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  1. What happened with Coxy? Booked one minute then sent off the next? Good win by the way, and nice to get back to winning ways after the last couple of games.
  2. Am just thinking, if the Hearts kids aren't replaced if and when they return, and if Cowden find the necessary replacements to compensate for the lack of attacking ideas and tactical intent from the sidelines, I don't see much in this league and if Bollan doesn't rectify any potential deeper problems soon, I can see the season 'drifting' away in the second part unless some heads are given a serious wobble, And with such a stunning home shirt, it's only fitting we get a season to remember!
  3. Cowden were looking alright in the first half on Saturday but the second half was a complete contrast with only one team looking like taking any points, n the hibs lad in goal again pulling off a good few top class saves. From what I've seen in the few games I've watched, I am expecting a finish just outside the playoff places, but with enough in the tank to thankfully avoid a relegation scrap. Anyway, other than the result on Saturday, it was another top day out and even that funny looking German comedian fella was there!
  4. Frigginell is this thread still goin on?! Can't someone please lock it. N let's move on eh? It's like the never ending fuckin story!
  5. Around this time last year I saw a 2-0 Cowdenbeath win at Annan and would be delighted to witness the same again, but reckon Annan will get on the scoresheet this time around and am going for a 2-2 draw. What's your thoughts?
  6. Just started here! Which is probably about as far away as Aberdeen to be fair! On recent levels of pissy-down'ness and games been called off, what do you reckon? Worse than the Edinburgh game, was it recently, when it also bucketed for a couple of days? Might need to get me back-up plan sorted if it's likely to be off as the last time I said 'It'll be on', through blind pessimism, it was off! Anyways, I'm heading to Cowden town to watch United on the telly anyway, so can't wait... and water proofs at the ready. If anything, it's a shorter trip than Bournemouth!
  7. Crikey, it's started already... Me first home game since the last one attended was initially postponed at the last minute, just as I'd got into a Cowden pub, and the joys of winter begin again! How's the weather up there at the moment? I know it's looking grim for tomorrow and did have the same thoughts when I checked the weather predictions the other day, but now you've said it you've got me worried! If it is on, and the pitch is a mess, hopefully that can only work in Cowden's favour against a Cove team familiar with a plastic home pitch. It won't be pretty, but should certainly be entertaining in shite conditions. Mon the Coos! Mon the game!
  8. Frinnell, good job I read this... been so busy lately and with a couple of trips coming up, I had it in my head I was off to Annan this weekend, and would have missed me Cowden-bound trains on Saturday! Er, ta for the reminder!
  9. Observing from afar though seeing a good few games over the last few seasons, I'm not surprised by that today, considering the Jambos' absence and a previous post from Al stating his concern about the fragility of the squad. From what I've seen since pre-Cove escape, the team's been on an (slowly) upward trajectory and whilst the league position is encouraging it does seem the team is only a few pivotal players away from being one that looks like a relegation-fighting side as opposed to a play-off pushing one. I agree with the reliance on tactics by the manager also previously mentioned that seems to mostly consist of lumping it forward and hoping for the best, though whether that's the manager's tactics or players at fault for what he's trying to achieve in training but not transcending onto the field on matchday I don't know. I think there's definitely a nucleus of a good team in here but I think it might be more a case of bad tactics and bad attitudes/desire from the players, rather than talent, that proves decisive over the coming weeks. The aim from this position in the league and 'bouncing back' from the cup defeat has to be a play-off finish. Recruitment of young loan players over the rest of the season will also be important and I think by the end of November we'll definitely have a better idea of where the team's actually at/. Can't wait to get back up for the next couple of games and judge for myself once again..... but, if anything, today has to act as the ultimate lesson going forward for the rest of the season MON THE COOS
  10. How do you see the game going on Saturday, fellas? Judging on what you saw from Broxburn on Saturday and Cowden, with what I expect, again being without the Hearts lads and against a home support? Cows shorts odds to win but the hosts are 4-1 which I think's always a bit tempting for a home team in a cup replay. Am going for a hard-fought 2-1 Cowden win and a nice windfall in later rounds to help fund an extra player or two for an end-of-season play-off/promotion push Mon the Coos and can't wait for my Annan/Cove double header after this...
  11. Hopefully this fine form continues for when I make my long-awaited (well, eight month) return to Central Park next month. Thanks mostly to the Scottish national team's ineptitude and delays to Virgin trains. It seems the days of getting up to Cowden n back for just over 30 quid are long gone for me, but having booked Annan away for the price of my refunded Queens Park delayed train ticket a couple of weeks ago, I stuck a fiver on Russia to beat Scotland 3-0 and 4-0 last night, and have just paid for me Cove train next month with the winnings! So essentially two free trips to look forward to next month, and really can't wait to get back up to Central Park in a few weeks now, for what will probably be my only home game until the end of the season. Also, for that Annan trip I'll be bring along another Cowden newbie (taking us into double figures on the Cowden Reds front)... with an old schoolmate now living in Argentina returning home for a couple of weeks and deciding he'd like to join us for a Cowdenbeath away. From Buenas Aires to Annan. The big daftie. Mon the Coos!
  12. I think the team is being inspired by the greatest shirt worn by a Cowden side since, well, the last time this style was worn! Can the club not keep the same top next year, but release a long-sleeve version (which is surely the only way this current shirt can be bettered) and maybe a red, yellow or white alternative in the same design as next season's new away kit?
  13. And Morrison's shut for the day. Only one thing for it, pull on yer old PJs, pretend you're Superman, fly into Hampden tomorrow, take your place between the sticks... and do a Massimo Taibi! Keeper problem solved...
  14. On the pitch, though, how do you think you're holding up generally in this division. I predicted you'd win the league before you even beat Berwick in the second game and still think you'll walk the title. What do you think? Liable for a potential mid-season wobble to make the title interesting... with only Edinburgh... and hopefully Cowden - but I doubt that - looking likely to challenge... or do you reckon it'll be a bit of a walkaover getting into League One?
  15. Cheers pal, didn't realise that. Friggin ell... a blow that But in the face of adversity, hopefully the defence compensates for any newbie and rises to the occasion With both teams enjoying a decent start to the season, there's no place I'd rather be tomorrow than Hampden (after a mooch around Cathkin) in the last bit of sun we'll see this year... and hopefully celebrate a Cowden win for the long journey home. Positive times on the pitch so far for Cowden and hopefully team spirit will prevail to help that continue tomorrow. Though I'd still settle for that score draw I predicted on the Cowden thread Really looking forward to an interesting/entertaining game. Mon the Coos!
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