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  1. McCann, Todd and Allan need punted. None of them good enough IMO, McCann and Todd especially have had plenty of chances. I'd definitely be putting Gill in for this, if he can't get a game in a dead rubber against relegated alloa why do we continue to extend his deal?
  2. Young Miller Fenton in the SPFL in the team of the week
  3. Big Vytas was solid today, composed on the ball and barely lost a header all day. Promising.
  4. Craw isn't very vocal is he, haven't heard him once.
  5. Best stream I've bought this season so far.
  6. 3 strikers starting, everything ok craw? Edwards back in is pleasing. Interested to see how Todd gets on, looks like a 4-3-3 with Whitts, McInroy and Todd in midfield and Mayo at centre half.
  7. His first game was a 1 nil defeat away to Dundee United, if memory serves it was actually a decent performance.
  8. Have taken the liberty to post this on "awful football takes"
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