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  1. On speaking with a member of the PFC heirarchy he said it wasnt Formartine or any of the HFL clubs that limit the spending power of PFC(though he admitted Cove do have cash to throw around and it's something we have to live with). It's the money floating around the Lowland League. He said one player contacted asked for the best PFC could offer. He was given the figures and basically said he could treble his money with at least half a dozen LL clubs. Peterhead has become the very thing I feared. A yo yo club like so many others. Farting around the lower leagues with a promotion ( or relegation) every so often to excite the fans.
  2. Much improved performance today. Feared the worst when we were reduced to 10, but fought on very well. Everyone gave 100% and probably should have won.
  3. Probably my all time PFC hero. Man , he could score goals.
  4. The refereeing thing is what it is. Our top refs are hellish, so dont expect the guys doing the lower leagues to be anything other than decent(on occasion) to mediocre on a regular basis.
  5. Possibly. Cove did have quite a few ex Peterhead players, not sure about this season. Iirc they've signed a few ex SPL guys. Reynolds, Fyvie, Vigurs. Probably more I cant think of.
  6. Honestly? Not a clue as to what's going on behind the scenes. But, On the playing front we lost a massive part of our squad for this season. Scott Brown, Si Ferry, Grant Savoury, Ryan Conroy, Gary Fraser, Brett Long, Alan Cook,Rico Quitongo,plus the loanees Josh Mulligan , Flynn Duffy, Ryan Duncan, Lyall Cameron. Plus long term injuries to Hamish Ritchie & Andy McCarthy and injuries to a few more new guys we've barely seen play. There are new signings awaiting clearance. Whether those, plus a fit Ritchie and McCarthy will make us more competitive? It should do. It's only 7 games into the league season so there's plenty time to improve the situation. Crazy to think we are garbage, yet only 7 points off a play off place! How's that for a 'glass half full' comment' ?
  7. Could be. Plenty others injured so he could be another to add to the list. Not that hes been setting the heather on fire. He should be more noticeable in the present side because its pretty crap. Maybe hes been dragged down . Who knows.
  8. I think there's bigger problems than just the manager. The club is in a mess right now.
  9. The keeper( any keeper) is not expecting his centre back to piss about with the ball and lose it 40+ yards out. Blame Foster, not the keeper.
  10. Ah. I was heading out the gate when that one went in......... In the lads defence , hes 19, playing behind the worst defence I can remember us having since we joined the SPFL. And, hes saved us from a few hammerings in the handful of games hes played.
  11. Of the teams I've seen...ok only 4, but QotS is the best so far. We were shit, but we've been shit every game.
  12. After taking a point last week at Shawfi......Firhi......Broad.........New Douglas park last week, bit more hopeful of improvement from a disastrous start to the season. But , we'll see.
  13. He looks a good one. For such a young fella he's confident and assured. I can see him recalled by yourselves after the display by Birighitti last night.
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