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  1. Weekend football fix

    Here... you talk that much shite your arse must be jealous.. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Stranrear will beat Wigtown so away and cry about the mighty saints!! 🤣🤣
  2. Poor Referee

    Was he doing the first team game ??
  3. Fixtures?

    Games can be off due to wind look at Ayr vs Cally recently so none of your pish please and thank you
  4. Tarff Rovers FC....

    Away you!!!
  5. Tarff Rovers FC....

    Wait a minute what you saying about me you clown .. ye big keyboard gangster
  6. Tarff Rovers FC....

    I have just a wealth of Wisdom!!
  7. Goalkeepers

    Yes but want am saying is it could be one of his friends . Fair play to him stepping up!!
  8. Goalkeepers

    It’s probably one of the kids pals. But back to the keeper chat.. From what I’ve heard Dale Leith (Wigtown) has started to come onto a game. Was down at Annan the last week and he had a few cracking saves.
  9. Tarff Rovers FC....

    Ballgreen is owned by a local farmer, am not sure what it’s like now but when I was in the area I nipped down to see what it was like and it had started to become a mess then ..
  10. Gretna job

    Do Gretna train at Gretna or they Glasgow based ??
  11. creetown

    Yet they still can’t play there games at home ??? We will do the ground but not play at home !!! Shambles
  12. Fixtures?

    Couldn’t of said it better myself...
  13. 27/10/18

    Can’t we all just be friends [emoji129]
  14. The sack attack

    Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday I’ll get my jumper this week sometime How did it go ? How was sharp shooter
  15. The sack attack

    Saints or Saints feeder club [emoji189] It’s a hard one