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  1. Hopefully they will look to reduce the 2nd division to 16 the following year which would add a couple of clubs to the 3rd.
  2. Another thing to consider is how the playoff can work when they dont know how many clubs the league 2 playoff will leave them with.
  3. There are no easy answers. I'd run with a 20 team EOS Prem with a split after 19 games. 3 conferences below that. Then move to 16 16 and regional tiers the following season.
  4. I dont understand how a relegation play off can work when they dont know what's happening at the top of the league. If they have a net loss of one club is it cancelled? Do they have to wait two weeks to see what happens? Bizarre. Given they havent yet reached their club limit why are looking at relegation at this point anyway?
  5. Surely just that there are no junior clubs left to move? Amateurs are much more at risk of being rejected due to the ground criteria. Better not to announce an application than to announce and then get rejected I would have thought.
  6. I really do not see what the West/East boundary has got to do with the Tayside clubs.
  7. I agree completely. It needs to be more open at every level as there are bottlenecks all over the lower tiers. What I disagreed with is the idea that a LL2 somehow provides a safety net for poorer Lowland league clubs.
  8. Exactly. I'm also not sure what the safety net would be for the likes of Vale of Leithen. They would probably get relegated again from a LL2.
  9. As much as it's abundantly clear the west Lothian teams belong in the EOS I do love the thought of Bathgate et al trekking over to Oban Saints on a drizzly Tuesday night.
  10. The WOS statements definitely said everyone would enter the SCC and the junior cup would be played midweek.
  11. They clearly do not understand how conferences work. There is no top or bottom league.
  12. They probably want their moment in the sun. No point all 63 announcing on the same day.
  13. Will the EOS teams be allowed to rejoin the junior cup? Would any be interested?
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