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  1. Can I add another angle to the Bollan debate here. I love the Cowdenbeath programme and, for me, there's none better. But I've always noticed that the manager's notes usually take up less space than his picture and his communication with fans is virtually non-existent. Which makes me wonder, why, all of sudden, and for the first time I can remember - never mind this season - we are now treated to a page of Bollan's post-match comments after Saturday's defeat on the Cowden website. Though all I can say is there's no wonder there's not much communication with supporters, or via his programme notes when, after reading that, his coaching methods essentially seem to be 'must try harder'. There's only so many times you can tell player that, Gary, before they stop listening. And if you're reading this by any chance, then surely you've been in the game long enough to realise that. The one sensible thing he did say in that now rare glimpse into the world of Gary Bollan's post-match thoughts was that, with the team at his disposal, Cowden should be performing better. If they try harder. I think even the teacher in Kes could motivate a team with words better than that pal. Which leaves only one person culpable in my eyes. Will Bollan have the dignity to step down from his position without that payout of his contract, and allow somebody else who can possibly get something more out of this team come in without it bankrupting the club.... before it's too late? Or will he stubbornly hold on, with his only hope being that eventual pay-off for the last half-year of his contract, whilst Cowden go down the pan, as he watches on - devoid of ideas - from the sidelines? Over to you, Donald... [And please, if any Cowden fans think I'm talking out of term here.... feel free to shoot me down]
  2. I'll be heading up for Saturday's game and was wondering if we can pay at the gate yet, or is it online ticket sales only still?
  3. Are there any pictures yet of how the new Meadowbank is looking? I've tried searching for some, but to no avail, and would love to see what's happened to the old place
  4. I reckon something simple and effective like this would be decent - if not this season then next - and would be a good seller...
  5. Any news on an away kit this season or, with the fact no other club in League Two wears blue, are we not bothering this year and just hoping Cowden draw non-blue-shirt-wearing clubs in the cups?!
  6. Probably my last post on here for a while, though I'm hoping to get up for a game again once the season is finally under way. But what do you reckon? Three or four signings away from being a team capable of challenging for the play-offs, or the potential for another season looking over the shoulder and the worrying about the threat of relegation? I just hope fans can get back to enjoying the matchday experience once again, meeting up with old mates, doing what we've always done, for generations, no matter the weather, or result. And that a few more quality signings can be made to give Cowden fans a bit of optimism going into what will surely be another intriguing campaign. Mon the Coo
  7. And on that note, and with any interest in the Euros now over, maybe it's time to move on to the other page for the new season
  8. Nothing much else to do at the moment, and with the announcement today of the League Cup group stages being drawn, what better time to draw a line under last season and start a thread for the new campaign. Whilst the new strain of Covid is an obvious worry after the last two seasons and with the new strain threatening further disruption, hopefully we can all be back at the game sooner rather than later and it feel so good standing on that Central Park terrace once again, soaking up the rain of sunny Fife, along with a few drinks in Jimmies, and in good company of some good friends. Let's hope there's some good recruitment over the coming months and onwards and upwards Cowden....
  9. So we're less than forty minutes off the last game of the season, and whilst being delighted this match is a complete dead rubber, I'm even happier that this season will finally be finished for Cowdenbeath. Well done to everyone involved at the club, including the players and coaching staff [who I have admittedly criticised] for managing to avoid that dreaded last spot, [and thanks to Brechin for once again being absolute gash once again], and I can't wait to hopefully return for a few games new season with Cowden, thankfully, still in the league. Finally, and most importantly, the effort that has gone on behind the scenes must also be applauded during what has been the most unprecedented of seasons, and often seemed a thankless task. Stay safe folks, have a great summer, let's hope Scotland can beat England in the Euros, and hopefully see you all again next season in better times
  10. A complete overhaul needed at Cowden. No leadership on the pitch - aside from Craig Barr, who has no competition in the Player of the Season nominations - and no direction or different ideas from the sidelines. I only started watching the team a few months before that miraculous relegation escape against Cove, and the side that survived that season is far more superior to this, which I suppose is saying something after such a shite season that time around. As I see it, the board is in a near no-lose situation now. Say goodbye to the manager and the majority of players, and bring a new man in with new ideas and a completely new team. If it continues like it has then I fear Cowden will drop out of the league in the next couple of years. If the board seeks change, maybe there might be a better chance of maintaining that long-held league status for a little bit longer. All effort must be made to help Cowdenbeath FC preserve its league status over the next couple of years. And if complete change offers the best hope of providing that then it must be taken sooner rather than later.
  11. No idea how the game will go but I do know that I'm gutted about missing out on my annual pie run to the wonderful Francis bakers
  12. I doubt we'll see a better Cowden goal all season, and surely a contender for the Scottish Cup's goal of the season already there from Craig. Absolute screamer
  13. To be fair, in light of an awful situation for the lad, it made me chuckle.
  14. As a neutral at the game today, you started well and after half an hour there only looked like being one winner, as you had a fair few chances to deserve at least a two-goal lead if the end product matched the build-up. Gretna defended well, though, and got into it towards the end of the first half, and from then on in you were fighting for scraps, and rarely forced the home keeper into making a save. The hosts then had the better of the second half and after going one up, you could have easily been a few behind with a missed penalty, a free-kick just over the bar and a few testing balls across your box. At the start, and halfway through the second half, I'd have said a point would've probably been fair, but ultimately I think Gretna definitely edged it and, more importantly, in the second half looked like they wanted it more, which would be worrying for me if I was a Berwick fan.
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