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  1. Just noticed this thread.Interesting.Do Broughty have any new players?
  2. Yeah very good. Have you seen how we compare to Germany in dealing with this whole shit storm? They acted, we took weeks to act.
  3. And? I don't get it. You'd rather that this virus continues to kill people?
  4. Closed doors games is crazy talk. Here's an idea. We wait until there's a vaccine for this Virus before commencing with any sport.
  5. Ann Budge should take a day off. She's boring me to tears.
  6. What way would a vote for a 14 team top league go? Who would vote what?
  7. The ONLY way Nelms has achieved anything out of this, is if the league kicks off with 16 teams in it. Otherwise, what an absolute disaster he's had.
  8. Reconstruction has to be on the cards surely. Otherwise, WTF have Dundee been playing at?
  9. The quality was pretty good in the 70s and 80s before this Sky pish. As for bankruptcy, ach well, too many clubs in Scotland anyway.
  10. A tad off topic but in my humble opinion, this would be a good time for Scottish football to get back to the good old days. F uck Sky, f uck BT, f uck all TV companies. Get back to living within our means,no debt, Saturday 3pm kick offs with the very odd game being covered by BBC Scotland. Detest how the game has changed over the years. No one can ever convince me that TV has changed our game for the better. Them dictating how many old firm games there must be etc bursts my balls. You want to see your team? Well pay at the gate. Seems to work ok in Welsh and Irish leagues. In fact, their National teams have flourished while ours has nosedived. Not sure what we're chasing here in Scotland but it's pie in the sky stuff. English football will 100% implode, it may take up to 10 years, but there's nothing surer that it'll happen. I can't be the only one that misses what we used to have.
  11. Whether it's a no vote or a yes vote, I agree, get this done so we can move on to next stage.
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