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  1. many of teams will be on the other end of 6/7-0's from threave and abbey vale I would think.
  2. Caledonian Braves 3 - 1 Lochar Thistle Abbey Vale 4 - 0 Creetown Uppers 2 - 3 Mids W&B 2 - 2 Saints Heston 1 - 2 Bonnyton Threave 3 - 0 Lochmaben YM 0 - 6 Stranraer
  3. Nithsdale 6 - 0 Wigtown Abbey Vale 3 - 1 Edusport Creetown 1 - 1 Lochmaben Heston 2 - 4 Uppers Mids 0 - 4 Threave Newton 2 - 1 Bonnyton Saints 2 - 1 YM Reserves 3 - 0 Lochar
  4. any idea who the next lochar manager is going to be? a shame for nicki white to go.
  5. Just the one and people tend to talk if you haven't already realised.
  6. I did hear about the manager merry-go-round. however, how much truth in it is another thing. I'd imagine that half of these teams would be a dead cert on having the same management team next season.
  7. As this season comes to an end and teams are starting to make preparations for next season. Is there many players moving or will most teams stay the same for the upcoming season? Will anyone make the step up to the lowland league?
  8. Tommy Goss a no brainer for me. That'll be him on 32 goals after another 3 goals last night!
  9. With it being all league action this weekend what games are looking to be the most interesting? For me it has to be Bonnyton versus Stranraer or Threave versus Abbey Vale, which is probably the obvious picks of the bunch.
  10. What's everyone's predictions for the upcoming fixtures wed night? Abbey Vale v Nithsdale 4-1 Annan Athletic v Upper Annandale 1-3 YM v Lochmaben 0-4 Heston Rovers v Lochar Thistle 1-2 Mid Annandale v Newton Stewart 3-0 Stranraer v Wigtown and Bladnoch 5-0 Threave Rovers v Creetown 4-0 St Cuthberts v Bonnyton Thistle 2-2
  11. Threave and Mids will be strong again this season. I think this season we will see Saints climbing back up the table again and will be a good outfit. Lochar have lost a few players but will still be a good team. If Abbey Vale have kept the majority of last seasons squad then they will be there or there abouts depending on additions come end of the season. Bonnyton could be another team to watch. Nithsdale, Creetown, YM and Annan will ultimately fight it out for bottom placed positions. With no team really strengthening that much it looks to be a cracking season to watch.
  12. Yes, the tighter competition this year has been great for a neutral fan. The top 5/6 in the league are on their day capable of beating each other and it’s been a good year for the south. Look forward to seeing Wigtown back in the fold next year as they have competed for the title for as long as I remember in SOSFL.
  13. I wasn’t meaning to slate the south in any way, I was just stating an opinion that I believe is true. The SOSFL have some cracking players and teams as stated above but I do think when the the likes of Dalbeattie are on their day there is a gap in class. Games that have been played throughout the season have shown that the south teams can hold their own which is good for the league.
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