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  1. Don't write us off just yet! Yes if I was a betting man (which I'm not!), the odds would be on Darvel, Blantyre, Cumbernauld 1-2-3 with Renfrew 4th and Neilston 5th but long way to go! Our toughest games of run in look to be trips to Blantyre (I agree with my fellow Frew fans comments - best team we've faced this season!) & Cumbernauld but of remaining 8 games, 4 are against teams in bottom 5 and the other 4 against mid table "not going up but not going down either" teams. Win our game in hand and also win at Guys Meadow and we're only 2 points adrift of Cumbernauld. Inconsistent form has made it hard for us but we're not out it yet!
  2. First I've already said we were lucky at Renfrew, however to say you hammered us twice is stretching it a wee bit, at Darvel the breaks went your way, at Renfrew yes we rode our luck in the second half, but for all your possession up to us making it 2-0 how many clear chances did you create whereas we were clinical with those we had. However, read again what I said, this isn't about Renfrew, this is a comparison of the Darvel we've seen this year v the Talbot's, Hurlford's, etc we played last year, I stand by what I said, you're going to have be a lot better, stronger, etc if you genuinely want to challenge in your first season. You are the best team we've seen this season, although we've still to play Blantyre, Kilsyth and Shotts but tough as they'll no doubt be, Darvel are going up no ifs buts or maybes, when you do if it's with your current squad you probably won't struggle at the bottom but don't see you top end either.
  3. With the greatest of respect, we played all the big guns of the premiership last season, we've played you twice this season and if you seriously want to challenge for the big title your "backers" need to get the cheque books out sharpish, you're not even close with your current squad. Now given the investment that clearly has been made already, that will no doubt happen, but is throwing a truckload of cash at it sustainable?
  4. Wise words, speaking from experience last year was a hard lesson, getting there one thing, staying there another altogether. I suspect we had the lowest budget in the Premier and nearly achieved the "holy grail" of 4th bottom, can't see us being any "richer" if we do finish top 3 and so likely to come straight back down again, but you want to win every game and try to get promotion, it's a quandry for sure! There are a few at NWP saying 4th place this season might not be the worst finish, at our best (ok and luck!) we beat Darvel but then lose at Dalry next game, so it'll be a rollercoaster of a run in, gotta love the juniors!
  5. Don't normally count the crowd at games but yesterday for Gartcairn v Renfrew I reckon there were more on the park than watching/braving the elements!
  6. The old Fulbar St Station (like many a victim of Dr Beeching!) was right next to Renfrew's old Western Park, with the line to Paisley running behind the grass bank "terrace". The new ground is only a few hundred yards from the end of the Glasgow Airport runway, so we have it on both counts!
  7. Dalry 2 Renfrew 0 Two days after the game and having calmed down, I choose my words carefully, we were f###### abysmal! That said well done Dalry, fully deserved, your no.8 was the best man on the park by a mile!
  8. With the greatest of respect we're all (most?) suffering from injuries, fact of life when you're talking about essentially no more than part time players at our level, no matter how much you may/may not be getting paid to play. I reckon we were missing 9 players too on Saturday, OK not all would start if everyone fit and available but it stretches your squad, we only made 1 sub although we had 2 others on the bench but given the pummeling we were taking in the second half, throwing the others on could have been detrimental to them, decent prospects but I'm not sure that was a situation to put first season out the 21s into when it was already backs to the wall. First half I thought was pretty even, you had more of the ball but IMHO I thought we looked more likely to do something with it when we had it, which we did to lead 1-0 at the break. Second half different story although we were worth the 2-0 lead we had, hard for anyone not to accept that we rode our luck afterwards(!), if I was a Darvel fan I'd be wondering just how the f*** we lost! That said for all your dominance (if it was a boxing match, the ref would have stopped it to save us from further punishment!) you were fragile at the back and we were clinical in scoring 3 from at best 5 or 6 chances, I also thought for all your possession we had the games most influential player in wee Craig Dallas, you're not the first team to not know how to stop him short of constant fouling! Definitely the best team we've played (over both games) this season and happy to split the "series" 3 points each!
  9. Must be a Lanarkshire weather worry! East Kilbride v Renfrew has been switched to New Western Park on Saturday
  10. Absolutely no complaints, the team that was more organised and were the hungrier won, sadly.
  11. Couldn't make it up, we don't get a Lie/Frew derby for over 10 years then 2 in 3 days! If you want to avoid two progs we could always play it under lights at NWP?!😀
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