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  1. one of the worst refereeing displays I've ever seen at the girvan v carluke game
  2. can finally enjoy a Saturday night. the effort and fight from the boys was outstanding
  3. how'd girvan play yesterday must be sickened losing that second goal
  4. Main thing is there's certainly an improvement and I'm sure they're will be more to come in during the next few weeks
  5. Definitely. Thought defence was probably strongest part of the team today to be honest
  6. Certainly added a bit more quality just need to get games in and get the fitness up
  7. What did you think of them today mate?
  8. Thought look like they will be solid enough at the back. Midfield and up top look to have a bit more quality so be better to see when they have a few games under their belts. Thought they looked good before the big man had to go off then change up a bit
  9. Big difference in the team that played today compared to the team that finished last season
  10. What players were kept on from end of last season?
  11. Do you know what lads resigned from end of last season?
  12. Having seen both craigmark and girvan recently I'm swaying more to girvan surviving relegation. Certainly hope so now that patna duntys started planning his travels for the championship next season
  13. They girvan lads must be kicking themselves that they've not managed to pick up anything from that game today
  14. But saying that I thought darvel played really well especially first half
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