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  1. Sunshine on Leith Sunset on Leith
  2. A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

    Hearts fans on their way to Tynecastle, circa 1940s. Calton Hill’s unfinished National Monument can be seen in the distance.
  3. Incredibly intrusive ads covering the entire bottom portion of the screen every single time a new page loads. Can’t even click the X to close them because it’s behind the scroll bar. Really ruining the forum experience. And believe it or not, but there’s a ‘you have a new notification’ banner underneath the bottom ad on my mobile: Sort it out @Div eh?
  4. The Hibernian Thread

    Met all three boys after the game, along with Tim Cahill on his last ever appearance. Felt like a giddy wee schoolgirl and got the 3 of them to sign my Hibs shirt. Milligan looked ok to me, hopefully just rested. Boyle stole the show and was superb. Managed to sneak a few Hibs stickers around Sydney Olympic Stadium too - we’re taking over down under.
  5. The Hibernian Thread

    Off to watch 3 Hibees playing for Australia on Tuesday at the Sydney Olympic Stadium. Pretty surreal really.
  6. Just try not to injury any grannies in the crossfire this time.
  7. I do have fond nostalgia of joining in with a chorus of If You Tolerate Rix and Craig Thomson The Music Man, ironically at the school end at Tiny. Glad all that nonsense is gone from the derbies now though and been replaced with ditties about dead chairmen and Aaron Hughes’ anti semitic stance.
  8. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    “Aberdeen, Aberdeen couldnae kick a jelly bean.” Taunted the CCS to the ASC.
  9. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    This forum has been insufferable since the derby events. Can we go back to discussing sheep shagging and heroin abuse please?
  10. You have to go back nearly 3/4 of a decade since Hibs last lost by 5 goals. What a fucking brilliant weekend that was, because Hearts lost 3-0 to Motherwell that same weekend. In fact, I’m still celebrating.