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  1. The CEO of the business I’m freelancing at requested I got tested today, having been off sick with flu like symptoms since last week. I say flu ‘like’ as it’s been weird, very volatile, symptoms changing hourly, a severely painful cough and I’ll go from feeling awful, to feeling completely fine to feeling awful again repeatedly. Begrudgingly spent nearly 2 hours on the phone to the Aussie version of NHS Direct, and was told I don’t fit the criteria as had no known contact with a confirmed case or travelled abroad in the past 3 weeks. Said they were very much on top of it in Aus and had tracked and notified every close contact encounter in Sydney so far. As I had suspected, and an attitude far removed from the toilet roll hoarding hysteria going on all around the city.
  2. Me happily complying with that completely reasonable request from the police.
  3. Still plenty of time for us to Hibs it, but could. not. resist.
  4. Unlucky DAB's – try again next season ☺️
  5. Toby, being short for Tobias - a popular Jewish name that literally translates to “God is good” in Hebrew. So it stands to reason why so many of our Jambo chums are displaying such undue distaste towards it. I just hope the Hearts singing section are wrong about Stendelbottom, otherwise the poor boy is in for a torrid time at Tynecastle.
  6. That post by SaulGoodman on the Hibs.net private members forum, several hours before anything was even suspected is the best thing I've ever seen on there:
  7. A massive congratulations to the Hibs fans for yet again winning the coveted best Hibs fan award.
  8. Absolutely ridiculous we ever signed him. • He’d just won the Champions League 6 years earlier. • He played centre mid in the CL Final, up against the likes of Rijkaard, van Basten, Maldini, Baresi and Costacurta. • One of only eleven players in history to be given a 10/10 match rating by L'Equipe. • Former captain of France • We were in the Scottish 1st Division at the time, playing Clydebank, Airdrie and Stranraer. It would literally be like us going down this year and signing a 34yo Sergio Ramos in the summer. Undefeated by Hearts as player & manager – the only thing he lost against them was his front teeth in Gary Naysmith’s skull when scoring that header. A true Hibernian legend, it's no wonder they call him Le God. Big Franck strolling back into ER at the first chance now Rod has left the building:
  9. Funnily enough, in what was a fairly unremarkable season, Hibs still qualified for Europe again that year (yup, we all know how that went ). Something that took Kilmarnock a whole 18 years to do (yup, we all know how that went ). So 2012/2013 would quite literally have been a DVD worthy season for a club of wee Killie’s stature.
  10. We’re all the same poster, it’s just our time of the month.
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