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  1. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Utterly not confident but, we shall finish above the play off place and it will be our hugely better goal difference that will save us.

    New crazy pup to try and tame!
  3. I think that's their average annual salary for a first team player. That was reported before Defoe was signed.
  4. I dont think it really matters to us at all.
  5. It was absolutely breathtaking. Should've had Dougal and Ted in amongst them.
  6. Sorry was in a post night shift coma, you've nailed it though. edit D.United are along side Dunfermline
  7. Us I think I thought that also, but we were also going for the postions of every team in the league. Longest to shortest.
  8. This is a question doing the rounds at work tonight and Google wasn't allowed to be involved. Out of all the teams in the Championship this season who has spent the most time in the league continuously without getting out either with promotion or demotion.
  9. Off The Ball - Is it good?

    I have the same thought. He is more interested in talking about restaurants, chip shops or hotels so he can plug his column. It's so tedious and boring. Any excuse and he will bring it up and run with it for the whole show. Cosgrove actually has more to talk about regarding football, but he always seems so eager to get the next question or point he has thought of out that he doesn't seem to listen and then talks over them. Who would you rather was taking a couple of weeks off? I have to say I prefer when Cowan is off then there is least no crap music and his review column being mentioned constantly.
  10. Dundee v Queens

  11. Is there any rumours (idle gossip about random players coming is part of the fun)or news regarding players coming in before the window SLAMS shut? I know the manager said it would be likely that any deals would be done near the end of the window. Can loan deals be completed after the window closes?
  12. But you appear to want a fight with everyone. Just like with the other guy who you thought said something that they never. Take a chill pill! You're aloud to be irked by something and no blame is needed. I myself am irked at the cold weather.... I can't blame you , the queens board or the cheery weather man who said it would be nice and sunny all day.
  13. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    It's always funny* when an old school rangers fan♧ runs out the diddy fan● routine. *It's never funny ♧ New company but same club, and he will never admit that its impossible for him to explain how that works! ● 1919 to 2019 and my club is still running. Jealousy is obvious with the diddy remark.