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  1. Relegation Royal Rumble

    8th- Morton 9th - Dunfermline 10th- Alloa
  2. I think Robson will play against United but I think it should be Brough. Defensively better IMO and Robson can’t play in a back four.
  3. Never going to be a cracker of a game. Wind blowing a gale and the pitch is narrower than a local playing field. Can’t keep the ball on the deck as it’s too crowded and going long isn’t an option either. Poor goal to concede on the counter.
  4. The neutral reporter for BBC Scotland also picked out Petra as one of our star players yesterday. Honestly don’t know what some of our fans expect from him (or others for that matter). Could score a hatrick, clear one off the line and assist two and still would get moaned at. He’s hardly a world beater but who is in the Scottish Championship. Puts 100% effort in every week and it’s something you can’t question. Rather have that and lack a bit of quality at times than the opposite.
  5. Falkirk v Queens

    Well that was excellent. Queens could have played until Monday and not scored. The doppelgänger pretending to be Dobbie can let the real one return now. Ref was unbelievably bad. The first wasn’t a yellow and the second was harsh. Excellent win though, signings looked good.
  6. Falkirk v Queens

    Petra putting in two great crosses we were unlucky not to score from, he himself should have then scored. Much better from us, Paton bossing it. Dixon an upgrade on Robson for me. Peach of a cross for the goal. DKD been excellent.
  7. Ryan Blair off to Dunfermline. Never really rated the kid, apart from that goal in the glorified friendly in our last home league win.
  8. Seatbelts fastened lads....
  9. Did say in this morning’s FH, McKinnon was trying for two today so you never know if we may get someone later on. Doubt it though.
  10. Right, some signings now please.
  11. So Morton get absolutely nothing from all of this. Couldn’t make this up, what was the whole point in this?
  12. I hope we get two today. Hippolyte and a striker.
  13. Gav hits the nail on the head. Being a winger is the most inconsistent position on the pitch as your expected to beat you man every time which just isn’t going to happen. If he was so consistent he wouldn’t be playing in Scotland never mind the championship. He’s got the ability to play utter terrible yet have a match winning moment in him. He also looks better than McLean who has fizzled out as weeks has went on.