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  1. Poor English kids are gonna go hungry now Marcus if that costs England
  2. Hit him with his hand the forward acknowledged it
  3. Good to see the Danes pressing them higher up the pitch good last 10 mins for them
  4. Far too much space being given for Englqnd to play in
  5. Great I’m gonna get the golf clubs out and work on the long game. Long overdue.
  6. Serious question but what are we doing with school age kids in this country in terms of their technical abilities. I’m in my sodding fifties and I actually think we’ve regressed in that area. No way we improve until that’s fixed.
  7. Nothing to do with freezing they’re simply not good enough. The difference in technical ability is enormous.
  8. So much better than the first game let’s beat the Croatians and qualify
  9. Are people really discussing ways this team can qualify from the group? I’m thinking more in terms of damage limitation and preventing a real embarrassing exit. The England game scares me to death in terms of a potential drubbing.
  10. Sky Golf channel reporting that Rahm has tested positive for COVID 19 and will have to withdraw from the tournament. He currently has a 6 shot lead.
  11. I see Dr Piers Morgan, the world renowed psychologist and Mental Health titan, has confirmed that her withdrawl has nothing to do with a mental health issue and everything to do with an attempt to avoid media scrutiny. Morgan is now debating his diagnosis with Prof Andrew 'Beef' Johnson and a large number of other Mental Health experts on Twitter.
  12. Only one team interested in winning the game in extra time so delighted they pulled it out on penalties. United will achieve nothing if they keep Ole in charge. Clueless
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