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  1. Weird that this wasn't an option from the start.
  2. A strip they only seem to be going to wear on a couple of occasions. I noticed they were back to the old strip on Tuesday night.
  3. The squad in 19 hadn't been performing that badly. In fact compared to the last two seasons it had been performing a million miles better. McKinnon got sacked with us only a few points off top spot so still well in the mix. At that stage though the board basically were still of a mind that we should be winning the league comfortably. If McKinnon had come in after either m and ms second season shitshow or the sheerin/ Rennie debacle he'd have rightly or wrongly certainly been given more time than he was in 2019. Telfer was out of contract and at that stage only slightly less shit than some of the players we had to keep due to their contracts. I'm certainly not staying awake at night thinking feck if we'd only kept telfer things would be so much better that's for sure.
  4. Primary goal of course is to win the title but I'd say it being the only goal that marks the season as a pass would be a bit of an over reaction given our starting point. We were 35 points behind cove last season. To turn that around in one season was asking a lot and but for a very good Dunfermline side we'd have very probably managed it.
  5. Dunfermline have been exceptional this season. You take our points total over to 19/20 and we'd have been a point ahead at the top with 8 games to go.
  6. If circumstances were the same I'd agree with you but they couldn't be more different. M and m didn't take over a complete shitshow. The side as mentioned was well in the mix and had already battered a few sides . The team was decent with McManus a striker that could win games on his own. The main opposition was a side where the manager was dealing with a budget that was dwarfed by ours but through some great recruitment was still able to compete. A couple of decent signings in January and we probably would've got over the line but m and m brought in a pile of complete dross whilst mcglynn signed McClean from st Johnstone who scored a couple of important goals for them. That in no way can be compared to taking over a side who were 6th the season before where confidence was at an all time low. The budget was restricted straight away due to shit players being under contract and the main opposition had a budget on a par with our own. If you take the same situation with 8 games to go then and now we'd be a point ahead of Raith and would've won the league if it had stopped with covid. I'm sure noone would have been complaining then.
  7. You don't get strikers like McManus very easily unfortunately. Not many are interested in playing in league one for a start. As I already said m and m picked up a team that was doing okay and really continued to do okay. Drawing away to Stranraer a team that only won 2 games all season cost us as did turning up for a draw in Kirkcaldy. If you can't see the difference between taking over a side that's doing ok and only a few points off the top of the league and taking over a side that's just lost 16 games in a season and finished 6th 35 points behind the champions then you must be off your nut.
  8. Definitely. 26 goals that season and there was still 8 games left to play. We don't have anyone near as prolific.
  9. We had a decent side when you compare it to the dross of the last couple of years. When McKinnon got emptied we were only a few points off top and had only lost a few games. Compare that to taking over a side that's just lost 16 games in one season in the third division and it's night and day.
  10. Aye but since the pars game we've struggled to get goals for some reason including that game where we played well. That puts pressure on the rest of the side.
  11. Since the Dunfermline game we've really struggled. That defeat seems to have knocked the stuffing out of us and we haven't got going again. The Ayr game being the exception but even then it was a penalty and deflection that got us goals. Need to get things going again hopefully starting Saturday.
  12. Wtf was hagi doing? Can't ever remember him being the kind of player to walk up behind somebody and stick the nut on them. That's obviously what coaching at sevco does to people.
  13. With McManus this year we'd have been pushing Dunfermline all the way. Having a striker that basically guarantees you 20 goals at this level makes a massive difference. As soon as he moved on m and ms managerial ineptitude was there for all to see. The covid break in that second season papered over the cracks as after the restart we scraped a few results before other clubs really got going again. Before the break things were beginning to go wrong rapidly. Mcglynn came in when we were close to rock bottom. During the summer a lot of us on here would've snapped your hand off for second place and the playoffs considering the mess we were in but now it would appear that isn't good enough. Still a decent chance in the playoffs and a cup semi final to look forward to. I'm sure mcglynn will be already putting plans in place for next season when expectations will certainly be a lot higher whatever league we are in.
  14. The complete lack of decent contacts to get players on from would be my biggest criticism of the likes of m and m. Mcglynn is a mile ahead of them in that area. They did okay with McKinnon's players but then struggled in bringing anyone really decent in.
  15. Genuinely interested translates as hopefully I'll be able to criticise how your club is being run once you answer. This has been done to death on here in recent weeks so if your that interested you can trawl back a few pages. The main thing is we aren't going bust and won't end up shafting local businesses like some other clubs.
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