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  1. East Region Superleague

    Broughty beating Carnoustie 4 - 2. Proverbial game of two halves. Carnoustie 2 up at half time and coasting. Broughty though came out and blew them away in the 2nd half. Well deserved victory.
  2. Utd will rue not scoring more than 1 last night.
  3. Today's scores 13/5

    Broughty played 6 youngsters as trialists last night, all 16/17 years old. Showed up really well. Obviously resting boys for tomorrow's game against Carnoustie.
  4. East Region Superleague

    Just letting the country know how the best team by miles are getting on. [emoji6]
  5. East Region Superleague

    Lochee Utd now out all cups after a 1-1 home draw with Kirrie. Who'd have thought.
  6. Kick-off times

    Should've been brought forward to 6.45pm, it's miserable and darkish already
  7. East Region Superleague

  8. East Region Superleague

    Good post. Can't really argue with any of it. Referring to your last sentence, I know that.It was Ylf that stated Lochee Utd were the best by a mile. Although I agree they are the best side, I strongly disagree that they're on a different level all together.
  9. East Region Superleague

    I agree, totally. The question was, would it be classed as a successful season if they only won the league, given that there are 5 cups to be won at the start of the season? And also because, apparently.. they're the best by a mile?
  10. East Region Superleague

    Rubbish. Best by a mile is an exaggeration. Pumped out 2 cups by Carnoustie (well beaten) and Hermes respectively,and beaten by East Craigie. Will 1 trophy (League), possibly 2, be classed as a successful season for a side that are apparently best by a mile? I'm thinking it won't be. Broughty could still (potentially) have a more successful season than Lochee Utd with 3 trophy's. Clearly they're a good side and most probably the best in the region, but to say they're best by a mile is way off.
  11. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Reminds me of a time when I played my first game for a new team. Manager told me I was starting, but then being pulled off at half time. "Fucking brilliant" I said, "we only got oranges at my last club" Apologies.
  12. East Region Superleague

    Lochee Utd sweeping aside Carnoustie, incredible consistency. Strolling to the league title.
  13. East Region Superleague

    Am I right in saying that Tayports season is now over other than that consolation cup thingy? I see tonights defeat was their last league game. Out of all other cups too?
  14. East Region Superleague

    The original point remains then, great score for Fauldhouse [emoji106]