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  1. A lot of things have changed since then commercial side hasn't met it's very optimistic targets and we've spent more than was originally budgeted for . Those coupled with the need for higher fss membership which never materialised means that the need for cash is obviously getting desperate. That statement isn't a we need this sorted by next close season it's a we need it sorted now wording .
  2. Exactly. The statements have been ramped up every few weeks for a wee while now so it's obvious that the whole in the budget has been there and the bod are running out of options to fill it. The AGM can't come quick enough.
  3. I mentioned then we were going to be lucky to see the season out as cash was running low and was told not to worry as the amazing increases in sponsorship and a few quid from the league cup and increased crowds would save the day . I disagreed and got pelters. Plan B is obviously to beg for cash off someone whether that be an external investor or the old msg or God knows who. I just hope the bod has people in place ready to invest as time is running out.
  4. Perhaps one of the reasons our finance director resigned was the bod not listening to what he was telling them?
  5. We've got to get to the end of the season first though. If the cash is going to run out by Xmas then speculating to accumulate isn't going to end well.
  6. A chance of winning the league if we can actually survive till the end of the season. These targets to cover losses have been pie in the sky from the start and should never have been put out as a feasible way to cover ever increasing losses.
  7. Yeah and that's fine as long as it's not increasing the financial issues at the club and putting the clubs future at risk. . If you've already got a minimum of 400k loss and then you give the manager an extra 100k to spend you're then looking at 500k to cover . If you then start buying equipment for little kerse you then have more money to fund and its ongoing. Using extremely difficult to achieve commercial targets and the hope that the fss will suddenly rapidly increase membership as the means to cover these ever increasing losses is a hell of a gamble if you ask me and one that obviously hasn't worked
  8. Is it not time for the bod to lay the situation on the line for the fans a bit more clearly? When will the cash run out? How much cash do we need to get through the season. and why are we spending money we don't have out with the issues left over from the last bunch of cretins.
  9. Again why if we're struggling for cash did the bod sanction giving more money to the manager. Plus it must've cost money we obviously don't have to kit out little kerse for the players which is more cash . You need to tighten your belt and live within your means when situations are lke this surely not spend more and more money and then put begging letters out.
  10. Why did the bod give the manager an increased budget if it appears we can't even afford the original budget? That to me just isn't a sensible way to run a football club and is how we ended up in financial problems in the past. They should be tightening the purse strings instead of spending more cash and then hoping a white knight appears suddenly to pay for it. Crazy stuff .
  11. Could see this coming unfortunately. Bod getting more and more panicky about the finances so the begging letters get more and more serious. We all want a good football team on the park but not at the detriment of not having a club at all. It would seem that we have continued to overspend hoping that there would be unrealistic improvements to income via fss and sponsorship etc. The extra money given to John to improve the team hasn't been balanced out by players going the other way and now the pressure is on. People are spending what they can at a very difficult time so trying to bully them into taking up membership or paying more isn't the way to go. The AGM is needed badly so we can at least find out what the current picture is.
  12. Surely paying a portion is better than paying it all like we are currently though.
  13. Yeah it's one thing losing a tight away game to Airdrie or Montrose even but we can't afford any more displays like Airdrie and keltie away where standards dropped alarmingly. Cut them out and we won't be far away.
  14. Couldve seem the priority arguement if it had been a midweek game but that wasn't the case here.
  15. Struggled for fitness a wee bit but McKinnon for some ludicrous reason preferred Aaron Jarvis who is now playing non league whilst lavery plays for Blackpool and Northern Ireland. Even when fit he was overlooked until coming on last game of the season when he played really well in the 3 2 win over county. Crazy.
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