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  1. That format looks much better than the "normal" one. Let's hope they'll keep it in future seasons (with the exception of replays being brought back).
  2. Not many, they just had a complete off-day.
  3. I watched most of the second half. Just shocking how poor they were. I've seen far better defending in the juniors.
  4. With only 17 teams and a huge golf in standard between teams it's always going to be hard getting a decent structure. Alternative is leagues of 9 and 8, that doesn't sound too great either...
  5. The Netherlands toured South-East Asia and played Indonesia & Thailand. It was more of a commercially motivated trip as Dutch football is followed a lot over there (Indonesia is a former colony). Despite winning both games, the ranking dropped and it cost the Dutch a top seeded position.
  6. Napoli 0-1 AZ Alkmaar, that's a massive shock. Especially as it was effectively AZ Colts who play in the Dutch second tier due to nearly the entire first team being out with Covid.
  7. Mario Götze had a good debut for PSV, he scored after 8 minutes and played well until being substituted in the 67th minute in a comfortable 3-0 victory against PEC Zwolle. Robben came back after injury for Groningen when coming on as a substitute in the second half. He played well, but the game remained 0-0. Feyenoord had a poor day, 1-1 at home against local rivals Sparta, and dropped off the (shared) first place. Ajax beat Heerenveen 5-1, AZ again threw away a lead, this time 2-0 became 2-2 against VVV. Vitesse kept their strong form by beating ADO Den Haag 0-2 away. PSV are now the only leaders with 13 points from 5 games. Vitesse and Ajax are 1 point behind, Feyenoord and Twente are 2 points behind.
  8. Thank f*ck for that...
  9. These big clubs use the bad position of smaller clubs as an excuse for a complete powergrab, they are basically holding a gun to heads. It's absolutely disgusting and immoral what they are doing. This just shows that the "big 6" don't give a sh!t about lower leagues or football in general, they only care about their own interests but act as if they're suddenly into "charity" now. This is about taking control now, next thing is stopping relegation & B-teams in the EFL and if they have full control they can push that through. Both have to be resisted at all costs. Thankfully supporters of all clubs seem to be strongly against this, including the vast majority of Liverpool & Man Utd themselves. Hopefully this disgraceful plan will be binned asap.
  10. Luxembourg won against Montenegro. They are now level on points with Montenegro on top of division C, both 9 from 4 games.
  11. What an awful plan. They're just using the difficult situation for clubs to put a gun to their heads and trying to blackmail them to get more power. Absolutely disgusting. I'm sure this will be used as a backdoor way to get B-teams into the EFL, which has to be avoided at all costs. They should stick that plan somewhere the sun doesn't shine... Can't the big 6 just form their own isolated breakaway league with the 2 Glaswegian ugly sisters? Win-win situation for the rest of the clubs in both England and Scotland.
  12. If he can get anywhere near his best then he'll be an excellent signing for them. Unfortunately I think that injuries may have taken their toll on him, both physically and mentally. He could be great but equally, I can see him being one of those players who retires before he's 30 if this move doesn't work out for him. It seems like a sensible move to try to get his career back on track. Less pressure, especially from a media point of view, compared to big clubs in Germany. A German manager who knows him and a few other German players. The league will suit his style of play. It's a step down from where he was so a bigger chance to make an impact and if it works well and he stays injury-free, it could take him back to the top. Culturally not too different and close to the German border. He is only 28 in the end of the day, so if he gets back in good shape physically there is still plenty of future in him as a player. PSV v Groningen later this season is going to be interesting: Götze v Robben.
  13. Quite a remarkable signing for PSV. Mario Götze joins them after having been released by Borussia Dortmund. It will be interesting to see what he can do for them.
  14. At a guess because people have been lobbying them, I haven't heard much about MSPs being lobbied...
  15. Other than that it debunks your incorrect statement that she just wants to be different...
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