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  1. Just saw that Brother Beaton's been given the Dundee derby... again. Prepare for the whistle blowing every 2 minutes, folk.
  2. I admit that I should have specified this season in particular, where we've gained 4 points from 6. That win at St Mirren Park may well have saved McPake's job for all I know. I would hope those pressures were being exerted for this upcoming game and the derby, but I'm sure they won't.
  3. Genuinely thought it was McGinn for a split second.
  4. I mean at least we're playing a team that loves to gift us points for whatever reason. Maybe McGinn starts and has a big impact creatively, maybe not. I'm sure this'll be as miserable as the rest of the games. Still kind of irritated we didn't hire Goodwin. At least I knew he'd have been sackable if he had the team doing this badly.
  5. I cannot believe this has been picked for TV literally the only reason I can think of is that it's the most likely cup upset of bunch.
  6. A very sobering experience seeing what Kevin is going through. I really hope he gets the help he needs. Glad he's safe now at least.
  7. It'll be windy at Dens as well on Saturday, getting zero luck with the weather.
  8. Like the predictions and appreciate the general optimism. I think we're destined for a play-off final against Inverness, and I will be away hiding if that does come to pass.
  9. Why is Hungbo not starting if he's fit enough to be on the bench? I reckon as long as he and RCC are fit and firing, you've no fear of being caught by us and our fellow goal virgins in Perth.
  10. Probably not, because not even McPake is thick enough to give Griffiths 18 months.
  11. I swear to god I will rip up my season ticket if this happens.
  12. Surely not. Tone deaf doesn't even cover it. At least McPake won't come out and pretend there was positives to take from that, though like Davidson he will offer no way of changing that fact going forward.
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