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  1. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Crowds are more or less the same, haven’t heard anything about Holm Park but work hasn’t started just yet as far as I’m aware.
  2. Clydebank v Hurlford

    Hurlford look to be a cracking side. We were unlucky not to take something from yesterday but that’s fitba, canny win them aw.
  3. Clydebank v Hurlford

    Nobody cares mate, get a grip.
  4. Clydebank v Hurlford

    Here’s hoping 🤞🏻 Toughest one yet without a doubt. Both teams on excellent form.. should be a cracker.
  5. Clydebank v Hurlford

    Top of the table clash! should be a cracker. 2-0 bankies [emoji102][emoji482]
  6. The Recent Match Videos Thread

  7. Tonight's Quarter Final scores

    Well put [emoji1303]
  8. Tonight's Quarter Final scores

    Nobody cares what gender I assume you are [emoji23] Nobody cares about your nonsense posts either, do one.
  9. Tonight's Quarter Final scores

    One strange little man [emoji23]
  10. Tonight's Quarter Final scores

    Aye, imagine a football club trying to progress [emoji848] Madness
  11. Tonight's Quarter Final scores

    Me either, we’ve got a good track record in the sectional. Couldn’t make the game tonight so can’t comment on the performance. well done peasy.
  12. Tonight's Quarter Final scores

    Petershill 3 Clydebank 1
  13. Tonight's Quarter Final scores

    Petershill 2 Clydebank 0 [emoji42]
  14. Auchinleck v Clydebank

    All getting a bit childish now 🤣 we got pumped in the 2nd half, it’s happened before and it’ll happen again.. that’s fitba. We’ll come back stronger, there’s no success without failure.. All the best to you boys for the rest of the season [emoji482]
  15. Auchinleck v Clydebank

    Unlucky, could’ve been 1 or 2 up in the first half but couldn’t finish. Fair play to Auchinleck as they totally dominated the the 2nd half, giving us a right showing up. Onwards and upwards [emoji837][emoji836]️[emoji835]️