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  1. Going to that one as well! Saturday Celtic v Motherwell at Hampden, followed by this one on Sunday. Obviously, the one on Saturday is just a starter for the main one on Sunday.
  2. Good, so I can enjoy watching football in good weather.
  3. In my opinion, the new WoSFL should invite SoSFL & West Superleague teams. The remaining teams in both leagues can then be feeders to the WoSFL. The area that the SoSFL serves is too small to be a LL feeder league in itself and I can imagine that most teams in the league don't fancy long trips to current West Superleague teams, so they can keep playing each other.
  4. There are 160 junior teams currently. Add HL/LL/EoS/SoS teams to it and there are still fewer than 256 teams, meaning no extra rounds are needed. I do think something in the senior section needs to be dumped, but that shouldn't be an issue as they get a national cup to replace it.
  5. Clubs can indeed just not apply for a license to avoid promotion. Mandatory promotion from LL to SPFL should be in place for a proper pyramid (with more relegation places from SPFL). I would like to see 3 relegation places from LL. To prevent teams blocking promotion, the highest eligible teams from both WOS & EOS should get promoted together with a play-off winner. If a licensed team turns down promotion, they lose the license and can only qualify for the Scottish cup via qualifying routes. In that way all teams can be in the pyramid.
  6. I have no problem with people watching & enjoying junior football. I regularly watch non-league football, both junior and senior, which I love & enjoy. I just still don't think there is much of a difference. At both senior and junior non-league football I have visited proper community clubs, generally paid a very fair ticket price and encountered friendly people & hard working volunteers who clearly care about their club. I have seen good and poor attendances & standards of football at both. To me, non-league is non-league, it's something I love and regularly watch, but all the "advantages" of junior football, also exist in senior non-league football, so I just don't see the big problem. I have yet to be convinced about 1 good thing of junior football that can't happen in a pyramid. Yes, there is the junior cup, but I see no reason why that can't be expanded to include all of non-league. And let's be honest, for the vast majority of junior sides, the junior cup is not something they can realistically win. That doesn't make these clubs any less of a community club. Many of the "arguments" against the pyramid are a result of the non-participation of the SJFA. No, I'm not a fan of Edusport, but would they honestly have been in the LL now if they'd first have to battle past the strong west juniors like Auchinleck Talbot and others? They played it by the rules and have every right to be where they are, but they wouldn't have been at that level in a proper pyramid. Poorly supported teams exist on both sides of the "divide". Anti-pyramid posters like to point out that the pyramid is "flawed", but with most non-league clubs not taking part, it's always going to be flawed. Had all juniors been in it, then there would have been better promotion/relegation for example. The standard now drops rapidly when you go down the leagues, with more strong teams that would be far less the case so there would be a much stronger case for a better promotion/relegation settlement. And finally, how can people claim that in a pyramid the juniors would have no say if they have literally refused to properly engage all those years?
  7. I red dot posts when I see insults (like monkeys and other unacceptable posts. That often includes your posts. I don't red dot people I disagree with just because of disagreeing with it, as long as that post is in a respectable manner, fine, agree to disagree.
  8. There is no difference except for a label, it's as simple as that.
  9. Well, the city of Gouda does happen to be in the part of the country where most of the stubborn anti-pyramid clubs are from.
  10. Not quite SPFL football, but I can't ignore Guernsey FC in this topic. As a condition to be accepted into an English league, they are not allowed to play any home games on a weekday. However, when they were in the Combined Counties League Premier in season 2012/13, many of their games got postponed. This was due to a bad winter in Guernsey and cup runs. As a result, there were several consecutive weekends that they were playing games on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, usually followed by having to fly to England for away games on Tuesdays and sometimes even Thursdays as well. Amazingly, they still got enough points to clinch promotion.
  11. Apologies, I quoted the wrong post... I meant to reply to Isa!
  12. I'm also active on a Dutch forum, where there is a heated discussion about the pyramid over there. Some people are very conservative and afraid of any change. But there is one who hurls insults at everyone disagreeing with him, keeps going on about it when his posts get deleted, calls clubs that want change traitors to the "grade", keeps repeating his point while ignoring any counter arguments and comes with unacceptable comparisons at times. That feels quite familiar to me by now...
  13. Most Dutch people I know don't hate Germany anymore, the war is over 70 years ago now... There will always be a minority of fanatics, but many Dutch football fans have sympathy for Germany.
  14. To be honest, I don't think the Dutch situation should be used as an example for the pyramid over here. I'm originally from The Netherlands and I can categorically state that the Dutch "pyramid" structure is a great example of how to NOT set it up in Scotland. Third tier teams that don't want to get promoted (as they are generally from the bible belt & are happy to just stay non-league) basically choke the system and block the route to the professional leagues for ambitious non-league teams. These teams are in terms of support and budget on a par with teams in the top half of the second tier. Them refusing to get promoted and effectively playing a division too low, makes it very difficult for other teams to try and get into the second tier. I'd ideally like to see all juniors in the pyramid, but we need to ensure that teams that don't want to get promoted don't block off the route for everyone else. I also think it's madness to have 2 feeder leagues covering the same geographic area. As opposed to the difference in day they play in Dutch non-league, there is no rational argument why LL feeder leagues in the East of Scotland should be split in 2 separate systems.
  15. As a "Dutch Scot", I can't support either of these teams. As a result, I'll cheer on Germany instead.
  16. Darlington were also a basket case before they dropped out of the league. They played in a ridiculously big stadium that they couldn't afford and were never going to survive. There was also Rushden & Diamonds, who were spending crazy money when they got in League 1, ultimately causing the club to go bust.
  17. Tranmere won 2-1 in the end and got promoted back into the Football League. Tremendous achievement considering they had a player sent off after 48 seconds.
  18. The new clubs have been announced by them, can't remember where, but I'm sure someone else can tell. The new structure depends on the outcome of the AGM & possible late applications.
  19. They can just be in the pyramid in the same way as promotion/relegation in England between non-league steps 6 and 7 (tiers 10/11) works. Step 7 is a whole collection of local leagues. Teams can apply for promotion if they want, but they are not forced to get promoted. Teams that applied then replace the bottom 2 in the step 6 leagues. If more teams have applied (& fit the requirements) than there are places available, only a certain number get promoted based on the final league tables. If fewer teams have applied than there are places available, teams that would have been relegated get reprieved. That can easily be done in Scotland. If the SJFA will remain for teams that won't join the pyramid, then the remaining SJFA leagues & SAFA leagues will effectively form the next level in the "pyramid", feeding into the lowest regular pyramid level.
  20. Well done Kelty and good luck for next season.
  21. Or Alta v Fram Larvik in the regionalised Norwegian 3rd tier, a 25 hour drive . Clubs in that level are not more professional and better supported than in SPFL 2.
  22. You are forgetting the point that the EOS will split into 2 divisions after a transitional season. Taking into account Dundonald Bluebell coming over in 2019, the EOS Premier could look something like this: Vale of Leithen Hawick Royal Albert Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic Dundonald Bluebell Hale of Beath Hawthorn Camelon Juniors Musselburgh Athletic Haddington Athletic Blackburn United Lothian Thistle Hutchinson Vale Preston Athletic Leith Athletic Peebles Rovers Tynecastle I wouldn't say that's a bad division and not much difference in quality with what remains in EOS. Obviously, promotion/relegation with LL & Clydebank's entrance if there is no WOS being started can change things, but this at least gives a rough picture.
  23. In England there are roughly 110 full-time clubs (92 in the EFL + most of the National League), in Scotland 20. Still a crazy comparison. If you look at the attendances of the SPL other than Rangers/Celtic, you're basically looking at numbers 3-12 in Scotland. Compared to England's population, you'll need to look at numbers 30-120 there, that's from Bristol City until Dartford. If you compare it in that way, Scotland isn't doing bad at all.
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