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  1. I would rather she didnt do that, I prefer to reach the dizzy heights of bottom of the middle league without the gloating wife looking down on me. She is from Brazil 🇧🇷
  2. You need 18 to pass. My wife had to sit this a few months back for her ILR visa, some if the questions are absolutely ridiculous.
  3. At least Cosgrove likes to get a dig in now again about no old firm anymore, Cowan definitely comes across as being scared to have any dig at it ever.
  4. He is very much the jobs for the boys cheerleader in chief. It would be interesting to see how many players he has on his agents books that signed for teams around the leagues. See if he is as totally biased as I think he is.
  5. So the quiz crashed and then my campaign to stay in the middle league has all but crashed....... Thursday 5, Friday 6.
  6. We should demand a Statement, that's what your ment to ask for these days.
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