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  1. John McKeown at Shotts being linked with recent higher profile jobs so maybe worth a look here as Gormely doesn't seem to be cutting the mustard.
  2. Cambuslang 0 Pollok 1 The home side played the majority of the game with 10 men & held their own. Pollok toiled but eventually got the break through late on. Sore one for the well drilled physical locals but that's football.
  3. Managers position under threat after todays result? The league table makes for grim viewing considering promotion was the main objective.
  4. The guy definately does seem a knob & Darvel wonder why no body likes them.
  5. A very odd post! Attention seeking on a day Pollok, undoubtedly a far superior club to Darvel, announced their new manager. As for the Kennedy being in demand?! He's bought his way to success.
  6. Must've been a stag weekend booked and half the squad were away on the bevvy again
  7. For doing what? Hanging some nets, lining a pitch and selling some programmes on matchday?
  8. Did the guy who owns Legends bar at Camhmbuslang recently take up a role with Darvel? Somervell needs some serious reinvestment and would think if he wanted involved in football this would have been a better option. In saying that no one knows the ins and outs of it & good luck to him at Darvel.
  9. Cambuslang struggling with a small squad and Anson missing through injury? Fair play to Newton on getting the result, take nothing away from the lads & all the best for the next round.
  10. Another one to look out for is the lad Andrew Gallacher from Blantyre Vics. Watched 2 of their games recently and this kid is one hell of a talented footballer who's destined for big things.
  11. Pollok are on a horrific run minus the Scottish Cup result. Surely Murdies coat's on a shoogily peg??
  12. I was surprised too at how poorly supported they are but maybe a reflection on the arrogance of the owner.
  13. Any truth in the rumour Tam McGaughey off to Cambuslang from Arthurlie? Also heard that Cambys goalie Wilson is attracting interest from a few big sides.
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