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  1. It would be far more apt if you'd said 'fu*k Danny Lennon and his bunch of wasters', as your predicament is all their doing.
  2. Aye, but Forfar have been more shite than The Sons, so you're in with a shout. Big game on Saturday.
  3. It will be more thrilling than the actual game................ Even though it is the dreaded BBC.
  4. Indeed. Presumably these guys go home to wives , kids/ girlfriends. Some will have other jobs and contact with the outside world. Nonsense to think the football 'bubble' is going to eradicate transmission of any virus.
  5. With the SPFL at the helm, who would even hazard a guess at what the outcome may be? Time restraints to consider too.
  6. Indeed. Expenses play a big part in the budget at PFC. IIRC we had guys travelling from the Dumfries area for a couple of seasons, and much of the reat of the squad are central belt.
  7. Is this the old adage? Money = success? Doesnt happen in so many cases.
  8. He could play at a better level. No question.
  9. Thank you for what will most likely be ..........the kiss of death for PFC!
  10. Regardless of how pish Falkirk are........ Well done PFC.
  11. No problem. It wouldn't matter if PD played on the moon right now, the result would be the same. Lose. We were away ........
  12. East Fife didn't win at Peterhead either.............
  13. Agree totally. It's been absolute crap. Non attendance being the main reason. Watching on TV makes it so bloody soulless.
  14. With overnight snow, it may be the fixture list is set to become more congested. Ground is covered, but if the sun comes out the game should be on. Will Thistle travel today, or do they do the overnight stay stuff?
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