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  1. See, that’s why I gave you that title. Test and you passed. [emoji85][emoji23]
  2. I think you miss the point. This Incentive is to capture people (like my brother for example) that don’t really have a big connection with Clyde. This incentive is perfect to, more or less, gain £260 (effectively a season ticket) from a person that may never attend a Clyde game. People that go to Clyde games and buy a season ticket every year, that’s money they were always going to come by. People that were never interested in lower league football, well you just scored yourself extra money that wouldn’t have came at all. From the payout if that non-Clyde fan was to win from the bully wee fund, they’ll tell friends and family and maybe next season they have convinced another few people to join. This my friend is what this incentive is about...the snowball effect of non-Clyde fans that give money to the team via an attractive avenue.
  3. I don’t care what anyone else says, you are the brightest crayon in the box!
  4. Just signed up to the bully wee fund and managed to get the wee bro involved as well. £5 a week is f**k all for a good percentage of us. Hopefully more get involved in the next few weeks!
  5. They seats have annoyed me for years! Hopefully the refurb has encompassed the white and black seats of OKI. Unless of course they are paying a tidy wee sum into our coffers...or the landlords.
  6. Was thinking that masel! Mon Kappa, announce something! [emoji28][emoji28][emoji28]
  7. 1: Raith 2: Forfar 3: East Fife 4: Falkirk 5: Clyde 6: Montrose 7: Peterhead 8: Airdrie 9: Dumbarton 10: Stranraer
  8. I’ll never forget his performance in they shiny blue vapours against Ross county I’m sure. Absolutely destroyed them with his tricks!
  9. Massive congrats to all connected to Clyde. Looking forward to a NL derby and some decent games against Falkirk and Raith. Can’t wait for next season.
  10. No one would of predicted Berwick to beat Peterhead a few weeks ago. I reckon anything can happen, however first and foremost we must do our bit. I’m still believing 🥴[emoji85]
  11. Out of curiosity, anyone know what our record is for games unbeaten? Good ol’ Wiki doesn’t have that record listed unfortunately.
  12. The last part of that post was pretty accurate to say he’d rush back. So technically 6 days out, wasn’t that far off to be fair. What a guy!
  13. I broke my arm and couldn’t get back playing for 8 weeks. Some take up to 12 weeks so earliest we can expect to have him I’d say is the 9th March (Away to Elgin) in my opinion. The absolute athlete that DGW is , he may just get back next week [emoji23]
  14. That’s exactly what’s wrong with our mentality, they figures shouldn’t be unthinkable. I did state that that particular game was a very special occasion. The product of football back then was of higher standards also but for that game we hit serious numbers. Population in the Nauld 52k, Kilsyth 12k according to wiki. You telling me that it would be crazy to think we could get an average of 2000-3000 Clyde fans to fill up the home stand? That’s just less than 5% of the population for only those two areas. That’s not including surrounding areas like Kirky (20k), Stepps (7k) & Glasgow areas where the foundation of this club was built. 18 home games a season, only 18 times in 10 months. You set a target for 9 games in a season (as big teams may take some of the potential fans away) and build on it from there but I do strongly feel that we don’t promote or market Clyde well imo. Perhaps I just try to see the positive side but I really don’t think getting 2-3k in our home stand is outrageous when the product is there and we have a location like we have.
  15. I can give you an idea. Season 03-04 where ICT pipped Clyde to the title. The biggest game of that season and whoever won this was surely going to lift the title and make their way up to the Premiership, which ICT did. I was a season ticket holder then and as I went to sit in my regular seat I had to give way to the influx of new faces that came to broadwood that day. Was great to see and showed the crowds we could potentially get if decent opposition came to broadwood. 5000 people were in attendance that day and for a 2nd tier game that’s pretty decent. Cumbernauld and Kilsyth region has the potential to fill broadwood or at least a 2 out of the 3 stands. Hoping those days aren’t far off.
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