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  1. I count at least half a dozen League teams amongst the Associate members. I note Salford City, newly promoted to the League is neither a full nor associate member. I presume they are a member of the Manchester FA.
  2. Full http://www.thefa.com/~/media/files/thefaportal/governance-docs/rules-of-the-association/2013-14/full-member-clubs.ashx Associate http://www.thefa.com/-/media/files/thefaportal/governance-docs/rules-of-the-association/2017-18-final/046b_associate-member-clubs.ashx
  3. Unless the SFA changes its rules again in the middle of the assessment period because they don't want too many new members threatening the old guard. In that case the apposite facilities still won't be apposite enough.
  4. It's not a North East region league. It's what already exists at Step 4 with 2/3 more NE clubs, 2/3 more Yorks & Humberside clubs and 4-6 fewer from the East Midlands. At the very best it's North East + Yorkshire and Humberside.
  5. At the rate of one a season maximum (none if the SFA can find a way of blocking promotions) it will be a gey long time before all the cream rises to the top.
  6. None of the teams you cite are at Step 4. Next season will see just two ex-NL teams at Step4. I don't see how a new division will change much at Step 4 for ex-NL teams. It is likely that only one team will be promoted from the NL each season after 2019-20, Ex-NL clubs at Step 4 will be lost to promotion and relegation too. Those at Step 4 will still be travelling down to S Yorkshire and possibly beyond. The obvious thing to do would have been to promote the top 7/8 NL clubs at the end of next season. There are parallels, of course, with Scotland. Team for team the EoS Premier is probably stronger than the LL and the West Juniors probably stronger than both. How long before we have pyramid based on ability? All we have at the moment is tinkering and obstruction.
  7. It isn't specifically for the North East (as in the North East region). Three teams will be promoted from the NL next season as its contribution to the 20 needed to create an extra division. All that will happen is that the southern boundary of the league the ex-NL teams play in will be not as far south as it was. but it will l still probably include the whole of Yorkshire.
  8. You can perhaps get away with a Tier 5 of 2 division ( HL and LL) at the moment, when the LL doesn't represent the best of non-league football south of Dundee. When things settle down, and the best teams in the east make it to the LL and the West juniors jump aboard, the long term has to be at least a three division Tier 5 with LLW, LLE and HL. And even then you could easily argue that HL gets too good a deal given its very small population footprint..
  9. No. I'm not the one arguing SOS teams should be classified as "West".
  10. If they are east Fauldhouse they are in the east. If they are south the Lothians they are in the south. So they must be south east. What else could they be?
  11. Not really. 8 teams are located east of Fauldhouse and 8 are located west of said metropolis.
  12. I think the clue is in the first three initials.
  13. Alternatively, the format of tier 5 could represent footballing strength rather historic loyalty to the seniors.
  14. It is a complete nonsense to have the area served by the HL on a par with that currently supposedly served by the LL. Even having one division out of three at Tier 5 is overly generous to the HL.
  15. One would hope that rather than a level 5 and level 6 LL there will be two level 5 divisions.
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