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  1. Are there any plans for an Under 20's Development League covering the Midlands League area? Is there a league already? Which clubs might be interested?
  2. Some Round 4 and 5 Results (taken from the SAFA web site): Round 4: Barnhill AFC (MAFA) 1v2 Cumnock AFC (Ayrshire AFA) UB United AFC (SSMAFL) 3v0 Tollcross Thistle AFC (LEAFA) Kirkcaldy YMCA AFC (KoFAFA) v Home team won through v Knightswood AFC (SSMAFL) or Sandys AFC (LEAFA) Round 5: Annbank AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 2v1 Greig Park Rangers AFC (KoFAFA) East Kilbride YM AFC (GGPAFL) 3v3 ET:3-3. P:4-5. New Farm Loch AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Eastfield AFC (CSAFL) 4v3 Shortlees AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Goldenhill AFC (CSAFL) 2v3 Wishaw HSFP AFC (CSAFL) Harestanes AFC (CSAFL) 7v0 Southside United AFC (GCAFA) Kirkcaldy YMCA AFC (KoFAFA) 0v1 Dumbarton Academy FP AFC (CALE) Lochgelly United AFC (KoFAFA) 0v2 Fallin AFC (CSAFL) Milton AFC (CALE) 1v4 Lesmahagow AFC (CSAFL) MTK Holytown AFC (G&DSML) 4v6 Giffnock North AAC AFC (CALE) St. Patrick's FP AFC (CSAFL) 6v0 Glasgow South AFC (SSMAFL) Stewarton United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 1v4 Drumchapel AFC (CSAFL)
  3. Some Round 4 Results (taken from the SAFA web site): Arthurlie FC Amateurs SA 5v3 CA East Kilbride Y.M. Calderglen GG 5v1 SS Drumchapel United Campsie Minerva CS 2v2 ET:2-2. P:3-4. Ayr Dailly Uddingston Anvil CS 0v2 CS Oban Saints Viewfield Rovers GG 0v0 ET:0-0. P:4-5. CS Bannockburn Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers CA 1v2 Ayr Ardeer West Recreation
  4. A little inconvenience. That's all it is after all.
  5. www.facebook.com/ACRoversFC AC Rovers FC 7 July 2021 · As you know we at the club have worked hard to get to the number of kids and coaches we have and hope to continue this growth by announcing something for primary school kid ages in the very near future. What we can confirm today is we have agreed to work with Bellshill Athletic to move our full 19s (2002) setup over to their club to allow the boys the chance to become part of a senior club. This means the boys will be playing as the development side for a team with their fi… See more
  6. .... but it's not a situation at all. The SoS is much like the NCL in that it serves an outlying area. Like the NCL if any Champion club wins a play-off then it deserves to be promoted, however, there seems to be little chance of that happening on the HL or LL play-offs so it is not a problem at all. It would be easy to increase the number of promotion spots up to the HL or LL without automatically giving a place to the SoS/NCL champions.
  7. It is surprising how a Government of the People seems to be so completely out of touch with the people.
  8. Fourth Round: Barnhill AFC (MAFA) win through against EK Harp AFC (G&DSML). Don't know if match was played or if EK Harp withdrew. Result: UB United AFC (SSMAFL) SSMAFL 3 v 0 LEAFA Tollcross Thistle AFC (LEAFA) Fifth Round Results: Alford AFC (AAFA) AAFA 0 v 2 CSAFL West Park United (CSAFL) Cowie Thistle AFC (AAFA) AAFA 2 v 1 CALE Thorn Athletic AFC (CALE)
  9. A Round 4 result from yesterday: East Dunbartonshire SS 4 v 3 CS Gartcosh United
  10. OK. How many more current SPFL clubs will it take to get relegated before the self-preservation button is pressed and they'll be searching round for some way to make their status more secure? Maybe then we'll see some action to re-structure? FWIW I think restructuring will happen and it will mean an increase in the numbers of clubs in the SPFL. Give it another one or two clubs relegated via the play-offs for it to kick-off.
  11. Not sure about this: but wasn't one reason for going to as few as 10 clubs for each of the three lower divisions that this would help to make matches more equal and competitive i.e. there would be a much greater gap between the top and bottom clubs in a 20, 16 or even 12 club division? If more meaningful matches are needed and there's a desire/need to bring in clubs from outside the current SPFL then how about something like this: Four divisions of 12 each. The season played over two phases with the top six in each division playing off for promotion and the bottom six playing to avoid relegation. There would be automatic relegation from every division for the bottom two clubs at the end of the second phase. Phase One: 22 league matches. Phase Two: an extra 10 league matches. Total: 32 league matches. At the end of Phase Two the top club would be guaranteed promotion (Prem League obviously different i.e. European placings). The second promotion place would be for the winners of a knock-out tournament played for by the remaining five clubs from the top group plus the club finishing top of the lower group. This would make virtually every match throughout the season count. It would even give clubs in the lower groups (Phase Two) something to aim at besides avoiding relegation. This idea is nicked from the top division in Wales.
  12. An excellent reply. May the best WoS club (whichever club) win the league and the play-off for a place in the LL.
  13. Merry Christmas! Couldn't resist checking for late posts! As said, the HL and LL now have their feeder leagues at Tier 6 so if a Perth (city) side or a Fife side decides to go to the Midlands League and another Luncarty type side or even a Dundee side wishes to go to the EoS it will be down to these leagues to make their own minds up. However, neither the HL or the LL would be able to reject them on the basis of their geographical position.
  14. Then it is time to look forward rather than to the past isn't it?
  15. I haven't said that I want SPFL or LL/HL Reserves/Colts etc in any league. I am just trying to figure out why there's resistance to the idea in the 21st Century. These clubs aren't Celtic/Rangers.
  16. There are already SPFL "Reserves" Divisions and East Kilbride Reserves play there too so the Under 20's Development Leagues don't take the place of the Reserves Leagues. With Stranraer, Stirling Uni and Nairn County creating no issues in different parts of the country what is it that affects the integrity of the Tier 6 leagues is others wished to join too? It would be really easy to prevent clubs from strengthening "Reserves" for individual matches e.g. cup ties/promotion/relegation/play-off matches.
  17. Why would letting in sides from e.g. SPFL2 or 1 be a problem. Not trying to wind up but to get a serious considered discussion. They would probably only be up-graded Under 20's League sides in any case. Stirling Uni or Edinburgh College don't seem to present any problems in the EoS.
  18. Other significant changes clearly have been made so are there more changes which haven't been spotted yet? Do you know for certain that the bar from Tier 5 to Tier 6 has not been changed? Not talking about how right/wrong or personal views.
  19. Quote Any team participating in the SHFL and/or in the SLFL, which is a ‘Guest’, ‘colt’, ‘B’ ‘second’, ‘reserve’ or like or equivalent team of a Club participating in the SPFL shall not, under any circumstances, be eligible to receive the title of SHFL Champion and/or SLFL Champion or any other title related to its position in either of said Leagues or qualify for or be eligible for participation in the Pyramid Play-Off Competition at the end of any such Season. In such circumstances, the next best placed club (which is not a ‘Guest’, ‘colt’, ‘B’ ‘second’, ‘reserve’ or like or equivalent team of an SPFL Club) shall be eligible to participate in the Play-Off Tie, subject to Rules III(f), (g) and (k) Does this give an open invitation to "B"/Colt/Reserve teams from SPFL clubs to apply to join the feeder leagues to the LL and the HL? Starting at the bottom of each league and working their way up but being barred from promotion to the SPFL? It certainly gives a method for dealing with any such teams. Edinburgh City were rumoured to have wanted to apply to the EoS for this season. Would their reserves be such a bad thing/influence?
  20. From past posts it seems to be that the SFA is demanding that the LL comes up with solutions to the promotion/relegation situation with Tier 6 ... so all that's needed now is for the SFA to sort out automatic relegation from SPFL2. LLL what's your betting odds on that happening?
  21. Round 4 Up-date plus one from Round 3: Arthurlie FC Amateurs SA v CA East Kilbride Y.M. 15th Jan Busby SA 0 v 6 GG Houston United Calderglen GG v SS Drumchapel United 8th Jan Campsie Minerva CS v Ayr Dailly 8th Jan Castlemilk BC SA 4 v 2 CA Eaglesham Castlemilk Dynamo CS 4 v 1 Ayr Dirrans Athletic East Dunbartonshire SS v CS Gartcosh United 8th Jan Eastfield CS v Ayr Shortlees 15th Jan Giffnock North AAC/Glenburn MW CA/Ayr v SA Glynhill Moorcroft 22ndJan Glasgow Harp CA 4 v 0 SS Maryhill Thistle St. Patrick's FP CS v SS UB United 15th Jan Tarbolton Ayr 4 v 2 SS Plains Uddingston Anvil CS v CS Oban Saints 8th Jan Viewfield Rovers GG v CS Bannockburn 8th Jan Wishaw HSFP CS 3 v 1 SS Blairmore Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers CA v Ayr Ardeer West Recreation 8th Jan
  22. Round 3 is scheduled for 22nd/29th January, 2022. No date or venue shown for Hawick Colts/Machan United (Larkhall).
  23. The Round 3 Draw is below. One tie is not shown but will be Newburgh Juveniles v Strathmiglo United or Benarty Astros. Don't know which was drawn at home. Round 3 Rnd 3: 9th February 2022 Home Team Which Lg Score Pens score Which Lg Away Team Auchtermuchty Bellvue KoFAFA v KoFAFA Rosebank Rangers Burntisland United KoFAFA v KoFAFA The Swifts FC Amateurs Cupar Hearts KoFAFA v KoFAFA Leven United Greig Park Rangers KoFAFA v KoFAFA Kinross Colts Amateurs Kennoway KoFAFA v KoFAFA Bowhill Rovers Markinch KoFAFA v KoFAFA Leslie Hearts Pittenweem Rovers KoFAFA v KoFAFA Methilhill Strollers & East Fife v v Strathmiglo United v Benarty Astros v Newburgh Juveniles v
  24. Bervie Caledonian w/o v scr Blackburn
  25. Draw for Round 3 plus some results for matches which were played on 17th & 18th Dec 2021: Round 317th/18th Dec 2021 and 8th/22nd/29th Jan 2022 Home TeamWhich LgScorePens scoreWhich LgAway Team Arbroath Harp MAFA 2v3 DSMFL Occidental Cairdy Thistle DSMFL 3v1 PAFA Kettins Craigie DSMFL 10v1 PAFA Balmoral United Dryburgh Athletic DSMFL v MAFA/PAFA Invergowrie/Auchterarder Primrose Jeanfield Swifts PAFA v DSMFL Riverside CSC Letham Colts PAFA 1v12 MAFA Broughty United Letham Community PAFA v KoFAFA Kinross Merpro MAFA 1v1 ET:1-1. P:3-5. DSMFL Fintry Athletic Morgan Acad FP MAFA 1v2 DSMFL Charlie Accies Riverside West End DSMFL 5v2 PAFA Alyth St James DSMFL v PAFA Burrelton Rovers Stanley PAFA 4v5 PAFA Rattray Stobswell DSMFL v KoFAFA Bridge of Earn The Maidens DSMFL 4v3 MAFA Finavon Vale of Earn PAFA 4v1 DSMFL Kelso Wellbank MAFA 2v2 ET:2-2. P:5-4. PAFA Luncarty Amats SC
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