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  1. Yes, I did, thanks. I like the ground and I loved the atmosphere, both in the ground and in Auchinleck itself before the game.
  2. Not many pubs near Kingsmeadow either... I do remember the Willoughby Arms in a residential estate near Norbiton station which is a great pub, but that's about a 20 minute walk away. Been there a few times when Wimbledon still played at KM back when I lived in England.
  3. I walked past him twice on Saturday at Beechwood. Also with the camera off he genuinely seemed to enjoy himself, so I'm convinced none of it in the video was "acting".
  4. The advantage for ourselves, Tayport or any other club that might be licensed next season would be that winning the ML could mean a free pass to the HL or at least a PO opponent that isn't nearly as strong as BOD.
  5. Lost 2-1 at Carnoustie. I wasn't at the game, but apparently it was a very close game which could have gone either way. Carnoustie are a good side so it's nothing to be ashamed of, but this all but put an end to our title hopes which is obviously disappointing. But with us being close to obtaining our license, we'll be in a good position to build for next season. Obviously plenty of games still to go so we should keep going for it, but realistically East Craigie have been very strong this season so they won't throw it away from this position.
  6. Auchinleck Talbot 0-5 Hearts No cup shock today, but a really enjoyable day out. Lovely ground and a good atmosphere. Talbot were definitely better than the scoreline suggested, but Hearts were clinical and clearly didn't want to take it lightly after last year's defeat at Brora.
  7. There is some work to do, like dressing rooms and other indoor facilities that are nowhere near good enough yet as far as I understand. I'm sure that they will try to get it at some point, but they are clearly going to need more time. Blairgowrie have been doing quite a lot of work on their ground this season, I wouldn't be surprised if they go for theirs in the not too distant future.
  8. True, but on the other hand they would end up in a higher standard league. Also, if they drop in the North Region they'd still have to face a play-off against the ML champions (if licensed) if they want to go back up. In case of a merger, they'd "only" have to beat the NCL champions & HL bottom team.
  9. It's confidential, but the same source who told me about the formation of the Midlands League well before it was announced. I realise it leaves it lopsided, ideally the boundary between the new Tayside/Grampian league and the NCL should be moved westwards in such a case. But I wonder if the NCL will be interested in that as it would massively increase travel for plenty of their clubs? As far as I am aware, they are involved in the talks of any further changes to the structure though, so they're not being ignored.
  10. Yep, with the Aberdeen by-pass it's much easier to get past Aberdeen. It would get rid of some of the unbalanced matches in both the North and Midlands, which can only be a good thing really.
  11. Lochee United & Tayport are both shortly getting their SFA audits and both are confident of getting their license this season. Lights are being installed at Thomson Park currently. No other ML clubs are going for licensing this season (although I'm sure some will aim to get theirs in the not too distant future).
  12. There have been rumours that there will be a joint North/Midlands "superleague" at tier 6, which would mean the remaining teams end up in tier 7. But I'm not sure how far those talks are.
  13. I remember that around 20 years ago some Dutch national team games were on Comedy Central. Considering how we were playing at the time (missed World Cup 2002), that might have been appropriate though.
  14. Dryburgh Athletic 0-4 Kilmarnock Scottish Women's Cup 3rd round, Glenesk Park Dryburgh Athletic played well against the visitors who play one tier higher, the scoreline was harsh on them but Killie were definitely the better team. Late on Dryburgh were clearly exhausted, then the difference in level they play at became obvious. Attendance 80 + 7 dogs.
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