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  1. Ah haha class act #emptycabinetatsaints your heed is empty
  2. Very interesting news on this gossip colum already SOUTH FAN 5 are you around all the grounds
  3. the big veg is building st mary’s park a empty cabinet
  4. saints are doomed and the mighty CARROT has won wait for it [emoji848][emoji848][emoji848][emoji848][emoji848]A massive FUCKALL maggaries army out of battle
  5. darren martin will give you lessons if you want to be in his calaber
  6. darren martin is streets in front of the opposition and as for shot stopping and and coming for high balls his confidence is second to none and receiving the sosfl award for best keeper does take some doing
  7. But the questions were why was the old manager replaced with this co set up that has no silverware they had promised and FAILED
  8. And was it knot this season the mighty saints would progress further to be a championship winning team
  9. Having a swagger is a massive massive difference than silverware as I am sure you will realise when you had your conversation with mr frazer and the opinion from most people is why that big change from the previous manager
  10. Mr AGUEROO is bang on with his statement the whole running of the saints has been out of the ordinary as the whole of the SOSFL have discussed since the appointment of the co management or MR FRAZER
  11. At the end of the day threave have got the silver ware they intended going all out to achieve
  12. Mr Kirkcudbright you don’t half spout some shite
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