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  1. Yes, I'm quite confident now tbh but with the SFA you just never know what they come up with.
  2. There is no way they would've withdrawn their application before getting assurance on that.
  3. No club will be obligated to move leagues if they fall the wrong side of the agreed boundary. That's only right. Agreed, and my understanding is that will indeed be the case whatever boundary we will end up with.
  4. Time will tell I guess, but this is what I heard. Regardless, it's clear that Tayport want to join the ML as they have stated so publicly. I'd assume that will be respected in the same way that Luncarty (if they find themselves in ML territory due to being above the HL/LL divide) will likely be allowed to remain EOS if they so wish.
  5. I know they are talking about a Perthshire boundary as well. Blairgowrie & Coupar Angus for example will definitely be ML. So would any north Perthshire team should they want to come over from the amateurs (like Breadalbane who have been rumoured previously). It's likely though that whatever the boundary around Perthshire will be, there will be an agreement like between the EOS & WOS that any clubs that find themselves on the "wrong side" of the boundary for their league can stay where they are if they so wish.
  6. From what I understand, the ERJFA & EOS agreed that the entire DD postcode area will be ML territory. That includes Tayport, but no other Fife clubs.
  7. From what I understand is that even though some are more enthusiastic than others, there seems to be a general agreement now to stick together.
  8. I know that and the news I hear over here is very positive too. But considering how the pyramid stuff has gone in recent years I won't take anything for granted until it's officially confirmed. That might just be my cautions nature though. 😂
  9. Tayport withdrew and the other 3 were rejected. Ok, thanks for telling me that. That gives me even more hope there will be a ML in the pyramid from next season as otherwise the EOS might have had a different view.
  10. That does suggest that all Tayside applicants have either withdrawn their application and/or told to join the ML.
  11. I'm originally from The Netherlands and support Excelsior Rotterdam, a team in the Dutch second tier. Colt teams came in the league about a decade ago and they've completely ruined the league. They completely failed in The Netherlands, made the league far less attractive but the big clubs stick by them. Attendances against colt teams are generally lower as plenty of fans simply refuse to watch their team play colt teams and I can't blame them. I already left the country before these teams came into the league but there is no chance I'd go to a game against any of these disgraces if I still lived there, home or away. They add nothing to the league. They ruin a part of the competitive element of the league as these teams can't play for promotion. When you play these teams can make a big difference on how strong your opposition is. For example, Excelsior played in the same season against Ajax Colts with plenty of first team regulars and against a glorified Ajax U18. The latter game was because Ajax had important league games & Champions League coming up so they wanted to keep as much as their squad together as possible so just sent a sub-standard team to play Excelsior as that game was an inconvenience for them. We won comfortably and benefited from it, but that's not the point. It makes a mockery of the league. We were fighting for a play-off spot at the time and our rivals for that spot were rightfully seething about the situation. These teams also hardly get any support, even Ajax regularly don't even reach double figure away attendances! The 4 teams have by quite a distance the 4 lowest average home attendances in the league. These teams also deprive 2nd tier sides of signing various players (either permanently or on loan) because those 4 need to fill their squads. It's not just The Netherlands, fans of German lower league clubs often feel the same for example. There is no reason to assume any of this would be any different in Scotland. Fans rightfully feel strongly about this and this disgraceful plan shouldn't even be debated. I'd fully understand it when fans stop going to watch football if this plan goes ahead.
  12. All the tier 6 LL area champions get it, so it's only fair enough if the HL area champions get it as well. We will undoubtedly go for licensing though.
  13. Work ongoing at Lochee United. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this.
  14. Colt teams would completely ruin the lower leagues, it's really as simple as that. You'd be surprised with the amount of fans that wouldn't come if this awful, selfish plan goes through. I don't support an SPFL side, but Tayside is just coming in the pyramid with possible promotion for us to the Highland League. There is always a chance to make the SPFL from there (although I realise it will be very, very tough!) but if the OF colts are in League 2 I'd even be happy for them to end the promotion opportunity again. I'd rather not see my team make the SPFL than end up in a league completely ruined with Colt sides. It's the hypocrisy of the OF that gets me the most in this, claiming it's good for the lower leagues, Sottish football in general, the national team. None of that is true. They clearly don't give a sh!t about any of that, this is just to serve their own interests and nothing else.
  15. Indeed, the EOS will know very well where the ML negotiations stand and I've been reliably informed it's pretty much sorted and they just need to go through the formalities. They won't entertain any Tayside applications at this stage for that reason. Plus from what I understand, various EOS clubs (including the Borders clubs) don't even want Tayside in there.
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