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  1. All I really care about is the extra money we'll be getting from him being in the squad tbh
  2. Can't escape the baseless feeling that Argentina are going to chuck this one away.
  3. Delighted for Cumdog and the Aussies, what a week for them. Doubt he'll get any more playing time but he's already seen more WC success than any Scotland squad ever has Plus another £15,000 doesn't hurt With Argentina faltering in Group C too I wouldn't put it past them beating Poland/Saudi Arabia to get to the QFs!
  4. Well deserved for the pair of them. Now let's keep it up.
  5. Everything a Paisley youth owns had been gained by stealing. It's kind of like a shite Sparta.
  6. Shite draw. St Mirren are good enough to likely knock us out, particularly at their ground, but diddy enough that we'll be lucky to make any money from their diddy crowds. And obviously the DABs get the university side.
  7. Belgium look lucky to have even made it to this World Cup, two dreadful games from them. Canada must be kicking themselves even more now. Well done to Morocco, this team feels like they could push further, surely the best African team at this tournament.
  9. I wouldn't know tbh mate, did you see our defence on your second goal? The scoreline is obviously bad, but there's no doubt you were well in that until ET. I'd expect you to pick up form in the league soon if you keeping attacking like that.
  10. Professional foul as Jakubiak was about to break, yellow card every time. He was on a yellow, he surely knew the risk.
  11. Just the 7 subs for us today Since that 3rd goal it's become an exhibition. f**k knows why we didn't get McCowan on sooner.
  12. Jakubiak finally getting a clear shot off, and it creates the save that Osei scores from. Think Jakubiak has been decent since coming on.
  13. Airdrie are a very positive team though, impressed with their hunger.
  14. Feels like only one team is winning this game as it stands, and it ain't us.
  15. Fucking hell lol. And we've missed some absolute sitters too, players only have themselves to blame
  16. Cheers to the keeper for the absolute cunter there to finish like that from outside the box on your weak foot, great finish from Rudden
  17. Fair play to Cammy for making that run and Rudden (who's not been good) for challenging the keeper, made the goal for McMullan.
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