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  1. Quite frankly your mob should forfeit the game as recompense for us single-handedly allowing you to step foot in this league again.
  2. Aye, Fjortoft looked impressive today. Wasn't impressed in games I watched him playing for Accies, but seems solid down a level.
  3. That's a fucking take right there. Made me burst out laughing.
  4. If we can go into every game this season with teams decimated due to injury and/or COVID and/or suspensions, I'll fucking take it.
  5. Not exactly ecstatic about playing Raith in their current form. We were relatively comfortable keeping a clean sheet against an anaemic Morton side, but you lads are scoring for fun. Haste ye back, Jakubiak. Much rather him than Mullen in that false 9 role. Afolabi can do damage if given the chance.
  6. 6/10, adequate performance overall imo from the whole team. First half was good, second half wasn't near as good. A win and a clean sheet is nothing to be sniffed at though. Ferrie - 6/10 Kerr - 7/10 Ashcroft - 6/10 McGhee - 6/10 McDaid - 7.5/10 Byrne - 7/10 Adam - 5.5/10 Dorrans - 5/10 Marshall - 5/10 Mullen - 5/10 Afolabi - 7.5/10 Elliott - 5/10 McGowan - 5/10 Need to be improved for next week, Raith look very dangerous right now.
  7. First half was the only one worth watching, Muirhead red aside.
  8. Good stuff from Ferrie there. Hamilton would've spilled that.
  9. Yellow card for arguing with the ref, second yellow for sarcastically clapping the first yellow card.
  10. Things never go well for us when a man up. Come on lads, grab a second and see this out comfortably.
  11. McGinty lucky to just be getting his first yellow imo
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