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  1. People that want The People's Vote. They fucked the chance of of a decent leaving Deal and whine like bitches. * Q/ Why is this threads title allowed? All my warning points from the bun sans bus fare are for calling posters retards , same thing.
  2. March is in like a lion so far. Stephen Ellis at 69, played the baseline in "Eye of the Tiger".
  3. Had to go to the Dark Side , just to get signal at the house. So One Plus 6T it is then. £500. I'm going back to my Vernee X for my work, I far prefer it to the One Plus, but the £500 phone works at the house on an EE contract on band 20, which the Vernee does not. * I have 4 EE PAYG Sims, one lets me on band 20 with the Vernee but PAYG is far too expensive for data so I had to do it. ** Things you learn....EE contract only works on ipv6 so I've had problems getting on some websites not up to that protocol yet. 3 contract, no bother.
  4. Eusabio Pedroza, a day shy of his 66th birthday. I know exactly whit pub I was in watching McGuigan beat him on his 20th defence, The Sovereign.
  5. Stand by your beds for an incoming Dame Vera.....
  6. Andy Anderson, drummer for The Cure during the Love Cats era, deid.
  7. All you do is talk talk. Until you're deid
  8. Magnificent troll by the record if they noticed his wean on the lefts scarves.
  9. Morgan Woodward at 93. Was the Walking Boss in Cool Hand Luke.
  10. Terrible news. ***POINTS Miguel, fucking POINTS!!! ETA obit https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6730277/Monkees-singer-Peter-Tork-dies-age-77-diagnosed-rare-tongue-cancer-10-years-ago.html And solo crackolo I think....
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