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  1. Have to agree with that, not exactly a great venue, but great people involved in running the club.
  2. Yeah, I appreciated them wearing those especially for me.
  3. Harthill Royal 0-1 Royal Albert Not the best game, typical pre-season affair really. The slightly better side won imo.
  4. Deanston 10-2 Killearn Forth and Endrick League The game was a clash between 2 sides that have been doing well this season, but it turned out surprisingly one-sided. Killearn did have some chances though but they were very poor at finishing. Deanston could even have scored more, but once they scored their tenth just after the hour mark, they took their strong striker off and were happy with the score.
  5. I guess that's why, it was difficult for them in later rounds as they play a summer league.
  6. Carnoustie aim to get their license in 2024, too much work needs to be done to be realistically able to get get it in 2023.
  7. Personally, I don't blame clubs who got to the party early to have taken advantage of the situation at the time. Others had that chance as well. However, now there are so many clubs in feeder leagues there just has to be a fair promotion/relegation system which there isn't now (and no, the SPFL not opening up is NOT an excuse). If that would have existed than far fewer people would have complained as clubs would sooner find their natural level. If the likes of Broomhill, Braves etc. would manage to stay in the LL also once many big ex-juniors have come up, absolutely fair enough and then they have shown they have the quality to remain at this level. Instead, the LL voted to block further relegation and instead disrespect the pyramid and their feeder leagues by letting these awful B-teams in. There is no excuse for that.
  8. If the LL had done the only right thing in the relegation vote and voted for increased relegation, fewer people would have complained...
  9. You can also see Stonehaven from a train. And I'm not sure about Campbeltown, definitely no regular railway line there, unless there is a heritage one I don't know about?
  10. I think I've still been pretty measured in my language, but he doesn't like it.
  11. Kirrie as a place might not be the most impressive, but I like the club and that's what this is about.
  12. It seems England's women don't know who they are playing tonight...
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