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  1. Tonight I watched a game at The Stanks in Berwick. Loughoughton Rangers 3-8 The Angel, after it was 2-0 halfway through the first half. Amazing place to watch football.
  2. Over here from multiple sides I also hear it's all sorted. Apparently Monday is just going to be a rubber stamp and then it's official.
  3. Well, I'm pleasantly surprised by the 2 wins so far, I never expected even one, so I won't complain. I do realise that we were very lucky with the draw and will probably get humped when we face an actually good nation, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts
  4. Indeed, I think that would get much less opposition and I'd personally be more open to that than the current plans. As long as they start at the bottom though.
  5. That's correct. It was only in the 1950's that professional football started in The Netherlands. Many clubs were multi sports clubs and over time had a professional football club split off from the grassroots so one doesn't affect the other. The amateurs and professionals are now separate clubs, despite similar names. They often also have separate grounds, although the professional clubs tend to have youth sides in a ground sharing arrangement with the amateurs. This is the case for Ajax, Feyenoord, Excelsior and plenty of others. Feyenoord for example also have a baseball and basketball side, both playing top flight. The amateur teams generally are community clubs that have a completely different function. They often have teams for youth players who aren't good enough for the academy, for grassroots teams and all the way down to what's effectively lower Sunday league standard. Movement from the amateurs to the professional sides with the same / similar name is rare. And if it happens, it's seen as an official transfer. If say Feyenoord want a player from their professional side to play for the amateurs, they'd have to agree a transfer or loan, just like with any other club.
  6. Some decent games for pre-season.
  7. If you don't know anything about the Dutch non-league system, don't say anything... The amateurs are completely separate from the professional setup, they are a separate club. And the rules have been set extremely strict on promotion from the third team, meaning hardly any clubs can afford promotion. The Dutch pyramid is even more of a mess than the Scottish one. That's why I'm passionate on here about the pyramid and colt teams.
  8. Today I've been to Kikcaldy & Dysart v Burntisland Shipyard, a very entertaining 5-5 draw. The first half Burntisland were clearly the better side and they deserved their 3-1 lead at the break. In the second half first the host had a strong period and then it was pretty level. Some good football up front by both sides, there were some really good goals in there. Defensively it was pretty awful as the scoreline suggests.
  9. I've already set out my detailed arguments several times, partly based on experience in The Netherlands. I'm not going to repeat myself considering you struggle with reading anyway.
  10. Kirkcaldy and Dysart 5-5 Burntisland Shipyard Both teams were good up front. Defensively it was not so good (quite an understatement), but that made it thoroughly entertaining for a neutral like me.
  11. I watched it, and it's very clear to me that NOTHING WHATSOEVER is being done by the OF to look at wider measures to improve youth development in Scotland. As said, they don't care about that, they don't care about lower league football in Scotland. They only care about themselves. And I don't even blame them that they do what is best for themselves, everyone does that. But then don't lie about it in such a blatant way by claiming you care about wider youth development in Scotland & the interests of the lower leagues / Scottish football in general. There are some demonstrable lies in this. Like their claim that the their paper has just not been sent to the clubs, that has already been refuted by the SFA/SPFL. It's also a lie that there is no pathway for 17-21 year olds. There is the reserve league, most countries have leagues like that. Scotland has one, yet the OF aren't bothered with it. He claimed that 67% of Croatia's players in the World Cup final squad played in B-teams in Croatia, that's a lie, that was just 1, their reserve goalie. This video is a load of shite and doesn't make me change my mind. Do something about the actual issues with youth development in Scotland and f**k off with B-teams, which won't help and will ruin lower league football in Scotland. People who support B-teams, don't care about lower league football in Scotland. That's simply a fact.
  12. I think you're right. I've been to 7 games in the last 4 weeks since fans are allowed again. Three of them were friendlies (others were SWPL, NCL, amateur & welfare). The 2 most brutal games were both friendlies (this one and Haddington v Musselburgh on Saturday).
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