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  1. Today’s scores

    What happened 're the alleged assault??
  2. Today’s scores

    Who was 10? McRobie?
  3. Today’s scores

    Who got sent off???
  4. Today’s scores

    Some comeback that!!!! Did Camby crumble?
  5. Player for sale - Craig Molloy

    What's the reason for tiger moving on? Thought his experience would prove invaluable.
  6. Player for sale - Craig Molloy

    Fire sale at Camby??! Thought Tiger would have a part to play in a big season!!!
  7. Scores

    What happened??
  8. Scores

    Anyone take in the Beith game? How did Camby match up against 1 of the title contenders?
  9. Player available for Transfer

    Does that leave Camby light upfront? Did the 2 young lads sign on this season, LB and CF?
  10. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    Who's the lad back left with trackie top on?
  11. Today's scores

    Good to hear! Alot of additions and gelling required for the Camby squad but when seen them v Thorniewood last week they looked good with a good young LB as trialist. Was there a decent crowd?
  12. Tonight's Scores 1st Aug

    Who was the trialist? Seen Camby on Monday and had few younger lads playing. Looked very decent players and not out of place at all
  13. Tonight's Scores 1st Aug

    Good game?
  14. Tonight's Scores 1st Aug

    Struggling are they??
  15. Cambuslang Rangers new signings

    Yeh they will be a major test for us. If we stay in the division that will be an achievement id say. Has Chris Smith signed on with you guys, think he played as trialistin pre season?