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  1. This is just that stupid powerpoint making the rounds before that I'm pretty sure was already rejected.
  2. At this point I'd take anything over a 14 team league next season.
  3. God I hope something like this happens soon. The lack of noise coming from Tayside is really bothering me.
  4. The first step on the journey to ending the 140 year Scottish Cup drought (and counting) has been made!
  5. Mossfield was good for watching shinty when I was up there, but not so much for football I'd imagine.
  6. Surprised he didn't also mention the last minute equaliser at Tannadice. While largely inconsequential you'd imagine that being the centre of that celebration would've been immense. We now also know his favourite dinosaur is Arlo from The Good Dinosaur, so there's that.
  7. Some are taking the pandemic better than others lol
  8. It is messy and dumb and I don't like it. That is all I have to say on the matter.
  9. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11964099/fa-announces-season-is-over-for-non-league-clubs-below-national-league-north-and-south Bold and smart move, lads.
  10. Why are you a Dee? Strategic moves from my dad essentially growing up, and eventually my own fascination ever since. Spent a large amount of time between 2013 to 2018 largely caring more about American sports while still coming to games, but have really gotten absorbed in the last couple of years... god knows why, we've been dugshite ever since. First game? I'd been taken to a few games as a wean which I obviously don't remember. The first one I remember was a home game against Motherwell in the 2004/05 season, where we won 2-1 via a Steve Lovell brace. This was followed by my first away game, a 5-1 thrashing loss to Dunfermline. Where do you sit? The Cox. Sat in the far corner of the Main Stand for years, before changing to the Cox about 3 years ago. Much better in my opinion. Longest you've travelled to watch the Dee? Went up to Dingwall to watch Simon Murray keep the Dee safe and essentially relegate Ross County in 2018. Great day. Ever missed work/event to watch the Dee? No, but I remember a couple of years ago arriving at my work on a Saturday, before being told there'd been a mix-up in the schedule and that I wasn't actually working that day. This was at about 2.15, and I ran my arse off to arrive at the game just as my dad was getting there. He was properly bewildered as to why I was there. That was actually the day that Ayr pumped us 3-0 in the League Cup. Should've stayed at my work anyway. Favourite ever player? If I'm being truly genuine, I'd have to say either Stewart or Hemmings. Both have just been my favourite players to watch in my relatively short time as a Dee. In terms of irrational love, it has to be big sexy Christian Nadé. Most enjoyable game? Bit cliché, but it's probably the Championship-winning game against Dumbarton in 2014. We'd had a pre-game party before the game, and the atmosphere was unlike any other I'd been a part of. I just wish it happened when I was older so I could cherish it more lol. The Doon Derby was special too, but nothing touches winning silverware. Best goal seen live? El Bakh's derby thunderb*****d in 2017 (that should definitely win the 'Goal of the Decade' competition on Twitter). About did a backflip after watching the net bulge up. Favourite away stadium? Eh, don't really have one yet. I quite liked Easter Road when I visited there, as well as Stark's Park and Victoria Park. Worst away Stadium? Either Tannadice or Pittodrie, largely experience-based. If we ever play at the Marakana Stadium (Red Star Belgrade's stadium) though, it'll be that. Actual shithole. Worst player? Ryan Inniss... ok probably not actually, I just hate him. Yordi Teijsse however... f**k me, I cannot remember a more useless player on the pitch. Made Moussa look like Messi.
  11. Personally love the Sampdoria shirt design, if I had it my way we'd have worn our Speroni testimonial kits as actual kits. Also would love to see another crack at this away kit. Problem with both kits though is that I think the gold crest completes them both, and they won't be using it any time soon.
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