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  1. There was absolutely nothing LIVE about tweeting a tie every 3 minutes. Find it bizarre it isn't streamed live. Extremely tinpot and dodgy.
  2. The Evening Times tweeted that the draw was coming up LIVE. Can someone tell me Wtf was LIVE about that?
  3. Shower of shite. How hard is it to release a date? Their communication is piss poor, especially these days when it's instant. Would love to see the current champs at Broughty, see what the fuss is about.
  4. Haven't fully followed this story but it appears that BoD have been caught out, and if guilty, should be thrown out of the cup. Have they responded to any of the claims? I can't see any quotes from them.
  5. The board simply can not contemplate selling him in January unless we happen to be 20 points ahead. I'm pretty sure Shankland, Utd, and the fans know it's going to happen, most likely at the end of the season though. As for price,although I reckon it should be more, he'll go for around the £2M mark imo. The lad is a goal machine, his all round play is extremely good and he's now an international player. In an ideal world, there will be a queue for him and a bidding war starts. Our best hope is that he goes down south as we'll get more, but I can't see him going anywhere other than Ibrox unfortunately.
  6. That was my point. Of course he'll be sold,hopefully all on Utd's terms as to when and how much. But for someone above to compare the situation to that of Hemmings is hilarious.
  7. Tell every one of the fuckers that the bidding starts at £5M or not at all.
  8. From a Utd fan's perspective, this victory was much better in many ways. Being honest, many of us stated at the time that it was no where near a 6-2 type of game. Dundee had so many spells where they played well, had loads of possession and had a goal wrongly chalked off. Last night was nothing like that. We were in total control from start to finish. Dictated the flow and pace of the game without EVER looking in danger.A great save by your keeper,a bit of luck with Shanklands curler, and a couple of sloppy finishes meant it stayed 2 zip, but the reality is that could have easily have been another humping score wise. Benji could have sat this one out.
  9. Edge it? Hilarious. It was a bigger tanking than the 6-2 massacre. Total dominance.
  10. Fair play. Not to state the obvious, but we are absolutely miles ahead of you guys. As a rule, I hate derby games (the nerves normally kill me) but these two this season, I've called them both as very comfortable wins beforehand. Glad to proved right.
  11. If you're lucky. Reckon Arbroath will pip you to 4th place.
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