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  1. Looks like somebody got into Dens and fucked about with one of the goals...
  2. I was hoping I had deleted that before anyone had seen it @This Charming Man, as I had jumped the gun It is actually Bobby Dailly, who was recently a youth player for Millwall, and is almost certainly on trial for the development squad. No need to be alarmed.
  3. Apparently Martin Woods recommended McDonagh to McIntyre, as the two were teammates at Halifax. I'm damn near certain Woods will be playing at Balmoral within a few weeks.
  4. Did anyone who watched have any thoughts on how the team played both halfs, and how Devine and the other trialist got on?
  5. Probably, but these English clubs have more money than sense.
  6. Always nice to batter a team with Ryan Dow in it tbf.
  7. Would be disappointing as I really like Marshall, but would also require a fee so it's not dreadful. Definitely someone we've thought for a while could be targeted for a move elsewhere.
  8. Sounds like Robertson's having a strong showing, boy also has definitely grown into his build, looking bigger and stronger each season. I still think we can make good use of him this coming season, we know he's good enough for Championship level. Happy to see Rudden hit the back of the net, we'll need that to happen quite frequently lol.
  9. What does? He's still recovering from injury, so there's a very clear reason why he's not in the squad. It's been in the news pretty regularly over the past couple of weeks.
  10. Aye it is a curious allocation. Again, I think it's just the club allocating vacant numbers to youth players to have them available for the squad, but Wilkie and Lamb already had numbers AFAIK like how Graham does, so that does make me wonder if there is more to this. Probably not though, as Ashcroft's number is also being used by a trialist.
  11. Interesting, another trialist we're not yet familiar with in the lineup. Graham also starting which I like, good to see him in action. That's Tom Findlay, one of our youth players. It seems they're filling the vacant squad numbers for this friendly.
  12. Well I think this is bullshit. The amount of players that have said Lorraine is a key figure behind the scenes is immense, so to just make her reduntant is utter shite from the club.
  13. It's a boy coming in on trial, I see no issue with this. I'd be surprised if much comes of it tbh.
  14. That's us signed English striker Euan Mutale to our development squad, coming from Sutton United and was last season's EFL Youth Alliance top scorer. Definitely a promising young prospect who'll hopefully do well here.
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