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  1. My nerves are absolutely shredded to f**k this morning. Gonna be a long day. All I ask as the bare minimum, is that we are still realistically in the tie at 9:30 tonight.
  2. Not in the slightest. It’s absolutely crucial we get third to give us the best possible chance of getting through the tie. Having been to all 4 games against ICT, there’s not TOO much in it, but they seem to have our number for some reason. Only my opinion but with our injuries, especially Geggan, I’d estimate if we finish third we have about 40% chance of getting through the tie. Finish fourth and I genuinely feel it would be about 25%.
  3. I had briefly considered that as the reason but dismissed it straight away because I can’t think of a reason why that would make any difference whatsoever?
  4. See that Dundee United have already announced the Semi Final dates.... How can they know that yet the QF is next week and fans are still in the dark!? Not that the SPFL give a shit, but in case they hadn’t noticed: Ayr and Inverness are not exactly 5 minutes away from each other. The first leg is going to obviously be midweek so most fans are going to have to put in a day’s annual leave to either travel to Ayr from Inverness or Inverness from Ayr, so a bit of bloody notice wouldn’t go amiss! Shambles, as per.
  5. That was one of the most excruciating games I have ever watched. Defensively we were never troubled but going forward, jesus christ we were bloody awful. Last season it actually scared me how blunt we look without Moffat. He’s in his 30’s now and his position and role is very hard to play 90 minutes every week. There’s just no player in the team that offers what he does in that final third with his link up play, passing and movement. And although that was a two bob cup game, it just reinforces it. We look to have an excellent player in almost every position but the problem is if any position has an injury, the replacement looks nowhere near as good. Possibly only right back with Geggan/Smith and centre half with Bell for either Rose/Adams but other than that any injury to our first choice 11 would weaken us. That’s where we are but it’s definitely worrying and shows we don’t have strength in depth. We’ve got cover for all positions now but that’s all it is.
  6. No idea what to expect. Maybe 200? I’m just gonna drive up. It’s a hell of a round trip to do in one day for a football match but just want to see the super Ayr play at every opportunity and enjoy every bit of this team while we have got it, so gonna battle through it.
  7. Belladrum was 2-4 so it’s passed. I have searched for music and events in Inverness on Aug 11 and I just can’t find anything at all. Is it really just a case that 3 Premier Inns in Inverness are fully booked because it’s a Saturday in August and it’s simply tourists? If so that’s damn impressive for the city....
  8. Is there a festival on in Inverness on Saturday? Reading on an Ayr page someone going on about all the hotels being booked out for a festival. Although when I search I can’t find anything listed for Inverness on 11th August....
  9. Is there a festival on in Inverness on Saturday? Reading on an Ayr page someone going on about all the hotels being booked out for a festival. Although when I search I can’t find anything listed for Inverness on 11th August....
  10. I’d tell Dundee to go and f**k themselves. I realise £250,000 is a lot of money but Shankland will be the difference between having a great shot at staying up and most likely going back down. I full realise we will do well to keep him past January but honestly it’s not worth selling him for less than £500,000 (I don’t mean he’s worth that, I just mean that when he’s as important to us as he is, better off keeping him than selling him).
  11. Saturday really was something special. I couldn’t stop smiling for like 15 mins after Shankland’s goal. Just sat shaking my head with a silly smirk. What a feeling. Thought the 19 for Thistle looked very dangerous down the wing and no doubt Ferguson is our weak link so I’d pay extra attention to him on Saturday. As good as last Saturday was, the danger of playing a team twice in a week is that the element of surprise to them as an opponent is gone. Plus I feel that a league match is a completely different animal to a cup match. I expect this to be a hell of a lot tougher than last Saturday, especially without Kerr.
  12. You know the cloth pennants you get that you can hang somewhere. Seen SPFL ones for sale but unsure what it’s for. Where would you use it/hang it?
  13. Try actually reading my message before posting a stupid reply.
  14. The Albion keeper did get absolute dogs abuse. The amount of times that “fat c***” was shouted at him was staggering. Saying it once in the heat of the moment if something significant happens then I’m sure most people can turn a blind eye but I can understand other people getting upset at the same fans shouting it over and over when there are kids with them. Just no need.
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