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  1. The reason players who are bang average at best like Nelson and Robson are treated like Messi by our fans is because we've been conditioned to accept mediocrity with 10 years in this division. The sad fact is that a lot of our fans haven't seen us play in the premier league so they see these guys as the best we're going to get. Add that to the fact that most football fans wouldn't know a football if it hit them in the head and you can see why it happens.
  2. I revealed a few weeks ago that he'd be leaving the club this month so it seems likely he could be on his way to you. He can't defend in the slightest- constantly targeted by the opposition because he simply can't tackle or mark. He is alright going forward but certainly not good enough to make up for his poor defending. Nowhere near good enough for the premiership in summary. I'd be absolutely delighted to see him go.
  3. Nathan Oduwa would be an absolutely phenomenal signing and a real statement of intent by Ray and the Board of Directors.
  4. Sounds to me like Ray has better options in mind and Irving is only a back up if he doesn't get them. Seems sensible as we need to have squad numbers as well as quality.
  5. If Rudden gets injured, we're going to be fucked. We need more attacking players in before we even start thinking about right backs. Which Ray knows.
  6. I don't have any aliases. The simple fact is that other posters share my views.
  7. The difference is that I'm happy to look at and review players honestly, not based on a negative agenda
  8. I've been very postive about Ray and his signings
  9. Genuine question- have you ever made a positive comment about any of our players on this forum? I'm really not sure what you get out of permanently seeking the negatives in everything to do with the club. If you genuinely thought Craig Sibbald wasn't good enough to improve us, I'd have serious doubts about your football knowledge. Of course you don't genuinely think that, however, and are just trolling and/or trying to further your bizarre, negative agenda.
  10. Not looking at Alston. Sibbald and Miller, yes. But not certain to happen.
  11. Bang average at best. Can't see him being good enough for the premiership.
  12. It can. If you look at objective facts like number of interceptions made, crosses blocked, possession loss, Kidd will come out well on top of Robson.
  13. This is just objectively true, surely. Robson is consistently targeted by opposition teams because he's defensively poor. Kidd is limited going forward but he doesn't make many defensive mistakes.
  14. I'll be absolutely astonished if McGhee ends up on the bench. Robson will be the one making way IMO.