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  1. Chat's been 100% toxic all day, shocker. This Griffiths gamble so far is emphatically not paying off. Get Cummings in tomorrow.
  2. My head is gone at the fact he's not went on loan to a Championship team tbh, level was easy street for him. Fully expect him to excel at your level, will personally be upset if he's not your #1 midfielder come January.
  3. Head went down immediately after Clark saved the free kick, also was slightly obstructed from seeing where the ball landed from where I was. Kinda glad I did miss it though.
  4. Must've confused him for the United player that was offside. How your perspective can be that wonky, I don't understand.
  5. A clearly onside goal for Utd being taken away will do me also. LOL
  6. Hibs look like they're nearly falling apart here.
  7. Sake, why couldn't Mulgrew get injured on Sunday? Slightly cathartic scoreline at least.
  8. Just watched the highlights from last night. Hadn't even noticed it at the time, but McMullan gets a chance at an open net immediately after Clark's FK save against Griffiths, and hits it straight at the keeper - who was not in front of the net. Maybe the worst miss of the night and I didn't even see it til just now. Fucking can't deal with this team at the minute.
  9. Heard that cheer from my kitchen, assumed it was the Arabs. It wasn't though, which isn't bad.
  10. @AmericanFan be sure to let us know if this later start time improves your watching ability/experience.
  11. Hope Hibs are given another clearly offside goal to slide past Utd in a cup comp once again. That being said, think I will be sticking some money on the DABs to win, as everything has been trending pretty heavily in the direction of 'things I don't want to happen' for a wee while now.
  12. Game vs. Aberdeen pushed back to 6PM on Sat 16th October rather than 3PM. No reason given.
  13. Aside from his free kick attempt which Clark saved really well, the booting of the flare was the best thing Griffiths did all game tbh.
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