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  1. Raith trying to punt this game for a tenner when it's on cooncil telly, wee team etc etc
  2. I'd be more inclined to go with McCann and Wighton tbh
  3. Out of curiosity are people also expecting Shields and Dair to be removed from their posts too? Are there any feasible candidates out there? Does anyone think the board will actually do it whilst we occupy a play off spot?
  4. Meh, all clubs have had technical issues this season at some point, including us. Although I can absolutely see why people would want a refund. Regarding the game there's not much to say, I didn't see any of our best spell but the 70 minutes I did see we were absolutely horrendous and created next to nothing. What does McManus need to do to get dropped? Was only a couple of weeks ago I was defending Crawford but don't take much pleasure in saying he's just not up to it, our away form is brutal. Queen's were solid defensively and created a couple of good chances and over the piece probably deserved the win. This league is absolutely mental, few weeks ago Queens looked certain for the drop now there's every chance they'll replace us in the play off spots, wild. Big fan of the Wullie Gibson love in, what a guy.
  5. Before the end of the first half?! Is that a wind up
  6. Never knew that, hopeful then as apart from one blip against Clyde ours has been pretty good.
  7. What's the queen's stream like? Buying it regardless but how does it compare to others?
  8. Wighton already proving people wrong in 1 game, pleasing.
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