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  1. Now that the NCL is heading into the Highland Pyramid shouldn't it receive greater priority in the north compared to the local summer amateur leagues? Is this something which should change or will change? In any case wouldn't it be wiser to start earlier this season - given the covid situation is uncertain? That would weaken some amateur clubs this time around but couldn't they manage to find enough players?
  2. Ashfield join the Under 20's: twitter.com/ashfieldafc/status/1393160701334654990 Ashfield F&AC @ashfieldafc Ashfield FC are delighted to announce that our academy now has a brand new Under 20s setup More to follow....... 12:06 pm · 14 May 2021·Twitter for iPhone 7 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 25 Likes
  3. We're agreed! Just that no point thinking about other aspects if a club hasn't got use of a ground up to scratch in the first place.
  4. Indeed, that is so. However, getting the ground right tales huge energy, work, cost and organisation to be fair. Without that no club will make it through to getting a licence.
  5. Thanks. I assume that the league will be looking to start in July this season like other leagues.
  6. If the circumstances allow i.e. covid and the number of Development sides which carry out the up-grades in time for 2022/23 then maybe borrowing what the EoS did could work? They created a single Division but made up of two conferences. The teams in each conference were mixed so that the conferences were approx similar strength. Also the teams within each conference played each other home and away, as usual, but they also played the teams from the other conference once only, with all results counting towards the final league tables for the conferences. If there were 20 teams in two 10 team conferences this would give 18 league games within each conference plus another 9 games against the teams from the other conference so 29 in total.
  7. Please! To all, can we not keep the colts situation out of this thread?
  8. It's about giving all clubs the chance to find their level ASAP. It's not about fault. In any case the clubs will make whatever decision is right for them - no matter what anyone's opinion may be.
  9. Overall I suspect that clubs which are close to the necessary ground criteria will find it hard not to go for a Licence when you consider the rewards each year. Thinking of an annual Fee from SFA membership and entry into the SFA Cup. Now that these things are accessible clubs will be able to start thinking about up-grades. Some have started and others will see that there is now the certainty needed to start out with ambitious projects. The glass ceiling has gone. If you look across at other Pyramid Leagues and Leagues which are coming into the Pyramid this summer I believe that there will be a steady flow of clubs looking towards licencing. It will also raise standards of administration at clubs and improve the facilities for fans. In this day and age it is becoming more and more important to take care of them, with fewer fans generally compared to 20 years ago.
  10. Apparently Yes. Sorry cannot give reference to when where etc as i only keep a note of the interest. I don't believe that Yoker's interest was something which was likely to be imminent though.
  11. A number of clubs hoping to get their Licence this summer seemingly including: Auchinleck Talbot, Clydebank, Cumnock Juniors, Darvel and Irvine Meadow. Others which have shown some interest seem to include: Gartcairn, Glenafton, Kilwinning Rangers, Petershill, Rutherglen Glencairn, St Roch's and Yoker. Lots of other clubs seem to have spent lots of effort on up-grading their grounds during the long lay-offs due to covid. Thinking Maybole etc. Has anyone heard of other clubs joining the list going for a Licence over the next year or two?
  12. If this really goes ahead - has to get through the AGM yet and would it need Ok from SFA? - the clubs would get 200 tickets bought by the OF clubs per home game against the B teams and with few OF fans thought likely to bother to turn up that looks like easy money.
  13. There seems to be lots of movement in time for next season. Some temporary whilst grounds are up-graded to meet WoS criteria. Has anyone worked out exactly what changes are going on?
  14. Ironically the FA in England has recently reversed two seasons worth of Null and Void decisions so that it can go ahead with "non-league" restructuring. It has invited clubs to apply for promotion based upon adding up the last two season's league results and then dividing to get to PPG over the two seasons.
  15. There's a different set of criteria for Tier 5 compared to beneath that and the Development Division of the WoS has less stringent ground criteria than Tier 5 and current Tiers 6 and 7. Perhaps that's clearer? Development clubs will be Associate Members with therefore lesser criteria whilst they get their grounds up to scratch. Hope that explains things better.
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