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  1. Just referring to the work rate and commitment. Which is what was being questioned that’s all. Been at evey single game game this season and it’s pretty clear we can’t defend for shit. Even the basics! New manager hopefully installs some belief and some passion. However anyone from 6 place could of been in this position on Saturday, the league was very close be it in a bad way. But it isn’t over yet and it would be nice to believe that our players will try their best and not an ex player who said he didn’t want to play for the club,
  2. Everyone feels the same. But we can safely say Harkins made his feeling crystal clear about Queens. He won’t last at Partick either, he obviously wasn’t on anyones team sheet for Saturday. Dykes and Jacobs have started every single game for Queens this season. And Naysmith got rid of Harkins very quickly when it was obvious he didn’t care.
  3. Good on Todd’s agent and from the sounds of it his players have kept him well informed about Harkins.
  4. Absolutely not true. Absolutely nothing happened in the dressing room. Harkins is a knob. End of story. Good way to get behind the team.
  5. Deluded!!! Ask the sponsors he stole the money from!!! The club know the truth that’s why he is banned!!!
  6. Wait a minute. Jim Thomson wife left him after he beat her and her kids for years!!!! Nothing to do with Dykes, and he was chucked out of Queens for stealing money!!! Fact
  7. A little write up from a sport journalist on Lyndon Dykes for your info. “Lyndon Dykes, the Australian terror who can do a job for any team in Scotland It’s easy to look at a team like Queen of the South, an Ayr United, an Edinburgh City and sing the praises of their top and pretty much only goalscorer and act like every game involving these “one-man teams” is pretty much a 1 v. 11, but that’s not the case, is it? I propose a small experiment you can do next time you watch a game involving a one-man team: work out the top-man’s weaknesses as they all have some, and see who’s picking up the slack for them. No doubt you will find 2 or 3 players who are doing all the running, all the passing, all the hold-up play for the star man, and that’s proven by the fact that even when the top player in these teams turn up on the day in big fashion, they are still beatable, some even… very beatable. Ayr have Moffat and Murdoch, Edinburgh have Smith and Shepherd, but there’s one man who can do all of these players’ jobs, and then some. Lyndon f***ing Dykes. Queen of the South play a rather strange system, with the big guy up top dropping back to get the ball, allowing Scottish Messi to roam and find the gaps. You would assume this wouldn’t work, and you’d ask yourself “What in the world is Naismith playing at?”, but if there’s one thing the Queens gaffer has nailed down is how to utilise his strikers. Dykes is a workhorse, he does the running for himself and for Dobbie effortlessly and even though most of the time it’s as pretty as a St. Mirren - Hamilton game, it’s effective, and he receives no props for it. It’s a thankless job which he performs week in, week out. Let’s take for example, Queen of the South - Dundee, Scottish Cup replay. Granted, Dobbie scored a hat-trick, one of which was an absolute pinger, so it’s easy to say Stephen Dobbie won that game for Queens. Incorrect. You may think I’m mad, but there’s method to this madness, pull a chair, make a cup of tea or coffee, and let me enlighten you. Goal number one, Stephen Dobbie screamer. The story of this goal begins with a Dundee corner, dealt with by the Queens defence, and so begins the counter-attack. Dykes is there to pick it up, with Dobbie being allowed to roam in the attacking third, wherever he can find a gap, in this instance, very wide on the right. Dykes is quickly closed down by two Dundee players, makes some room for himself and has the vision and self-awareness to find Dobbie on the right, as let’s be serious, if he kept running he would’ve lost that, but he knows that, which is why he unleashed God on the right. This isn’t where his part in the goal stops however, as Dobbie is surrounded by four Dundee players, Lyndon, along with Todd and Stirling make excellent runs forward to ease the pressure off Dobbie, who finds some space and does what he does best. 1-0. Job nowhere nearly done. Dykes continues to drop back and link up with midfield, bring Dundee players with him wherever he goes, leaving Dobbie acres of space to roam into up top. When defending, Dykes eagerly rushes Dundee defenders, leaving them no room to play the ball, putting in unreal effort to tire out the defence, leaving them clueless when it comes to playing the ball. This influence on the defence, wearing them down minute-by-minute eventually leads to Dobbie’s second. After being pressured for most of the first half by Dykes, an exhausted Innis plays a horrific pass intended for Dieng which Dobbie intercepts and easily puts it past the Dundee keeper. Innis is then subbed off and sent back to Crystal Palace the next day. Dykes’ running ended a player’s Scottish football career. If that isn’t a testament to the effort this man puts in, I don’t know what is. Just before half-time, Lyndon Dykes is there again to get the ball and turn defence into attack, spotting Dieng off his line and thinking “What if I scored from my own half?”. He misses, but it goes to show that he’s a star man, he wants to put on a show, and most importantly he has unreal patter. Throughout the second half Dykes again collects the ball from the halfway line on four occasions and finds Dobbie every time, 1 on 1 with Dieng. One of these, Dobbie miscontrols, the other three Dobbie can’t quite hold his run and is found to be offside. This goes to show the Queens star man isn’t infallible and that Dykes continuously provides for him. You cannot underestimate this man’s service. This leads us to the third and final Queen of the South goal, Dobbie hat-trick. A long ball from the Queens defence finds a Dundee player, and 2-0 up, only two QoS players are the opposition half: the best player on the pitch and Stephen Dobbie. Dykes keeps the pressure on, chasing the Dundee defender for 30 yards which leads to a wayward pass, putting Dobbie through to seal his hat-trick and the Queen of the South victory. You may look at this last paragraph, with a look on your face resembling that of Sir Isaac Newton upon discovering gravity, and I cannot blame you. In a one man team, it is incredibly hard to find other players who have great impact week in week out, and in this small example, which just so happens to be a game against a Premiership side in which Dobbie found the net 3 times, I think I have made a strong case why Lyndon Dykes is the most impactful player on the pitch for Queens. He doesn’t score goals, but that’s not his job. His job is to run down, press, collect balls from midfield, and most importantly annoy the opposition defence to a level of exhaustion that allows Stephen Dobbie to be the God that he is. I can’t think of a single Premiership side that wouldn’t be greatly improved by Dykes’ unmatched workrate and dedication. If Livingston play him alongside a striker that can finish even a third of his chances, they can finish top 6. Watch out next season for the man that will terrorise your Goldsons, your Ajers and your McKennas into some of the silliest mistakes the Scottish Premiership has ever seen”
  8. That’s the problem for the boy let’s face it everything is always going to be caused by her. D’jaffo to be fair I think you have been spot on about the boy. Ayr are a much much better machine than Queens at the moment. That is clear. McCall has it working well. They have to be the best team in the league for me Not blaming others for his lack of goals. But he definitely doesn’t get the service the likes of Ayr strikers get. I didn’t think it was a secret we are lacking a bit of creativity
  9. Wait a second here. If you think Dykes does not get battered on this site and other sites you are mad. The abuse has been unreal. If you think shouting to a player “I hope your plane crashes on the way home “ is acceptable then something is seriously wrong. That’s on top of the he is crap, get to f**k, will drive you to another team etc etc. That boy does not warrant any of that crap. I know a women with children complained on Saturday to the club about the abuse coming from the terracing directed at him. And he has not played up front the majority of the games at all. Apart from when Dobbie is injured so yes it is right to compare him to the others and if you do not think he is up to Stirling and Todd’s standard that’s your choice. But for me I would take him in the team over them. Ayr midfield do a hell of a work and supply great balls for the front 2 not just Saturday but every game. We do not have that, in my opinion at the moment. Which I pray Low adds. When we defend well it’s always cause we defend from the front but in my opinion we have to attack through the whole team as well and not just punt aimless balls and panick with the ball in midfield.
  10. It doesn’t really matter how anyone describes it it is what it is. He isn’t playing up top. Yes his finishing needs work but does that really warrant the crap the boy gets. Anyway, looks like it will be someone else’s problem soon. Kane was in no way used in the same way as Lyndon is now though.
  11. No sorry I will defend his finishing he has scored 6/27 games and has 12 assist nearly all from midfield apart from the last 3 games Dobbie has been out. And his goals are hardly rubbish goals. Most fans on here actually can’t even see he isn’t playing up front. And every week even the official site has the wrong formation.
  12. I thought my point was pretty clear. He had one chance on Saturday. One. Most games he has one chance, that’s literally it. Now even Dobbie will score maybe 1 in 5 chances. Now take into factor he is doing one hell of a shift, is only 23 and learning, isn’t getting played in striker position to gain any confidence and is most likely worrying about defending because they all look like they are nervous wreck defending cause they are inviting pressure. On top of getting loads of abuse from his own fans. I think he does a good job for us. Now the the original point was the fact that for a striker it is very poor to have only scored 6 times in 27 games. But for some playing in midfield who has scored 6/27 and 12 assist out of 27 I don’t think it merits the amount of criticism the lad takes
  13. The last game he didn’t play as a striker though. And your judging him as a striker. When he hasn’t played as a striker 90% of his games at Queens. And one chance a game! Are you being serious!!! Certainly other players taking lots of shots and getting no where near the target, Did you see the service the Ayr forwards were getting. The team is so defensive it’s unbelievable. With Lyndon usually set up to mark whoever the other teams threat is in midfield. He is literally running back and forth the whole game defending, setting up. You will not find another striker in the league who does that kind of work. And then it’s long balls all game, so expecting him to win the flicks and score at the same time. Our midfield is marking the other teams strikers. It’s ridiculous. Our main threat is our attack and the manager nullifies it himself.
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