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  1. If's he's still in good nick he could be quite the player. If. Edit: Also, what happened to not much business happening? Looks like 1 or 2 unrecognised trialists in there. One looks like it's just Scott Robertson but I doubt that as he's a youth coach. The other one I have no idea. Could be the same guy for all I know lol.
  2. You never know, Hazard's return might signal another winning run similar to the one we went on upon his first arrival. I'm trying to find any reason to continue to be optimistic this season.
  3. I'm happy with that, thought he was better than Hamilton while he was here. At least we have options when Flapjack appears.
  4. Is there any chance we get a fee off of him, or is that wishful thinking as it usually is?
  5. Not to mention his rumoured various behavioural issues. I'll be pretty upset if Johnson does tbh.
  6. Not to undermine the other teams in this league because every point gained by them over us has been earned, but to have take 11 points out of a possible 30 in this league is reprehensible considering the money being pumped into this team. I'm sure McPake knows that, but he needs to think of something fast or we're suddenly looking at fighting for survival rather than any fleeting chance of promotion. Quite frankly he needs to strap his baws on, pick a simple and direct style and get the team pressing opposition constantly. Pick the most effective players over who he thinks deserves a shot after not having played for a bit.
  7. You're right, why persist with it? ...for reactions like this? As I said earlier, you're helping revive it better than anyone else my man.
  8. I look forward* to looking at this thread increasingly more often over the coming weeks as it becomes more and more relevant to us. *I don't, actually.
  9. A firm boot up the arse for all bottom 6 teams you'd imagine.
  10. Is he a CM-type player, or is he more wide? If he's the former, then that'll be about 7 of those that we have.
  11. He's still following us though. Unless he is that much of a dipshit...
  12. Literally one person on the Internet is saying this with no sources. I'll believe it when something more concrete is provided.
  13. Looking back, Hibs fans have given almost unanimous praise to Murray, particularly in their title-winning season in 16/17. Seems to have fallen out of favour in the return to the Premiership years due to his youth. Sounds like he could be an interesting option.
  14. In that case you've being controlling Nelms' mind for years. Please stop that.
  15. And that we weren't doing much business in January. All of a sudden we need runners. And Berra, apparently.
  16. I think he was, he did have a couple of dumb goals go past him (vs ICT and Morton), but was more reliable imo Than Hamilton. The derby lots wasn't his fault and he had some good games for us. I'm personally quite happy with this.
  17. Also looks like we'll be getting Conor Hazard back, this time as a loan deal for the rest of the season.
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