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  1. Vale of Leven 4-1 Royal Albert A good day out despite horrible conditions. Lovely ground and I've received a great welcome by members of both committees. Vale were easily the better side and thoroughly deserved the win, which was a very important one for them. Great seeing @Craig fae the Vale again too.
  2. Difficult to say tbh, we often manage to raise our game against stronger opponents. I would say we're quite some way behind the real top countries like France though. You never know in knock-out football, but last 16 or QF would normally be the end for us.
  3. Well, that wasn't the best game from our side. We just didn't do enough in possession and don't manage to get the ball to our strikers. Imo we were lucky to get away with a draw and we'll have to improve against stronger opponents. But still, we're top of the group and only need a draw against Qatar to go through. That is a good position to be in. Let's be honest, if we f*ck it up against Qatar, we don't deserve to be there.
  4. Never say never about getting to the SPFL, but let's first try to get to the Highland League. He seems the kind of guy who would just pull his money out if we stay in the ML or HFL for a bit longer than he'd like. And obviously that could blow up the club if we're then tied to expensive contracts for players and/or management.
  5. Carling throwing his toys out of the pram as he doesn't get his way... Not like that never happened before.
  6. Well, I only started watching from the 83rd minute as only then I got home from work. That's kind of the team to wait with scoring until I got home. I heard it wasn't the best game at all, but before the tournament started I said that Senegal are the toughest opponents in the group, so I can't complain about this start at all! We have to play better against better opponents though.
  7. Yeah, it's not something to be proud of. But what happened, happened, we need to clean the mess up now and try to move on.
  8. I'm definitely not against outside investment to get us higher up. I want the club to get higher and if sustainable investment can do that, that would be a chance we should grab. But the point is that word sustainable, if it would in any way be risky for the long term future of the club, it's simply not worth it. I'd rather stay in this division a bit longer and improve gradually, then rise quickly and fall even quicker. And like you say, I also don't get a good impression of this investor. And clearly neither did the rest of the committee.
  9. I'm just a fan, I do know some of the committee members and others involved in the club, but I don't have a position myself.
  10. Well, usually there isn't much drama at Lochee United, hopefully we can steady the ship now. It seems that there were investments offered that weren't seen as sustainable and could end up being very risky and none of it was properly discussed, hence the people responsible for that had to go. Sad for Harper that he was caught in the middle of this as it wasn't his fault obviously. In the end, we don't want to be another club that rises fast and then just disappears, the long term future of the club should come first.
  11. I have no idea wtf is going on to be honest...
  12. Correct, also places like Maastricht and Enschede are not in Holland. The main cities in Holland are Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam, also the 3 biggest cities in the country.
  13. The league Cup can start after the league has been decided if needed.
  14. Lochee United's game got called off and so were the alternatives I was considering. I ended up in Aberdeen to watch Hermes 1-0 Banchory St. Ternan in the North Superleague. A very friendly club at a basic, but nice, ground hidden behind some companies in an industrial estate. One of the committee members told me that their problem was scoring goals. I can imagine what he said, Hermes were easily the better side and should have won by more, but they will be happy they did get the win over the line.
  15. None of the people who I am regularly in touch with think any of these rumours are serious.
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