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  1. Pretty sure 6 is Dorrans he's playing today. 5 is Rhys Breen, 9 is O'Hara. Can see Reece Cole in front of number 6 too. Not sure who the other guy is.
  2. We've supposedly got a Goalkeeper in on trial - no idea who.
  3. Yeah not to worried about that as long as we do get some more signings on the middle of the park, Matty Todd should be nowhere near a new contract though.
  4. The guy above is fishing, Wighton is our best striker. Granted, he is best played next to someone with a bit of pace or who can win flick ons but it's outrageous he is warming the bench this season. His first game in weeks was at Killie away where he scored before the game got abandoned, losing him would be far from ideal and I'd expect Todorov will probably follow shortly after.
  5. I thought they would have done a ballot but suspect the fact that they had the system from the league cup games ready and waiting played a part in them going with first come, first served. These restrictions really are outrageous though, the fact that 200 people can be confined in hospitality but only 500 people are permitted to sit, outside, in an 11k seater stadium is mad. Really thought we'd see some more signings in for this one (perhaps a Friday afternoon pen on the way?) and with the departures of Vytas and Graham this week we could probably do with another centre half coming in, even more so as it looks Connolly will be gone after the Accies game. I haven't actually seen an announcement on Kennedy being recalled but assuming he has and is not involved in the squad on Saturday we are starting to look thin on the ground. As has been discussed Pybus wasn't spectacular but put in a good shift and at least showed a bit of desire which is more than what can be said of Dorrans, however fully expect Dorrans to be in from the start and I'll be pretty mythed if it's alongside Allan and Todd (both of whom I think should be replaced this window with the latter going at the end of the season). Will we see a surprise start for Lewis Martin this game or still too soon? Yogi mentioned his involvement in midfield against Livi which I thought was a surprise, personally I'd like to see him slot in at LB and give Edwards a long needed spell on the bench. Tomorrow is an absolute must win where a defeat will see us slump to the foot of the table, depressing times.
  6. Kennedy never featured in the win against Inverness or Ayr so not sure how he's the reason Hughes has his only win.
  7. If Killie pick up under McInnes and start dominating games / scoring goals he'll do well I think. If you go through a bad run and things are going against you he'll quickly go into hiding. A complete luxury player who clearly has potential but is lacking in final product.
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