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  1. I think if it’s confirmed next weekend that we’re away, there should be as toxic as possible atmosphere at the RC game. Give them absolute hell.
  2. I personally think we need to win next Saturday for a chance of 9th, maybe 8th if we are incredibly lucky. I think our best hope is Alloa to lose both games (won’t happen) and we get 3 points from somewhere (also not going to happen).
  3. Right players and the the right manager and we should win League One at the first time of asking (should being the key word). I think it would be an even bigger embarrassment not winning it at the first attempt than actual relegation itself. The likelihood is we’ll be down and back up before Morton do anything of note.
  4. Not mathematically if Alloa lose to ICT. Although I wouldn’t fancy us to beat Ross County at home. We’re down tonight, never mind next Saturday.
  5. Falkirk v Morton

    McKinnon has to go for me. Don’t buy this shite of “he got us in contention”. That is utter turgid to watch and he’s relegated us. First half was even and we were denied a stonewall penalty. I actually thought that was McLean’s best game for us and he was threatening in the first half. Why Ray changed to 4-4-2 at HT I’ll never know it cost us massively. We are where we deserve to be and someone has to pay the price for it.
  6. Falkirk v Morton

    No chance McShane will play wide right. MacLean should play if you’re going Robson at left back (never going to happen).
  7. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Buchanan’s a Falkirk man. When he played junior he was coaching at Falkirk community and regularly was out and about in the town. However, I think he’s utter shite.
  8. Keep/Punt/Undecided

    Fasan- Punt Burgoyne- Keep Mitchell- Keep (Backup) McGhee- Keep Edge- Undecided McKenna- Keep Dixon- Keep Robson- Keep (backup) Brough- Punt Paton- Punt Osman- Keep Petra- Keep McShane-Keep McLean- Undecided Rudden- Keep Jarvis- Punt Lavery- Punt Todorov- Undecided Waddington- Keep Keillor-Dunn- Keep Kidd- Punt O’Hara- Punt McKee- Undecided (could look better in a good team)
  9. We were poor but didn’t expect a great performance. At this stage of the season, 3 points is all that matters. Considering we had to throw a team together in January and hit the the ground running right away by getting results asap, we’ve gave ourselves a chance, especially if we get 3 points next week. We rode our luck at times, but sometimes you need it.
  10. Not going to happen.
  11. Dixon hasn’t a bad cross on him either. Set up a few of our goals from his crosses from the left. Can’t drop him but could surely accommodate Robson at LM
  12. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Alloa going to win three on the spin? Would be some effort.
  13. I thought Jarvis done a lot of good work yesterday in terms of being strong and holding the ball up, however he would do a piece of good work then give the ball away with a slack pass. As someone pointed out , we were a lot more open at the back when we went two up front yesterday and I’m not too sure Ray will want that considering we’re away from home next week. Problem for me is there is no creativity in that midfield of Paton and Osman. I think we need to ditch one of them and play DKD if he’s back. Or possibly the 3-5-2 that people were mentioning.
  14. Exactly the attitude. If people can’t support us in League One, they can GTF if and when we go back up the leagues.
  15. Well that’s us then. Hard to see where the wins will come from apart from maybe the Morton game. Unforgivable from McKinnon today. If we go down, he has to go in my opinion.