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  1. https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/news/sheffield-wednesday-talent-isaac-rice-set-for-dunfermline/ Interesting, certainly an unknown quality. The young English signing policy did not go down well with Falkirk but they were mostly loans from prem clubs. Any other rumours?
  2. Done deal, told not to come into training today.
  3. Renewed yesterday, buzzing to get back to East End.
  4. ST prices out on club website: https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=SEASON_TICKET_CARD_SALES_2021-22&ID=13160
  5. In the words of Jason Cummings - "It would have to be yersel"
  6. Am I being daft or is there no info on how long his deal is? Assume 2 years?
  7. Ross McArthur is a shitebag of the highest order
  8. Arguably worse than the appointment of Peter Grant, my poor eyes Edit - poached from a group cast so may be nonsense but doesn't look photoshopped
  9. Owain Fon Williams - 31/05/2022 Cammy Gill - 31/05/2021 Ben Swinton - 31/05/2021 ------------------------------------------- Paul Watson - 31/05/2022 Lewis Martin - 31/05/2021 Euan Murray - 31/05/2021 Vytas Gaspuitis - 31/05/2023 Josh Edwards - 31/05/2021 (option for 1 year) Aaron Comrie - 31/05/2023 Steven Whittaker - 31/05/2021 Kyle Macdonald - 31/05/2023 ------------------------------------------- Ian Wilson - 31/05/2022 Paul Allan - 31/05/2022 Kyle Turner - 31/05/2021 Lucas Berry - 31/05/2021 Matty Todd - 31/05/2022 Dom Thomas - 31/05/2022 Ryan Dow - 31/05/2022 ------------------------------------------- Kevin O'Hara - 31/05/2023 Craig Wighton - 31/05/2023 Declan McManus - 31/05/2022 Lewis McCann - 31/05/2022
  10. Grant now 4/9 favourite - probably because of the sun article and nothing more.
  11. Forgot about that game. I'd say we were very lucky to beat them in the game at East End and obviously lost last game of the season (although it was a dead rubber). The season before I seem to remember them beating us at least twice as well. Like I said, not my preferred choice but just playing devil's advocate. It's all gone quiet on the Petrie front?
  12. Aye, seems weird the record are only printing about Grant when there's probably been 3 or 4 interviews conducted already. Going to be an interesting few weeks.
  13. Aye, maybe a stretch tbf. But would I take him before Levein and some of the other jobbers on McBookie? Absolutely.
  14. You must be one of the fans in question. Do you disagree that Alloa played us, and many other full time sides, off the park regularly? I'm not saying he's my preferred option but compared to some of the other pish being touted I'm simply suggesting I don't think he'd be a "horrendous appointment".
  15. Pars fans on Twitter are in meltdown already, the guys only been in for an interview just standard practice. Personally don't think it would be as bad an appointment as some make out, had alloa playing some of the best football in the league just lacked any real quality up front and had the smallest budget in the league.
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