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  1. Round 4 results from SAFA: 4TH ROUND (All In Draw) Lg Lg Replay etc 1 Annbank United AYR 2 v 2 KoF Balgonie Scotia 2 Armadale Athletic L&E 0 v 7 CS Gartcosh United 3 Bannockburn CS 2 v 0 L&E Clermiston 4 Braehead SatM 3 v 3 AYR West Kilbride 5 Castlemilk Dynamo CS v AYR/CS Stewarton United or Lesmahagow Amateurs 6 Castlemilk Old Boys Club CS 2 v 4 SatM East Kilbride Thistle Colts 7 Cowie Thistle AA 1 v 0 CAL Cambusbarron Rovers 8 Cumnock Amateurs AYR 8 v 1 KoF Markinch 9 Cupar Hearts KoF 2 v 1 CS Saint Patrick's FP 10 Dalziel High School FP or Galston United CAL/AYR v SA Neilston Amateurs 11 Dirrans Athletic AYR 6 v 2 AYR Largs Thistle 12 Doune Castle CAL 3 v 1 GC Glasgow Island 13 Drumchapel United SM SatM 3 v 5 AYR Shortlees 14 East Kilbride YM CAL 3 v 2 S&D Braehead 15 Easterhouse Football Academy Amateurs SatM 2 v 3 KoF Leslie Hearts 16 Finavon M 0 v 2 AYR Tarbolton 17 Glasgow Wellington SatM 3 v 2 SatM Moorlands 18 Glenburn Miners Welfare AYR 0 v 0 L&E Longniddry Villa 19 Glenrothes Amateurs KoF 1 v 7 DSM Stobswell 20 Inverclyde CS 1 v 3 KoF Greig Park Rangers 21 Kilbride Thistle AYR 2 v 8 CS Greenock High School FP 22 Knightswood SatM 3 v 7 L&E Tollcross Thistle 23 Leven United KoF 1 v 3 CS AFC Chryston 24 Meadowbank L&E 2 v 2 CS Oban Saints 25 Port Glasgow Amateurs SA 4 v 1 SatM East Dunbartonshire 26 Riverside S&D 2 v 8 CAL Rhu 27 Steins Thistle CS 6 v 1 DSM Craigie 28 Tannochside United SatM 3 v 3 SatM Greenock 29 Tarves AA 2 v 0 AYR Kilmarnock United 30 The Maidens DSM 6 v 2 L&E Loganlea United 31 University of Stirling Amateurs CAL 0 v 6 GGP East Kilbride Rolls-Royce 32 Wishaw High School FP CS 4 v 1 L&E Bo'ness United Community
  2. HibeeJibee - is there any chance of showing the full article here and on the other sections of P&B which may benefit grass roots clubs etc? Last time I tried to do something similar I was done for Spamming, would you believe! I have posted the full text on the Midlands League thread and highlighted this part which seems particularly relevant: "To coincide with the launch of the second phase of DCMS funding, the Scottish FA are also inviting expressions of interest from clubs across Scotland for future phases of funding. Any clubs who would like to explore opportunities for facility upgrade funding projects can express interest at: Scottish FA Grassroots Pitch & Facilities Fund." In other words there's also a door opened for clubs to receive help after these new schemes , subject to matching certain criteria. It's not just the current period. If there's enough response from clubs then the SFA are clearly up for getting further funding from the UK Government for the years further ahead too.
  3. HibeeJibee in the East of Scotland thread on ground improvements has posted a link which may interest some Midlands League clubs. I don't know how to link that across/out of that thread so here's the full text: //www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/new-round-of-uk-government-investment-opens-for-scottish-grassroots-clubs/?rid=1316 New round of UK Government investment opens for Scottish grassroots clubs Monday 21 November 2022 A new round of funding from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) on behalf of the UK Government will offer Scottish grassroots clubs the ability to transform and upgrade their facilities for the benefit of local communities. Following on from the launch last week of the Scottish FA’s new four-year grassroots football strategy, Football For All, grassroots clubs across the nation will have the opportunity to apply for funding from the £2 million investment that DCMS have provided for Scottish grassroots clubs to develop existing facilities that are accessible to their local communities. The £2m investment is the second round of funding being invested in Scottish grassroots football by the UK government, with £2m having already been delivered by the Scottish FA in 2021/22. This investment is part of the UK government’s wider multi-year commitment to help develop grassroots facilities and increase participation across Scotland. The latest round of funding of £2m will be open to Scottish FA Quality Mark clubs, as well as any member clubs working in partnership with their local community to deliver a range of grassroots football activities. Clubs will be able to apply for funding to make improvements to their existing facilities in three areas: 3G playing surface upgrade or replacement; Sustainability (LED improvement and solar panel installation); and natural grass improvement. The previous round of investment saw a total of 17 projects benefit from replacement of existing 3G pitches that supported community football activity. Some of the upgrades made possible by DCMS funding already include new 3G pitches at Netherdale Arena in the Borders and Forfar’s Station Park, which is home to men’s side Forfar Athletic and women’s side Forfar Farmington, as well as numerous other youth and recreational clubs and groups. To coincide with the launch of the second phase of DCMS funding, the Scottish FA are also inviting expressions of interest from clubs across Scotland for future phases of funding. Any clubs who would like to explore opportunities for facility upgrade funding projects can express interest at: Scottish FA Grassroots Pitch & Facilities Fund. Applications for the funding and expressions of interest process are now open, with clubs able to apply until 23 December. Scottish FA Chief Football Officer Andy Gould: “One of the ‘gamechanger’ objectives in our Football For All grassroots strategy is to work with stakeholders to improve access to quality community football spaces. “The previous investment from the UK Government has already had a significant impact in improving facilities across Scotland and this new round of funding promises to have similar transformational benefits across the nation. “We are grateful to DCMS for recognising the amazing benefits that football participation brings to society by investing in community football in Scotland and we look forward now to continue working with stakeholders as we strive to further develop our wonderful national game.” For more information on the application process and what opportunities are available through the funding, visit Scottish FA Grassroots Pitch & Facilities Fund.
  4. Any clues yet as to how big or small the deal is per season? The League has struggled to obtain sponsors so even low thousands per season is better than nothing. Still need to see the promotion and relegation situations sorted out. The League really does need to, at least, set an example to the SPFL2 sides and improve the situation with the Tier 6 Leagues.
  5. Any idea how much the losing clubs receive at this round? At least four Tier 5 or under clubs through to the last 32. Not bad! That's at least 1 in 8 of the last 32.
  6. Replay: Kelty 0 v 4 Meadowbank
  7. Round Three results so far: ROUND 3 Lg Pens Lg 1 Bailieston Thistle SM 1 v 4 Cal Eaglesham 2 Baljaffray Amateurs ScA 0 v 3 GGP Glasgow Harp 3 Bannockburn CSc 5 v 2 SM Moorlands 4 Bengal Lancers SM v Ayr Bothan Victoria 5 Campsie Minerva CSc v Ayr Galston Utd 6 Castlemilk OBC CSc 5 v 2 ScA Arthurlie 7 Clydeside Ath GCol 1 v 1 P: 2-3 SM Milngavie Wands 8 Crosslands Utd SM v Ayr New Farm Loch 9 East Dunbartonshire SM 4 v 5 SM Dinamo Paisley 10 East End Villa SM v SM Drumchapel Utd 11 Gartcosh Utd CSc v CSc Castlemilk Dynamo 12 Giffnock North Cal p v p SM Southside 13 Gladstone Ath SM 3 v 2 Ayr West Kilbride 14 Glasgow Wellington SM 1 v 1 P: 4-3 CSc Inverclyde 15 Goldenhill CSc 5 v 4 GGP Calderglen 16 Greenock HSFP CSc 5 v 1 SM Lanarkshire Thistle 17 Harestanes CSc 1 v 1 P: 5-4 Ayr Cumnock 18 Irvine Ayr v Ayr Kilbride Thistle 19 Kings Park Rangers ScA 2 v 10 SM East Kilbride Thistle Colts 20 Kirkintilloch Thistle SM 1 v 1 P: 4-2 SM AS Airdrie 21 Largs Thistle Ayr 1 v 2 Cal Dumbarton Acad FP 22 Lokomotiv Glasgow GCol 1 v 5 Ayr Dailly 23 Mauchline Utd Ayr 0 v 7 Ayr Shortlees 24 New Cumnock Community Ayr 0 v 2 Ayr Tarbolton 25 Park Sports Project GCol 2 v 0 CSc Drumchapel Amateurs 26 St Joseph's Cal v Ayr Annbank Utd 27 St Mungo's Cal v SEC Motherwell Kings 28 St Patrick's FP CSc 4 v 2 Ayr Stewarton Utd 29 Tannochside SM 2 v 3 CSc Oban Saints 30 Uddingston SM 1 v 1 P: 4-5 Ayr Kilmarnock 31 Westerlands "A" Cal 1 v 0 GGP Craigneuk 32 Wishaw Wycombe Wands Cal 1 v 4 CSc AFC Chryston
  8. Worth keeping an eye on the Nuremburg side of this War : //www.theepochtimes.com/us-state-dept-evidence-suggests-systemic-war-crimes-by-russia-in-ukraine-is-new-nuremberg-moment_4878339.html US State Dept Evidence Suggests ‘Systemic War Crimes’ by Russia in Ukraine is ‘New Nuremberg Moment’ //www.ukrinform.net/rubric-polytics/3619426-consultations-on-prosecuting-russia-for-crime-of-aggression-against-ukraine-held-in-the-hague.html 22.11.2022 10:54 Consultations on the mechanisms and tools to prosecute Russian for committing the crime of aggression against Ukraine were held in The Hague, Netherlands. "We worked in The Hague, we held regular consultations with our Dutch partners actually. We discuss various issues, in particular, the responsibility for the crime of aggression against Ukraine, the possibility of certain actions within the framework of the UN General Assembly, the creation of a special tribunal, how to strengthen and internationalize the national investigation and prosecution for committing the crime of aggression against Ukraine. All these issues are being discussed," Anton Korynevych, Ambassador-at-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, told an Ukrinform correspondent in The Hague in an exclusive comment. The Ambassador-at-Large also said that consultations in The Hague were held with representatives of the Dutch government, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, and experts. "We held substantive consultations. We will move further searching for the best options, opportunities both to create a special tribunal for the crime of aggression against Ukraine and strengthen the internationalization of the national investigation into the crime of aggression against Ukraine," Korynevych noted and emphasized that the creation of the special tribunal should be the result of joint efforts of the international community. He added that a resolution of the Dutch Parliament was adopted in October calling for the creation of the special tribunal in The Hague. "In our opinion, it is a very good and correct initiative. At the moment, the key question is: how and what should be done to create the special tribunal," he emphasized. Korynevych believes that cooperation with the International Criminal Court (ICC) is also very important for Ukraine. "I am convinced that the International Criminal Court should show good results regarding the investigation into the situation in Ukraine, it has all the tools for this. We absolutely support active cooperation with the ICC. The special tribunal will complement the work of the ICC. We see the special tribunal as a complementary mechanism to the ICC regarding the crime of aggression against Ukraine, a crime over which the ICC has no jurisdiction in our specific situation," he said. The diplomat emphasized that the crime of aggression against Ukraine "is the most obvious one since the end of World War II. This crime of aggression against Ukraine cannot be left unanswered because then it would mean that any dictator can do similar things whenever he wants realizing that he will not be brought to justice for this and everything will be limited to the responsibility of middle-level commanders for committing war crimes or crimes against humanity." Therefore, it is in the interests of the international community not to ignore the crime of aggression against Ukraine. "We believe and are convinced that investigating and bringing to justice for the crime of aggression is the fastest and most effective way to reach the highest political and military leadership of the Russian Federation," Korynevych emphasized. As reported, Ukraine took the initiative to create special tribunal to prosecute members of the Russian Security Council for the crime of aggression against our state. President Volodymyr Zelensky formed a working group led by Head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak to deal with the issue of creating special international tribunal to hold those guilty of aggression against Ukraine to account. The creation of such a tribunal was supported by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Kyiv considers several options for creating the special tribunal, one of which is based on an agreement between Ukraine and the UN which can adopt a relevant resolution.
  9. //bulgarianmilitary.com/2022/11/22/israel-to-russia-well-supply-ballistic-missiles-to-ukraine-if/ An extract from this article: "Israel has issued an ultimatum to Russia: if Moscow does not stop buying Iranian weapons, be it drones or missiles, Jerusalem will seriously consider supplying Kyiv with high-precision ballistic missiles. The Israeli media also wrote about this ultimatum, and in an extended material, the topic was touched on by the Israeli TV channel Kan-11. A source from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs also spoke about the same. According to him, says Military Monitoring, the head of Israel’s Security Council, Mr. Eyal Hulata, issued the same warning to his Russian counterparts." Anyone have any info on what these can do e.g. range, ground fire/air-fired etc. Thoughts on what they could do to affect the war?
  10. One swallow doesn't make a summer but two big upsets, away from home too ......... South Challenge Cup Round THREE: Cambuslang Rangers WPr 0 v 1 S Newton Stewart Jeanfield Swifts EPr 1 v 2 S Lochar Thistle
  11. "Talking" of stray missiles: Extracts: //www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-63637625 BBC News Europe 17th November 2022 MH17: Three guilty as court finds Russia-controlled group downed airliner By Anna Holligan & Kate Vandy A Dutch court has found three men guilty of murder for shooting down a passenger jet over eastern Ukraine in 2014, killing 298 people. The court found that a Russian-made missile supplied from Russia and fired by an armed group under Russian control brought down flight MH17. Silene Fredriksz lost her 23-year-old son when MH17 was shot down over Ukraine "It was heartbreaking for us," Silene says. She is convinced the current conflict could have been avoided had the world taken a harder line in 2014. "Putin has never been stopped, and still has not been stopped. And he will not stop until he is stopped," Silene said. I hope the world wakes up now, because we knew it already eight years ago." Russia has always denied any involvement and instead pumped out a range of alternative theories - suggesting a Ukrainian fighter jet fired the missile, or that Ukrainian government forces were responsible, and in some cases fabricated evidence to support their claims. These have in turn been diligently debunked with material gathered by a team of international investigators, and they were rejected by the Dutch court. The team found the disintegration of the plane in mid-air was caused by the detonation of a Russian-made 9N314M-type warhead carried on the 9M38M1 missile, launched from the eastern part of Ukraine using a Buk missile system.
  12. //www.novinite.com/articles/217588/Day+267+of+the+Invasion+of+Ukraine%3A+The+EU+holds+Russia+responsible+for+the+missiles+in+Poland Two articles on same page . EU blaming Russia for being in Ukraine anyway and without that this incident would not have happened. Then Poland saying Russia was not the direct cause of this particular incident. If the Russians hadn't invaded then this could not have happened. Simples!
  13. Message deleted. Turned out to be way old.
  14. If correct this would be about 150 km from the Dnipro River. 150km due south of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya front-lines would reach the coast of the Sea of Azov. That could make road transportation of military and supplies etc between Crimea and Mariupol under threat.
  15. Russia is pouring missiles and drones etc onto Ukraine's civilians and the energy and water grids, etc, etc, and also pushing Russians into the front-line without weapons or protection. Many of these "Russians" appear to be from non-Russian ethnicity and distant parts of the country and beyond. Yet some find it tough to come to terms with this and try to deflect onto the past or to attract attention to themselves. A truly sad situation. At present it seems as though Nato are content to fight this War on Ukraine territory. If this is approach is seen through to an end where Ukraine regains all of the territory which it held, pre the take over of Donbas and Crimea, then this is going to leave Ukraine in a h.ll of a mess for years to come. Given Russia's track record going back 100 plus years of being run by, some might describe, maniacal types what is there to prevent a repeat of the current invasion in Ukraine and elsewhere in the future? Unless there is a co-ordinated plan to sort out the "problem that is Russia" we might as well teach the younger generations of the Nato areas military arts from now on so that they have some form of preparedness. There's no easy, short term, answers and a widely agreed strategy needs to be sorted out PDQ.
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