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  1. Thanks for this one mate! We weren’t confident then either mind you.. it’s a funny old game sometimes, maybe it might surprise us again but we’ve less confidence in the manager this time than we did last time. Some of the players seemed to down tools last night and Livi have a great spirit, they’re everything that we aren’t.
  2. Bold post from Jock there! Do think United fans could be more patient with players in general. We demand success and performances immediately and in this division we’ve come up against teams that outfight us and frustrate us all the time. Thankfully Mohsni & Ralston have settled quickly and attitude and effort from Flood, Murdoch, McDonald & Staton in particular are helping drive us on and keeping the dream alive!
  3. Just think it gives off the wrong impression and looks uninspiring. I can see why fans aren’t happy, looked awkward from the away end, bizarre.
  4. I would go with this team too, would like to see Smith on the bench also as I don’t think Lyng offers anything. Pass marks from last imo, Mehmet, Mohsni, Flood & Fraser. Not crazy about McDonald at 10, can understand playing Big Tam especially away from home but we’re better with Stanton or Fraser at 10.
  5. I didn’t think it was a red at the time, haven’t seen it back yet.. pretty even match all in, Dunfermline were surprisingly cagey to start off I thought And grew into the game. Guess neither team wanted to play themselves out of it. United probably should’ve done more with the extra man, but both keepers made big saves so definitely a fair result. Also had a tidy bowl of Stovies in Marvs cafe before the match and good chats with the Pars fans. That wee cafe is a credit to the club [emoji122]
  6. He’s been doing ok, formed a decent partnership with Flood in holding midfield making us hard to beat and allowing the front 4 to play. Didn’t have a great game last night though and if we go more attacking on Friday (let’s hope so) I suspect he’ll drop to the bench. I’d say 6/10, unlikely to be here next season.
  7. Typical! ???????? Hopefully with Luggy there now we’ll get more decisions like that right!
  8. Hard to argue with Scobie chat, had high hopes for him as well!! Robson fills me with dread too [emoji85]
  9. What team would you like to see start on Tuesday? GK - Deniz RB - Ralston CB - Mohsni CB - Murdoch / Scobie ?? LB - Robson / Scobie ?? CM - Flood CM - Gillespie AM - Stanton RW - McMullan LW - King CF - Mickleson / McDonald ?? I like saving Fraser to have an impact from the bench and possibly starting on Friday. Would edge towards doing the same with McDonald as Big Tam is a useful target for the away leg I think and works hard.. LB & CB partner for Mohsni are tough choices unless Durnan is fit...
  10. Think United will need to rest a few, Flood and Mickleson have both had a lot of game time recently. I’d like to see Smith get a start too.. others who have been playing well and fit enough could probably play: Mohsni, Ralston and Gillespie will probably need a start..
  11. I’ve just read the article there, really difficult for him to come out, massive respect. Hope he gets his health back and would love to see him back playing and scoring goals!
  12. I hope he is, we not had much out of him this season. Had high hopes for him as well..
  13. I had no idea my posts would cause so much offence and been seen as giving ammo to other fans as you say. Appreciate it’s hard enough supporting United at the moment. I’m sure it’ll get better, just not as quickly as any of us would have hoped.
  14. Thanks for this mate, some folk have liked it which is cool. I’ve been pretty alarmed at the response from fellow Arabs though tbh. Gonna reign it in now, I thought P&B would be a good place to voice an opinion and maybe have some debate. It’s all gone terribly wrong, much like my team today.
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