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  1. Any good? How's Somerville looking after the recent heavy rain last week?
  2. Where is everyone off to tomorrow or where is recommended centrally for the neutral?
  3. Has Tony Mac made any signings yet?
  4. Cambuslang look poor but it will be a work in progress I imagine. On the plus side the wee CF looks a great player.
  5. Or should I says what does he work as? Thought he would had made a good enough living from his time playing full-time
  6. Has BC changed much in the way of playing staff since coming back to Camby? Last I seen them they lacked a CM presence and also a commanding GK. The young CF, tall lad, looked decent too but didn't have much help.
  7. How's Gormley settled into the hot seat at Rossvale? It's great to see the younger guys getting a shot at management. It would be interesting to see this game today given its Tonys 1st in charge etc of Cumnock, unfortunately I am working.
  8. What's Polloks fans view on Gerry McLauchlan? Whenever I have seen him play either in person or highlights I haven't been impressed at all. Also I don't see Boyles departure effecting the team, he looked slow and cumbersome.
  9. Red card all day long in my eyes. Off topic but the keepers got to be up there with the best in junior football alongside the lad at Auchinleck, surely they could step up a level if they wanted or maybe happy where they are.
  10. Care to expand on this?!?
  11. What's the reason Gebbie is for sale?
  12. Abit off topic but what was the reason Billy Campbell left to return to Camby? Presume he just fancied another crack at management with a club close to his heart?
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