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  1. Too right. Missed out drug dealer martindale aswell.
  2. I know what you mean mate. If he makes a meal out of this with the budget advantage he has how will he ever get us promoted having already failed miserably with a much bigger budget at united.
  3. Fortunately we're a different side to the one that faced you at broadwood. We scored no goals in 3 of our first 5 games including that one as ray persisted with his pishy diamond. Now having finally ditched that we've scored 12 in our last 5. We're still solid at the back but now we're at least creating a lot more.
  4. I cant see the msg sacking him if things keep going as they are. If we've only lost 2 games by halfway then theres no chance of them changing things.If MC gets in and has his own man in mind then he could get punted no matter what the situation is. Since he ditched the diamond we've won 3 and drawn 2. For 12 against 2. If we keep that up we should be ok.
  5. How is it shite? Ayr are punching above their weight just now for a club that has spent as many seasons in league one as the championship in recent times. Mccall did a fantastic job getting them challenging at the top but its going to be extremely hard to keep that up considering their crowds and budget. Hard act to follow if you ask me but good luck to him.
  6. Toshney has been very unlucky. Csme in did a grand job and yet durnan keeps getting in ahead of him.
  7. Thankfully hes ditched the diamond formation he tried to persist with for about a year. We have certainly improved as sn attacking force since then.
  8. Believe our squad is fairly balanced and decent options all over the park except the full back positions, no reason why a half decent manager couldn't make them in too a good team Best defensive record in britain so not much wrong back there. Would like to see a more attacking left back perhaps though. Id horse leitch , johnstone and moore in january and try to punt maclean. Im sure a decent manager could get better than them in the squad.
  9. How many times have you seen us play this season like?
  10. It doesnt help that we have been basically covering the same ground for the past 3 months.. sooner the ownership stuff comes to a head the better.
  11. Be a shame if he joined one of the bigot bros.
  12. 5 goals in 73 career appearances. What a player.
  13. They may have only recently found out about the bankruptcy, which would make a mockery of the clubs DD thats it taken this long. I doubt a bankruptcy from nearly ten year ago would put a kybosh on the deal to be honest.
  14. If the deal is dead why on earth are the bod still speaking to him and why is he still attending matches. Its bad enough having to watch that shit because you support them.
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