlies. Yes, so I'd assume both are doing the same again.
  6. Also wondering what's going on with Anderson and McGhee.
  7. Unless we have Frenchy listed as a trialist (which wouldn't make much sense to me), we have a new trialist in today asking with Devine and Dailly wearing #11. Will be curious who it is, wouldn't be shocked if it was another for the development squad though.
  8. What it is they say about the early bird? Feel free to do the squad updates, I just decided to do it when the thread was created, not a big deal to me.
  9. People who only reside on club-specific forums are miserable welts, they'll probably think they're in for EPL players with their movie money. Happy with this signing, needed another defender and this boy's just now coming into his peak years. Think he'll do well.
  10. One of my favourite players at the club, would be gutted to see him go. Like Marshall though, if a team is willing to pay ample money then it's hard to complain. However, I doubt he'll be going anywhere, as I can't see Motherwell offering a sum worth selling him for tbh. I'll be happy if I'm right. Also, might not even be true.
  11. I think they played at Civil Service Strollers' ground, Christie Gillies Park last season.
  12. Y2Mate.is - The Simpsons - Default-831dqNH2kYY-720p-1656944330529 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  13. Well, we've got just under 4 weeks til the league starts, and so I thought it's high time for the way-too-early league predictor! The rules are simple: Any league predictions which list all teams in at least a somewhat readable fashion will be included at the end of the season. All predictions will be accepted until 15:00 on Saturday 30 July (aka until the first whistles on the league season are blown). This includes edits too, any predictions edited after opening kick off won't count. Yes, it is far too early to tell who will play well, but that's where I think the entertainment factor comes from. Also remember that there's almost always at least one team that overperforms/underperforms, so the occasional wild guess could go quite favourably. Happy predicting! Here's my prospective guess, 5th-9th is particularly tough for me to predict confidently: 1st. Dundee 2nd. Partick Thistle 3rd. Inverness Caledonian Thistle 4th. Raith Rovers 5th. Greenock Morten 6th. Arbroath 7th. Queen's Park 8th. Ayr United 9th. Cove Rangers 10th. Hamilton Academical
  14. Looks like somebody got into Dens and fucked about with one of the goals...
  15. I was hoping I had deleted that before anyone had seen it @This Charming Man, as I had jumped the gun It is actually Bobby Dailly, who was recently a youth player for Millwall, and is almost certainly on trial for the development squad. No need to be alarmed.
  16. Apparently Martin Woods recommended McDonagh to McIntyre, as the two were teammates at Halifax. I'm damn near certain Woods will be playing at Balmoral within a few weeks.
  17. Did anyone who watched have any thoughts on how the team played both halfs, and how Devine and the other trialist got on?
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