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  1. Brewed in the city of discovery what’s not to like [emoji16]
  2. Only £2.50 in sainsburys. Surprisingly very good
  3. Ordered the 5 vocation chocolate stouts and arriving this afternoon bought from trembling madness a fine craft beer shop. What place online do you recommend cheers
  4. Had all last night. Big cans of Clwb tropica from Asda £3 quid
  5. Got this in Tesco this morning to try tonight after work. The first two versions went down a treat so this should be good £5 bucks a can
  6. Always wanted to go to Naples but the mrs doesn’t fancy it I’m thinking of going on my own for a long weekend or so. She says she couldn’t go on her own and it’s a bit sad what is the thoughts of the good people in here? Would you travel solo yay or nay
  7. Was in sharm el sheikh in Egypt years ago sitting in a cafe when the ground started rumbling thought it was some bomber or suchlike as they had attacks previously so I started to run but the cafe owner ran after me as I hadn’t paid and said it’s ok it’s only a slight earthquake [emoji23]
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