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  1. West Region Premiership - relegation

    That was my feeling at the start of the season that 35 would be a reasonable target. My 32 points is based on Renfrew and Kilbirnie winning half their remaining games. As another poster said it will probably be lower, but wouldn't feel safe until I had at least 32 points. 30-32 Points aren't going to come easy for any of us, Rob Roy have 2 games (H v Peasy & A v Frew) that are must wins, their other 6 are tough H v Hurlford, Pollok, Beith and Talbot & A v Glens and Bankies Ladeside have H&A v Troon and A v Camby that look their best targets, H&A v Talbot & A v Hurlford less so Troon similarly will target their games with Ladeside together with H v Camby & Nock, their toughies look to be H v Glens & Talbot & A v Largs & Bankies Renfrew, we really need to beat Buffs & Rob Roy at home as H&A v Hurlford & A v Bankies & Lok are tough. The Troon/Kilbirnie "series" over next fortnight may clear picture a bit, if one team wins both, a win each or 2 draws leaves it muddied, but assuming (always hugely dangerous!) that the only points gained by any of us are in those "easier" games, Rob Roy potentially get relegated with 28 or we do with 26 if Roy win the huge game between us, or it could all come down to goal difference between us and Ladeside on 26 if Troon win both those games, any of us get a "coupon buster" win in one of those "toughies" and it might be enough to get over the line, bums are well squeaky already!
  2. West Region Premiership - relegation

    A few weeks ago I thought 25 points would be enough to stay up, but Kilbirnie, Troon and ourselves have shown a bit of form and picked up unexpected points, so I think 30 is a more realistic figure to aim for now, Saturday a good example, having been humped 5-0 at Barrfields earlier in the season, most of us thought on Saturday "maybe sneak a point" at best, boys however were superb (especially coming back from 2-1 down!). Buffs game this Saturday is huge for us as realistically can't see us getting much from the home game with Hurlford (will be happy to be proved wrong, if Saturday showed anything it was the boys are up for the fight!!!), Rob Roy similarly big game for us before we finish with 3 tough away games at Hurlford, Clydebank & Pollok. Cambuslang and Petershill look doomed I think, so take your pick from any one of Kilbirnie, Troon, Rob Roy and ourselves, one of us is going down! Can we stay up, yes, will we do it a whole different question!
  3. Relegation

    Not saying we're out of trouble, but my god we've given ourselves a good chance! From being adrift at the bottom only a few short weeks ago to now be 5 points clear of 3rd bottom, I know some will say "teams have games in hand", true but I'd rather have the points on the board! Still need at least another 6 points I would say as looking at current totals would suggest 25 might be the magic number to keep you up? It's still any 3 from bottom 5 but we've given ourselves some breathing space!
  4. Relegation

    Cumnock, Rob Roy (and possibly even Meadow?) aren't quite out of danger yet, but realistically yes the bottom 5 are there for a reason, and it is any 3 from us 5 I think. No coincedence I don't think that 4 of the 5 are promoted teams, we all knew it would be an achievement to come 4th bottom, and we'd all snap your arm off for that right now! Kilbirnie are the odd ones out there so maybe their plight is more precarious, I'm sure a relegation fight wasn't in their plans? None of us can confidently predict we'll be OK, Frew are on a decent run just now unbeaten in 3 with two more HUGE games next up away at Petershill and Kilbirnie, after that we've got a run of games where any points we can pick up will be a bonus, others in the mire will feel similar. So who do I think will go down, haven't a clue, but I know who I hope doesn't!
  5. Todays Scores 5/1

    FT Renfrew 3 Cambuslang 2 Thought we were up against it when I saw Frew team, 7 players missing for various reasons, only 1 fit outfield sub but the 12 guys who did play did us proud, stormed into a 3-0 lead by the 50th minute, could/should have been at least twice that ahead by the time Lang pulled one back. Conceded a soft penalty (it was a penalty but needlessly given away!) and another direct from a free kick set up a nervy last ten minutes but we held on to record a welcome victory that takes us off not only off the bottom but out the bottom three! Scorers: Frew - McIntosh, Hardie, McKenna Lang - Gemmell (pen) didn't catch who scored free kick, sorry!
  6. 2018 Report Card

    Seeing as it is now 2019 here's my thoughts on an "interesting" 2018 for Renfrew 1. If you're doing this on the whole year then 7 or 8 out of 10, we got promotion to the big league when few (if any) outside of NWP would have put any money on it. If based on the 18/19 season to date obviously a lot lower, that said, like all 6 promoted clubs probably said too, we'll take 4th bottom come the end of the season and despite a pretty ropey first half of the campaign, yes we're bottom but only 1 point off that holy grail, So overall maybe 4 out of 10 for the season to date. 2. Ryan Borris is starting to come onto the game we'd hoped he'd bring to our midfield but I'd go for Rikki McIntosh, played a variety of roles middle to front, never let anyone down and chipped in with a few goals too. 3. Can't think of just one, too many players have had a field day against us so far! 4. Two spring to mind, both home against Irvine Meadow, first the 5-1 league win against them earlier this season but that gets shaded by the come back from the dead 4-2 win in May that sealed promotion. 5. Two alas spring to mind, the 4-0 loss to Johnstone in the Sectional Cup, no disrespect to Burgh they deserved the win but we simply didn't turn up! The other was the nightmare in Kirkcaldy a few weeks ago when we lost 2-0 to Thornton and finished with 9 men! 6. Got to last 32 so not too shabby but see Thornton result above! 7. A shade unlucky to lose to Beith in the West but see Johnstone result above!
  7. Tonights Scores

    Looked like around 250 at Renfrew
  8. Player for transfer

    From his time at Renfrew, Sean is, on his day, a cracking player, capable of something that little bit different. Alas, for every game he'd boss he could have another two or three you'd never know he was playing and be subbed after an hour. He'll do a good job for someone if he still has that ability we saw in his time at the Frew.
  9. Friday night fixture December 28th

    I see Renfrew and Cumnock have agreed to move their game at New Western Park on the Saturday to Friday night kick off 7.30, avoiding the Old Firm game. Hopefully rewarded with good weather and a chance for a few "neutrals" to get out the house to see some football!
  10. Neilston Juniors Statement

    Well deserved Chris and Disco, sorry to see you go, welcome back at NWP anytime.
  11. Thornton Hibs

    Any chance of expanding on that, a few of us coming up this Saturday, hope we don't have to pack the flak jackets!
  12. Todays scores 17/11

    Not going to come on here and say "wee wuz robbed", we weren't Talbot were the better team, end of! Question I want to ask Talbot fans is was 3-0 a fair margin? Couldn't argue you didn't deserve the lead, and we feared you were going to blow us away completely in the first 20 minutes. That said having gone a goal down I thought we came into the game, McKenna pulls it instead of smashing straight at Leishman and we're level. After half time I thought we started really well but we cut our own throats giving the ball away cheaply for the second goal. You can get away with that against lesser mortals, teams like Talbot will punish it more often than not. We continued to battle away but you kind of sensed that goal took a bit of the stuffing out us and the third goal was inevitable. What am I saying? Earlier in the season we would probably have lost by a cricket score (as we alas did last time we were at Beechwood!), Frew coloured glasses on I think we are genuinely improving, you haven't seen us for a while, do we compare favourably with those you have played this season?
  13. Today's scores 13th

    Thought on the balance of play we were just about worth the win, that said we definitely rode our luck in the latter stages, couple of Dale Burgess saves he'd no right to make and a couple of "how did he miss that" chances for Bankies too! For the first hour thought we were on top, last half hour definitely "squeaky bum" time, however somehow we hung on, that was a game we would definitely have lost earlier in the season. Think maybe we're finally getting to grips with playing in the big league!

    Glad he's Ok, we wondered when we saw ambulance turn up what had happened? Not what you expect when you go to football to leave in an ambulance!

    Finished Renfrew 5 Meadow 1 both sides finished with ten men, Renfrew also had two of the management "dismissed" for disputing our red card. In truth Meadow started the better side until we scored with our first chance, after that there was only one winner, we played as well as we have all season, and we cut out the daft mistakes that have haunted us so far. Long way from the finished article but boy does it feel good to finally get that win! Five different scorers too, although I'm not sure if Jason Hardie scored on his debut or was the third goal an og?