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  1. Leafa

    Exactly mate. Hope its the same for us this week haha
  2. East of Scotland cup

    Back to topic. Pennies to win the east comfortably and leave Redondo gutted
  3. Leafa

    I didnt see as much a reaction when linlithgow were possibly guilty of calling a game off when they apparently had no team. Funnily enough that was also against danderhall. Maybe the guys pushing this are danderhall loyal, or maybe they love to hate sandys. You can speculate all you want about when the club can be used again etc etc. Fact of the matter is the game was off and you wont change it. If you are hoping for some retrospective actions from leafa then keep hoping cos it wont happen. As faras cheats go, i have a vast array of winners medals in leafa and i fully deserved every single one of them
  4. East of Scotland cup

    Saying it's only a game when you've slagged off Leafa and Pennies. You're a shite bag
  5. East of Scotland cup

    You're back tracking because youre a bottle merchant
  6. Leafa

  7. East of Scotland cup

    You've offended more people than me. What's your purpose in slaughtering the Leafa league, Pennies etc? Do you have an agenda yourself?
  8. Leafa

    My bad. I thought a sentence started with a capital letter. I humbly apologise.
  9. East of Scotland cup

    You're better off keeping your opinions to yourself before you end up on the wrong side of a back hand ya maggot
  10. East of Scotland cup

    Didn't think so. Nothing but a weasel. P.S. Im not your mate
  11. Leafa

    Did I spell it different? No.
  12. East of Scotland cup

    Redondo just being curious. Care to share what level you have or do play at?
  13. Leafa

    'Due no'? I don't 'no' what that means either. Illiterate muppets!
  14. Leafa

    I don't 'no' what you mean
  15. Leafa

    Everybody 'nos' it?