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  1. TDB's resident rumour-monger with another belter today, I'm gonna say I don't believe it personally.
  2. In hindsight I think Sheridan was the right choice, as despite Griffiths' goal he'd barely seen the ball all night, and the choice to bring on the big man who could stick to the ball and distribute play a bit better worked out more imo than continuing on with the same kind of striker. And that's coming from me, and I fucking love Cummings. I was a bit unsure what to make of him at first, but when he gets an opportunity he's not shy and certainly gives it everything. Seems to lose possession a lot, which was easily my biggest frustration with him, but can find a pass and be a nuisance on the wing, and last night showed his eye for goal with a decent effort to begin with and a quick reaction for the goal, which was taken very well. Boy is passionate and I love that in a player, fits in well with the team, and he certainly didn't look out of place in this league last night. Look forward to seeing more from him.
  3. Absolutely... if they turned the game on for the 2nd half. 1st half was pretty dire, the highlight being Adam handing Brown his arse on a plate, though I doubt your average Yankee viewer would get much from that. 2nd half had it all tbh in terms of what you look for as a neutral, perfect example of Scottish football's mix of immense passion and lack of quality/unpredictability which makes it so worth watching. If it convinced one American viewer to keep their eye out for Scottish games in future, it was a success imo.
  4. Hawks really should've continued on the rebuild. Or sacked Colliton and Bowman. Tend to be massive f**k-ups these days though.
  5. Declan Gallagher deserves to be suspended after tonight. Not for the Byrne challenge, that was a freak accident, but for being an absolutely hot-headed seething melt lashing out at everyone he could because his team are unbelievably shite. Also, because he is shite.
  6. Perhaps, but what a bunch of bully boy cnuts on the bench
  7. I think Byrne's knee hyperextended, looked like it might have bent backwards. Total freak accident, really unfortunate. Can only hope it's not a severe one, could be out for a while.
  8. Aware it's been posted, but fucking hell that's something else from the Glentoran keeper. Absolutely embarrassing for any team at any level of the game.
  9. Looked like a mix between Griffiths, McCowan and Mackay after MacKenzie initially pushed McDowell.
  10. Well no, since Aberdeen's goalkeeping coach was the one sent off rather than Glass. Even then, Murray McDowell does nothing, tries to kick the ball out of the dugout when MacKenzie pushes him. No way that red card should survive an appeal. As if I hadn't already though that the referee had a horrific game, that's the stupidest decision of the lot.
  11. Surely there's no way McPake's red stands, does literally nothing wrong regarding the rammy. All MacKenzie there.
  12. Might well be barebones for this one, but we pretty much were tonight as well. We usually give Hearts a doing once a season, so you never know. Somebody needs to put an end to this mickey mouse "title run" anyway.
  13. Starting when Griffiths is injured/suspended, which will be about half the season.
  14. According to George Cran we were missing 4 players due to covid tonight - Gowser, Fontaine, Lawlor and Panter I would guess.
  15. Big fan of this new-look, 'absolutely fucking shite' Aberdeen side. Second half more than made up for how turgid the first half was, tremendous experience to get the first win of the season. Feel like we've paid a hefty price for it, hoping Byrne's injury wasn't as bad as it looked and Griffiths hobbling at the end of the game. A real togetherness in the squad at the end though, love to see it. In any case, first league win over the mob from the northeast since I was 5 wasn't too bad.
  16. Hopefully the ref leaves his red-tinted glasses in the dressing room for the second half.
  17. Don't like focusing on the officials, easy excuse blaming them for anything, but this group is fucking atrocious.
  18. Jack Wilkie being on loan at East Craigie (who look very good in the Midlands League rn) is news to me. Got MotM day, and not his first it seems.
  19. Save it for after the game mate, we've got some sheep shaggers to batter.
  20. About as good a team as we can put out rn, hope it pays off. Just need Adam and Griffiths to stay healthy.
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