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  1. 3 years ago today the club legend Dennon Lewis signed for us. The rest as they say is history.
  2. Money talks if he was given what he wanted. The longer your on shelf, the less attractive you become.
  3. Sorry who said we expected him as our manager? Cause I’ve not read that anywhere.
  4. I agree re someone who can motivate a team because we’ve severely lacked that in recent years. We probably aren’t going to have the highest budge or best team with QP coming up so we need someone who can recruit well and motivate his players to be the best they can be. Easier said than done I appreciate. I like the sound of Stuart Taylor and Peter Grant if I’m honest. Obviously you have the unrealistic option of Stephen Robinson who I would take but he won’t be coming to league 1.
  5. Aye he had already accepted a job as a football advisor’s role with a leading agency.
  6. As I understand from Holt’s comments he will draw up a shortlist to present to the board. The board and him will then interview however many candidates are on the shortlist and Holt will tell them who he thinks should get it but the final say will be with the board.
  7. Doesn’t take a manager to work out these players aren’t good enough. No point wasting their time or ours , just part company and be done.
  8. I didn’t know Paul Hartley tried to get Brian Rice as his assistant but was blocked by the MSG.
  9. Don’t know what folk expected, you wanted a statement and you got it. It was obvious if there was no statement there would be moans and nothing they can say will settle fans.
  10. I was about to turn it off when I heard it was a Falkirk fan. Good on the lad for getting it up Andy Halliday and Gary Caldwell. Clearly the only pals act as they both mentioned that Miller and McCracken shouldn’t have been sacked and it as an awful decision. The guy turned round and said that they should have actually be sacked a lot sooner.
  11. Instead of wasting money on players who are deemed “too good for this level” ie Alston, Tidser etc etc put more money into the manager and make Derek McInnes an offer. I don’t think for a minute he’d consider it but all he can do is say no.
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