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  1. unbelievable garbage, no honestly stop it, sam Ashford and fat fall down Maguire what utter nonsense
  2. The loss of Murdoch allied to Chalmers has been a massive blow ,hopefully Murdoch return will help. I have reservations about Bullens selections and tactics at times, but hes largely done a fine job and deserves far more time.
  3. Spot on that's why it goes long so much, that's not a criticism of all 3 who I thought did well tonight ,also only 2 in midfield makes it appealing to go long under pressure. Draw is a decent result away against a good football side in good form, much improved from Saturday's shit show. Dipo will get back on it,Murdoch, Musonda will return shortly, McAlear is now getting there as hopefully will Maguire.
  4. Maybe for you, but his pace is well off it, if he gets the ball to his feet great, he'll get better no doubt
  5. Still miles off it fitness wise, no matter how clever he is
  6. Dipos worst performance for us, thought defence and McAlear did alright, Maguire absolutely miles off it,Ashford is pretty hopeless although O'Connor did little. No great but decent point.
  7. He played football year above me, he's many things, fraudster, charlatan and bare faced lier, but Ayr United fan he most certainly wasn't, supporter of a now deceased football club....YES
  8. Very much this, we still desperately need a left back or is Musonda coming back and going in there again, whatever but it must be adressed
  9. If still reasonably fit should be a very decent signing, please please please don't f***in pump high balls to him, he can really play
  10. What's my agenda? Wanting player's who aren't good enough dropped so the team and club move forward, never once have I said I want Bullen gone or that the club aren't doing a great job, but constantly coming away with nonsense about players who have been poor, playing well and it's a brilliant season is a bit well creepy actually. My agenda is always wanting the club to improve, which they are, Ayr United football club and it's previous boards have had it far too easy from the supporters we must constantly push for better that's an important part for the fan base, expecting better than some of our current squad and our current tactics surely isn't too much to ask. Lickspittle sheep fans will get served the garbage we've had to endure over the years, and I'm not calling anyone on here that before you start, but surely there's concern for the form in the last 2/3 months.
  11. Don't think I can take anyone who constantly praises Ashford and Reading seriously tbf especially when they started having digs at Chalmers for being inconsistent
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