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  1. League fixtures 2018/19?

    Don't ruin my good weekend please...
  2. Outer Hebrides fixtures

    Thanks for the advice. I had a look and I think I'm going to the final of the Coop Cup in Stornoway.
  3. Selkirk FC thread

    They'd probably be seen as a relegated team, meaning they'd go into tier 6 = EOS Premier.
  4. Selkirk FC thread

    If they can't get a team together now, I don't see how they could suddenly do it in the EOS. Also, they'd drop straight into the EOS First Division for next season if this happens. Then they are better off going into abeyance now and re-join a strong EOS Premier next season for which they have plenty of time to prepare.
  5. UEFA draws incompetent and unfair ...

    TNS v Lincoln Red Imps was in the champions path, in which only 3 clubs were unseeded (the CL preliminary round losers, including Lincoln Red Imps). All 15 CL Q1 losers were seeded, meaning any of them could get any of the 3 unseeded clubs and other than those 3 ties the rest was an open draw (resulting in Drita from Kosovo playing F91 Dudelange from Luxembourg, with the latter winning). With TNS, one of the lowest "seeded" clubs got Lincoln Red Imps.
  6. UEFA draws incompetent and unfair ...

    In the upcoming CL QR4 draw for the "best placed" path, Benfica/Fenerbahce & Slavia Prague/Dinamo Kyiv are seeded. Standard Liege/Ajax & PAOK/Spartak Moscow are unseeded. However, due to the ridiculous rule that Russian & Ukrainian clubs are being kept apart (just like Armenia/Azerbaijan and some others I think), it's already known that Benfica/Fenerbahce will play PAOK/Spartak Moscow and Slavia Prague/Dinamo Kyiv will play Standard Liege/Ajax. The draw is only to decide the order of the legs...
  7. Coefficientwatch

    None of the countries ranked 48th - 55th have any clubs left in any competition. Therefore the new bottom 4 is known. Gibraltar have overtaken Northern Ireland, meaning the Northern Irish champions will play in the CL preliminary tournament with the champions of Kosovo, Andorra and San Marino for 1 spot in the 1st qualifying round. They will also lose an EL spot, so they will only send 2 teams to the EL.
  8. Selkirk FC thread

    Let them swap places with LTHV if they prefer doing a step back!
  9. Hibernian European Tour 2018/2019

    Amazing result, very well done Hibs!
  10. Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts

    Congratulations on your first win!
  11. I was born in The Netherlands but have lived in the UK for nearly a decade now (first England, then Scotland). Over here, people think I'm Dutch, German or Scandinavian (people often struggle placing my accent more exactly). Yet when I'm speaking Dutch in The Netherlands they ask me what part of the UK I'm from...
  12. Outer Hebrides fixtures

    Thanks, is there anything like that for Uist & Barra too? Can hardly find anything on them.
  13. Outer Hebrides fixtures

    I hope someone can help me. I'm going to the Outer Hebrides for a few days, arriving in Harris on Saturday morning 11/8, staying there until Monday 13/8 and then until Thursday in North/South Uist and Barra. I'm looking for a game to go to, but I struggle to find fixtures. Are there any Saturday games on in the Lewis & Harris league and/or midweek games in the Uist & Barra league?
  14. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    That's one of the reasons why I enjoy this so much. I go to random places all over the country (as I don't just limit myself to the 42 SPFL teams, but I also go to non-league, senior and junior). I get to go to some places I'd never think of visiting. Some of those places might not be the greatest, but there are other places I've been to and really enjoyed while never having heard of it before I moved to Scotland.
  15. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    Technically I'm definitely a "groundhopper" here in Scotland, as I'm not following a particular team but I'm just going to random games across the country. I do have a favourite team though, but as they're in The Netherlands, I don't get to see them that often now I live over here, still try to follow them online, on TV etc, although that's not the same. As I still love football, I have decided to go around watching different games over here now. I'm trying to do "the 42" in Scotland, but I don't do all these silly rules. I count a ground if I've been there and seen a football game, it's as simple as that. I couldn't really give a shit if someone else says I'm not doing it properly. I'm not doing it to impress others, I'm just doing it as a personal hobby. For these groundhopper "sects", it's far more an obsession than a hobby, I don't even want to get any "recognition" by them!