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  1. I know that just because I noticed this he's defo not coming to Dens lol
  2. I've been catching up with this. 10 days is a fair amount of time in this window though. Maybe it fell through and you guys are showing interest, hence the follow?
  3. As far as I'm aware this has yet to be brought up on this thread, but an astute Ayr Utd poster has noticed Ipswich Town U23 Centre Back Corrie Ndaba is following both Ayr and us on Twitter and Instagram. Ndaba's most recent Insta post states "I think it’s time to shine I been waiting so long." The lad was approached this time last year by United but Ipswich rejected them. Around about 10 days ago, a thread on an Ipswich forum was created discussing the possibility of Ndaba making a loan move, and a couple of their fan twitter accounts started reporting the same. The thing I'm wondering about is that if these were reported 10 days ago and nothing has yet happened, and that people were tweeting saying they saw Corrie still in Ipswich, I'm wondering if instead he's looking to move out to Ayr instead, hence following both teams. Just something to mull over, as he's a young CB and would likely provide the speed and agility our back line is badly needing. Obviously nothing concrete enough that got any papers reporting it, but there's certainly a link.
  4. Ndaba? f**k knows, Gary's post is the first I'm even hearing about him lol.
  5. Eh? By playing him as a winger? He was a million times better as a winger than a left back. If anything, McPake gave Mackie a new lease of life on the park. From games like the most recent derby you could see there is a player in there. Just not a bloody LB.
  6. Mackie posting about having surgery on his ankle. If he's out injured for what I'd assume for the rest of the season or something, and McPake saying he's back at Hibs to recover, why has neither team addressed this?
  7. McPake did confirm there's still movement behind the scenes in the interview today. In terms of people he might be waiting on hearing from, Forrest? That or O'Brien are the only two in my head currently.
  8. You need to update your equipment. Sent from my ZTE BLADE V7 using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  9. For what it is worth, we haven't lost an away game since November. We're usually better away from the toxicity of the cursed home ground.
  10. Aye well they'll obviously need a replacement for Shankland.
  11. Reckon it'll be Ross Stewart from Livi? I remember him being mentioned as a replacement for McCrorie.
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