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  1. Maybe you're right but doesn't look much like it when covid hasn't been halted or held back by the SG policy re football.
  2. No. Since pre-season. It's the biggest outside sporting activity, isn't it?
  3. Inverness Athletic announce partnership with Clachnacuddin: https://www.invernessathleticfc.co.uk/news_article.php?id=473 Friday, October 23rd, 2020 Inverness Athletic FC are excited to announce a new partnership with our Highland League neighbours Clachnacuddin FC. The partnership will see both clubs working together to develop the array of excellent young football talent in the city, with young players on the edge of the Clachnacuddin first team getting invaluable game time with Athletic in the North Caledonian League. The partnership also gives Inverness Athletic players the opportunity to progress to Highland league level with a fantastic club, should they impress at North Caledonian level. The link also now gives Inverness Athletic the ability to offer players from the age of 8, through our link up with Balloan FC, a alternative pathway all the way to Highland League level, which is a fantastic step forward for the club. Manager Jason Golabek said about the partnership, “The two clubs have decided to make a link together and Jordan has got players not playing at the level he wants them to be at the moment. We can bring them to play with us in the North Caledonian League and hopefully we can send them back to Clachnacuddin as better players. Our club is only four years old and we are obviously not as big or well known as Clachnacuddin are so for Inverness Athletic to have that association with Clach is a great relationship to have.” We also got a word with Clachnacuddin Manager Jordan Macdonald, “We have a high number of players who are under 20 at the club, some are ready for Highland League and some aren’t but have the ability and a future at our club. This is a chance for these boys to be playing men’s football every week. Our boys can continue to play under-20’s football, but that doesn’t get you used to the standard of the Highland League and I want these boys to play in the North Caledonian League. There are a good standard of teams where they will come up against difficult players so It is the perfect opportunity for those players who we think will play in our first team eventually. They will learn a lot playing with Inverness Athletic and for me this is a match made in heaven.” Chairman’s Sandy Stephen said, “This is an exciting partnership and one that we as a football club are delighted to be a part of. As Jason said we are only four years old as a club and to have a link with an established Highland league club is amazing. It is fantastic that along with Balloan FC we can now offer players an alternative pathway from youth football all the way to Highland League, which can only be a good thing. Thank you to Alex and everyone at Clachnacuddin for agreeing to the partnership and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.” Clachnacuddin chairman Alex Chisholm, manager Jordan MacDonald, Inverness Athletic manager Jason Golabek and chairman Sandy Stephen. Picture: Donald Cameron
  4. Didn't see it on here/don't read the Daily Record.
  5. The football that has been played has had no fans present so it's just players, match officials and club officials who've moved around. Try comparing that with a visit to a shop or a pub or kids going to school or students to college and university. ..... so how many people have become infected due to football matches taking place this season? Serious question. Seems to me that football, in particular, has become the SG's scapegoat.
  6. The League has just announced the main Sponsors :
  7. Does the SG really believe that clubs are so incompetent that the clubs cannot put in place and manage pre-agreed numbers of fans attending matches in a covid-safe way?
  8. A good idea from Edinburgh United. Good old fashioned league table charts showing the promotion and relegation positions and with slots for each club etc. Enthusiasts can follow the progress of their team over the season, moving up and down their Division's table as the season goes by.
  9. Here is a good example of why the IMG do their job.
  10. If clubs follow the guidelines/laws re covid then it would be mighty difficult to pin the blame on them for a player getting the disease, wouldn't it? The disease can be picked up elsewhere!
  11. Then the decisions were based upon the economics not so much player welfare?
  12. The decision about promotion came directly from the SFA as they wouldn't approve an increase in numbers in the Premier Division Conferences for 2021/22 i.e. with no relegations from the Premier Division Conferences also agreed. It was put the SFA. They didn't want to take on additional clubs from the Disciplinary point of view!!
  13. It would make sense to regionalise the Div.1 Conferences if there's no relegation at stake.
  14. Yes it is a dumb idea to show support for your local team when times are so difficult. Of course, local people will completely forget that your business stepped-up even though times are so tough for businesses too. Have you ever even run a business? It is about making a profit so you can pay yourself enough to live as well as possible. That means you need to know your market and, frequently, that means you need to show you are tied into your community. One way to do that is to support local good causes and that may include your local football club. Not so hard to understand is it??
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