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  1. He was excellent up at Inverness, also Dunfermline before injury, he'll kick on without the extremely ordinary McKenzie in front of him, on McKenzie he must be put out on loan to possibly kick on, but I doubt he's anywhere near the quality we require, good lad and great attitude tbf.
  2. This if we put some one decent in front of Houston I think we will see a big difference McKenzie and Houston on the right was a disaster and as soon as McKenzie dropped out we looked better. 100%
  3. Both unbearable arseholes, but for sheer scumminess the shame of Scotland take some beating.
  4. Todorov and Cammy Smith did nowt in this league.....lucky swerve
  5. Remember the Pars fans laughing at the robbery 3 weeks ago.....remember
  6. Smith has to start in place of the pointless Kenyon
  7. No it was writing off over 13 million pound of debt, shifting it off to the banks therefore the general public, working folk would ultimately pay for it....well done you , scum
  8. They didn't go ,because they had 3000 at the Gordon Marshall night at Mauchline club!!
  9. Hasn't been a Kilmarnock support that size in Somerset in over 50yrs...big team and all that
  10. Local Authorities, council, police were amazed Ayr gave that figure both thought there was considerably more in the ground.
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