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  1. Rangers vs Hearts 3rd April

    was actually embarrased watching that game last night.
  2. Hibs vs Rangers

    +1 for all the morelos shit but coulabaly (SP) is actually a nice guy so if you could try not to break him that that would be nice. hopefully my East of Scotland bretheren can hump this mob which would lead to an almighty meltdown. Cmon the hobos dont let Scottish football down.
  3. Giros dont stretch far these days feed yourself or feed the staffie
  4. i think the main thing to take from that is the **** pay 60 quid for a novelty third kit. who said sectarianism wasn't profitable.
  5. Anyway, to all my Celtic friends.........get it roon ye, now you know how it feels when your players/manager runs towards the cash like a cheap Thai hooker
  6. voted Moyes cant see clarke going to celtic because of all the west coast filth, then again he seems to be getting hit with the west coast filth at killie so who knows. i am quite surprised at brendan rodgers leaving celtic for Leicester, he wont ever get them above 6th or so and he was on the way to becoming an absolute legend not only at celtic but in scottish football in general. 100% cannot understand why he would walk away from a job where he is almost guaranteed to break/create all sorts of footballing records just so he can manage a mid table EPL club. baffled.
  7. Killie vs the new club

    if killie won the league then celtic wouldnt if celtic dont win the league they wont get 10iar if celtic dont get 10iar sevco fans wont be in perpetual hell if sevco fans are not in perpetual hell then the world is a worse place to be. so for the sake of the planet i hope celtic win the league
  8. Are you right wing?

    no *Edit* Not for the majority
  9. Are you right wing?

    i dont think they should work full time. I think they could work a couple of hours a day litter picking or something.
  10. Are you right wing?

    actually not sure where i sit in the spectrum. I welcome immigrants I welcome asylum seekers I think disabled peole should be well looked after i think unemployed people should work for their benefits i think minor criminals should be put to work in the community i think MP's should have their pay capped i agree with the bevvy levvy i think parents should be held responsible for the behavour of their kids i agree with higher corporation tax i agree with a CEO pay ratio cap bit of a mismash tbh
  11. lord knows what has happened to Celtic but they are a shadown of what they have been.
  12. Livi v The Rangers

    mate glass houses and all that there are those amongst our fans who think singing the billy boys is perfectly fine.
  13. fucking brutal eh, 100% he was called Souness because Souness won the title for rangers that season. absolute peak schemie. Can you imagine the conversation between the parents... Dad: I want to call our son after the rangers manager Mum: ok whats his name Dad: Graeme Souness Mum: fair enough, graeme isnt a name i would have chosen but he is your son too. Dad: no, i want to call him "Souness" Mum: WTF thats not even a proper name Dad: WATP FTP FGAU
  14. It depends on who you talk to. The old timers say it is from this https://biblehub.com/psalms/95-7.htm Christian Standard Bible For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, the sheep under his care. Today, if you hear his voice: The irony of course is that 99% of the inbreds who say it have never been to church in their life. There is also rumours it came from a song that ended "we are the people who follow the boys in blue"