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  1. Would they not be better giving it to fss who could then buy shares with it and pay back the loan. I doubt sandy or Martin would want any more shares but might want as you say someone representing their interests. However giving it to fss would then give them a bigger percentage of the club.
  2. To me the only question to ask is what do Martin R and Sandy want for them providing this cash. I would think it will be the fss who will pay them back for providing it but will they want board representation and would the fss be able to use any loan to buy shares and then pay Martin and sandy back over time? I'm not overly concerned about the club as guys like those two won't let the club go into admin it's just the mechanics of the loans that will be interesting.
  3. When are you finishing yours off? Some converted terracing and a spruced up main stand that is as old as the one at brockville hardly can be categorised as a fully developed stadium.
  4. It's more a case of why in gods name would you be so interested in the finances of another club in Scottish football that you'd listen to 90 min podcasts they put out.? I couldn't give a feck about the financial position of any other club in Scotland other than my own. Nothing he's asking hasn't been asked by others on here either so we're just going back over old ground to appease someone who doesn't even support Falkirk.
  5. Jesus wept have you genuinely got feck all to do but concern yourself with our financial situation?
  6. 51 to 40 in total. Owning you by some margin over the years I'd say.
  7. I think we own you and have done for some time.
  8. Things went downhill when AT left he was far more important if you ask me.
  9. Was it no him that didn't bother removing advertising boards long after the company had stopped paying for them though? That and the jersey sponsor cockup said to me it was the right time for him to move on. Replacing him with Sammy though was definitely a major error though .
  10. I very much doubt you'll see us going anywhere in this league and putting ten men behind the ball no matter who we're playing it's just not mcglynns way of playing. I'm quite happy to see us starting every game trying to roll the opposition over with attacking football my concern is more about game management. If it isn't working then don't just swap like for like which mcginn is far too keen on doing at times. Against Dunfermline it was crying out for ola to come on then on Saturday we really needed hetherington or yeats brought on in the middle. To allow mcginn and Ola to play. Subs can be poor and take too long but I could probably say that about a load of managers we've had.
  11. His team were far more open at east end and it was a tight game but he knew they were going to struggle at TFS in a game like that with us at home so he didn't even attempt it. They came for a draw we gifted them 3 points and that's that but the statement is correct they came to defend as did Edinburgh.
  12. Your right it's up to him to set his team up to get something from the game noone is arguing with that The statement from the bod though is saying that it's flattering for us that the only way he felt he could get anything was setting up with ten men behind the ball thus basically saying he can't match us in an open attacking match. I don't see what's wrong with saying that as it's hundred percent correct. It was still our own failings that cost us a point and that needs to change.
  13. It was a dreadful game and we were shite there's no arguement against that but the point in the statement is still true. Mcpake came and stuck ten men behind the ball because that was he felt the only way his team could get something out the game. Ultimately we managed to hand him 3 points but he obviously wasn't confident enough to send his team out to match us in an open attacking game. Was still very much up to us to play far better and we didn't.
  14. There's all guns blazing and then there's sticking ten men behind the ball. I've seen us play dunfermline more times than I could imagine and I've never seen either side ever set up like that. I've also seen us when we've had a side top of the league on a number of occasions and I've never ever seen us go to a side below us and stick ten men behind the ball. Under Hughes or McCall that would never even have entered their heads. They would always take their rivals on head on no matter how many points we were ahead because they knew they had the better side and could outplay the other side comfortably.
  15. Seems a lot of pish about hee haw. There's nothing actually in the first statements that ain't true. Both Dunfermline and Edinburgh came to TFS and stuck ten men behind the ball. Neither team obviously believed that by making it an open game they could come away with anything or they wouldn't have set up that way. It worked for Dunfermline as we gifted them a goal , it didn't for Edinburgh and that's that.
  16. There's passing it out from the back and then there's passing it out from your own 6 yard box which we've started doing and I'm not a big fan of I've got to say. You're just asking for trouble especially at our level.
  17. As far as I know he's not actively seeking to sell his shrares but I'm sure if a decent offer was put in front of him he'd probably offload them.
  18. As I've said before Kenny J was certainly very outspoken in his criticism of the majority share group and Ritchie and Alexander at a lot of the meetings etc.
  19. Then perhaps they've had to use any increased cash brought in to cover that instead and get us back to the stated 400k.
  20. And Lewis's it's neither a cross or shot he was aiming for the top right hand corner. Well if he was trying to cross it into the top right hand corner I'd be surprised.
  21. The extra cash was given to mcglynn on the understanding that it would be recouped by moving players on. That has never happened. Supposedly mcglynn didn't want to upset the morale in the camp by doing that which has unfortunately left us with a bigger hole in the budget and still too much of last year's strugglers in the squad even though he's got more out of the majority of them.
  22. The starting point though would've gone from 400 to over 500 due to the extra money given to mcglynn which was then never recouped in players being moved on.
  23. Does anyone know when the AGM is going to be? Not far off December now .
  24. I didn't think nesbitt was that dreadful yesterday his pass through for lawal before the opening goal was excellent and he covered most of the pitch but mcginn needs far more help than him and Oliver are going to give him that's for sure. It also means lawal whose supposed to be a number 10 is he not in this formation spends far too much time helping out the midfield isolating burrell up top. At the end of the day we scored enough goals and had enough chances to win comfortably but our two shitebag centrebacks managed managed to ensure we only got one point. I'm not in the mcglynn out camp the majority on here were of the opinion that this was more than a one season job when he took over but now we seem to be expecting a lot more. Mistakes have been made in recruitment again mind you but a lot fewer than in previous seasons. Decision not to bring in a right back a poor one that's hampering us and mcglynn has complained about having too many similar players which is correct but why then sign Oliver and Kennedy to add to the midget midfield brigade whilst doing little to move on some of the players we already have? We're crying out for a midfield enforcer to allow the likes of mcginn and lawal to do their stuff instead. It's still a good bit to go but I think we'll make the playoffs comfortably and then it's not impossible to beat the likes of Hamilton or Arbroath . Lot still to play for but we badly need some wheeling and dealing in January to get more consistency out the side.
  25. Burrell was very disappointing today. Seemed scared to take on Peter grant whose possibly the slowest player in Scottish football and he'd given him a torrid time at TFS in the first game. Alegria showed their defence a clean pair of heels and nearly scored and he isn't as quick as burrell.
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