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  1. You might want to change the word suing to using there pal!
  2. Crackin picture that is... would make a nice away shirt for next season. Simple but effective. Looking forward to a second visit to Galabank tomorrow with my dad - think he's only coming for the pies though! - and what is my most local game at 135 miles away... so can't wait to see the Coos again and predicting a, er, 0-0 (or 1-1) draw!
  3. Ta for the tips pal.... but I'm batting for Cowden tomorrow! Last two games brought a 2-0 Cowden win and, I think, a 2-0 win for Annan last time round at Galabank when I brought a mate from Argentina and met that funny looking comedian from Germany! So I'm fully anticipating a 0-0 draw tomorrow! Finally, one last question... any shops sell One Pounders Iron Brew humbugs? Got them from one place on my first visit but gutted they had none in stock when I returned this season!
  4. I'll be making my third trip in just over a year to Galabank tomorrow watching Cowdenbeath, with It being my 'local' match at just over 130 miles away... and for the first time in almost 25 years I'll be travelling with me dad to a match to celebrate the fact he's now an OAP and can get in a bit cheaper! Always enjoy a good day in Annan and enjoyed Francis bakers on my last couple of visits. So a couple of questions. Would you say it's the best bakers in town, and better than the one on the other side of the High Street... and as we're hopefully landing in Annan earlyish, what's the best place for a proper good breakfast?
  5. It's got one all written all over this one...
  6. I've seen and heard of officials issuing cards to the wrong players due to mistaken identity, but if these clowns thought an advertising board looked like a football fan then the game really is goosed!
  7. Am going for 2-1 Cowden... on the red card front. And 2-1 Cove re goals. Mon the Coo
  8. Of course you are pal! Though to be fair, I'm often talking to myself on the Cowden page so you're not the only one!
  9. Do Annan have any fans with computers? I've visited Galabank a couple of times over the last two seasons and had a great day out both times... but just noticed this thread and the lack of activity on here. Four pages for an entire campaign and nowt about the match, your club, or anything really. Not even un Annan un talking to himself like on the Cove thread. Is there an alternative forum where Annan uns have a good moan, or is there no internet in that part of the world?
  10. Bollan the Butcher should be a Bond villain... if looks could kill, that man would have the 007 fecker finished within a second!
  11. Another great last-minute pre-Christmas trip to Central Park yesterday. Superb to see the team playing with some real urgency, desire to press and force errors, their link play, use of the flanks, and movement and attacking intent up front. Brilliant performance and for a second year running Cowden have just made my Christmas! Good to meet up with some now familiar faces and as someone said, the best trips are always the unplanned ones. Just gutted I didn't put a bet on my prediction. Could have paid for me trip on just a few quid. Anyway, hopefully stick with this winning team, find a bit of form again playing some cracking football and, on that note, I'd like to wish everyone a great Christmas and all the best for the new year. Hopefully when I return again towards the end of the season, the boys will still be sat happily in a play-off position. Mon the Coo!
  12. I'm feeling more confident by the minute about this match... when there's a few regulars out, and some fringe players itching for that 1-11 jersey playing, the results - contrary to previous form - can often go out of the window. So am gonna amend me original prediction and go 3-1 Cowden with all out Samba football, three goals before half-time and a Stenny consolation late on! It is Christmas after all, you have to believe!!
  13. And I've just... off the cuff and with no thought of attending the game tomorrow as I awoke this morning.... booked a train from Preston to Haymarket for the match (though don't tell the hector between Warrington and Preston, or Edinburgh and Cow Land, ta!) So on that note, under a grey Cowdenbeath sky, and dreaming of Samba football... I'm going for a 1-0 home win! Mon the Coos!
  14. It's all gone a bit quiet on here this past week, and with feeling totally pissed off with politics, I got back on the drawing board yesterday... or photoshop... inspired by the designs I produced on here a couple of summers ago... And have an idea I'd like to suggest to the club.... I think I'm right in saying that this season's kit is proving one of the most popular in recent history (or since the last time the Coos wore a stripey number) both amongst the fans and sales-wise.... and although it's now traditional to change not only the home kit but also the aways almost every season these days, can I make this suggestion for the 2020 season? Can we keep the home shirt for another year? Every time I see it in action and on photos, I still get that initial reaction of 'Fit Kit!' And would be such a shame to see it go after just one season. With Errea already having the templates from this season's home shirt, maybe a long-sleeved version could be produced next year to give it that proper late 60s early 70s retro look? But in the meantime, could we have an away shirt essentially based on the home design, but with the colours reversed, so it looks something like this pictured below.... I reckon this would look just as good as the home kit, and two based on the same design would definitely make the Cows look cool as... Especially in all white. In the meantime, this season's yellow kit could be retained to act as a potential third shirt should a colour clash arise from blue and white tops at away games? Go on... you know you want it!
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