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  1. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I think it's generally a problem with universities that have sports teams. When I lived down in Derby I went to a cricket game between Loughborough University and Derbyshire (I also like cricket and support Derbyshire in England due to the time I spent there). I kinda expected a decent crowd as Loughborough is the number 1 sports university in the UK AND generally the main place where English cricket talents go to combine study & sports as there are high quality facilities for them. Yet there was only a crowd of about 100 with at least 3/4 being away fans.
  2. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Having grown up there - I can confirm that! Agreed, I think there should be a provision for playing evening games, whether that's in their own ground or on a lighted training pitch. For a few midweek games with crowds that don't exceed double figures I don't see a big issue when they play that on a nearby training pitch. It's not like the crazy situation in The Netherlands where there are clubs which average 4 figure crowds on that level! IMO, we also need to be realistic about how big Scotland is. If you compare it to England, they are 10 times the size in terms of population. The 15th club in the Lowland League is the 71st club overall in Scotland (treating the HL as being on par with the LL). That should roughly equate with the 710th club in England, which would take you all the way down to tier 10! The Netherlands has roughly 3 times the population, so the 15th club in the LL should roughly equate to their 213th club, who are in the 6th tier. Neither the English tier 10, nor the Dutch tier 6 have compulsory lighting.
  3. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    In England it's a requirement until quite low down (I think as far down as tier 9), but there are plenty of countries where it's no requirement lower down. In The Netherlands it's not a requirement at all in tier 5 (the highest regionalised tier) and below. And even in tiers 3 and 4 clubs have the possibility to play midweek games on a training pitch nearby as long as it has lighting. Which is quite crazy as some clubs in tier 3 regularly get 4 figure crowds and bring large numbers of away fans!
  4. How many clubs ground sharing!

    Beechwood Park
  5. How many clubs ground sharing!

    Not anymore
  6. Pyramid

    Didn't Clydebank vote to join the pyramid next season rather than specifically the EoSFL? As far as I understand, they are hoping for a west feeder, but will join the EOS if it doesn't happen.
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    It will be up to the clubs in the SoSFL obviously, but I could imagine they'd rather feed into a west league at tier 6 rather than the LL. If the WoSFL (or whatever it will be called) will end up at the same level as the South league the South champions will likely be battered every single promotion play-off, meaning they'll only have a theoretical route into the LL rather than one that would work in practise. However, if they feed into a west league, a club can get promoted into there and then get ready for the next step up if they are ambitious.
  8. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    I highly doubt that as I've read my information elsewhere. But the rest of my post still stands anyway, B-teams have not proven to benefit player development and the really talented players more often than not go straight into the first team or go on loan. Introducing them in Scotland would be absolutely stupid and would have a vastly negative effect on the Scottish lower divisions. You can support lower league football or you can support the introduction of B-teams. It's absolutely impossible to support both.
  9. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Let's be very clear: I'm not against change, and I've actually argued for change in Scottish football and elsewhere. Both on P&B and other places, it's safe to say that not everything I say what should change is popular. It's just issues like B-teams I can't stand. That's an example of change that's not for the better. I partly come to that conclusion due to experience in following football on the continent (I used to live in The Netherlands and regularly traveled to Germany, I still follow football in both countries closely). And when people argue it's worked for Germany (for example): their entire 2014 World Cup winning squad had exactly 1 B-team appearance between them. The real talents generally either get loaned out or get thrown straight in the first team. That's not just how it's used in Germany, but in most other countries with B-teams as well. B-teams often stop young players who are just outside the very top to go to smaller teams, which is neither great for them, nor for the smaller teams.
  10. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    The bold one is already not true, in Germany the last B team got relegated from the 3rd tier last season. They are absolutely despised by lower league fans, who generally feel they don't add anything to the divisions and bring no fans. There are various people in the German game trying to get rid of them. The same goes for The Netherlands, where their introduction in the lower tiers has been extremely unpopular and terrible for the leagues, meaning the clubs are now trying to get rid of them. But from your post it's quite clear: you don't give a sh!t about the lower divisions, the Premiership is all that counts for you...
  11. Uefa nations league

    He is definitely under big pressure in Germany now. I wouldn't be surprised if they get rid of them after the nations league finishes, especially if they get relegated to league B.
  12. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    They have nothing to add to the competition, bring low crowds and are just used as development of players. A senior competition shouldn't be used for that, they should just stick with playing each other. Plus, I fear this is being used as a way to introduce colt teams in the lower divisions, which would kill lower division football. I can see no proper argument at all for these teams being in the competition in the first place. As I care about lower league football, I'd never go to a game involving any of them and I hope colt teams will be removed from this competition.
  13. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    I know it's not Motherwell's fault, but it's a disgrace that they are allowed in the competition and the colt teams ruin the competition. So for the competition it would be great if they were dumped out.
  14. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Lets hope Motherwell Colts get the hardest possible draw and get dumped out of the competition. They shouldn't have been in there at all, but a colts team going as far as the semi finals would really be a terrible thing.
  15. Uefa nations league

    The Netherlands 3-0 Germany has to be the biggest shock of the round, I never saw that coming!