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  1. The WOS statements definitely said everyone would enter the SCC and the junior cup would be played midweek.
  2. They clearly do not understand how conferences work. There is no top or bottom league.
  3. They probably want their moment in the sun. No point all 63 announcing on the same day.
  4. Will the EOS teams be allowed to rejoin the junior cup? Would any be interested?
  5. Looks good to me. I just wonder how non junior applicants will be slotted in.
  6. What I dont understand is if the memo also refers to other regions in at tier 6. Why arent they trying to force entry for those too?
  7. Roll on tomorrow night. So many pages full of pish today.
  8. Well it's either conferences next season or come in at the lowest level in a year or two. It's for the clubs to decide.
  9. When will the WOS start taking applications? Friday?
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