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  1. Hence why I'm saying Arbroath will need luck on their side. Incredibly hard place to come away with a result, beechwood.
  2. Good luck to Arbroath man they'll need it 😂
  3. Hope he's en route to the bankies then if that's the case. You lot have plenty.
  4. Looking forward to it, 3 points in the bag hopefully.
  5. We are under no illusions on how difficult the game will be , no problems with neds No problems with neds 😂 hilarious
  6. Well, it's a forum to discuss football mate. What else are you expecting?
  7. Gutted. All the best jordan. Some gain for the lok..
  8. Not as famous as the time we got promotion to the SPL, or the semi's of the Scottish cup at hampden. Only been in the juniors since 2003 and already achieved what alot of clubs never will.. promotion to the top tier, junior cup final, central and sectional league cup wins. Aye, Talbot might be the benchmark of junior football and you've done exceptionally well but the bubble will burst one day. Anyway, all the best and we'll see you at holm park.
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