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  1. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Great addition to Leafa. Cant wait to battle you boys on a regular basis. Welcome!
  2. Select job

    Aye cos it'll be easy to judge them in a division they win a game by 10 goals every week eh? Only challenge they will have is cup games which are 1 off games. If the select manager has any sense he will stay clear of lothian vale players
  3. For sure! We have set out every season since we started with ambitions of winning the East. Never happened. Such is life! We try again next year
  4. End of season Unfulfilled Fixtures

    Couldn't agree more! It's something that needs looked at. We have won a league this season through teams being unable to to field 11 bodies and also a team being kicked out the league. However, we have been on the wrong end of those unfulfilled fixtures a few years back. It's not right and it's something that needs looked at. I dont know what the solution could be but theres certainly a bit of unfairness in the current way.
  5. Leafa

    I'm still better than half the players lothian vale have signed, even at 41, especially the 2 p***ks Miller and Hainey
  6. Leafa

    I wouldn't think so pal I'm 41 year old but I bet I've still got more winners medals than you ya wee tadger
  7. Select job

    Steven an acky wont get a shot. Even if they wanted it, which I doubt they would, they dont lick the arses of the Leafa head men the way they like, so it wont happen
  8. Leafa

    what a player....
  9. Leafa

    Heard from who? I keep reading people saying heard this heard that. Where did you hear it? Half the stuff on here is utter shite from people who have no idea how difficult it is to run an amateur team. Even more so a successful amatuer team. Listening to hear say bull shit doesnt do anyone any favours
  10. Leafa

    I hope Lothian Vale do well too and they will piss the league they are in. I just dont appreciate phildo trying to sign our players behind our back. As I've said he can have Darren and Dale they are shite and he wont get any of our better players
  11. Leafa

    Anyway enjoy the 2 shite players you signed haha
  12. Leafa

  13. This is almost as good as the Leafa thread boys. Keep it going! I'm unaware of the accusations around Pennies but I've said this before and I will say it again, they are a good side, they showed us respect and us them when we played them. On the pitch it was a great match and a good battle and after it was hand shakes. IF, they pay players then it should give the other clubs competing against them more motivation to turn them over. Instead of listening to rumours put the yards in and beat them, then voice your opinion afterwards
  14. Leafa

    You take your tongue out his arse. Scared of him cos he gave you what for ya wee shite house
  15. Leafa

    I retired a long time ago phildo, as you know! My point is I predicted you would sign Sandy's players, I was right! Dale Miller and Darren Hainey are not big losses to us. To be honest the both of them are probably past it. Dale hasn't been getting a game for a couple of years now and Darren makes too many mistakes so you are welcome to them. Dont expect any of our better players to sign for your team though. P***k