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  1. Clampin, Maguire and Thomas will all be available for Saturday's game. Kerr and Tolaj remain out.
  2. Aye, but all the players have to keep on their toes and stay hungry for their spots or else they will be snapped up by all the colts players, naturally.
  3. Logo not yet added, wouldn't be shocked if it was Crown Engineering again. Not even close lmao.
  4. Gutted I'm at work for this. Fucking YAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS Scotland!!!!!
  5. You know I never said it couldn't happen, I said it was a desperate post because it is. Anyway, best of luck against Arbroath lads. Should be an easy 3 points for you live on the telly, no pressure!
  6. One of the more desperate posts I've seen on this thread of late, and that is saying something.
  7. Probably just a special 'cup final' shirt. QoS did the same last season as well.
  8. Aye, £15 for an adult ticket on Saturday, and the Shankly will be open to Dundee fans. Also decreasing the price of next season's season tickets by £15 until the 7th of April, putting their price at £365 until then. https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/reduced-prices-for-hamilton-game/
  9. Fair play to the Accies on the cup win, hope the players go on a week-long bender. Fulton especially.
  10. Nothing in regard to Dundee announcing anything, but a couple of players follow him on Instagram now. Just having a look there, and while I named him as a midfielder and that seems to be where he played at college level and in his one game for Real Salt Lake, he seems to have played as a full back and sometimes wide midfielder/winger for the majority of his time with Real Monarchs last year, so maybe the signing makes a bit more sense if he can cover a variety of positions short-term, particularly with our consistent full back problems just now (especially RB). Still will be surprised if he gets much if any proper gametime if we sign him, but slightly more plausible after seeing most of his senior playing time has been at full back.
  11. Statistics are all well and good until the game actually begins
  12. Apparently we are about to bring in some American chap named Pierre Reedy after a trial. He recently left Real Monarchs, the reserve team of MLS's Real Salt Lake. 25 years old and a midfielder. If he makes a big impact I'll be amazed tbh. No doubt a strange one, very much Chapman vibes. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/pierre-reedy-set-dundee-deal-29545443.amp
  13. Cove Rangers really shouldn't have a chance regardless of what Ayr fans say. I however hope they do!
  14. Arbroath to get something from this in an equally inexplicable fashion to their last point gained.
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