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  1. I remember that, but I didn't use it as an example as the case was different imo. ICT tried to get their B-team into what was then the lowest level in the pyramid. Now there is a tier 6 (and in Grampian 7 & 8 ) north of the Tay.
  2. I can't speak for anyone else, but I can assure you that if it wasn't the OF B-teams joining the LL, but instead those of Aberdeen & Dundee United (for example) joining the HL, I would have been just as strongly against. Whatever anyone might think of the likes of Cumbernauld Colts, Broomhill/BSC & Caledonian Braves, they are the first teams of those clubs and rules didn't need to be bent to let them in. The first 2 joined the LL when there wasn't any regular promotion/relegation with tier 6 yet, the latter joined at tier 6 and got promoted. They all played by the rules without the rules needing to be amended to get them in.
  3. Sad indeed, I went to a Forfar Farmington game back in May, my first game after fans were allowed again. I got the impression they were a really well-run club with some excellent, hard-working, volunteers behind them. Shame this happened.
  4. I was planning a trip up there in October, shame. It's understandable though, they're just too remote to get together a representative team for this level. Then I'll just have to go there for an amateur game next year...
  5. It's the football I care about, I care about the lower leagues & non-league. There is absolutely no doubt that the presence of Rangers & Celtic B massively devalues the Lowland League, regardless of the skills they have or their results. There is zero advantage to Scottish football in general in this plan. If these teams end up long-term in the pyramid it will devastate Scottish lower league football. That's why so many people (myself included) are so strongly against.
  6. Their game against us a week on Saturday has been reversed. Now we're at home, we were meant to be away. I'm not sure what's going on at their ground?
  7. I couldn't make the game, but that's what I heard from others too yes. Saturday a break from the league for the junior cup, Bridge of Don Thistle away. The ground is apparently horrible, but there are some good pubs in Aberdeen city centre so I'm sure I'll have a good time regardless.
  8. A 9-2 victory at Scone, can't complain about that. Good win.
  9. When I was in Berwick to watch a game at The Stanks back in June, I actually met a Tweedmouth volunteer and had a really good conversation about them. They're definitely on my list of places I want to visit, it seems like they are a very well run club with passionate, hard-working volunteers who have really helped the club forward in recent years.
  10. On my way back to Dundee from London today. But I just had to make a stop in Newcastle where I went to Newcastle 2-4 West Ham. My ticket was in the away end. The view was great and some game for a neutral. Excellent atmosphere around me.
  11. I'm down in London this weekend and I went to AFC Wimbledon v Bolton Wanderers at Plough Lane. The first Wimbledon game with fans in Wimbledon in 30 years. A great occasion and a great game, finished 3-3. Wimbledon did really well fighting back from 3-1 down and definitely showed the right attitude by battling to a draw. A draw was probably the right result.
  12. There was also another short lived junior forum. I wasn't allowed to have an opinion though due to being born in The Netherlands. Apparently because of that I don't "get" junior football...
  13. Yes, the same one. There is not another one this mad...
  14. You should say hi one day when you watch Lochee United @invergowrie arab Good game today indeed, not the best of starts for us, but other than that a strong performance throughout. Should really have scored more, we had some chances in the second half that we could have done more with. But Carnoustie are one of the strongest sides in this league so I can't really complain as the 3 points are vital. Players are clearly getting closer to full fitness which creates confidence.
  15. I already noticed there were 7 check-ins on the "Futbology" app, which is quite a lot for a game this level.
  16. Oakley United 0-2 Thornton Hibs East of Scotland qualifying cup 2nd round Drove away in the pissing rain in Dundee to end up in a lovely sunny Oakley. Very nice ground, and a decent game. The guests were the deserved winners. They played some very good football.
  17. There have been some problems with injuries, players having to self-isolate & covid cases recently. Pretty much the entire squad is coming back now, but some clearly lack match fitness.
  18. Typical game of two halves for us. First half Tayport were stronger and we were lucky to go into the break at 1-1. Second half we were all over them and ran out deserved winners.
  19. Weather would be the obvious one, but then again I really can't handle heat so I'm probably in the right place, lol. I suppose if I'd have to name one thing it's transport infrastructure (both roads & public transport) in general, that's definitely better in The Netherlands. I'd say the main thing of Derby/Darlington I miss is the ease to travel to other places. Especially from Derby, big(gish) cities like Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester, Birmingham are all pretty close, even London isn't too far. Where Derby itself isn't too big, it's easy to get to big places when you want. From Darlington you can also easily go to places like Newcastle & York for example. Here you're just a bit further away from other places.
  20. Yep, Utrecht is amongst my favourite cities in The Netherlands, Groningen & Maastricht are also in there (I'm not including Rotterdam in this simply because I'm from there so I'd be too biased).
  21. Although Amsterdam isn't really much, I greatly prefer both Glasgow & Edinburgh.
  22. Well, as an immigrant TO Scotland I have gone in a different direction obviously, but I'll add my experiences here too. I left The Netherlands back in 2009, I went to England (Darlington) for work reasons. It was purely for work reasons as my job in The Netherlands wasn't going to last due to financial trouble of the company I was in. As languages are my strong point (German second language, more or less bilingual, also speaking English (obviously) & French), opportunities for me in the UK are better than in The Netherlands. After a year in Darlington I ended up in Derby where I stayed for 7 years, in 2017 I then moved to Scotland. I am much happier here then I was the last years in England. Especially after the Brexit-vote, I regularly got negative reactions when people heard my foreign accent in Derby. Some experiences weren't exactly nice. People up here are much friendlier and Scotland is a beautiful place. In my opinion, many Scots are too negative about their country as it's a great place to live. I don't miss much about The Netherlands other than friends and family (especially now as it's been so long!). I can't see myself moving back to The Netherlands as I much prefer Scotland. I could see myself moving within Scotland one day, but that's about it.
  23. Not very surprising really as according to "Reporters without Borders" they rank bottom in their "Freedom index", making them the only country to be ranked below North Korea...
  24. They looked a very decent side against us, so I don't think it was a fluke, no. Good 5-1 win for us today. Should really have won by more as quite some chances got wasted but a good win nonetheless. Nearly the entire squad is fit now and players who missed pre-season are starting to get more match fitness.
  25. Yeah, I had a pre-match pint over there. I took the train this time as that's easy enough from Dundee to Stonehaven.
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