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  1. Match fitness. If the season continues, as unaffected as possible over the coming weeks, it'll take at least a month or so before teams start getting into their rhythm after a more-than six-month lay-off, and all the malarky behind the scenes at most clubs. I think the only thing clubs and managers can ask for during these shite times is a bit of patience and understanding from fans that this season really is like no other. It's a strange time
  2. I don't mind the red sock combo, more unique than the popular blue-white-blue used by many clubs and which worked well last season. Reminds me of France in the 80s. The Blue Brazil looking like Tigana and Platini's France (and playing like Cowdenbeath!). And at least there's no black beneath the turnovery bit. A simple yet decent kit I reckon.
  3. I know it's not going to be high on the club's list of priorities at the moment, but with the last season ending early and the next one being a shortened one when it hopefully returns in mid-October.... will the team be wearing the same kit as last season? I hope so.
  4. Though we don't know if and when we'll be back watching football in what will be a unique season of 2020-21, with last season now consigned to history and while many other fans on here starting threads for an impending new campaign, I thought we might as well get in on the act and start a new thread for Cowdenbeath. I've seen a few players have moved on but was wondering what the score is squad-wise... who will be staying for a new season (whenever that might be), what's people's thoughts about what's gone on over the last few months, and what's the general consensus looking forward? Of all pre-seasons I've ever known, this is definitely the strangest and most challenging for everyone so it will be interesting to see how the next year or two pans out because I think football and some of the game's smaller clubs particularly, will be feeling the effects of this pandemic for a few years to come yet... Let's hope Cowden can survive in a healthy state and pull through what is sure to be a tough and worrying time for many clubs at the moment...
  5. Whilst most on here have probably seen these, I've just placed my order and can't wait to get into a much-needed distraction from all the current shite going on in the world, and game. Well done to Dave for getting these produced and hopefully they can help earn the club a few much-needed quid before we return to, er, the 'new normal'! And for those who haven't seen it yet but want to get some guaranteed good reading, here's the link for where to order...
  6. First time I've really written or said anything about this but I find it quite astounding that people are actually talking about resuming this season in some countries. The whataboutery going on in the game by some is truly mind-boggling. We all know football's an industry that attracts many not-rights but to think about playing games of football at this time is bleedin ridiculous. I follow FC United and our season was one of the first to be null and voided. We were second in the league and though out of the race for automatic promotion we had a great chance of success in the play-offs with a player who'd scored about 40 goals this season. He, and we, accepted the decision... seeing the bigger and more important picture. Though at the time I thought it was a bit premature and we might be able to resume in June or July to finish. But it's evident that this virus isn't going to disappear any time soon and talking about football in the future is just futile for now. The only option should be to end all seasons now and start again when the world in general has returned to some form of normality. I love football. I love going to the match. I love travelling and meeting new people. Christ, I make 12-hour round trips to watch Cowdenbeath because I have a crackin day out. Yet all football for the 2019-20 season should be null and void. Start again for 2020-21... if and when we can... and forget about this one. Start again where we were. No relegation, no promotion and teams who started in whatever league remain there when football is back, including European competitions. If a game is called off with about 65 minutes played, and the most pivotal part still to follow, it would be played again. The result wouldn't stand. The same should apply with the season. The footballing world needs to give its head a collective wobble. There's far more important things to be thinking about at the moment, like stopping the spread of this friggin virus, finding a cure and stopping people dying. Also helping people who are losing their jobs, of which I am one. What a selfish fookin society we live in if we're even arsed about football games being played again any time soon. In the meantime, stay safe, try and stay sane, and we will be back. Whenever that is, who knows. But we will be back doing what we love one day and this whataboutery in certain quarters needs to stop so we can all just concentrate on more important matters until we get back to enjoying football once again.
  7. Superb news once again! Only managed to get a few programmes from this last year but it's always one of the (many) highlights of a trip to Central Park. Well done to all involved, a true credit to the club.
  8. It's all a bit quiet on here, so what's your thoughts on this big decision to be made at the end of this week? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52214595
  9. You might want to change the word suing to using there pal!
  10. Crackin picture that is... would make a nice away shirt for next season. Simple but effective. Looking forward to a second visit to Galabank tomorrow with my dad - think he's only coming for the pies though! - and what is my most local game at 135 miles away... so can't wait to see the Coos again and predicting a, er, 0-0 (or 1-1) draw!
  11. Ta for the tips pal.... but I'm batting for Cowden tomorrow! Last two games brought a 2-0 Cowden win and, I think, a 2-0 win for Annan last time round at Galabank when I brought a mate from Argentina and met that funny looking comedian from Germany! So I'm fully anticipating a 0-0 draw tomorrow! Finally, one last question... any shops sell One Pounders Iron Brew humbugs? Got them from one place on my first visit but gutted they had none in stock when I returned this season!
  12. I'll be making my third trip in just over a year to Galabank tomorrow watching Cowdenbeath, with It being my 'local' match at just over 130 miles away... and for the first time in almost 25 years I'll be travelling with me dad to a match to celebrate the fact he's now an OAP and can get in a bit cheaper! Always enjoy a good day in Annan and enjoyed Francis bakers on my last couple of visits. So a couple of questions. Would you say it's the best bakers in town, and better than the one on the other side of the High Street... and as we're hopefully landing in Annan earlyish, what's the best place for a proper good breakfast?
  13. It's got one all written all over this one...
  14. I've seen and heard of officials issuing cards to the wrong players due to mistaken identity, but if these clowns thought an advertising board looked like a football fan then the game really is goosed!
  15. Am going for 2-1 Cowden... on the red card front. And 2-1 Cove re goals. Mon the Coo
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