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  1. Do as you please mate. My point is this is a Scottish cup thread and they are out. It’s obvious how pleasing it is for some to see them exit the competition but I think killie deserve to be the talking point for knocking them out. Just my opinion
  2. Wouldn’t like to see your drug test results
  3. Incredible patter. Are you two a double act? Didn’t shortlees just beat them 2-1 a couple weeks ago?
  4. Who cares? This is a Scottish cup thread and they are out. Been more talk about them than the team that papped them out which is totally unfair!
  5. We weren’t at our best yesterday and only just done enough to get through. Dirrans made it difficult for us but if we can get the result after not playing well then we take it. 1 round at a time for us as nobody expects any teams from the east to get close so we will see
  6. What’s the predictions for this weekend? We have a tough tie at Meadowbank but it’s a game we are very much looking forward to with the results we have had recently and the squad we have built it would be great to end the year with a win! Good luck to all still involved
  7. Tbh Sandys are stronger now than they were when pennies knocked them out the east. That doesn’t mean we have a divine right to win it. Anyone on here pretending to be an affiliate of sandys suggesting we have such an audacity is a joker and I hope everyone knows that. One game at a time for us. Good luck to all still involved
  8. Who the f**k are you? Always got plenty to say about every subject but never anything positive about any team. Keep your beak out of sandys shit an concentrate on finding yourself a new team. You fool no one with your shite spelling. Arsehole of a guy who gets a turn out of annoying people on this! You never had a ride ya wee homo?
  9. I don’t even think Lothian vale will be a team next season. They have lost a lot of players since the start of the season and will continue to lose more as they drop out of the cups
  10. Lothian Vale losing isn’t a shock. They are bang average at best
  11. Just curious, if the boy Knapp is as good as I’ve heard, why isn’t he selected for Scotland? Good to see 2 boys from Sandys there and doing well!
  12. Correct Dinsey . I think it comes down to the whole style of play. It was a system that brought us a lot of success but if you continue with the same system then eventually other teams find you out. So, quickoverayard, do you still wish to send in your CV? Or just ask someone else who knows what they are talking about before you open your gub and let the diarrhoea flow? Fanny!
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