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  1. 100% spot on. A team playing every week and training twice a week V a team who’ll have not a single minute of match fitness and 2 full weeks training. Shocking.
  2. We may have to ground share? Alloa may be a possibility or Stenhousemuir
  3. If we are to win this league our home form needs to improve. IIRC, Two draws and a defeat at home with 2 wins.
  4. We’ve all pushed for a return now watch us finish 3rd. True Falkirk style.
  5. It was my pressure that tipped the balance 😉
  6. The fact the Government aren’t actually saying what’s stopping the leagues to get back and what needs to happen to get the leagues back. Yes, the SFA stopped the leagues but it’s the government stopping them from returning. This goes way past the furlough that was mentioned. Is there no regard for players mental health or well being? The rate of spread is now lower than what it was when we were last playing added to the fact all clubs have agreed to test. If it was so bad, the other leagues would have been stopped also. To me, it’s quite clear what is happening here. They are delaying it as much and as long as possible so the only option is to cancel the full thing and then turn around and say “we had no option”. If this happens, I hope the clubs take this as far as possible. I mean Jason Leitch said we were close to good news. How long is close? He’s on off the ball more than Tam Cowan ffs and we’re no further forward.
  7. Who says it’s to do with the virus? If Sturgeon/Salmond got their act together they wouldn’t be in such as mess as they are.
  8. They have had ages on this though so can’t use that as an excuse. Added to the fact they also have sports and arts committee that could have sorted this all out.
  9. That’s a pathetic update from the SFA/Scottish Government. What’s the hold up from the Government? We were playing when cases were significantly higher AND weren’t testing. Now, with cases lower and the promise of testing they are fannying about. To me, they are trying to pressure the SFA to null and void. I mean, what else can it be?
  10. Danny Lennon also said on a view from the terrace last night he wants to complete the full 27 games so that would indicate Clyde would play on.
  11. Laughing way more than I should at this 😄
  12. Meeting tomorrow at 5pm between SFA and L1 & 2 clubs.
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