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  1. Just for the record the 2020/21 structure for the Division One Conferences as announced by the league is: Conference A Group 1 Group 2 Craigmark Burntonians Arthurlie Forth Wanderers Bellshill Athletic Girvan Johnstone Burgh Glasgow University Lesmahagow Juniors Irvine Victoria Lugar Boswell Thistle Maryhill Muirkirk Juniors Maybole Juniors Saltcoats Victoria Shotts Bon Accord Whitletts Victoria Conference B Group 1 Group 2 Annbank United Ardeer Thistle Cambuslang Rangers Ashfield Carluke Rovers Dalry Thistle Kello Rovers Gartcairn Renfrew Greenock Juniors Shettleston Newmains United St. Cadoc’s Port Glasgow Juniors Thorniewood United Royal Albert Conference C Group 1 (7) Group 2 (8) Ardrossan Winton Rovers Drumchapel United Larkhall Thistle East Kilbride Thistle Neilston Glasgow Perthshire Petershill Kilsyth Rangers Vale of Clyde Lanark United Wishaw St. Anthony’s Yoker Athletic St. Roch’s Vale of Leven
  2. Just for the record the 2020/21 structure for the Premier Division as announced by the league is: Premier Division : Group 1 Group 2 Auchinleck Talbot Beith Juniors Benburb Cumbernauld United Blantyre Victoria Cumnock Juniors Bonnyton Thistle Darvel Clydebank Hurlford United Glenafton Athletic Kilwinning Rangers Irvine Meadow XI Pollok Kilbirnie Ladeside Rossvale Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Rutherglen Glencairn Largs Thistle Troon
  3. How are Vale of Leithen's Floodlights coming along? Saw a tweet on NLS saying that work has started. Tweet since taken down.
  4. "No but plenty of them will be paying there mortgage at least off this money " Really!
  5. It is also important to acknowledge that the UK and almost all other nations weren't in a position to immediately bring in testing as they just didn't have the resources/facilities. Many do have these now and that is a very significant positive factor compared with the start of the epidemic.
  6. "U are so naive lol will u travel to work which this is for most of them as they rely on that money same as u or me would so would u travel and cost of your own 3 times a week all over to work for free ?? " Lots of players are gagging to play regardless of the risk from injury or disease. They are young and confident that the disease is something they can deal with if they get it. They'll travel to play at the highest level they can achieve. They'll travel for a night out or for a match. I'm not so sure they are wise but they are desperate to get matches going again.
  7. Where are they going to go to? The clubs which may be able to afford the better players already have full squads of better players.
  8. It wouldn't be surprising if the EoS follows suite with its 18 club Premier being split in the same way with inter-conference games added. The Division One Conferences could also be increased from 2 to 3. We shall see.
  9. This is tough for all people in positions of responsibility for others, not just Governments. One thing which has improved is the identification of those people who have the disease and the way they are dealt with once this is known. Let's all hope that the number of deaths will be significantly reduced as a proportion to the numbers newly infected at this time and in future. It will still cause real damage to some people though. In my view it is about at the stage where it is more important for people to be able to enjoy sport and leisure activities (whether participating or watching) than ever. If this means curtailing perceived over excesses in other ways e.g. partying and getting drunk etc so be it. Indeed. bring it on.
  10. Golspie Sutherland busy erecting their new floodlights.
  11. Livingston United flagging up their new partnership with East Calder Community FC and the intention to form an Under 20's side for 2021/22 in addition to joining the EoS. https://twitter.com/Livingston_utd/status/1302702628598616067/photo/1
  12. I agree that at the EoS level in the Pyramid the league could accept any club, including Carnoustie Panmure. However, Panmure are one of the strong club left in the north of Tay Bridge area and might become a contender for promotion. Would the stronger EoS clubs be keen to allow in a competitive club which, under current rules, could become a promotion bed blocker? i.e. they wouldn't be able to take promotion to the Lowland League. Would Borders clubs be keen on travelling to Carnoustie?
  13. Good question but would you be thinking this way if the draw had given the home benefit to Talbot?? Serious question. There's a thing called the Luck of the Draw and it is part of the magic of Cup competitions.
  14. How about putting forward your thoughts on why and why shouldn't away clubs get any money from the gate?
  15. It's not difficult to imagine, at least, some current North Juniors finding their own way into the Highland Pyramid if the North Region Juniors doesn't take up what seems to be an option to join en-masse. With the door open so clubs can now plan ahead there will be some which will move if the Region doesn't. Thinking Banks O Dee, Aberdeen Uni, Dyce, Montrose Roselea, as the most obvious clubs but maybe ground shares with current SPFL and Highland League clubs could open up opportunities for others too.
  16. A truly national competition for senior clubs from Lowland/Highland league level and below sounds like a great idea. The SJFA Cup, for all its past merits and great traditions, has been a competition for clubs from the Central Belt, Ayrshire and Dundee areas. Clubs from outside these areas enter but have they ever had any meaningful influence. Calling the SJFA cup a truly nationwide competition is inaccurate. How far back do we need to look in order to find entries from the South, the Borders, the true Highlands & the Islands save for Inverness City? Has there ever been a meaningful Nationwide Cup Competition for semi-pro Clubs from beneath the SFL/SPFL? There isn't even a Cup Competition in the Highland zone which equates to the SCC. Setting up a truly nationwide competition would have to come from, and be administered by, the SFA and it would need significant financial support, sponsorship, and a Hampden Final. Even the SJFA at its' peak didn't take on this project, and they certainly don't look capable of doing so now.
  17. Do you think that it is suitable for the EoS e.g. for 2021/22?
  18. Enough of this "Pyramid" talk!
  19. Being a member is one thing. Entering the Junior Cup is another. I doubt that all west clubs which have remained members will enter but we shall see.
  20. If necessary Leagues should identify those grounds which have the required facilities and organise the first few rounds of games so that clubs can transfer home games to other "safe" venues. Let's hope that there are enough of these "safe" venues to get games played.
  21. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to run this on a season basis so clubs could be compared over a period of time? It also depends on which Cup competitions are included. The SFA Cup and a cup in which all Lowland League/EoS/SoS/WoS clubs are entered would be a decent basis for inter league and division/conference comparison. The remains of the Junior Cup too.
  22. It's a tough problem for those in positions of responsibility to deal with, that's for sure. I assume that when spectators are allowed back in to watch matches outside the SPFL that there will be social distancing and face coverings involved. Presumably only people who are registered in some way and, therefore, traceable, will be allowed in at first e.g. season ticket holders, club members and officials etc, if needs be. Also the numbers present will be restricted, increasing over time towards normal. From what I can make out there are "hot-spots" dotted around the UK but, in the main, the disease is at a low level at present. Authorities seem to be clamping down rapidly on any flare-ups too. There seem to be issues with some groups of people in society who seem to underestimate the seriousness of the disease not only to themselves but to their friends, families and acquaintances. Some seem to think that they are immune and cannot be a risk to others. I suppose that's human nature for you. There will always be some who will go their own way regardless of the implications for others. In football terms though, with a restricted season, with no room in the calendar for all eligible clubs to be included in the SFA Cup (but space for other less meaningful cup competitions involving SPFL clubs) it may be that leagues at Tier 5 and below, and outside the current pyramid structure, will need to choose between playing postponed matches at a later date or, even, awarding set score-lines if there is no room for postponed matches to be played. Such postponed matches may not just be for Covid reasons! Maybe 1-1 results awarded for weather/pitch reason postponements and 3-0's for Covid reason postponements. Just throwing the thought out there for debate in this quiet season.
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