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  1. 8000 sell out.. there was a few Greek lads beside us but I'd say they just bought them online like Bohs fans. No official away section and unlikely there will be for next round. To be honest I think we will be well beaten in Greece. Great result last night but I'd be shocked if we progressed
  2. I know it well, lived around the corner and I went to school in St Vincent's.. The morons coming from the UK is not a new thing no, they reckon cause its easier to get away with fighting here because the Irish polis are useless and don't give a f**k ha. Ive seen mobs from Hibs, Bury, Millwall, Wrexham, Celtic, Cliftonville, Man City here just for the Derby.. strange behaviour.. never heard of Polish mobs but there is lots of Polish in Dublin so probably just miss a good football fight and join in ha.. No I'm not Fairnie ha
  3. For a start the game would be in the Aviva. Last time Bohs Casuals and Rovers mob had a proper dust up Hibs CCS were in attendance with Rovers and got their arses handed to them by Bohs.. As for the hipster pish, it's the drivel I'd expect from a Jambon...And lastly the NBB are not the Bohs Hooligans... other than that you are spot on ha Unlikely we will get past PAOK anyway, a step up maybe just too far..
  4. Bye bye Accies, bye bye @Scotty Tunbridge
  5. Looking forward to having Dundees big club back in the top flight..
  6. A quick look on Betfair for curiosity and I see Trump is into 11/1... Should we be worried? His odds have steadily shortened since yesterday..
  7. sorry lads I was rushung out the door when I posted. I fully accept the The_Kinky style dressing down I recieved... I'm over the moon Trump is gone for just as many reasons Americans are.. not gonna get too giddy about Biden mind..
  8. Yeah that's it... I'd imagine the vast majority of celebrations are for Trump going rather than for Biden being elected... I'd imagine people would still of celebrated if in an inanimate carbon rod was elected once it wasnt Trump
  9. Was about to say..neither of those tweets are written by Trump..
  10. The yanks to overthrow Borris... I'm down with that... I welcome our new star spangled overlords
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