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  1. That does depend on when the season can start, if there is a delayed start they might have to go for 5 conferences of 13 clubs each I guess. Especially as there are championship play-offs and promotion play-offs for the winner (if licensed, but they have to be taken into account) to schedule.
  2. Correct, all of this "retain SJFA membership and play in the Scottish Junior Cup" has still to be rubber-stamped by a vote of the SJFA member clubs. And as far as I am aware no meeting has been called (obviously hard to do in the current climate) and no communication has been sent out to all of the SJFA clubs to advise them of any potential vote on this matter. Even though I don't think the North & remaining East clubs are universally happy with this, I do expect this to be rubber-stamped. Otherwise the JC will just be North/Tayside/WL. North and Tayside already play in a joint cup, so do Tayside and WL. It would devalue the cup too much.
  3. Agreed, the SJFA and WOS can agree to set certain Saturdays aside for the junior cup, that's perfectly possible. The priority (as far as I understand) means that postponed Junior Cup games won't be guaranteed on a Saturday as no league/SCC cup games will be moved for it. So when a game gets postponed, they might have to be rescheduled for a midweek date.
  4. Challenge cup attendances are affected by some kind of novelty factor as these teams rarely play first teams competitively. If they'd play these teams in a league, the novelty factor would soon wear off. In The Netherlands for example, the colts of Ajax and to a lesser extent PSV got decent (away) attendances in cup games when they played in the cup. Especially Ajax have fans all over the country just like the ugly sisters here, and this gave fans in other parts of the country a chance to watch their youngsters locally. When they joined the Eerste Divisie (2nd tier), high attendances were predicted as a result. The first season it wasn't too bad, but now the colt teams are consistently (and by quite a distance) the teams with the worst attendances in the division. The only times they ever got 4 figure crowds was due to away crowds when playing big(ish) clubs, especially when these clubs were in a promotion/title challenge. Home attendances are often only just in 3 figures and sometimes even only double figures. There have literally been loads of cases of more family/friends of the players being in the crowd on freebies than paying home fans. In some of the games between colt teams the crowd was only in double figures. In away games it's very common for these teams to only get single figure crowds in the away end, sometimes even nobody at all! I don't see why Scotland would be any different.
  5. The north/south split will remain in the ERJFA, WL teams don't want to travel to Tayside. It's frustrating that this is the only area currently not talked about in pyramid discussions anywhere. Hopefully there can be a solution soon. In my opinion, a joint Grampian/Tayside superleague is the way to go, gives some more variety in opposition and it wouldn't be a bad league.
  6. Another one thinking a pyramid is all about getting high up, it's about finding your level. For some that's tier 8, for others that's the top of the Premiership. With such logic, we might as well limit the pyramid to only full-time clubs, as none of the others have a realistic chance to reach the Premiership. Or take it even further, you might as well have a separate league of Celtic and Rangers only as they are the only ones who can realistically win the title so they might as well only play each other. Then again, plenty of non-OF football fans in Scotland would be quite happy with the latter option!
  7. According to some, Royal Mail is clearly some authority in the sense of setting local authority boundaries...
  8. I doubt the north and east will veto it. The Junior cup is effectively a West & Tayside cup already. If these changes will be blocked and the WoSFL teams won't play in the Junior cup, it will be hardly worth anything anymore. The one thing that makes the cup attractive to Tayside teams is ties against strong West teams.
  9. You have at first claimed there is some sort of difference, like saying: "I used “Junior” as the adjective to define the level of the players playing the football", which excludes the SoS, EoS, LL, HL & NCL for no reason. Obviously the WL clubs ultimately have to decide for themselves. But there is no rational argument to not switch other than just being afraid of any change. Especially now that with switching they can continue playing in the Junior Cup, which they see as very important. They are stuck in a bubble which is very damaging for the clubs in the long term. I find that especially sad to see happen to once great clubs like Whitburn. It will be of their own making, but I'd still rather not see the demise of such clubs for failing to accept things change.
  10. And what is the difference between junior football and senior "non league" football? I can tell you, there isn't any. It's the same game, 22 players on a pitch, playing for community clubs with hard working volunteers. It's all the same game and we should stop pretending there is some kind of major difference.
  11. None, it's the same game, but try telling some of the staunchest people that...
  12. That makes me think of the people living near the runway of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport who sued the airport for noise of low flying planes shortly after they bought their homes. Safe to say they lost their case...
  13. When I go out I often wear my Lochee United scarf, which due to the colours is sometimes mistaken for a Rangers one. Especially in Lochee there is not much love lost for Rangers and neither at Lochee United. When I see shirts of SPFL teams at Lochee United games it's mainly both Dundee teams and occasionally I see a kid wearing a Celtic top. Never seen a Rangers one.
  14. Genuine question, are you aware whether or not the same rule will also apply to current ERJFA clubs, i.e. applying for the EoSFL whilst retaining SJFA membership and participation in the Junior Cup? And could ex-juniors in the EoSFL re-apply to join the SJFA whilst staying in the EoSFL?
  15. Bonnyton could realistically apply so they play in a league that involves less traveling.
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