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  1. the tiny rebel can in background is one of my favourites club. outstanding
  2. had this last night. one of the best dipa i’ve ever had
  3. if you need to wear one and refuse you are a selfish c**t. end of
  4. think fans will be allowed back in next season?
  5. had these 2 last night as well. really nice definitely be ordering more. fierce brewery are outstanding
  6. cheers all. first time trying this one
  7. seen this in my local tesco. any good?
  8. just got a fierce brewery delivery. some dipa to try later.
  9. had this last night. went down a treat
  10. would guppies rather other guppies biggie if they where hungry enough ?
  11. had a couple of these last night. it’s very decent. even better on draught
  12. that stuff is outstanding. strong as fuk though [emoji51]
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