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  1. Him and the child abuse lover are lurking about in case Rangers score.
  2. " We demand Mr Collum take a Catholic lie detector test"
  3. Can't stand him, his act consists of , shouting to get a laugh.
  4. They're brainwashed losers , it all comes from failure to comprehend that their Club went bust and now they support a diidy team run by a crook, but it can't be their fault, so it must be Lawwell, The SNP, The Catholic media, all they have left is to revel in child abuse and hunt for Anti-Rangers agendas.
  5. Wish he'd slime off to Follow Follow and stay there. Worth repeating that Rangers told a victim of child abuse to f**k off and take it up with the Liquidaters, and it was nothing to do with them, yet Kincardine is pretending to be concerned that Celtic haven't took responsibility!..just a vile creep who revels in child abuse.
  6. Just go away...back to Follow Follow and crack jokes about it.
  7. I thought it was the correct response from Celtic tonight, the priority is supporting the victims and encouraging anymore to come forward and seek help and hopefully some sort of closure/steps to dealing with it.
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