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  1. England should have enough to beat Senegal. However, they are not a side to be taken lightly. They are physically strong and can be dangerous going forward. We were very lucky to beat them imo, it could easily have been a draw and I'd have had no right to complain. Senegal can hurt England, especially if England underestimate them.
  2. I'm normally not a fan of Mark Rutte, but this is top trolling.
  3. Both the USA and Canada have some good, young, players to be fair, so I'd expect them to improve quite a bit within the next 4 years.
  4. The only downside of not playing them today is that I was hoping for some free pints in Dundee pubs wearing my Dutch top.
  5. Definitely an improvement on the group stage games, we're not playing the "total football" of the past, but we simply don't have the players for that now. We were very effective and that's the main thing. Will this be enough against Argentina (assuming they beat Australia)? Not sure, but Argentina will be the favourites and this team is capable of raising their game against better opponents. I'm not expecting a win against them, but you never know as we are clearly growing in the tournament.
  6. Well, 3 groups of 16 would definitely be something different.
  7. Did the Belgium FA technical director Roberto Martinez accept his resignation?
  8. I'm not confident at all about our game against the USA. On paper we should win, but they are a very tough side to break down and work their socks off. Their style really doesn't suit us.
  9. And let's not forget that in that same period, Australia went through a woeful qualifying campaign. They finished well behind Japan & Saudi Arabia in the group, only just finishing ahead of Oman to qualify for a play-off spot, while in the play-offs they only just beat the UAE and then needed penalties against Peru. So since then, both Australia improved majorly, while Denmark somehow imploded.
  10. Even the Dutch weren't getting excited about this game. Yesterday's game had the lowest viewing figures of any Dutch men's game at any final tournament this century, by quite a margin. So this game got even considerably fewer viewers than v Romania in 2000, a dead rubber when we already won the group, or v Portugal in 2012, a dead rubber as we were already out after defeats against Germany & Denmark.
  11. Pretty much just saved energy for the next game and done the absolute minimum needed to win the group. If GD would have been important for us in this game, we'd have won by more for sure.
  12. Yes, I must admit that we were lucky to get a win against them. We couldn't have complained if it would have stayed 0-0. They are not an easy team to play against. They'd have a chance against England as long as their defence stays focused.
  13. I know I need not reply. But seriously, if I wasn't Dutch, I'd have watched the other game. Our game has been a snooze fest, especially after our second goal. It's pretty obvious (and understandable), that the team are conserving energy for Saturday. Clearly done the absolute minimum required to go through and win the group too. Enough to do the job, so I won't complain in that sense but this wouldn't be interesting for any neutral viewer.
  14. Yeah, it's clear that we are not giving 100%. Should there have been a situation that goal difference would play an important part in whether or not we'd go through, I can imagine we'd have scored some more by now.
  15. So I should thank @Jacksgranda that we just scored a second right after the restart?
  16. Good goal by Gakpo. He's been the highlight on our side so far this tournament. In the knock-outs (providing we don't mess it up from here), there really needs to be an improvement on the midfield so he actually gets the ball more often.
  17. Hopefully we will fully go for it today as winning the group could give us an easier path going forward (although I realise with how we've been playing we could easily be papped out by the US or Iran too). If we do manage to f*ck it up against Qatar it would be quite some achievement. And let's be honest, in that case there is no way we'd deserve to be in the last 16.
  18. Luncarty 3-2 Thornton Hibs Moorside Park, Dundonald Bluebell Final of the Alex Jack Cup today. An excellent game for a neutral. Luncarty took the lead early on, but Thornton Hibs equalised soon after. A penalty after a clumsy foul gave Luncarty the lead at HT. Around the 70 minute mark, Luncarty scored a third, but Thornton Hibs didn't give up and again scored soon after. They had some chances to equalise but I think the better side won.
  19. Vale of Leven 4-1 Royal Albert A good day out despite horrible conditions. Lovely ground and I've received a great welcome by members of both committees. Vale were easily the better side and thoroughly deserved the win, which was a very important one for them. Great seeing @Craig fae the Vale again too.
  20. Difficult to say tbh, we often manage to raise our game against stronger opponents. I would say we're quite some way behind the real top countries like France though. You never know in knock-out football, but last 16 or QF would normally be the end for us.
  21. Well, that wasn't the best game from our side. We just didn't do enough in possession and don't manage to get the ball to our strikers. Imo we were lucky to get away with a draw and we'll have to improve against stronger opponents. But still, we're top of the group and only need a draw against Qatar to go through. That is a good position to be in. Let's be honest, if we f*ck it up against Qatar, we don't deserve to be there.
  22. Never say never about getting to the SPFL, but let's first try to get to the Highland League. He seems the kind of guy who would just pull his money out if we stay in the ML or HFL for a bit longer than he'd like. And obviously that could blow up the club if we're then tied to expensive contracts for players and/or management.
  23. Carling throwing his toys out of the pram as he doesn't get his way... Not like that never happened before.
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