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  1. Literally looked like a completely different team with him playing on the wing, and not centre midfield ffs
  2. Also what’s thought Paul Allan was good today, happily have him in the team ahead of Dorrans and Cole.
  3. No idea how much truth in this given the source however it wouldn’t surprise me given the rumoured attacks on him and the backlash after the statement.
  4. That’s because he was quite clearly offside, the excuses are bad enough in themselves but that part in the statement is genuinely just false.
  5. Lifeline cancelled as well, seems the only way these arrogant arseholes will listen is to hit them in the coffers. The killie game is going to be incredibly toxic, all 1k fans that is.
  6. If memory serves AJ was sacked on the Wednesday afternoon after the draw with Alloa on the Saturday, still time…
  7. Given the consistent spelling errors and issues with the official site can’t say that surprises me, he isn’t a Dunfermline player anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Heard it from an ex player, is a shame considering he was our longest serving player. Nice of the club not to even bother announcing it either.
  9. Martins short term contract expired and was released, club couldn’t be arsed announcing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. We’re going to get absolutely battered on Wednesday, surely when that inevitably happens he’ll be emptied?
  11. Obviously Hopkin was/is an absolute bombscare of a manager however I do think Adeloye looks a good find from him, technically very good and good finisher.
  12. Noticed Dom gave away his boots yesterday and offered to buy the young team a round of drinks, feels like he’s defo offskies.
  13. Club is a complete shambles atm and there is no way Grant is going anywhere anytime soon, past experiences tells us that the board are spineless when it comes to both appointing and parting ways with managers.
  14. Been booked on the supporters bus for weeks and cannot be arsed, back in at the Old Inn for free bacon sannys will be the highlight of the day
  15. Buzzing when I seen club statement thinking he was away, hope the players affected recover and don’t have any long term effects.
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