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  1. I get all that, but my god it sounds absolutely ridiculous to read out a random person's name when a player is being subbed and you are announcing who is coming off and who is coming on though. It's dreadful.
  2. If you sponsor a player, you get your name in the programme for every home game and you are named on the website. You also get a match worn shirt from the player. I think that's plenty. Announcing it during a substitution is extremely clunky, cringe and just a bit over the top.
  3. McGinty was excellent today. Talk of dropping him is absolute nonsense. We've got our first choice pairing until something dramatic happens in terms of form for either one, or injury. Kirk just has to sit and be patient to take his chance if/when it comes along. We have been creating chances for fun but the lyrics "it's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife" spring to mind. We've got no killer instinct whatsoever. I like Ashford, and I think his worth ethic is brilliant and his link up play and runs are very clever but he is one of the worst finishers I've seen for a good number of years. Bryden is a frustrating one. He's an Ayr boy through and through and you want him to do well but other than the odd clever fast-pass-and-run-forward and his determination to win the ball back, he really does look a country mile away from being good enough to have any major consistent impact at this level. He is second to everything in the air and is brushed off the ball very easily and just looks like he doesn't have the clever movement required. Dipo has the strength and gets himself in the positions and it could be argued he's been unlucky not to have 3 or 4 goals already. But with all that being said, we're extremely short up front and it's very worrying. No use creating chance after chance if you can't take any of them. We should have been out of sight in that game today and the fact we weren't, tells it's own story.
  4. It's a weird feeling for me after the first 4 games because it's not that I'm angry, I'm just utterly scunnered at the moment. As I said, the squad looks like it lacks quality. Several of Bullen's favourites: McAllister, McKenzie, Hewitt to name but three, I just don't honestly don't see what they offer. McAdams has looked incredibly dodgy so far in his two games. Cemented to his line, flapping at crosses, etc. Ashford is continually being played as a centre forward and he looks less likely to score a goal than McGinty. He runs a lot and his work ethic is excellent, and his touch and link up play is excellent, I really like him as a player but I think he needs to play out wide but he's being used as a striker and he is just not a goal threat. His finishing is dreadful. I like to think I'm very balanced on reflection of a game, but when I see people saying "we played really well today" I'm genuinely confused by that assessment. Played well how? Because we only lost one goal to premier league opposition away from home? Because we had a couple of break-aways that we wasted? Our build up was so slow and every time we won possession we were so slow getting forward, passing the ball backwards and sideways except for lump balls forward. But for the most part we sat well off them, didn't create much and they couldn't have really been more comfortable. I wouldn't say we were shite either, just extremely blunt and ineffective. On the positive, Musonda looks very very good and looks a find. Kirk hasn't played much so won't make judgment on him as yet. He has looked shaky a few times, but generally fine. Dipo for the first time today looked as if he was struggling fitness wise. He looked done in after an hour. I do like what I've seen so far though and think he may be decent for us.
  5. It's pronounced Dip-oh, not Deep-oh. Here's your evidence from the man himself, 4 seconds into the video. EDIT - There's no direct link to the video, just scroll down to the Dipo player signing video. https://ayrunitedfc.co.uk/black-white-tv
  6. Completely and utterly disagree. Been to all 4 games so far and in every game, we've played with two in central midfield and it just doesn't work. Dis-jointed and overrun. Dempsey functions far better further forward and is getting asked to play a role which is not suited to his strengths. He was brilliant in a far more advanced role last season in behind the striker and that's undoubtedly where we get the best out of him. We play far better with a three in midfield and I wish we would go back to that but after four games, there's no sign of doing so. That was utterly grim today. I'm trying to take into consideration it was away from home against Premiership opposition, but it just looked so poor. Our squad looks like it lacks any kind of quality and any strength in depth. The last twenty minutes especially was painful watching. St Johnstone just passing the ball about and us getting, for the most part, nowhere near them. Let's be honest, they didn't look overly great either. I'm genuinely very worried for the season ahead. I don't feel we've got the squad to cope. However, it IS early doors. I hope that I'm wrong.
  7. Ah, kinda assumed that when you said anchor. Never knew that was his nickname though. Why’s he called that?
  8. He was never going to come back, but I’m not gonna lie, was absolutely gutted to see him sign for Swindon, because it’s now final. Sometimes you DO know what you’ve got before it’s gone. Anyway, a very good move for him and he’s done well to get it. I hope he does very well there, will keep tabs on how he’s getting on from time to time.
  9. This. I get Tomi's negatives and was in no way blind to them. He had his huffs and was probably a nightmare to deal with etc etc, but at this level if he was fit all season, you're virtually guaranteed somewhere around 15 goals. I don't pretend to know football finances, but unless it was something ridiculous like the equivalent of about another 3 player's wages, we should have considered what his contribution was likely to give us against the extra cost, and coughed up. We'd have been playing League 1 without him last season, and by the looks of things, next season as well. Is the whole reason we are self destructing with this back 3 shite not just so Bullen can get his man-crush McGinty and shoehorn him into the team? He obviously fancies the new boy Musonda as a certain starter and won't want to piss off Arsenal by not playing Kirk so his brainstorming of "How can I keep my man in defence" has resulted in the absolute fucking shit show witnessed in the first two games and, with Bullen's stubbornness, many more to come.
  10. That's it in a nutshell. It's going to be a c**t of a season.
  11. It's getting harder and harder to argue against this. Absolute fucking shambles once again tonight, to follow on from the same last Saturday.
  12. What about new Hummel branded stuff? I just can't help myself...
  13. Just. Wow. As someone said earlier, there's not going to be a queue for Season Tickets off the back of that garbage served up this afternoon. That 3 at the back shite, is grim as f**k. Utter torture. Nick McAllister is an awful footballer. Why is he is anywhere near the starting line-up, let alone as a centre back? Given the options available...Mark McKenzie as a striker? What the actual f**k? Anti football, reminiscent of the Hopkin days. Some people are of the opinion "The jury is still out on Bullen." I'm perhaps not that far with it, but sometimes his tactics and lineups are beyond baffling and bordering atrocious. In fact, it's more frustrating to the point of tearing your hair out watching it. On the plus side, Musonda looks like he reads the game very well. Think he'll be a good addition. Nice to see Dempsey back in as well. I understand fitness may be an issue with this, but I'm hoping that the new signings will be in sooner rather than later.
  14. Fair play to the 57. Lot of people will be on a summer holiday away somewhere and for those who aren't, it's about a 9 hour round trip by car. Definitely a fixture only really for the die hards.
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