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  1. All things Dundee FC

    Kenny miller parted ways with livi [emoji849] get him in?
  2. Got my pint glass there. Delivered from Hermes. Been a few weeks but it’s here
  3. The ferry is a great wee place imo. Great pubs and good restaurants. Good day out especially when the sun is out.
  4. Sure he’s still in the go. He goes to hoolys house a lot. Unsure about USA. If he said it it’s a lot of shite🤣
  5. Horrific club sandwiches

    Love chopped pork. Morrisons has no bad stuff. Ewarts in monifieth is good as well
  6. Dundee v Ayr Utd

    What did moussa do to get sent off?
  7. Oh we also have mad Alfie from lochee the marathon man and karaoke expert
  8. Horrific club sandwiches

    Like chopped pork lettuce tomato cheese and mustard sandwiches 🥪
  9. Is that no flats? Agree whatever it is it’s a fukin eyesore
  10. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    Forgot about carrots from Linlithgow some player. George o Boyle from Bo’ness was some player as well and snorter
  11. Dundee is on the up. Only people from the west who haven’t visited the city in years have a bad perception of it. Scotland’s sunniest city the v and a decent restaurants and pubs. Let the haters hate [emoji849][emoji849]
  12. We own the Perth grasses. 2-1 Dundee moose double. Tommy wright to hide from sir Neil for being a [emoji216]