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  1. [emoji837][emoji836][emoji835] https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2547306205483837&id=1495481867332948?sfnsn=scwspmo&extid=hKKp1sSRKEiBs2au&d=n&vh=e
  2. What a crowd we took that day. Best supported club at this level [emoji482]
  3. Unsure why my posts were removed [emoji1787] it'll look cracking when it's up. Mon the best team in europe [emoji837][emoji836][emoji835]
  4. He sent me a video of his own moonwalking skills, unfortunately he's asked me not to post them on here as his "hurlford till I die" tattoo is visible [emoji1745]
  5. You like it? You like being abused? Each to their own [emoji482]
  6. Na it's because you're a hurlford fan m8
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