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  1. Yeh no doubting his scoring ability but work rate on the other hand!
  2. He was played at the heart of the Troon def alot last season? Still a decent enough player but not exactly a hard worker!
  3. From what I saw of Sheridan he has a presence about him, does the basics well and for a new team that's essential. Big changes at Beith, who's Young looking to bring in to fill these boots?
  4. Or more like hes just went to wherever will take him
  5. Holy shit, CV like a bible this lad!!!!!
  6. Can see Cambuslang being up there. Sounds like Billy is clearing the decks and putting his stamp on the team ahead of a new era.
  7. For a club with f*ck all they arent half spending the cash again. I read somewhere they are doing up the office, their stand and ground works being done!?
  8. Just seen this news, unreal and I think this is the guy who single handedly done everyone on match days etc. Surely this cant continue?
  9. Officially back at the club then, surely will help Billy no end. Being my local club I wish them all the best on their survival quest and stability.
  10. Talbot bringing up a big following tonight? Belter of a night for it up here, hopefully Ruggy make a game of it and spoil the party!
  11. Apologise, it's the taller of the 2 CF. Also a good young player and holds the ball up very well.
  12. Is the wee short lad who played upfront for Camby this season? Maybe I have the wrong player but the lad I'm thinking on wont be at Somerville long, he is a talent and destined for a bigger move
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