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  1. Obviously Hopkin was/is an absolute bombscare of a manager however I do think Adeloye looks a good find from him, technically very good and good finisher.
  2. Noticed Dom gave away his boots yesterday and offered to buy the young team a round of drinks, feels like he’s defo offskies.
  3. Club is a complete shambles atm and there is no way Grant is going anywhere anytime soon, past experiences tells us that the board are spineless when it comes to both appointing and parting ways with managers.
  4. Been booked on the supporters bus for weeks and cannot be arsed, back in at the Old Inn for free bacon sannys will be the highlight of the day
  5. Buzzing when I seen club statement thinking he was away, hope the players affected recover and don’t have any long term effects.
  6. Lewis Martin back running on the pitch, assume his deal is only till January where they will asses where his fitness is at? Fully fit Martin and Edwards are 2 very good options at LB/LWB.
  7. Arbroath fans can buy tickets at https://bit.ly/3sQ9Mba
  8. At least the tinpot patter didn’t bother you, not at all
  9. You can, that’s what I’ve done and have done at east end (same system)
  10. How much is down to people thinking they can get tickets on the night? I reckon there’ll be quite a few folk frantically buying tickets on their phone before KO
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