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  1. Conditions made it a poor game. Was quite even tbh
  2. All the best to shortlees in the next round
  3. Hope to see something similar come Saturday! Looking forward to it!
  4. Keep paying big doh and you might get there soon
  5. I heard you sold a rigged football card to some of your mates to pay for the signing on fees. Nice
  6. You should be embarrassed paying players to win the diddy league
  7. Aye and you paid a few of them as well to play in the bottom league but that’s a different subject
  8. Not at Amatuer level. However, if any team knows how to recycle football players at this level it’s Phildo from Lothian vale in Leafa. He’s probably signed 40+ players so far this season!
  9. We are in the quarters. You’re not.
  10. It was arguably the toughest draw of the round last 32 as well but we all know what happened there. Even without corner flags!
  11. I’ll take you’re bet they don’t concede 5 let alone 10. Stop being so disrespectful ffs. Epitomising everything that is wrong and insulting about the whole game. Let teams go and prove themselves. Cast judgement after the result
  12. Get a grip mate I guarantee that no team who reaches the last 16 of the Scottish will concede 10 against anyone. You’re just a p***k
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