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  1. Boy snaps out of nowhere a lot and for no good reason ever, strange guy.
  2. Certainly sounds preferable to staying in the Championship with Partick Thistle.
  3. Best part of this is definitely just how fucking raging Partick fans are on Twitter.
  4. Not bad bit of business considering we'll likely be in the Championship next season, but if we're planning to get him in this month he's not exactly the player you necessarily need in a relegation scrap, which I also thought when the link with St Johnstone came up. Definitely still a player with potential who we can hopefully develop further.
  5. Part of me thinks Ikpeazu has an outside shot of getting a mention, what with Middlesbrough making him available for a loan and such.
  6. I've not seen any tweet from him, so I assume he deleted it for this mistake. It's a belter of a f**k-up on his part tbh, it's only the complete opposite of what he actually meant.
  7. If Griffiths gets a deal at this point I will be fucking raging. If he can't get starts now he never will, and he's never done enough in the admittedly limited time he's been getting.
  8. Couldn't bear thinking about. Great tackle from Campbell, shocking refereeing.
  9. McPake in the pre-match press conference for Dumbarton saying he wants but doesn't expect any new signings until after (more specifically referring to a 'fantastic addition', maybe Allan?), so wouldn't get your hopes up for anything tomorrow. Still saying he's happy with the financial backing he's getting and that we intend to bring in 'a few', which is about as ambiguous a term you could use. When giving the team news regarding injuries, he said they'll be waiting and seeing if they can get new additions in before Saturday, so clearly they'll be giving it a bash, but again sounds unlikely. On the team news, Marshall's hammy issue not as bad as first feared it seems, had a scan on it and are waiting for the results, but think they might have got him off in time before doing serious damage.
  10. Splurging a quarter of a million on him rather than just pushing for a PCA and loan/permanent deal just plain don't make sense.
  11. Why would Livi even entertain St Johnstone on giving them Forrest when the goal should still be to confirm survival for next season? No wonder the report has the deal being 'not close'.
  12. Not a big fan of that, considering we never do well in them. Plus I'd wager the Cup QF meant something, at least to me.
  13. His hamstring being buggered might stir McPake into action. I foresee another Tom Field-esque 'last minute cover' signing at full-back.
  14. No, he said "words were said and they had to be", which strongly implies the words that were being said were within the squad itself, as he has implied in previous occasions.
  15. McPake using his tactic of getting Gowser to say the tough stuff to his players in the media cos he can't do it himself in the dressing room, maybe turning into my least favourite habit of his, besides the constant losing of course.
  16. We could get relegated and I reckon McPake would stay in charge. He's Nelms' guy, simple as that. This would be the best time to let him go, 6 straight league losses, 2 weeks left in the transfer window, Jack Ross sitting there twiddling his thumbs, and beating our Tayside rivals to the punch. But no, not a chance. Wouldn't even be his worst cup loss tbh.
  17. How long til we get one of these, eh? https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/1751527/paul-mcgowan-dundee-fc-ayr-rant-comments-quotes/ My guess is after losing 2-0 to St Johnstone next week.
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