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  1. Thornhill 1-5 Killearn Forth and Endrick League My first game in this league this year. It was another lovely trip with great views. Killearn were much better. They must have some players who played at a higher level as some of them looked very good.
  2. On decisions that can majorly affect them & the integrity of the pyramid, yes.
  3. This should be up to the LL members alone, the EOS, WOS & SOS members should get a vote too!
  4. It might be worth looking at Lumo trains to Edinburgh, they aren't very frequent but often cheaper than LNER. From Edinburgh either book a separate train or take the Ember coach to Dundee, the latter is usually pretty cheap. From Dundee, bus 21 (Stagecoach) takes you to Brechin in about an hour (or bus 20 to Forfar and then change depending on which one comes first, 21 doesn't run at certain times).
  5. St James 0-7 Lochee United My first visit to Fairfield Park, with the last league game of the season I have now visited all grounds in the Midlands League. First 40 minutes was very poor from us, not done enough with the ball going forward. Then 2 quick goals before half time and the second half was a convincing performance. This must give confidence for the semi final Saturday home v Arbroath Vics.
  6. North End have one of the better grounds so I'm not surprised they are next. Good news though.
  7. I wouldn't call 15 years "not too long ago", their problems started in the 2006/07 season in the championship, ultimately resulting in relegation from the EFL back in 2009 after they were hit with a 30 point deduction. How they have dug themselves out of the massive hole they were in at the time is impressive. They have come back strong since then and done very well this season with a very low budget for Championship standards.
  8. To be fair, if they were replaced by 2 big tier 6 clubs, like Tranent & Auchinleck Talbot, I doubt the averages would have been much lower.
  9. That would make 16-18-18-8, I'd say going to 16-16-16-12 for the season after would be ideal (obviously can increase depending on new clubs joining etc).
  10. Dalkeith Thistle 0-3 Kirkcaldy and Dysart A one sided affair, K&D were much better. A lovely ground though.
  11. A big congratulations to Bonnyrigg Rose, a club I respect a lot. Well run and very friendly people. Thoroughly deserved. [emoji122]
  12. Congratulations to Tranent and good luck in the play-offs.
  13. Haha, congratulations mate! [emoji106]
  14. Arbroath 0-0 Inverness Caledonian Thistle, ICT won after penalties Another trip to Arbroath for me, I couldn't resist some Friday night football, only a short journey so why not? Not exactly a great game but a good atmosphere. Arbroath just couldn't finish their chances.
  15. And what if Celtic and Rangers were replaced by say Tranent & Auchinleck Talbot? They are 2 clubs with a big support, so they would also bring large away crowds. On average, they wouldn't bring much less, likely more, than the OF B teams. And with these 2 clubs you'd at least keep the integrity of the pyramid.
  16. I've played non-league football myself, not exactly at an impressive standard, but after a goal we always made sure we'd only all go back to our half when we were ready as it's (or should be!) common knowledge that the referee can restart play as soon as everyone is on their own half.
  17. If I'm not mistaken, Bonnyrigg Rose & Civil Service Strollers did as well.
  18. West Calder United 2-5 Stoneyburn Attendance 75 That was a nice trip for a Wednesday night. Around 20 minutes, Stoneyburn took the lead, but West Calder equalised about a minute later. Around the 40th minute exactly the same happened so it was 2-2 at half time. Ten minutes in the second half the guests took the lead again. Midway through the second half, a West Calder player got booked and then kept moaning at the referee so he got a second. After that, Stoneyburn scored a fourth. Stoneyburn's sub goalkeeper (first GK went off injured) pulled off a good penalty save after which they scored a fifth. A very entertaining game for a neutral.
  19. Lochee United 5-1 Kirriemuir Thistle A good game and we definitely deserved the win. Although in fairness to Kirrie, the scoreline did flatter us. They weren't nearly as bad as the scoreline suggests. That was the last home league game of the season...
  20. I haven't been there recently, but last time I went it was very basic and very far from licensing standard.
  21. It wasn't really windy actually. They might need to be replaced soon. [emoji1787]
  22. Kinnoull 3-2 Heriot-Watt University Attendance: 55 A very entertaining game for a neutral HWU took the lead early on, but the hosts scored 2 later in the first half so they were 2-1 up at half time. Early in the second half, HWU scored the equaliser. Kinnoull scored the winner midway through the second half. Both sides had a number of chances after that, but Kinnoull held on and got the win.
  23. Portugal are replacing Russia at the tournament: https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/mediaservices/mediareleases/news/0275-150c9887cacb-882c686f407f-1000--uefa-decisions-for-upcoming-competitions-relating-to-the-ongoin/
  24. You're right, I'm mixing the PGB & PWG up...
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