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  1. Maybe Houston United are replacing Thorn in the League i,e, moving as a new club under their own name?
  2. By far the biggest source of info was the SAFA site but I found it very difficult to figure out what was meant when games went to pens and or extra time. It was, frequently, a question of best guess. If you check it out you will see what I mean. My main concern was getting the names of the winning teams correct in each match and round. The actual score-lines were often hard to find and I did not go to the lengths of checking Twitter etc for each match where there was a question mark over scores. I was interested in seeing how leagues and divisions might compare. In Ayrshire there were three Cups which I tried to cover i.e. SFA, WoS Amat and Ayrshire Amat. Putting that lot together somehow could be a reasonably solid basis for assessing clubs from that league against others from other leagues. Hope that helps.
  3. Aren't Armadale Thistle ground sharing at Bathgate Thistle whilst they get their new plastic pitch and flood-lights installed?
  4. It certainly makes for an exciting, and nervy, end of season for supporters . Keeps them on their toes, thinking and chatting about their team, and wanting to be there to support them to the end of the season.
  5. Saint Anthony's FC @SaintAnthonysFC We are delighted to confirm that our good friends and close neighbours @HarmonyRowFC will be our new tenants at McKenna Park for the forthcoming season in the @OfficialWoSFL . We look forward to working with you on and off the park. Lets make Govan proud of it's Senior Clubs! 10:51 AM · Jun 27, 2022·Twitter Web App 3 Retweets 17 Likes
  6. Lanark United FC @LanarkFc · 12h Deal done.Sandy Wullie Sam and Jordan’s Kirkfield Utd u 19’s invincible league and cup double winning team have opened up a pathway to the pyramid for this team and all young talented local footballers Lanark United 20’s are up and running ⁦ @OfficialSLDFL ⁦ @cl_gazette ⁩
  7. Thanks for clarifying that. Is it proposed to get Division 3 down to 16 clubs in 12 months time regardless to what happens outside the Division?
  8. I was referring to possibilities at the end of the coming season (2022/23) i.e. the AGM before 2023/24.
  9. Guessing that the aim is five Divisions of 16 clubs so 80 in total. If that's the aim and no club wins promotion to the Lowland League, and none are received from the Lowland, then it would be 3 up 3 down except for Division 3 which would need to relegate 6 clubs (not 5). Glensmad has previously posted something to the effect that the Premier Division would run with one or two extra clubs for a season if there were more clubs received from the Lowland League than promoted to it from the WOSL. If so then what happens the next season would have to be sorted out at the AGM before the season starts. Quite a flexible arrangement, although there's a chance that things could go wrong if say clubs from the EOS (or SOS) won the promotion places for two or three seasons in a row.
  10. Guessing that the aim is five Divisions of 16 clubs so 80 in total. If that's the aim and no club wins promotion to the Lowland League, and none are received from the Lowland, then it would be 3 up 3 down except for Division 3 which would need to relegate 6 clubs (not 5).
  11. Just thought it would be handy to have all news from the AGM on one thread. Awaiting news on the lower Divisions/Conferences, Max number of Clubs in constitution, etc
  12. Fair points! However, the draw could already take Wick Academy down to Newton Stewart.
  13. With the NCL gaining a place in the SFA Cup for its' Champions, regardless of being licenced, it reminds me that SoS clubs have something else to consider i.e. possibly losing the right of the Champions to enter the Cup, if unlicenced, if Tier 6 status is lost.
  14. Maybe with the Champions guaranteed entry, regardless of being licenced or not, will this give some food for thought to clubs not currently in the NCL i.e. about joining the league? I am thinking about clubs from the western parts of the North Juniors and others which have not previously considered it worthwhile moving from Summer football. It may give a boost to some clubs which have intentions to improve their facilities or are already on that route. Maybe they will be able to better access Grant Aid in future. Taking the long view this could be a game changer for the NCL.
  15. Dev


    I have recorded virtually all Regional amateur cup competition results for the Scottish Winter Amateur football leagues on Excel for 2021/22. One sheet per competition.

    See excel attached. Hope this is of some use.



    SFA Amateur Cup 2021 22.xlsx

    1. mcruic


      Thanks for that - I'll take a look and see what I'm missing!


    2. mcruic


      Ah - I had these from the Scottish Amateur FA website.  I notice you added the Ayrshire Cup (which isn't an SAFA competition, but is run by the Ayrshire Amateurs).

      These results are essential for making worthwhile comparisons between the leagues.  I've got the results for the 4 previous seasons also (16-17 to 19-20), and 16, 17, 18 and 19 for the Highland Cup, so hopefully that will give some depth.  The main problem is that the SAFA isn't always correct with its results, especially with ET and PENS scores (sometimes confusing ET with PENS).





  16. Clubs which are private companies don't have members meetings as they have shareholders meetings instead. If Darvel isn't a members club that may explain no meeting of the members. Is Darvel run as a Limited Company? Clubs run as Limited Companies can always have meetings of Supporters though.
  17. The points repeatedly made by vikinton and Bad Wolf are perfectly valid, if inconvenient for a few of the more vociferous supporters (of ex Juniors clubs) who still haven't adjusted to life in the real competitive world of the pyramid. The selfish approach of SPFL2 and LL clubs to automatic promotion/relegation hasn't helped but sadly fits in with the attitudes expressed by some supporters at even lower levels of the game e.g. as witnessed by threads such as this. When it comes to selfish approaches to the running of the game in the pyramid neither the WoS nor the EoS have clean pairs of hands. Just consider the preference of the WoS to taking in any SoS club from Dumfries and Galloway when that club will be blocking access to the WoS for further progressive amateur and youth based clubs from Clydeside or Ayrshire etc. In the East there is the recent determined holding back of competitive ex East Region Juniors clubs. This is a short sighted policy because it prolongs the sorting out of the member clubs into balanced Divisions and the lowest Division into a more geographically balanced Division. Some East clubs have invested heavily since making the transition to Senior football and are scared of losing a place in the Premier Division. They don't like the idea that a pyramid is about merit on the pitch over a season and not about political game play in order to stay up when they should go down to a more appropriate level. If there's a net gain of one or two clubs from the LL then maintain the Premier Division at 16 clubs by means of relegating one or two additional clubs. They will soon bounce back if they are good enough. Similarly relegate clubs where Divisions exceed 16 in number and if one or two more have to go down then so be it but don't be gutless and self-seeking about it. In other words some Central Belters should take stock and moan about things which need sorting out in their own areas before taking collective cheap shots at others, this time the SoS.
  18. Pleased to be of some assistance. Look forward to seeing how your systems develop and, hopefully, how the various Amateur leagues and their clubs compare. Will you be doing comparisons across leagues' Divisions and Conferences?
  19. It's not cheeky at all. They have first hand experience of not winning the thing!
  20. Any news on Presumably Armadale will also have Floodlights?
  21. but they still need a majority vote to get anywhere.
  22. Someone with a refreshing sense of humour?
  23. It's the players who have the individual flexibility to choose who they play for, and where that club is located is part of that. Players find it easier to move around. A surplus of decent standard players in any geographical area e.g. Central Belt, also forces players from such areas to consider their playing options i.e if they wish to play at their best possible level. Also they travel for £ economic reasons and they do so if they figure out that it is worth the hassle. Clubs don't have that ability. They have more than that to consider.
  24. In a, hopefully, non reduced, covid free, season there will be normal relegation of one club to Tier 6 and a promotion from Tier 6 in return. Maybe, also, a LL club will win promotion to the SPFL2 with a club from there coming down to the LL. There must be a good chance that the bottleneck will be gone anyway in twelve months time. It only takes one or two clubs to change leagues and the balance of power is changed.
  25. There's been a suggestion on a P&B thread by the Glencairn/WoS rep that if an 80 club limit is introduced (not certain yet) that the WoS could still be expanded to take in a club from the LL without the need to relegate the bottom club in the WoS. However, an 80 club limit for the WoS would be a potential dampener to the hopes of clubs which may be interested in joining the WoS in future, unless arrangements can be made with Amateur leagues for some sort of feeder league system. That would imply relegation from the WoS at some time further ahead. If all of this seasons' applicants are accepted then there would be no room for new clubs in a year's time. That would be affected by promotion of a WoS club to the LL or even a LL club coming down to the WoS. Both are possible. Yet the WoS is actively considering accepting a club from outside its' current area, so blocking local clubs' chances of getting into the WoS in future. If another "out of area" club applies in 12 months time will they be accepted in preference to another applicant from the existing WoS area or would an existing club be relegated in order to make room? Good luck to Giffnock Soccer Centre and other similar progressive clubs.
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