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  1. What's the threshold? You've slaughtered Cammy Gill despite only 7 appreances.
  2. 2 of which were penalties, 1 given away by a forward and the other extremely harsh on Ashy/Comrie
  3. How dull is Crawford btw? Can't see for the life of me how he gets anyone up for a game.
  4. John Potter joins Jack Ross as Assistant Manager at Hibs.
  5. Yep we did, both 1 nil with the first game having THAT goal from Jacko and Bruce Anderson scoring the solitary goal during the 5 game win run..
  6. How has Paul Allan played with you chaps despite the poor season so far?
  7. 1. Gill (kept us in the game IMO) 2. Paton 3. Ryan (changed the game for me)
  8. Why is there no point in being in the Scottish Cup or am I being wooshed?
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