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  1. Of those on the list... Managers I'd be interested in: Ian Murray Stewart Petrie John Robertson (though this will never happen now) Peter Grant James McDonaugh maybe Alan Irvine Maybe...: Morten Wieghorst Dick Campbell Darren Young Peter Murphy The rest of them probably make me consider just packing it in.
  2. Oh what a right laugh. Fraser Forster should be given all of the medals.
  3. It's incredible how Morelos hasn't been booked in this game.
  4. Can't agitate the home crowd if there is no home crowd.
  5. Always one to try and look on the positives and get motivated to show up every week, but after the shit weather I had to stand in for 2 hours yesterday just to watch that performance, and the fact this team is about to play a team on a hot streak, I think I will take that rest-of-year break now. Need to be focusing my energy into more rewarding aspects of my life rather than this garbage.
  6. Oh well, was an unexpectedly enjoyable first half. LSU are still winning it all, shame Burrow will have to go to a shit NFL team.
  7. LSU are winning it all this year. O H I Oh, no...
  8. This is me typing on the PC now, but on Microsoft Edge. I usually use Google Chrome, and that's where I am having issues with it. No matter how many times I reload or reopen the forum, the text box doesn't pop up. At least I have some way of writing on the forum on my PC though.
  9. Well I mean, you lot did look gash for a while. Glad they're living up to my prediction for them.
  10. What a cracking win for Brechin, and what a cracking goal from the goalie!
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