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  1. Loves the reaction though. That’s why he does it
  2. Note: This guy is nothing to do with us
  3. He must enjoy conceding double figures on a Saturday
  4. Expect sandys to announce two top drawer signings soon
  5. The scratch card signing on fees r perfect for Dalkeith Juniors to snap the decent players up. Good platform Lothian vale are giving Struggling Dalkeith Juniors. Conspiracy theory....
  6. Can only win the league you’re in buddy
  7. Conditions made it a poor game. Was quite even tbh
  8. All the best to shortlees in the next round
  9. Hope to see something similar come Saturday! Looking forward to it!
  10. I heard you sold a rigged football card to some of your mates to pay for the signing on fees. Nice
  11. You should be embarrassed paying players to win the diddy league
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