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  1. It's the tweet from the podcast. Certain it's a wind-up to get Hearts shiting themselves. For the record, I'd do backflips around Downfield if it were true.
  2. It's the name that came to my mind, but someone else suggested it could be a young CB from Spurs. Again, these are just people saying things as it stands.
  3. Funny, I don't associate that guy as a rumour peddler. Personally think it has some weight to it because of that.
  4. I like how you don't include Motherwell but do yourselves. Drama queen. Watch your head though for the tangerine anvil.
  5. Our pitch looks fucked for the next two months lol
  6. My point is more about how much Siegrist bails out your defence, I consider Deniz a decent keeper but not near Siegrist.
  7. Depends if Siegrist stays or not imo. He'll single-handedly keep them safe if he stays.
  8. Some run by Flynn for the 5th, clearly had an impact in his return.
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