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  1. Wonder if Jazza got a laugh out of this today. I miss BT Sport... Sky Sports are pure shite.
  2. Every time Motherwell play now I become simultaneously more bothered and more amused that Chris Long scored a hat-trick against us.
  3. Motherwell sound like absolute gash. United have nothing to worry about this season.
  4. Toronto hit them with the UNO reverse card, opposing 3-goal comebacks in the last 2 games.
  5. HAWKS WIN!!!!!!!!!! Better luck next time Connor, try not to cry too hard.
  6. Nabbed that from Aberdeen's locker room, they did. Bo'ness United home kit for their new season in the Lowland League.
  7. Maybe meant Tony, as in Aberdeen assistant manager Tony Docherty? Idk myself if that's not the case.
  8. Honestly enough reason to bring him back imo, nobody has a better name for it. Could do it with Danny Mullen, but it's no the same.
  9. That's the club passed 2,000 season tickets sold. Considering the new season is still another 2 months away, we're slowly getting there.
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