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  1. What are those random screeching noises all about at Falkirk?
  2. 1-0 win at Dumbarton for us, very scrappy with no-one at the races bar fan favourite Iain Vigurs who virtually single handedly dug us out, instrumental tonight. Vigurs is easily our POTS and has played nothing less than an 8/10 since our 1-0 loss back at East End Park in March. He is now serving a 2 match suspension. So even if we do go on to win on Saturday, I really see us struggling to get 3 points away to Livi on Tues. AND if we're without cap Gary Warren (as he came off injured in the 25th) on Saturday it'll mean a start for Collin Seedorf at RB - he is not good at defending. Dunfermline's pace on the flanks and nobody to control the middle of the park for us, it'll be Joe Chalmers, who has been poor during our good run and Trafford at CDM so I'd have a little bit of confidence if I were a Dunfermline fan. My excuses are well and truly in early for us!
  3. Any Dumbarton fans able to confirm the prices for away support tonight for adults and students? I'm sure I paid £18 back in September but I'm seeing £22 on the website. Many thanks
  4. As the whole of the Scottish football sphere is teeming with anticipation at the prospect of seeing a repeat of the famous Irn Bru Cup final this Saturday. Inverness begin to dream of dreaming of a play off spot playing our last "easy game" of the season.
  5. Completely agree every team sets out to win every game and I am guilty as charged, I fancy us to get 9 points from our next 3 games being truthful, taking us to 50 points with 3 games left against Dunfermline, Livingston and Morton but IF we do beat Dunfermline at home (which is where my head is telling me the penny and points will drop) even a points tally of 56 seems like it might not be quite enough. The prospect of Cappielow on the 28th with something to play for in the sun is too much for me to not even get a little excited by.
  6. Jack Brown (he came on in the 82nd when we lost 3-1 away to Falkirk in January and frankly made our assist of the season for Daniel Mackay, if there were such a thing) I think is out of contract at the end of season. I know we've been hurt by a massive 4 year deal before but I'd be tempted with one for Mackay. Vigurs and Polworth have been linking really well and along with Donaldson are clearly our best players so hopefully a 1 year extension for Iain. Connor Bell who was our only vocal point for a while back in Oct/Nov is now starting on the bench and when an attacking change is made Daniel Mackay is preferred over him to come on, though he got a start against Brechin at home and was very energetic but it's hard to tell against Brechin how good anyone is. Our strikers and play in the final 3rd is our biggest weakness when we're on the front foot, 1 or 2 needed in the summer so wouldn't be devastated to see Bell go. We desperately need a new RB, Seedorf has horrific positioning off the ball, just drifts off and Brad Mckay's crossing is shocking from RB compared to David Raven especially, I'd be happy to keep him as a back up CB as he was good there during our clean sheet run and he has good passion for the club which is perhaps blinding me a little but I can't take the pain of him punting a ball into the South Stand turnstiles from deep any longer. Doran definitely going to be off to some English League 1 club soon or County I reckon as much as I'd love him to stay. Ryan Esson as a coach in some aspect would be a nice touch if financially feesible, his bonkers performance in the Highland Derby match for Charity was a picture that painted a thousand words of his current ability. No idea if Cammy Mackay is good enough for Scotland or Inverness City. I'd like to keep Esson for fan morale to warm up in front of the travelling support purely for funsies.
  7. As a modest Caley fan if the midfield is given the time to set the pace of the game with Vigurs and Polworth I fancy our chances, one of the reasons Falkirk battered us back 3-1 back on Jan 27th was becasue of both of their absences that day (and Mulraney's red) I can mind Sibbald having an excellent game that day though really getting at our makeshift centre mids especially Trafford who looked v poor without his aforementioned two amigos for the safe pass which is where our weakness lies, - getting at our slow centre even Sergio Donaldson isn't rapid. We've also only gained 1 point from a losing position all season and have roughly 20,000 red cards so mentality and discipline are clear weaknesses though the feeling around the club until we drop a singular point is very very very optimistic of 4th, it's the hope that kills you. Do Falkirk fans have the same grand delusion as us? or did Saturday kill it? Sorry ken this is a Falkirk post just very bored in work.
  8. The brief chanting of Liam Polworth he's one of our own brought a tear to my eye, considering the flak he takes.
  9. Speaking of our complete lack of pace, any idea why Robertson has started Chalmers at left mid basically on the wing for two games in a row since Trafford had his best game at home to St Mirren.
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