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  1. You have literally made stuff up that's entirely baseless and you ask me for proof... [emoji849]
  2. The SPFL have NEVER been open to 3 tier 5 feeders. They originally only wanted one feeder, but accepted two as a compromise. They've made very clear more won't be accepted. For that reason "option Z" was a non-starter and shouldn't have been suggested by the SJFA / WRJFA. Whatever the LL thought of it was really irrelevant because it was never seriously on the table. Stop peddling these lies.
  3. The final has now been a 3-0 default win for Linfield due to Coronavirus cases at Drita...
  4. I personally wouldn't mind Tayside joining the North Region, it gives more variety in opposition and some nice away trips that are not around Tayside. But I can't see it happening as I clearly seem an exception with this opinion.
  5. To be fair, normally you would be right. That's because usually the QR2 draw is before the conclusion of QR1. This year the draw is after the conclusion of QR1, so that's why it's different now.
  6. As said, I wasn't there that day, but with what you said, that number is unlikely to be correct. The figure against BSC can't be far off reality as there was a healthy crowd present.
  7. To be fair, most of the people attending usually stand a bit higher on the opposite end of the pitch from where the camera was, so you won't be able to see them in the highlights. I'm not saying it was definitely right (I wasn't there that day so I can't judge), but I have attended games with similar attendances at Thomson Park. Usually the highest attendences are when neither Dundee, nor Dundee United, have a home game so a fair amount of people flock to Lochee United instead. I have no idea if either was playing at home that day.
  8. It's only August, talks are about a potential restart in October, but losing 2 months makes the whole season a busted flush? Obviously, there is no guarantee it can actually restart in October, but that's why there are talks about what measures to take in order to be able to do so. All seems common sense to me.
  9. AFC Bury are starting at tier 10, probably better for them long term as they can now have a fresh start, with fan ownership.
  10. The south league looks extremely unattractive. With Livingston United already leaving I wouldn't be surprised if more follow. Surely even the biggest die-hards in there will realise there won't be much of a future in that league?
  11. He continued for at least a few years too long. Although some of the criticism aimed at him would probably be better aimed at the clubs, he was clearly out of his depth in the events in recent years. I doubt he'll be replaced by another full-time employee, it will be interesting to see what happens.
  12. The North will be worse. Imagine Cove v Stoneywood Parkvale and Elgin City v Alness
  13. Correct. It doesn't mean that this can't be a precedent for the longer term, but this decision is mainly out of practical reasons. It's also worth mentioning that the club play in (for Dutch standards) a pretty rural region without many women's clubs around, so she would have been quite limited in choice of clubs if this request was denied.
  14. I've seen many crazy plans on here, but this one is right up there. Regionalisation of tier 3 is one thing, splitting it in FIVE regions is just madness.
  15. I notice the BBC did their research well by calling VV Foarut a 4th tier team.... They're actually the 4th tier of their region. In the national pyramid they're tier 9, fully amateur.
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