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  1. Absolutely ridiculous we ever signed him. • He’d just won the Champions League 6 years earlier. • He played centre mid in the CL Final, up against the likes of Rijkaard, van Basten, Maldini, Baresi and Costacurta. • One of only eleven players in history to be given a 10/10 match rating by L'Equipe. • Former captain of France • We were in the Scottish 1st Division at the time, playing Clydebank, Airdrie and Stranraer. It would literally be like us going down this year and signing a 34yo Sergio Ramos in the summer. Undefeated by Hearts as player & manager – the only thing he lost against them was his front teeth in Gary Naysmith’s skull when scoring that header. A true Hibernian legend, it's no wonder they call him Le God. Big Franck strolling back into ER at the first chance now Rod has left the building:
  2. Funnily enough, in what was a fairly unremarkable season, Hibs still qualified for Europe again that year (yup, we all know how that went ). Something that took Kilmarnock a whole 18 years to do (yup, we all know how that went ). So 2012/2013 would quite literally have been a DVD worthy season for a club of wee Killie’s stature.
  3. We’re all the same poster, it’s just our time of the month.
  4. Not much of your own success over the mighty Hibernian to go off is there lads? Killie on the other hand literally provided me with one of the greatest days of my entire life. #1 "Murphy plays it in... Alan Co... ROB JONES COMES UP! Alan Combe came out but the captain comes up and RATTLES the ball into the back of the net. It's the 15 goal for Hibs in the competition this season and it gives them the lead in the final." #2 "Whittaker. Now onto Benjelloun. Greer stands off him. Benjelloun - twisting turning! THAT. IS. HOW. TO. FINISH. That is how to score a goal in a cup final. Abdessalam Benjelloun rattles it home. Hibs never lose when he scores, will that continue today? It's Kilmarnock NIL Hibs TWO." #3 "Beautifully done. Benjelloun, onto Brown. Fletcher is onside! STEVEN FLETCHER LOOKS LIKE HE'LL WRAP IT UP FOR HIBS. There's still 25 minutes to go in this final, but these fans feel that the cup already belongs at Easter Road." #4 "Fletcher gets the better of Greer. Two arrive into the box for Hibs. Pulled back to Benjelloun. Looks up to see if he's got any support. He doesn't. HE DOESN'T NEED IT! Abdessalam Benjelloun gets his second double in two weeks and seals the CIS Cup Final for Hibs. He thanks the higher power, Hibs have been powerful all afternoon." #5 "It gets played through again. Alan Combe with an absolute howler. Combe... onto Fletcher! It's a moment of personal tragedy in the footballing sense for Alan Combe and Steven Fletcher nets the 5th goal. He couldn't believe it, the Hibs fans couldn't believe it. Kilmarnock are torn apart. It's Kilmarnock one, Hibs FIVE." #🏆
  5. I fear the worst for Kilmarnock in this one, I really do. Sadly for them, we are absolutely loaded with Killie Kryptonite this season, with no less than 3 Welshmen in the Hibs team. If that isn't enough to strike fear into the h**rts of the Ayrshire billy boys, each one of them possesses the superpower of being actual professional footballers and not just some random sheep farmer/molester. Having said that, Christian Doidge is shagging his way through absolutely everything at the moment, so even the sheep aren't safe. The Kilmarnock defence certainly aren't.
  6. See that scene in Inglourious Basterds where they barricade and burn down the cinema with Hitler and the entire 3rd Reich inside, thus ending WW2? Now obviously I’d never in a million years dream of condoning any sort of violence inside or around (and certainly not down a carefully prearranged side street in close proximity to) any football stadium. All I’m saying is for the sake of the entire future of this country, Brexit needs to be stopped, and this match would be the best way to go about it.
  7. A very big welcome to Hibernian Football Club to our very own Don Draper. Jack Boss: Jack Cross: Jack Really Cross: Jack Really, Really Cross Jack Papal Cross: Jack kens the Hearts are Dross: Jack when Neil McCann becomes their boss: Jack wearing the physio's Lip Gloss: Jack don't give a Toss: Jack loves Salt n Sauce: Jack contemplating a Loss: Jack drinking Voss: Jack spotting an Albatross:
  8. It’s more like asking if you’d rather have sex with your mum or your dad.
  9. For christ sake, this is supposed to be a derby thread lads. Hang your collective heads in shame. f**k Ian Black f**k Jamie Walker f**k Mole Face f**k Don Cowie f**k Kevin Kyle f**k Marian Kello f**k Ian Black a second time f**k Wallace Mercer f**k Steven MacLean f**k Rudi Skacel f**k Bobby Zlamal f**k Tommy Robinson f**k Craig Gordon f**k Peter Haring
  10. Hibs fans from the 2016 Scottish Cup Final surely take the crown after raiding, looting and pillaging Hampden. Amongst the souvenirs from that day: • Wes Foderingham’s teeth. • The contact lenses one fan wore at the match displayed at home in their original capsule and solution because they ‘witnessed history’. • A framed lifetime football banning order. • Corner flags, huge chunks of turf, pegs and pieces of net from the goal all nicked from Hampden. Some fans chewed off parts of the net for a memento, one conveniently had scissors with them for the job. • During footage of Sunshine on Leith, amongst a mass sea of held up scarfs and flags, one lad can be spotted proudly holding a giant William Hill advertising board aloft. • A smattering of suspended prison sentences. • Overwhelmed by the crowds post match, several Hibees picked up large amounts of free 'souvenirs' from the alcohol aisles in Rutherglen Asda. • Mark Warburton’s magic hat. • A broken foot from a *** unceremoniously head butting it.
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