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  1. Moore is injury prone and average at best, surely we can entice better than him, even a third choice youngster on loan.
  2. If we could get that midfield playing consistently and sort our defence out(shocking last night) but have been fairly decent all season, then there should be no reason why we can't get second, DU are no great shakes, if McCall gets his act together and puts out a decent settled team we'll be second, also McKay will be a big loss to County who've to come to Somerset and they'll be pressure on them at the top, they should do it I would expect, but lets keep working away and see what happens.
  3. Well that’s the title gone and it’s now time to focus on getting our earlier season form back and ensure we go into the playoffs high on confidence. I’d say the top two is probably beyond us now and 3rd is the best we can hope for which means we will need to play six playoff games if we want to reach the premiership which is a massive ask but we can still dream. Based on tonight Kerr must start when fit, he came on and changed the game instantly. Miller also should be starting every game for me. Looked pretty lively again tonight. We really need to be going at teams. Two direct wingers (McDaid and Miller) running at the fullbacks and two slightly more defensively minded midfielders (Murdoch and Kerr) in the middle. Got to agree with this !!
  4. Crawford is an imposter , totally dreadful player only backed by the social media warriors, no goals no assists no tackles no heart...best kept secret apparently ha ha ha
  5. We have an attacking midfielder, who is raved about, who has managed 12 goals in 200 appearances, however it's all about opinion and mine is when mcdaid is played on the left he's a real threat, his work rate and endeavour were excellent, some things didn't work out but his effort was superb.
  6. Well done Talbot, thought you were class on and off the park today, brilliant set up very professional a level that my club could sadly only dream of, Tuckers tactics spot on, players performances and application excellent all backed by a great support, McCall and our players a complete and utter embarrassment, but it's not about that dross today it was about the"Talbot" very well done !!
  7. Anybody who comes on here and has a different opinion from everything's wonderful at the club and your straight in critising, I bow to your superior knowledge all things Ayr
  8. BTW are you as brave in real life as you are in cyber world
  9. Thanks for clearing that up self appointed fan leader, i'll keep my opinions to myself
  10. Bell got an 18 month contract coz he was a new signing, he was the captain of Stranraer and was playing every week and on his showings against us playing well, not sure we can say that about Doc or Ferguson, I think people are missing the point here it's not about total change, if you stand still you'll go backwards we need a steady improvement in overall quality, 18 month contracts for 2 players who relatively speaking have done very little in the past year is extremely strange.
  11. Iam all for that, i'am not overly against either lad who are decent, but I think we should have waited (a,) to see which league were in and (b,0 how they play and will Doc last the pace. In my opinion others are way in front of them and should be targeted for longer deals, don't ever see these 2 being anything other than squad players, surely better out there.
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