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  1. Definitely some top trolling going on with the photo of the Royal Mile in the background with the Heart of Midlothian mosaic cropped off and accompanied by the ‘This is our city’ hashtag. More than makes up for the shit kit.
  2. I hope this handy diagram I made helps. Information source: hibs.net
  3. I watched that game in a massive sports bar with a load of Hibees at 12am. The beers were flowing and the bodies were flying when that 2nd goal went in. There were bar stools being flung round the room like it was fucking Wrestlemania. The best goal we’ve scored at Tynecastle in my lifetime, and that’s ahead of Big Franck Sauzee’s piledriver in the Millenium Derby. Cheers Daryl.
  4. Hells bells, after photoshopping 30 odd Jack Ross emojis last season, I’d hoped I didn’t have to continuously post any more floating heads for folk to realise I was being firmly tongue in cheek as per usual. Delighted the 15 Aberdeen lads who responded got to briefly tug themselves silly over the thought of me crying though - poor Dolly likely needed a wee break for a change.
  5. Christ, Aberdeen are a complete irrelevance to most Hibs fans. I've never even been to Aberdeen, never mind knowingly met an Aberdeen fan in real life. I literally know more Gretna fans and they've been dead for years. The only memorable things of note are that your period of success also coincided with Thatcher's evil reign of terror, and that your fans have a liking for the lamb clam. The only occasion Aberdeen even register a blip on my radar is the 3 or 4 times a year we play and I've usually fallen asleep before half time with Hibs TV on my pillow. We've won more trophies in my lifetime than the Dons and we've been shite for decades. You could put a heroin needle to my head and I would't be able to tell you the name of your messageboard. In terms of rivalries, you're the Espanyol to our Barcelona, the Fulham to our Chelsea, the 1860 to our Bayern. I can only assume the vitriol towards Hibs is an attempt to fill the void of having no rivalry, failing to capitalise with any real success while Sevco were shite, and reaching a plateau where the best you can hope for is a pumping at Hampden and a pumping in Europe every season from here on in til the end of time. You're effectively a red version of St Johnstone but with proximity to fossil fuels. You mean f**k all to the average Hibs fan, and don't let one single solitary radge on Hibs.net convince you otherwise.
  6. Following Lyon's demolition of Man City, Rangers pumping Lyon, Livingston drawing with Rangers and subsequently Hibs utterly destroying Livingston, it's great to see us officially take our rightful place amongst the top 4 clubs in Europe yet again. Of course, we are no strangers to being Champions League semi finalists ourselves, so all Lyon need to do is pick up the phone to Jack Galáctic-ross for advice on how to mix it with Europe's elite. The Scottish Premiership is simply a mild distraction for us at the minute - whilst we'll have to make do with being joint leaders for the time being, the cream always rises to the top eventually.
  7. The last time we played each other without any Killie fans in the stadium:
  8. No goal against the Hum Scun is ever a bad one, but we’ve scored some outrageous goals at Mordor over the years. Who put the ball in the Rangers net? Tony, Tony Stokes Seizure specialist, Alen Orman. Lewis ‘5 goals in 15 years’ Stevenson channelling his inner Messi. Vicky Slivka making it business as usual as Hibs yet again leave Govan with 3 goals and 3 points. Meatball McGinn being better than Zidane.
  9. Absolutely dripping with seeth and jealousy type post IMO.
  10. Livingston Home 2020/21 Hibernian Home 2020/21 (First real photos)
  11. "We weren't actually relegated from the top flight, we were unfairly expelled due to self interest from the other 40 clubs. They should have found a resolution that suited our self interests."
  12. Ooopsies, think you accidentally stumbled on the forum for the Premiership m8. Your quick wit might be appreciated here a little more: https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/forum/6-scottish-championship-general-chatter/
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