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  1. The last time we played each other without any Killie fans in the stadium:
  2. No goal against the Hum Scun is ever a bad one, but we’ve scored some outrageous goals at Mordor over the years. Who put the ball in the Rangers net? Tony, Tony Stokes Seizure specialist, Alen Orman. Lewis ‘5 goals in 15 years’ Stevenson channelling his inner Messi. Vicky Slivka making it business as usual as Hibs yet again leave Govan with 3 goals and 3 points. Meatball McGinn being better than Zidane.
  3. Absolutely dripping with seeth and jealousy type post IMO.
  4. Livingston Home 2020/21 Hibernian Home 2020/21 (First real photos)
  5. "We weren't actually relegated from the top flight, we were unfairly expelled due to self interest from the other 40 clubs. They should have found a resolution that suited our self interests."
  6. Ooopsies, think you accidentally stumbled on the forum for the Premiership m8. Your quick wit might be appreciated here a little more: https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/forum/6-scottish-championship-general-chatter/
  7. The CEO of the business I’m freelancing at requested I got tested today, having been off sick with flu like symptoms since last week. I say flu ‘like’ as it’s been weird, very volatile, symptoms changing hourly, a severely painful cough and I’ll go from feeling awful, to feeling completely fine to feeling awful again repeatedly. Begrudgingly spent nearly 2 hours on the phone to the Aussie version of NHS Direct, and was told I don’t fit the criteria as had no known contact with a confirmed case or travelled abroad in the past 3 weeks. Said they were very much on top of it in Aus and had tracked and notified every close contact encounter in Sydney so far. As I had suspected, and an attitude far removed from the toilet roll hoarding hysteria going on all around the city.
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