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  1. Ajax women 2-1 Heerenveen women Decent game today. First half wasn't very exciting, but the second half was much better. Ajax won through a late goal which I think was deserved. Decent attendance and I managed to capture a lovely sunset.
  2. It's also worth noting that in terms of support, finances and facilities, Katwijk are bigger than a number of pro sides. But as the situation around the pyramid and different factions of the Dutch game make the situation around that in Scotland currently and over the last 20 or so years look efficient, uncontroversial and well-managed, they are still non-league.
  3. The one on the left is their club house, with a very nice pub inside. The one on the right contains facilities for business partners, players etc.
  4. Katwijk 2-3 Harkemase Boys Tonight I went to this match in the second preliminary round of the Dutch Cup. Both teams are amongst the biggest part-time sides in the country, playing "tweede divisie" (third tier). Crowd was comfortably four figures and the ground was excellent. Atmosphere was great too, with a firework show before kick-off. Great game for a neutral which the better side won. The guests have now gone through to the first round proper with teams from the top two divisions, so they can hope for a big team in the draw.
  5. PSV 0-4 Feyenoord, that's quite a shock...
  6. Quick Den Haag 1-0 JOS Watergraafsmeer I'm still in The Netherlands and today I got into the stereotype for the Dutch and cycled from my mother's home to The Hague. Quick were one of the original big Dutch teams who won one Dutch title and 4 Dutch cups. They also once won three Dutch cups in a row, something that since then has only been equalled by Ajax and PSV. Their last main trophy was over a century ago. Like many clubs from back then, they are also multisport. In the last two decades or so they are far better known for their cricket team, who are one of the biggest sides in the Dutch league. Their football team did climb up the leagues in recent years though and they are in the fourth tier now. They very much represent the city's elite. Their opponents today are from Amsterdam and very much represent the elite over there. Very friendly people there from both sides. The ground is lovely with a beautiful old stand and terracing in front of the club house. Great afternoon out all together.
  7. SC Feijenoord 0-0 DHSC Today I went to the local community club in the area of Feijenoord. They are a separate club from the professional club just with local lads in the Dutch fifth tier. They share their ground with the women and U21 team of the professional club. The game wasn't great but the ground was good and it was a good afternoon out. The game played at the pitch next door was much busier as Feyenoord U19 were playing Ajax...
  8. I love all the groundhopping I've been doing and obviously my games with Lochee United. But nothing is better than going to your own team you grew up with. Excelsior Rotterdam 3-1 FC Dordrecht. My first visit in 3 years and the first time I have seen us win in 12 1/2 years (yes, the times I went since moving country I've always picked rubbish games, other than one in which we won promotion after a draw). Just amazing to finally be back and see everyone. (yes I know, non-random games you're going to for this pish etc. etc., but I couldn't resist posting this here)
  9. Bedlington Terriers 2-1 Easington Colliery Today is was in Northumberland for non-football related reasons. Obviously I couldn't resist going to a game anyway. So I went to Dr Pit Welfare Park for this game in the Northern League Division Two. Great game and a very friendly club.
  10. Sorry to hear that, all the best with everything.
  11. I thought both sides were pretty evenly matched, so we're going to have to agree to disagree. On a different subject though, good to hear you were back at football. I hope you're doing well.
  12. We were unlucky on Saturday, where we were clearly the poorer team against East Craigie, we did deserve something from the game at Broughty, a draw would probably have been a fair result. Then again, that's football. With Carnoustie dropping points the league is still wide open so no reason to panic yet. We're still missing a few players, with Coupar Angus being the only league game between now and early October, there at least is some time for the injured players to recover. Obviously I'd like us to win the cup games we've got as well, but the league must be the priority.
  13. Hearts Women 1-2 Hamilton Academical Today I went to the Oriam for this game. First half wasn't the most attractive. There were just a handful of chances, including a penalty for the guests, but the Hearts goalkeeper made a great save. Second half was much more open. Hearts took the lead, but two more penalties gave Accies the win. The second penalty was deep into stoppage time and scored after a rebound. I found it very soft, so Hearts can definitely feel hard done by. Having said that, over the full 90 minutes Accies were the better side.
  14. For most people on here this wouldn't be "random", but for me it kinda is. A double header for me yesterday. After having watched us at Broughty Athletic, I went to Hampden Park for Scotland 1-0 Moldova.
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