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  1. A quick look on Betfair for curiosity and I see Trump is into 11/1... Should we be worried? His odds have steadily shortened since yesterday..
  2. πŸ˜‚ sorry lads I was rushung out the door when I posted. I fully accept the The_Kinky style dressing down I recieved... I'm over the moon Trump is gone for just as many reasons Americans are.. not gonna get too giddy about Biden mind..
  3. Yeah that's it... I'd imagine the vast majority of celebrations are for Trump going rather than for Biden being elected... I'd imagine people would still of celebrated if in an inanimate carbon rod was elected once it wasnt Trump
  4. Was about to say..neither of those tweets are written by Trump..
  5. The yanks to overthrow Borris... I'm down with that... I welcome our new star spangled overlords
  6. Dont know much about the Boogaloo boys Anti government I thought but leaning far right?
  7. Just caught the end of it... so just one bloke in a Hawaiian shirt and a AKπŸ˜‚
  8. Just flicked on the BBC News there... one reporter standing there reporting that heavily armed men have turned up in Hawaiian shirts...πŸ˜‚ effin hell... The boogaloo boys... Not sure where it was... looked like he was getting a bit of stick too ha
  9. Yeah hes obviously playing to a certain demographic but unfortunately thats large... Hes lost, nothing is going to change that thankfully... it's just a case of casting a shadow over the result now...interesting to see where he goes after this.. cant see him fading into the background quietly...
  10. When hes punted from Twitter where is he going to vent? Next logical stop or illogical pending how you look at it is his own tv channel or network... Trump TV... hed probably get decent ratings
  11. It really is now just a case of if you repeat a lie again and again and again people will believe its true...
  12. 🀣 I was working in a bar and was chatting to a few costumers, one of them asked how I got there, I sarcastically replied I drove... what followed was several questions of how and my mate winding them up about a trans Atlantic under water tunnel connecting Ireland to New York.. Edit it was about 20 years ago before everyone had access to the internet on their phone...🀣
  13. Exactly... like any country.. spent a fair amount of time there and never had any bother.. Or just go to Canada, it's a watered down version of America, very safe
  14. That I'd be more likely to bump into one of the crazies you see on the tele. It's America... crazies everywhere..
  15. Wonder how Santa and the tooth fairy are feeling about the election result. .
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