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  1. When I seen him play he always goes for the superstar style diagonal ball the full length of the pitch, now and again it came off!! Also, when at Cambuslang overheard him saying he wouldn't be hanging about if the money was increased and seemed to have some attitude on him!!
  2. Very good addition in Simeon but didn't see this coming regards him leaving Glencairn?? Money or just fancied a change!?
  3. Sure he was at Cambuslang before things turned sour with them. He looked a decent player
  4. Hepburn next in I see, another decent addition but never exactly set the heather alight laterly at Pollok or during his Clydebank spell? Maybe a sustained run in the team is what's needed.
  5. Yeh about 6 months ago!
  6. Leyden and Simeon are big losses but no1 is irreplaceable
  7. Everytime I click on Pie n Bovril Darvel always seem to be the hot topic!! Is it by popularity or individuals looking for attention? 😴
  8. F*cking pond life scum!! A community club like Glencairn need support from everyone & not this behaviour by a minority of vandals. Glad to hear some positive engagement and hopefully an isolated incident.
  9. Yeh no doubting his scoring ability but work rate on the other hand!
  10. He was played at the heart of the Troon def alot last season? Still a decent enough player but not exactly a hard worker!
  11. From what I saw of Sheridan he has a presence about him, does the basics well and for a new team that's essential. Big changes at Beith, who's Young looking to bring in to fill these boots?
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