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  1. Local authority boundaries can change and often don't make any sense. Another good example of that is around Dundee, Invergowrie is Perth & Kinross. Yet it pretty much forms a continuous built-up area with Dundee (Lochee). From where I live, Invergowrie is a short walk. I prefer to get the train from Invergowrie whenever I'm heading towards Glasgow as I can just walk to the station rather than having to get on a bus to Dundee station. Locals from Invergowrie do their shopping generally in Dundee and use some local services around where I live. The local authority boundary doesn't make that much sense. Because of that, their local amateur club play Midlands AFA against clubs from Dundee/Angus rather than Perthshire AFA. If they would decide to make the step up to junior/senior football (I highly doubt they would, but as an example), there is no doubt they'd go for whatever league the clubs from Dundee are in, rather than joining the Perth clubs in the EOS. Oddities like that are all over. A bit of flexibility around local authority boundaries is only fair enough imo.
  2. This is based to conversations I've had with people from both clubs and other Tayside based "junior men". The idea I'm getting is that neither are too bothered with the label put on them ("junior" or "senior"), but they just want to play clubs from Tayside (and other areas not too far away). They're not the richest clubs, so they don't fancy trips to the Borders simply from a financial perspective.
  3. It's a bit more difficult now to see in Scone's ground from outside, it's fairly enclosed nowadays. In terms of Blairgowrie & Coupar Angus, there is no chance they'd go elsewhere without the Tayside clubs. For them Tayside is the logical region to be in. I doubt they'd want to go EOS unless the rest of Tayside does, due to travel reasons. And let's be honest, it's not like either will soon challenge for promotion to the EOS Premier (or even First) any time soon should they make the move.
  4. A key reason why the situation is so serious at this point is because a lot of people are thinking like you, basically assuming that they're ok and ignoring the rules/advice while potentially passing the virus on to very vulnerable people and increasing the pressure on the NHS. Part-time football players could catch the virus at a game, travel home from the game without knowing they have the virus and passing the virus on to loads of people in that way. Especially if they have a job in which they can't work from home. As already stated, what's legal might not neccesarily be the right thing to do. It's up to the leagues whether or not to suspend football based on the current health situation. Exactly that has already been done by the NCL, SJFA North & SJFA East. So it's a very valid discussion to have on here. I love football, as soon as it's safe & legal to do so I'll travel around to go to games again. However, in my opinion it's just not right to continue playing now. Some things are more important than football...
  5. Exactly. Also, many people forget the knock-on effects it can have with medical treatment for others being delayed. I had to wait for medical treatment myself due to NHS Tayside being overwhelmed and it turned out that I had to be tested for cancer. Thank goodness all turned out to be fine in the end, but just imagine what the extra wait could have done to me if I were less lucky...
  6. The remaining SJFA leagues are now suspended. Right decision imo.
  7. Right decision. In my opinion, all football should be suspended now. But definitely this level.
  8. As far as I'm aware, there has been no change in the position of the Tayside clubs in the past few months. But for obvious reasons I haven't seen the local junior people I know much lately.
  9. I'd normally say that I'm a positive person, but that might not be the best statement to make at the moment. 🤨 Not really... Tbh, if there was a major breakthrough in the Tayside debate I'd already have known it anyway.
  10. I haven't been on P&B for the last 2 months and only returned today, but I see nothing has changed over here yet...
  11. The eredivisie is becoming a bit of a farce at the moment. Due to a very large number of Covid cases amongst players, various clubs struggle to even field a team. In a few cases clubs only had 3 or 4 players on the bench. Others had to include youth players in their match day squads.
  12. That format looks much better than the "normal" one. Let's hope they'll keep it in future seasons (with the exception of replays being brought back).
  13. Not many, they just had a complete off-day.
  14. I watched most of the second half. Just shocking how poor they were. I've seen far better defending in the juniors.
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