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  1. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    I meant that about fans in general. I know Queens Park didnt play us last season apart from in the betfred
  2. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    A lot more this season it seems. When he signed yes there was plenty but wasn't a lot other than that
  3. Edinburgh City

    He was decent and with his knowledge will do well In that field
  4. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    Oh congratulations
  5. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    f**k off. Not a single one of us condone beasts. We know the facts and Thomson is not a beast. Hearts only fired him because the sponsors were going to pull out. Why were you never on the Kelty thread when he was playing there? Funny that eh. Don't ever come on here and accuse people you don't know saying we all condone sex offenders. Absolutely horrendous accusation.
  6. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    My point is this....... Why when we beat other clubs do opposition fans always have to mention Thomson after a defeat? They literally can not handle getting beat off a club that a few years ago were playing in fron of less than 100 people. Can't any of you talk about the actual game itself? It's ALWAYS about Thomson because you need a scapegoat.
  7. Edinburgh City

    Spot on. Nice guy but shouldve called it quits after the first season with City. He helped City to survival two seasons in a row but he should've called it a day for himself. I never thought he'd get another club after City and that's no disrespect to Craig, once a players legs have gone they've gone
  8. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    You wouldn't have wrote that though would you? Truth hurts
  9. Edinburgh City

    Im amazed you signed him to be honest. He's had a great career but last season was one too many for him. Never ever thought he'd get another season playing. No disrespect to him he's a nice bloke but he should've retired end of last season maybe earlier.
  10. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    Read up on facts. Not what was in the sensationalist red tops
  11. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    Funny how none of you last season were saying nothing about Thomson when we were getting pumped every week. It seems fans of every club have to mention Thomson every time they lose to City. It's like none of you can handle getting beat off a diddy team eh.
  12. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    If you won today you'd have written none of that. Guarenteed.

    Still here
  14. Edinburgh City v QP

  15. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    Think his second yellow was for dissent.