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  1. Yeah, shame but no surprise with how cold it was overnight and still is over here (-4)...
  2. That's my thought confirmed [emoji4]
  3. I live close to Thomson Park and currently it looks fine to me, so unless it's going to get really bad overnight I'd expect the game to be on.
  4. With all respect, but why are telling people @jc1 to make sure the Hoose move to the EOS? I doubt there are any clubs who let the manager make such decisions. And I highly doubt JC1 would want that responsibility...
  5. I hope you're right, it makes sense if the west enter the pyramid for next season whilst continuing work on the rest. Personally, I really hope to eventually see all juniors on board and the Tayside issue is one I care a lot about (for obvious reasons), but the west in for next season can hopefully be a good first step to a better pyramid in the whole country.
  6. I've been blocked on Twitter despite no interactions there, but due to having the audacity to criticise how junior football is run on here. That despite the fact that the club I follow is actually a junior club, I go to far more junior games than any other grade & I know a fair amount of people involved in junior football. With the people I know within junior football I don't necessarily agree on everything but I'm happy to agree to disagree and respect each other. This person clearly doesn't understand that... People like that don't exactly help junior football.
  7. Yes, I realise that. But many clubs that moved cited the possibility to go for licensing as a main motivation. I already had/heard conversations at junior games that people who do support pyramid entry use licensing as a main argument. If that's going to become much harder, it will be likely that it further reduces the chance of the juniors on board because there will be fewer clubs motivated to get into the pyramid.
  8. Fully agreed with you, that sounds pretty disgraceful. Not just that the game was called off for reasons that were clearly not honest, but that they didn't even bother communicating with yourselves is a pretty poor showing. There is no way that you should be made to go there now and you should be awarded the tie.
  9. Yes, I understand it's easier said than done and you're right that plenty of things still need to change. But just from my perspective through going to Junior Cup games I'd love the cup to become proper national one day. Obviously, I understand that my look on it through a club that regularly does well in the Junior Cup is different from that of people following smaller clubs for who the cup is just a burden on their season and costs them a fair bit of money.
  10. I love trips in the Junior cup with Lochee, I went to Neilston on Saturday and had a great day out, I also really enjoyed my 2 trips to Ayrshire last season. But if it was an all-non league tournament it would massively improve it. Now the decent sides are mainly Ayrshire/Lanarkshire and a few on Tayside. I'd love some trips to other parts of the country as well, so I'm all for an all-non league cup.
  11. If the SFA are serious about a pyramid, they shouldn't put up any further barriers for clubs wanting to get licensed. Fine if some more requirements get added to the bronze level as it's reasonable to argue that higher standards are needed in SPFL2 compared to LL/HL, but to further raise the requirements a lot for getting in the LL would prevent clubs who'd really add something to the level being able to make the step.
  12. The protest happened after serious racist abuse by FC Den Bosch fans towards black Excelsior players the previous weekend. That raised the discussion about racism in Dutch football and even the Prime Minister has been getting involved in that.
  13. The D playoff team will be in group C together with The Netherlands, Ukraine and one more team, that's already been decided. Unless Romania win the A playoff and then Romania will go in group C with the D playoff team going to group F with Germany.
  14. Big congratulations to Broxburn, excellent result, respect!
  15. Good meeting you too, all the best
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