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  1. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    Definitely! (as a crap Oasis tribute band might be called)
  2. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    Haha, to be fair pal, it's probably wise at our age that we aint daft enough any more (well, compared to how we used to be)... and also, I don't think Facebook can never be used as a barometer for people's angst - and I'm not talking Cowden's page but FC United's where 'our' page is best avoided! And am travelling up in January, costin me 50 notes on the train, for the Sevco match cos I'm hoping with that being on the box, there's no way they will call it off. And to b honest, if I've made the trip up, game or not, I'm going to enjoy my day out, which i think is the only way to approach games you're heading to where there's no certainty it'll be off. And since when has a result ruined a good day on the ale, anyway! As Fergie said... Football, eh? Bloody hell!
  3. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    Al, I was going to say, before Aberdeen Cowden, surely you as much as anyone understands there's no logic when it comes to weighing up a weather report... or potentially supporting your team in a faraway place. Many times watching the Uniteds of Manchester, I've set off for a game in awful conditions, more in hope than expectation that the game is on I feel for the travelling support at this time - especially after a similarly futile trip to Elgin only a couple of months ago - but as someone said to me today at FC United when I questioned our sanity at watching a mid-season friendly/much-needed club fundraiser on a blank weekend, Shaking my head as the rain pelted down and the wind chilled your bones, I asked the fellas next to me - one who'd made a seven-hour round trip - why we do such things. His response was that this is what we do on a Saturday. And it's what we've always done. There's no logic or reason... other than we're all just a bit daft!
  4. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    You'd be fine at Stark's Park for the Raith v Dunfermline game even with a bag full of Cowden gear. Especially if you were to go into the Main Stand. It's quite a quirky set up with an odd, L-shaped stand in the corner and another stand that is unused. It also has the added advantage of being not too far a walk from Kirkcady train station where there are regular trains to Edinbugh and onwards back home. Cheers pal, could be an option as it's a ground I definitely want to visit - but hopefully for a Cowden game one day in the not too distant future! However, there's a memorial in Kirkcaldy to honour the International Bridge members from Fife who fought fascism in the Spanish Civil War that I intent to visit soon, so who knows. After a Cowden-Sevco clash the night before, though, I might just be in need of the tranquility of junior football and Bo'Ness!
  5. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Thanks Andy, a mate from Eyemouth recommended Bo'Ness if I'm in the vicinity. He proposed watching 'the Moof' there, but as Cowden are laying at home around the same time, there's no way I'd be over the water for that whist the Blue Brazil are strutting their stuff. My other match would be Hibs-Elgin (going full circle on first Cowden match on the watch back from watching the Hibees and seeing Cowden finally win against 'the Cobblers'). And I noticed Hearts of Beath are at home, along with a Fife derby with Raith and Dundermline in the Cup, but considering the bag I'll be carrying will be mostly filled with Cowden related contents that's probably not the best plan,,,, so I reckon a trek into Bo'Ness and a classic old ground might be the one to keep me out of pubs fora couple of hours/shake off the previous day's hangover!
  6. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Don't think if I could tolerate half a day on the Megabus, there and back pal, before spending an evening within breathing distance of that lot lot... so train via Edinburgh it is... and another game to be squeezed in on the Saturday before heading back. Thinking Bo'ness against Dundonald Bluebell (I think), unless anyone has any better grounds or games I can head to the day after Cowden's cup shock?!
  7. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Just booked my train up on the Friday and back on Saturday... and though not ideal, other than the unlikely three o'clock on a Saturday scenario, this is a better option for me than an early Saturday or Sunday match so, despite the financial burden for a game I fully expect the team I'm supportin to lose (though I'll be puttin a few quid on a draw to pay for a potential replay if it happens), I can't wait for this, and, hopefully, a good night under the Central Park lights for what will probably be the biggest crowd I'm likely to see at the ground. And along with the financial windfall, hopefully a portion of that could be invested into the team over the next few months/summer to help push on to that next league level once again, As I said at the start of the season, embrace these positive times because you've suffered enough these last few years!
  8. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    By the way, does anyone know when the cup time and date will be confirmed? I'm really hoping I can get a train booked before the prices get stupid
  9. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    Sounds like Clyde are losing their bottle rather than gaining any
  10. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Although the level of football might not be up to tiki taka standards just yet, I've got to think back to pre-season when I asked the question on here what Cowden fans' hopes were for the season. The unanimous response seemed to be a relatively boring season mid-table security, without any fear of the relegation play-off once again. Now looking at the table 15 games in, with the recent run of form, and being just a win away from the play-off places and with a positive goal difference, I think it's safe to say that this season's been so far so good. Especially when you look back to where the side was sitting in the table at this stage over the past two seasons, and being 14 points clear of bottom spot already (instead of 14 points off second-bottom!) then there's certainly room for some hushed confidence at Central Park these days. The goalkeeper and defence is now looking solid, it was pleasing to see that after going a goal behind to Clyde yesterday that heads didn't drop and a second-half equaliser followed instead of a late collapse, and there does seem to be a general idea of how to approach games now, from what I've seen in recent weeks. Just a couple of new additions and fine tuning over the new year period - along with a hopefully resurgent Jordyn Shherin - if the team finishes in a similar position to where they are now, it's got to be seen as a successful season. And I don't see any reason why they can't remain around the periphery of the play-offs and even if they fall short, it can surely only act as a catalyst to an even better season next time around. Keep the faith, Cowden, and keep beleiiving!
  11. Albion v Cowden

    Haha, oops... and apologies to Liam for that one! Still not quite with it on the old names front yet
  12. Albion v Cowden

    I have to say that if the following accusation posted on the Albion Rovers forum, by a fella called Chris, is true then I hope the punishment delivered is a deserved one. Chris said: Robbie Buchanan who was sent off for cowden was heard shouting ****** c**** as he walked down the tunnel. Totally unacceptable. From what i hear cowden BOD are embarrassed by it and are dealing with it internally ProRege replied: Am I the only person that finds sectarian abuse unacceptable? Probably practising for the lower leagues or is that being unfair to the lower leagues Rhythemisarover added: No Prorege, you are not the only person. I think it is out of date and stupid. I saw the player mouthing off as he headed towards the tunnel but couldn't hear what he said. If he did say those words then he deserves to have his backside booted at the very least. I did see Terry having a go at him verbally once he was in the tunnel which is not like him, so must have been bad. Now I have no reason to believe that the bloke making the accusation has any reason to make this up, especially with the fact he mentions the fact Cowden's board are embarrassed by the alleged incident and will be hoping to take action (If true then I hope they do), and the other fella mentioning the out-of-character reaction of Terry (not sure who he is...?). I'm certainly not one for accusing somebody of being guilty before they are found guilty of what they've been accused, but please now let me talk hypothetically. If Robbie Buchanan has made the comments mentioned towards the start of this post then I would like, and expect, to see a certain reaction from Cowdenbeath Football Club. As someone who travels to games from outside of Scotland, I do love the game north of the border - as do many friends now who accompany me for certain trips - but many, many others still say to me... "Ahhh, I can't be bothered with Scottish football because of all that Old Firm sectarian nonsense". I try to tell em that it is mostly confined to the Weegie wrong-uns but I know I'm talking rubbish and there is definitely an under-current throughout the game and is a cancerous element to football in Scotland that needs to be kicked out. If Buchanan is guilty of the accused comments then I'd seriously like to see Cowdenbeath Football Club take a stance and action that would be noticed in the world of football and hopefully act as a catalyst for others to follow in future and maybe, finally, improve the image and environment of a game that's been on its knees for too many years now... and not just brushed under the tainted tartan carpet like countless similar incidents at numerous clubs over the years. Many outsiders who chat to me about Cowdenbeath, eventually, might mention the fact the kit's a bit like Sevco's and the town is full of Sevco fans. I try to tell them otherwise and now, knowing the socialist/communist leanings associated with the history of this proud mining town, and meeting many match-going fans who couldn't give two farts for Sevco, Celtic or any of the sectarian pish. People who know, know. Of course there's elements of wrong uns from all 'divides'. But to me and many people I talk to down south who can't really see beyond the sectarianism sadly associated with elements of the Scottish game, it's something that tarnishes fitba on a level that racism once did during the dark days of the 1970s and 80s. Where it was almost accepted and wen mostly unquestioned and unchallenged. So going back to the accusation made against Buchanan, if guilty I would hope to see Cowdenbeath Football Club and its directors act in a way that would befit the town's proud history as one that doesn't take any rubbish and is willing to stand up to those who take the pish. If guilty, the club should cancel the player's contract and show that, along with the anti-racism campaigns that are now thankfully a regular feature of football, should show that the ultimate act of condoning such blatant sectarian behaviour whilst representing Cowdenbeath Football Club will not be tolerated in any way. To not take such action, if the comments were made, would only act as the club seemingly condoning sectarianism, or not truly caring about what impact it has on Scottish football. The old turn a blind eye approach that often seems to strike during such times with many clubs. Now if you think I'm going a bit over the top then imagine if a footballer left the field shouting racist abuse which was heard by many around him in the ground. He would be rightly given the boot from the club who would not want to be associated with such an odious character. If Buchanan is guilty and the club doesn't take serious action, then I seriously hope that somebody in training - Robbie Deas maybe - gives the lad a good kicking in training, with Jordan Sheerin delivering a follow-up body-slam. But seriously, without serious action being taken by the club then Scotland and Scottish football will never rid itself of this cancerous disease that really doesn't have any place in what is now a multi-cultural society. Looking in from the outside (but probably understand the history of the politics more than most who deliver such bile), it really is pathetic. It's like watching Bernard Manning bang on about 'Pakis', or Alf Garnett lamenting the amount of 'niggers' in society. Just writing those words makes me feel uneasy and I hope it makes the reader also feel the same way looking at them, because - honestly - that's essentially all this sectarian bollicks is, and must be eradicated if the Scottish game wants to catch up with the rest of world once more. As a say, the above is hypothetical and would apply to any club and player if such claims were made and proven against them, so not just a Cowdenbeath issue as it affects most clubs most seasons probably, but the actions of the board - if Buchanan said what he was accused of saying - could certainly help improve and enhance an already intriguing image of a great football club. Alternatively, if the right action wouldn't occur at a club if the accused is guilty, then I would expect a lot of outside sympathisers would certainly look at that club differently. And I'm not even pished writing this, just talking from the heart after a long day and enjoyable weekend making an eight-hour round trip watching Cowden, and as someone passionate about and likes to act on any bullying/prejudice and misconception I witness in society! Up the Coos!
  13. Albion v Cowden

    A few points to raise and reply to and as I can't be arsed copying and pasting previous posts... Blue Oktober, was a shame to miss you again but I'm definitely living up to my username of being a drifter as I spend most matches I attend mooching from one part of the ground to another. Pre-match we had a couple in the St Andrews pub not far from Sunnyside Road where we only had time for a quick one on the way back to the train back to Glasgow and our connection home (both of which we typically and drunkenly just about made), then spent the first half near the club shop towards the end Cowden were attacking to offer a bit of vocal support, then half-time on the halfway line chatting to Al (who forgot me early Christmas present, the forgetful bugger!), and after a drift on to the side of the pitch and down the tunnel (it had to be done!). Then the second half was spent behind the goal where Scotty introduced himself, had a chat and pointed out a number of the other loyal away support that come from all over. One thing we all have in common, I summised, other than watching Cowdenbeath, is that we mustn't be right in the head to actually enjoy that, but we did and we do! I'll hopefully be back up for the cup game against Sevco but wit the amount of not-rights that will be loitering around the town and ground that day, I reckon if I do get there then I'll be spending pre-match drinking on the train and in Edinburgh or Queensferry, before hoping to make a quick escape without having to cross paths with any knuckle-draggin sorts. And thanks for your comments about the support being appreciated, but they really aren't necessary. I think it proves that after my first game in March, after now attending eight Cowden games in as many months, other than the financial outlay, it really is such a pleasurable was to spend a Saturday afternoon, travelling to places I'd never probably dream of visiting if it wasn't for football and, more specifically these days, Cowden. In fact, all I ask for is that if anyone has a Cowdenbeath shirt (home or away; player shirt or replica) from last season -and my first watching the club) - that I could buy off them (or make a donation to Club 135), or even an uhlsport jacket/traiining top or what-have-yer, then please let me know. For my final post I might as well start that separate message because, if true, and the fact it hasn't been raised yet then it definitely deserves to be, and not something that should be brushed under the carpet. Especially as it could impact my feelings towards the club if the guilty party is indeed guilty and the correct course of action doesn't follow... (or follow, follow as the accused might say!)
  14. Albion v Cowden

    No complaints with a point yesterday for Cowden, between two teams who were poor in front of goal. Still, a good day out had by our crowd and yet another newcomer to the Cowden Reds. Also good catching up with some of the travelling fans during the match. Now it's just a case of awaiting the date for the cup game before I know when I'll be next up for a game, but pleased to maintain my unbeaten away league record and, looking at the table, I'd have taken that position by this stage at the start of the season, so onwards and upwards Cowden!