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  1. AJ till the end of the season?
  2. El Collsico

    John Robertson is a class act
  3. Pars vs Queens

    Queen's the better team.
  4. Pars vs Partick

    All this negativity from the queen's fans setting up nicely for an away win.
  5. Pars vs Partick

    Devine hhahahahahaha
  6. Pars vs Partick

    Bruce Anderson [emoji7]
  7. Pars vs Partick

    Decent thistle support down tonight, shame the game is utter baws.
  8. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    Watching Connolly bounce off people is pretty entertaining tbf
  9. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    Wtf is that lineup
  10. Louis Longridge starts for the reserves Vs County.