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  1. McGhee doing some hard running in the warm-ups, good stuff.
  2. Would still prefer Legzdins in goal over Sharp, but I am quite happy with that line-up. Sheridan on the bench is also an unexpected but welcome surprise.
  3. Makes a ton of sense to scrap replays with increasing costs and busier schedules, but I am a little sad to see another tradition end.
  4. Pretty sure it is not, in fact, Arbroath's first visit to Dens. The last time you played here with fans, it was the same situation and actually cost more. Old ground. Well now you're doing it by spouting pish, so I'd appreciate it if you packed it in.
  5. Well please don't waste our time covering old ground then.
  6. Ach, he's posted a few tweets though, and that's obviously where the real value is.
  7. For tonight's game, Byrne and Jakubiak will be touch-and-go, both knocks last week not being as bad as initially feared. Williamson will be out this week but should be back next week, and both Sheridan and McGhee are in light training. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/3583930/dundee-team-news-gary-bowyer-positive-alex-jakubiak-shaun-byrne/
  8. How's the coefficient looking now?
  9. I believe Mark Ogren's somewhere in the crowd, I'd pay good money to see a picture of his puss right now.
  10. Agreed, but he's our ITKer on TDB so I left him alone lol
  11. The club is happy with both, but the one before the game starts will be the 'proper' one.
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