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  1. Tbf, I doubt Hamilton, Ross County or St Johnstone would either at Gayfield. Up to a certain point the skill levels in this country seem to plateau imo.
  2. Of course, it's a good thing I wasn't posting during the match or else I'd have made myself look like more of a tit than usual. Was ranting at my TV the entire night. Obviously any manager worth his salt could have achieved at least what McPake has achieved with our budget and Sir Charles at the helm, and most managers likely would have done much better. We desperately need to win on Tuesday and keep up our decent home form considering how site we are away from it. If McGhee and Fontaine are out for that game and potentially the foreseeable though (particularly Fontaine for the latter) then I'll be really worried. Put simply, a win on Tuesday and we're back on track. If not, we're back in yet another slump. I pray that Fontaine and McGhee are OK.
  3. Luckily my laptop is currently out of service so I don't have to bother fishing for my favourite post-game picture
  4. As always, if Dundee aren't playing, mon the draw
  5. Would rather have Sam Fisher or Jack Wilkie to start at CB tbh
  6. Reason for edit noted down as 'Spelling' but gave no consideration towards grammar. Sad.
  7. Anderson for McGhee I thought was the closest thing we have to a direct swap, but no, play the Right Back as the box-to-box midfielder. I don't even know.
  8. Just don't think he wanted to be here tbh, wonder how much it would have taken for him to stay.
  9. Exactly. Moussa would've smashed O'Brien's skull with his forehead, but at least he would have tried. 1 win, 3 draws and 2 losses away from home in the league. Absolutely shocking stuff.
  10. Would we be able to afford both at the same time is the question imo. Genuinely would take back free agent Moussa back over Sow, at least he would fucking fight for the ball. Considering how many we've scored recently until tonight, the fact is that if we had a real striker we'd be knocking them in for fun. Yet another extremely frustrating night. Hopefully McGhee's arm isn't too bad and Fontaine isn't out for long, and hopefully not at all. I can't handle Forster starting games, I'll eventually have a mental breakdown.
  11. I say it every time, I hope we're never on TV again. Always miserable. GMan might have had a point of Mullen, he's fucking stinking. Bet Fontaine is out for ages and Forster starts the rest of the season. At least we're still undefeated though, eh? Just like Celtic, keeping up that "title race"
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