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  1. The Sun reported it yesterday. Not to be dismissive, but meh. Even if he gets that job, I bet he'll still answer McPake’s phone calls.
  2. I'm sorry to tell you this Johnny, but Luton are definitely above us in terms of how good they are currently. Any mid-table Championship team in England is probably comparable to an Aberdeen or Hibs, and likely command bigger wages than them. For example, they've just signed Allan Campbell, probably Motherwell's best player, and that's certainly something that a Hibs or Aberdeen would do imo. Plus, the lad's not even on loan yet, he's basically getting trialled to even get that, so I don't see what the problem with that. If he's not up to it, he heads back down south. I see this as a low-risk opportunity to see if this boy has something about him to have an impact in senior football.
  3. I think a point is a fair reflection of the game, Spain certainly not setting the heather on fire in these first 2 games...
  4. f**k sake, Poland were through there but the boy couldn't dispatch it quickly... or at all.
  5. With the penalty and the last 2 chances, how the f**k have Spain not scored?
  6. So stamping on someone's ankle, especially when the ball is well away from the player in question, isn't a foul? If that happened in the middle of the park, you wouldn't see it as a foul there?
  7. Of course that was a penalty, Danny Murphy once again acting a tit.
  8. That was some pretty shocking defending from Germany there, potentially letting Portugal back into it.
  9. Germany have decided to do another Germany today.
  10. Luton fans seem quite high on him FWIW. Asked a couple, and while their knowledge too is limited due to his lack of first team game time, they say from what they have seen of him that he seems composed on the ball, decent in the air, strong and composed. Here's hoping it works out if we do indeed decide to bring him in on loan.
  11. Tbf, seems like he'd mostly be a squad player, and having an extra defensive option definitely isn't a bad thing imo.
  12. Apparently we're getting a loanee from Luton Town, defender Corey Panter. 20 years old, can play CB or left back. https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/sport/football/luton-town/luton-defender-signs-new-development-contract-ahead-of-potential-dundee-loan-switch-3279474 A trial for a loan is a weird one tbh imo
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