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  1. Junior Cup 18-19

    Ffs, away to Hurlford! What a tie that is. No live feed tho [emoji848] Usual suspects getting their home draws too I see. [emoji848]
  2. Next permanent Dundee United Manager.

    It's Neilson according to the Tully. Good choice imo. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dundee-united-to-offer-robbie-neilson-managers-job/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Dundee United 2018/2019

    For me, this is no time for experimenting. I get there is no guarantee with anyone but this is last chance saloon for Utd. I'm not totally against the idea of Ellis, I would just feel a tad underwhelmed. Would much prefer Neilson who has romped this league before. He also has a bit of experience behind him. I just get the feeling that the decision will be a financial one. Stay in this league for another season, and risk being down there forever. The championship is notoriously difficult to get out. For me, Utd should be throwing EVERYTHING at it to ensure they escape it.
  4. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Ellis is in pole position according to a friend in the know. I've no reason to disbelieve him as he has connections within Tannadice. Pretty deflating if this is the case. Imo.
  5. East Region Superleague

    Wow,that's a major surprise.Didn't see that one coming at all.You really are a font of knowledge huh. I wish him well.
  6. East Region Superleague

    Carnoustie manager calls it quits.
  7. East Region Superleague

    I would say it was a pretty even 1st half but Lochee took the game by the scruff of the neck from the 1st whistle in 2nd half. Wouldn't say they were outstanding footballing wise today, but without a doubt more physical, more streetwise, more goal threat, and overall they were 100% the better side. Broughty were a shambles. No fight, no dig, and the players you'd be hoping to get something from, were posted missing. The back 4 were all over the place too, which is very surprising. McCunnie should have taken himself off too, had a mare. Lochee Utd may well go through this season undefeated. You can bookmark that lol. Cheers, you too.
  8. East Region Superleague

    Wondered how long it would take you to be on here [emoji35] [emoji15] Well, what can I say. Awful first half, both sides cancelling each other out. 2nd half was men against boys. Out played and out muscled and the probably more worrying was the non reaction to going a goal down. No leaders, no one wanting to put their foot on the ball, and absolutely no goal threat. Very impressed with Lochee in the 2nd half and especially with Grant Lawson, the lad ran the show and was outstanding. Broughty got a lesson today. Well done Lochee Utd.
  9. East Region Superleague

    Bring on the Lochee mob [emoji6]
  10. East Region Superleague

    Looking forward to it.Lochee start big favourites imo though.
  11. East Region Superleague

    The gap [emoji50] [emoji6]
  12. East Region Superleague

    Good assessment there John, pretty much echoed what I said. Carnoustie were disappointing if truth be told.
  13. East Region Superleague

    I think Carnoustie came out the traps very quickly in 2nd half and deservedly equalised (although Broughty should have been 2 or 3 up in first half) Carnoustie then fell back out of the game imo and Broughty played well on the counter attack after going down to 10 men. Good battle but Carnoustie will be kicking themselves though as I don't think they managed the game very well after equalizing.
  14. East Region Superleague

    Not a bad game, plenty talking points. Ref card happy early on so put massive pressure on himself. Broughty down to 10, should've been down to 9. Carnoustie were very disappointing when playing against 10. Broughty had too much for them though, and Broughty's No 18 must've been fouled about a hundred times. He enjoys that side of the game though. Onto Lochee Utd next week. [emoji6]
  15. East Region Superleague

    Show me a ref who gets all decisions right? Is it only the decisions that you agree with that are right? Refs have a massive job, not an easy one at all, but it's the dubious decisions,and how each person interprets a rule that makes the game what it is. I don't believe for 1 minute that any ref goes out to make wrong decisions or piss off a particular team, but they do have bad days like the rest of us do in our jobs. The level of abuse aimed at refs is awful at times, And it looks like it's Tayports tactic to get aggressive with the officials. Something I witnessed myself last week. Maybe they should concentrate more on trying to win the game because they're a handy side.