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  1. Anyone know of news about Drumchapel United's new development at Halgreen? They had plans for an artificial pitch with floodlights back in 2016 with a 5 year lease from the Council. Presumably this was for the many teams that they run as much as for the WoS team?
  2. From the new teams thread maybe there will be some new faces in the league next season to freshen things up those left in Conference X: HibeeJibee Gold Members 17.9k My Team : Berwick Rangers Posted Thursday at 19:15 I've already heard of 3 amateur and youth clubs apparently interested - from Fife, Lothians, and Borders
  3. Sort of guy that when asked about global warming responds with "The planet has been heating up and cooling down throughout time, we survived the industrial revolution so it'll be fine". You're almost there. Yes the planet is cooling down compared to when it was formed but it will take a massive amount of time before it becomes a ball of ice. In the meantime the main issue for mankind, and the planet, is likely to be the pollution levels and the damage to the ozone layer - and they have an effect upon temperatures by raising them. Some of that cannot be controlled and some might be able to be controlled or slowed down. Other sources such as volcanic action cannot be controlled at all - the planet dictates to everyone on it. There is also the using up of the natural resources of the planet at an unsustainable level, without damage to other life forms, by the ever increasing human population. Releasing those resources needs energy. In general terms disposing of them means recycling in some form or other. Dumping in landfill or at sea is a massive issue in this respect. Having said all that it is sensible to acknowledge that sea levels were much lower thousands of years ago, so low that the Mediterranean Sea was not connected to the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern and southern coasts of the Britain were connected by land to continental Europe, and in the west Ireland was connected to the UK. It is fair comment to say that the rising sea levels which linked the Med to the Atlantic and cut off mainland Britain from Ireland and the Continent was nothing, whatsoever, to do with human beings.
  4. Round 3 Results etc from the SAFA web site: 2 v 2 ET 2-2. P:7-6 Alva AFC (S&DAFA) v Baillieston Thistle AFC (G&DSML) 6 v 1 Annbank AFC (Ayrshire AFA) v Biggar United AFC (BAFA) 0 v 7 Armadale Athletic AFC (LEAFA) v Newshot AFC (GGPAFL) 2 v 4 Bervie Caledonian AFC (AAFA) v UB United AFC (SSMAFL) 6 v 4 Bridge of Earn AFC (KoFAFA) v Dalry AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 1 v 1 ET 1-4 Burrelton Rovers AFC (PAFA) v Rossvale Kelvinbridge AFC (GCAFA) 3 v 4 Cairdy Thistle AFC (DSMAFL) v Balgonie Scotia AFC (KoFAFA) 7 v 1 Carrick Athletic AFC (LEAFA) v Burghmuir AFC (AAFA) 1 v 3 Claremont AFC (SAFL) v Garrowhill Thistle AFC (CSAFL) 3 v 2 Cumnock AFC (Ayrshire AFA) v Glebe Hibernian AFC (G&DSML) 9 v 1 Cupar Hearts AFC (KoFAFA) v Houston United AFC (GGPAFL) 2 v 4 Dalkieth Thistle Reds AFC (LEAFA) v Kilmarnock United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 0 v 3 Doune Castle AFC (CALE) v St. Patrick's FP AFC (CSAFL) 6 v 0 Dumbarton Academy FP AFC (CALE) v Luncarty ASC AFC (PAFA) 1 v 2 DUSC AFC (DSMAFL) v Markinch AFC (KoFAFA) 2 v 2 ET 2-2. P:4-2 Eaglesham AFC (CALE) v Edinburgh Star AFC (LEAFA) n/k v n/k East Dunbartonshire AFC (SSMAFL) v Kennoway AFC (KoFAFA) 8 v 0 Echt AFC (AAFA) v Red Star AFC (G&DSML) 0 v 1 Edinburgh United Vale AFC (LEAFA) v Drumchapel United AFC (SSMAFL) 4 v 0 Edinburgh University AFC (LEAFA) v Woodside AFC (AAFA) v Abandoned EK Harp AFC (G&DSML) v Barnhill AFC (MAFA) 1 v 2 EKRR AFC (GGPAFL) v MTK Holytown AFC (G&DSML) 1 v 5 Ellon Amateurs (AAFA) v Wishaw HSFP AFC (CSAFL) p v p Erskine AFC (GGPAFL) v Milton AFC (CALE) 0 v 1 Fair City AFC (PAFA) v West Park United (CSAFL) 0 v 4 Finnart AFC (CALE) v Giffnock North AAC AFC (CALE) 1 v 4 Galston United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) v Tollcross Thistle AFC (LEAFA) 6 v 1 Glasgow South AFC (SSMAFL) v Blackburn AFC (AAFA) 6 v 1 Glenburn Miners Welfare AFC (Ayrshire AFA) v Ballinluig AFC (PAFA) 3 v 7 Glynhill Moorcroft AFC (SAFL) v Eastfield AFC (CSAFL) 3 v 0 Goldenhill AFC (CSAFL) v Finavon AFC (MAFA) 6 v 3 Harestanes AFC (CSAFL) v Riverside West End AFC (DSMAFL) 0 v 5 Hillington AFC (SAFL) v New Farm Loch AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 0 v 6 Insch AFC (AAFA) v South Lochaber Thistle AFC (GGPAFL) 1 v 2 Kildrum United AFC (S&DAFA) v Greig Park Rangers AFC (KoFAFA) 4 v 2 Kilsyth AFC (CALE) v AFC Kincardine (KoFAFA) 3 v 2 Kirkcaldy YMCA AFC (KoFAFA) v Grangemouth AFC (S&DAFA) 2 v 4 Kirrie Thistle AFC (MAFA) v Alford AFC (AAFA) v Abandoned Knightswood AFC (SSMAFL) v Sandys AFC (LEAFA) 6 v 2 Leith Athletic AFC (LEAFA) v Plains AFC (SSMAFL) 9 v 0 Lesmahagow AFC (CSAFL) v Lads Club AFC (AAFA) v Leven United AFC (KoFAFA) v Fallin AFC (CSAFL) 8 v 3 Linlithgow Rose C.C. AFC (S&DAFA) v Saughton Sounders AFC (LEAFA) 4 v 2 Lochgelly United AFC (KoFAFA) v Kilwinning Rangers (Ayrshire AFA) 0 v 4 Manhattan Blacks AFC (SSMAFL) v Maryhill Thistle AFC (SSMAFL) 3 v 1 Meadowbank AFC (LEAFA) v Braehead AFC (S&DAFA) 3 v 1 Moorlands AFC (SSMAFL) v Crosslands United AFC (G&DSML) 0 v 5 Newburgh Juveniles AFC (KoFAFA) v Tranent AFC (LEAFA) 1 v 2 Oban Saints AFC (CSAFL) v Drumchapel AFC (CSAFL) 2 v 4 Parkhall AFC (SAFL) v Kettins AFC (PAFA) 1 v 2 Powrie AFC (DSMAFL) v East Kilbride YM AFC (GGPAFL) 3 v 3 ET 4-2 Shortlees AFC (Ayrshire AFA) v GSC (GGPAFL) 1 v 4 Southpark AFC (SSMAFL) v Cowie Thistle AFC (AAFA) 6 v 4 Southside United AFC (GCAFA) v Riverside CSC FC (DSMAFL) 2 v 4 Spittal Rovers AFC (BAFA) v Stewarton United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 6 v 2 St. Joseph's FP AFC (CALE) v Viewfield Rovers AFC (GGPAFL) 5 v 0 Steins Thistle AFC (CSAFL) v Fintry Athletic AFC (DSMAFL) 5 v 2 Stobswell AFC (DSMAFL) v Kings Park Rangers AFC (SAFL) 4 v 0 Stoneywood Parkvale Ams AFC (AAFA) v Bridge of Don AFC (AAFA) 2 v 4 Strathmiglo United AFC (KoFAFA) v Castlemilk Dynamo AFC (CSAFL) 2 v 3 Stratton Southside AFC (SSMAFL) v Mauchline United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 3 v 3 ET 6-5 Tarbolton AFC (Ayrshire AFA) v Danderhall Miners AFC (LEAFA) v Abandoned Thorn Athletic AFC (CALE) v Langlee Ams (BAFA) 0 v 1 Uddingston Anvil AFC (CSAFL) v Tower Hearts AFC (CSAFL) Scheduled for 13th November: Alva AFC (S&DAFA) v Baillieston Thistle AFC (G&DSML) (But Alva won on Pens !) Erskine AFC (GGPAFL) v Milton AFC (CALE) Leven United AFC (KoFAFA) v Fallin AFC (CSAFL)
  5. Why on earth would any SPFL 2 club from Angus choose to travel to play in the the tougher to get out of LL than the HL i.e. the nearest Tier 5 League? The LL is only going to get stronger as clubs come down from SPFL 2. I just don't buy the "that's where we get our players from" angle. I didn't work for Brechin and players from the central belt travel far and wide into HL territory already, in any case. Brechin seem to be reverting to a more community interested club and they will find their own level. The arm twisting by the SFA (at least as reported on P&B) is plainly poorly thought out. In this day and age do the SFA (?)Board - who are all jointly responsible - really hope to keep the lid on "personal" angles behind the scenes whic, it seems, may have provoked their knee-jerk actions? Would it be so unexpected if they all end up greatly embarrassed? If this back-fires there will need to be a meaningful dealing with the SFA Board problem at SFA level.
  6. I wonder if it would be possible kick out a club after one season. Also, if a former SPFL club from north of the current HL/LL boundary gets relegated to Tier 6 which league would it go down to? Surely the EoS wouldn't accept an Angus club?
  7. Apologies but I don't recall the promotions/relegations situation. How many clubs are due to be automatically relegated from Div.1 conferences A & B at the end of this season? Is it the top 2 from Conference X which are promoted to a new Division 2 ?
  8. There would also be knock-on effects at the levels beneath unless each of those Divisions run at one above what they would do otherwise. Not so easy to do further down the pyramid.
  9. There is, as pointed out above, the clear potential for clubs from the current LL area being relegated in order that current SPFL2 clubs may pick and choose which Tier 5 league to play in. For example, a club winning promotion from the WoS/SoS/EoS only to be relegated in future if they end up one position above the relegation place in the LL - i.e. in order to keep the number of teams in the LL at the agreed number according to the LL rules. Does the SFA even understand the implications of the alleged proposal? Wondering if there's a Constraint of Trade issue there (don't know).
  10. You said it BUT just think back in a year or so's time when what is now allegedly being put forward by the SFA may be turned on its' head. (Time alone will tell either way)
  11. Are there many clubs in the EoS area and outside the league which have suitable facilities? There can't be that many? I remember thinking that there's a few in Fife which might work, with some up-grades, e.g. Cupar Hearts, Leven United, St Andrews Univ. Maybe a few in the Border Amats although there seems decreasing interest nowadays from that direction. That leaves Perth/Stirling and the Lothians/Edinburgh. Has anyone taken on the licenced ground which LTHV used up to this season?
  12. The normal number of first team clubs in the LL is 16, and that's still the number now and will be until the rules are changed - if they ever are - to allow additional first teams into the league. No first teams have been kept out of the LL. I don't care if SPFL "B" teams are added on or not. It was supposed to be for one season only - although no-one seems to believe that! Why do people on this forum love to beat up young teams of kids i.e. B teams? They aren't responsible for alleged past wrong doings by others. Is it because they cannot reply?
  13. I don't disagree so why bother with removing the line in the first place?
  14. If, as reported in the Lowland League section, the SFA gets its' way and any relegated SFA club can opt for the HL could this completely change the character of the HL e.g. if five current "south of Tay Bridge" SPFL clubs opt for the HL? Would this really be in the best interests of current HL clubs?
  15. With a current SPFL2 club heading into the end of season play-off and being able to nominate HL or LL the obvious position is that, provided it wishes to regain its place back in SPFL2 as soon as possible, then it will nominate the weaker league. Stranraer in the HL? Elgin in the LL? Of course that would be absolutely ridiculous to many football supporters but this "could" happen. Perhaps Cowdenbeath in the HL might be more likely though (sorry Cowdenbeath fans!).
  16. With the Hub already being Community run would that make the football club's hopes more achievable? Hope so.
  17. ......... as I have not read any of the "official" background stuff I am just trying to pick up on what is being posted here but, FWIW, my reading of this is that it is a complete mess, again. (a) There's no obvious prospect of the SPFL allowing automatic entry even for one club from Tier 5 per season. SFA sits idly by. For example, they appear to think that they can refuse to OK some Senior League's rules for 2021/22 but cannot do like-wise for others i.e. to pressure the SPFL into progress? (b) There's no sign (yet?) of the LL allowing two promotion spots from Tier 6. (c) There is no automatic promotion to the Highland League (subject to licence). Is that OK with the SFA? It must be (?) as they made no "threats" to that Tier 5 League which I have noticed reported on this forum. In a shared Pyramid situation why treat league at Tier 5 any differently from any other. (There hasn't even been a HL pyramid). (d) The progress of the pyramid beneath Tier 5 has largely been sorted by the clubs at that level and below. (e) The SFA fails to make a decision on the altered LL Rules and Regs in a proper time-scale - regardless of what anyone on this Forum thinks about the changes (for or against). FWIW in my view that is possibly going to leave them open to accusations of favouritism and or conflict of interest and or mal-intent. With two former FIFA officials under charges in Switzerland surely no Football Associations still think that there is no potential for them to be held to account by appropriate authorities in the future? For example, they appear to think that they can refuse to OK some Senior League's rules for 2021/22 but cannot do like-wise for others? (f) There appears to be no formal SFA policy regarding inclusion or exclusion of the so called SPFL "B" teams? If there is one please can some-one post it on here? If there is no such SFA policy then it cannot be enforced so to try to do retrospectively seems to be a potentially hazardous project which could cost the SFA a fortune if it back-fires? There have been suggestions on P&B threads that Brechin City were preferring to join the LL rather than the HL and that this is, somehow, linked to this episode. Surely, if Brechin is serious about returning to the SPFL, the club should avoid the LL like the plague. The HL would be a much easier route into the current play-off system. Maybe the club is just grandstanding its' supporters? If Elgin can have half their squad from the Glasgow area then there's nothing stopping Brechin from doing at least the same and winning their way through to the play-offs at least. It will be interesting to read what the media reports about all of this.
  18. If they plan to be based at the Queensferry Sports Hub would they be thinking of taking it over as Inverkeithing has done at Dalgety Bay? That would be a really good base if they have the manpower and other resources needed. Wouldn't be an over-night job though. Guess, if anyone is interested or has lots of time to spare, it would be an exercise to check what similar hubs are out there with Councils wanting to pass over responsibilities for management, maintenance, etc to local groups or clubs. There-again maybe not!
  19. Thanks. No wonder Fraser left. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this.
  20. You can argue as much as you like but when I saw the incident I didn't see it as you do. No need to get irate. Come up with the video clip and I will be happy to agree with you if you're are correct.
  21. Try posting the video clip. Anyway the keeper was OK, thankfully, and the better team won the tie!
  22. Wasn't there talk of a joint North Juniors/Midlands League top division with the top club entering the play-off instead of separate champions from both leagues? If that went a head wouldn't that deter some North Juniors clubs which are closer to Inverness than Aberdeen, let alone Dundee? Given time there could be a stronger N Cal with some clubs licenced.
  23. This is what has just come through in Wales, although there was a full and long consultation period. Northern Ireland has previously had a re-vamp of its' top leagues too. It is possible in Scotland but the SFA has to take charge of the situation - so not much hope there? I hope I'm wrong.
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