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  1. Aberdeen avoiding relegation twice in the 1990s. In 1995 they finished 2nd bottom, which was an automatic relegation spot, however the league magically ‘invented’ playoffs weeks priors. And again in 2000 when they finished bottom, but Falkirk’s ground wasn’t deemed big enough. The outrage and smug retorts from the Dons would have been fascinating.
  2. Typical Levein pre derby mind games IMO.
  3. Unsure about the actual capacity, but the record attendance was 65,860 in 1950. That makes it the highest Scottish attendance ever outside of Glasgow. It’s also higher than Liverpool or Leeds have ever managed for a home game. To put it into perspective, if it had happened this season, I believe only Man United, Tottenham (at Wembley), Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and Barcelona would have seen a higher crowd in the whole of Europe.
  4. I'm not sure about Glasgow, but in Edinburgh, they use the old post box at Waterloo Place as the centre point of the city. So as the crow flies from the determined centre of Edinburgh to each stadium's centre circle: Easter Road – 1640m (1.04 miles) Tynecastle – 3260m (2.03 miles) So as well as being roughly twice as close to the centre of Edinburgh, Hibernian are also closer to the actual Heart of Midlothian than Heart of Midlothian FC are.
  5. Celtic vs Hibs

    Scottish media scum being their predicatable selves by magicing up a story about our manager going to Celtic, days before we play... yup, you guessed it... Celtic. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/celtic-want-neil-lennon-to-succeed-brendan-rodgers-claims-former-star-1-4815754 At least we know we must be seen as a threat when they come up with this shite.
  6. Not the away end, but I was in the directors box at Tynecastle for an Edinburgh Derby. Suited and booted, fed caviar pre-match, mingled with Rod Petrie and a few Hibs reserves, given a tartan rug to stay warm, and within ear shot of then Scotland manager George Burley’s every thought and comment. Would have been fine at any other fixture, but this felt like the most timid way to experience a derby, and I spent the entire time wishing I was stood with the Hibs fans. Only moment of note was Derek Riordan getting a free kick in the 93rd minute, still at 0-0. I got up and stood in the exit ready to girfuy every jambo in sight before making a swift getaway. Blasted it somewhere near Wester Hailes instead I think.
  7. In an age where clubs are increasingly knocking down their old grounds and building generic stadiums in out of town industrial estates, one of my favourite quirks of Easter Road is that it's sandwiched right in the thick of it all, surrounded by beautiful old churches and sandstone tenements.
  8. The Hibernian Thread

    Kamberi and Maclaren’s agents dropping hints again. Pleasing.
  9. RIP Shades. Part of the Turnull’s Tornadoes, won the League Cup in 72, and played in the 0-7 against Hearts. Great player for Hibs and quite the tragedy.
  11. Celtic vs Hibs

    Weight Watchers wasnae working for me, but see as soon as I switched back to the skag? A teaspoon full of that in place of the SlimFast did absolutely wonders for my figure. Meant I could start fitting into the kids sizes. Makes it was easier to steal them from the club shop anaw. Highly recommended.
  12. Iconic imagery

    John Terry missing the penalty that would have won the 2008 Champions League v Man United. The photo that sparked a meme.
  13. Celtic vs Hibs

    I’ve officially reached breaking point. The heid’s gone. Sorry boys, I can’t carry on this charade any longer. F**k Celtic. F**k them right up their gaping wet, hairy, festering green and pasty white hoop. F**k CS Smith. F**k Jan Venegoor of Hesselink. F**k Hoopy the Huddle Hound. F**k the Celtic end at Hampden. F**k your double treble - trophies are shit anyway. F**k your ladies team. F**k Snoop Dogg. F**k the Fields of Athenry. F**k Neil Lennon (in a gentle, intimate, romantic way of course). F**k whoever threw a CS gas bomb into the Hibs end in the 80’s. F**k Rod Stewart. F**k the East End of Glasgow. F**k your 1992 Tennents' Sixes win. F**k your derisory bids. F**k Scott Allan until we take him for free in January. F**k your entertainment lights. F**k The Celtic View. F**k Tosh McKinlay. F**k the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. F**k Kenny Miller for a season. F**k the Edinburgh Celtic supporters club. F**k Jorge Cadete. F**k Lennoxtown. F**k Petrus Ferdinandus Johannes ‘Pierre’ van Hooijdonk. F**k the whole of 1888, what a shit year that was. F**k Boston Celtics. F**k Kolo Toure. F**k the million fans that went to Seville. F**k Harald Brattbakk. F**k four leaf clovers. Especially F**k Aiden McGeady. F**k Baird’s Bar. F**k your spotty lesbian goalkeeper. F**k all those wee Scottish jakies waving Irish flags. And F**k all the nonsense we left behind half a century ago. PS. @Flybhoy if you still have one of those spare tickets going for the Celtic end, that would be just splendid
  14. Celtic vs Hibs

    We hate Glasgow Rangers, we love Celtic - it’s true (they’re great!) We hate Hearts of Midlothiiiian, but the Hibees we love you... all together now!