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  1. Absolutely agree with you, the games the ref loses control and becomes the centre of attention is where they get top marks.. guys who fly under the radar by controlling the games get told they had an easy game. Personal fav of mine would be Richard Murray who played football and talks to players like a gent... He won't make it 😂
  2. I think sometimes we overlook the obvious, Callum is arrogant, no denying it but he wasn't always and now he's a cat1 referee, maybe it's the system and not the person that needs to change. On the point of refereeing being a hobby, look at what the refs do as a 9-5 , to use Callum as an example he protects children from the dregs if society so maybe that plays a part in his demeanor. I'm not being on anyone's side but there's always a bigger picture, it's easier to see if you don't have an alliance to any club in particular...
  3. I've been going to junior football as a neutral for many years, the way that "fans" speak to referees and players is Draconian and would not be accepted in any other walk of life. I stopped taking my son as a youngster as the language was vile. Every week there must be 100s of criminal offences take place on the sidelines and hopefully these shocking scenes will make junior football have a look at its self although I expect not, it's only banter !!!
  4. Just what I saw. And it wasn't lyle
  5. I was there today as a neutral and I thot both clubs were a credit to themselves and they seem to be taking huge steps to including the community into their clubs. The small minded hatred of the past may miss the new generation. The nock fans were obviously going to mock their neighbours and I thot Talbot took it in good spirits. A couple of the Talbot players let themselves down at the end with their behaviour and I hope the authorities seen the incidents, the wee boy 'squirting' water got an elbow in the face from a coward Talbot player... Hopefully he gets his just deserts
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