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  1. This came up on my timeline, thought I'd share it.. don't think you will see a sweater volley
  2. Was about to say.... it's pretty childish but I will enjoy the absolute meltdown that is guaranteed from ra peepul on this most sacred of all sacred weekends... 👣
  3. Hes not taking the news well from yesterday that footballers are choosing a well run Premiership outfit over a basket case championship mob... Leave him be, its entertaining watching him..
  4. Ya raging wee Austin? You are just like the other collection of Kickback weirdos we've had on here since hearts were relegated. No point trying to explain anything to you. Enjoy Alloa next season..
  5. It has been explained further up the page, another jambon thicko that doesn't understand English 😂
  6. Championship forum this way jambon》》》》》》》》
  7. Dont want to put a dampner on things because I'm delighted with those signings and if we get Gogic in, brilliant...But we could use a few defenders in...
  8. Signing players again really is a great feeling after the past few months..
  9. This... get this idea in the sea along with "drink breaks" or any other reason to slow the game down. It's only a matter of time too that the "Drinks break" is used as another revenue stream for advertising.. Its already been talked about in Ingurlandshire... GTF.... Rant over....
  10. Effin hell it's become a double act.. I know Gorgie is a bit of a slum but do you jambons no have a bed to go ta?
  11. Was about to say.. plus Dundee are not in our league so technically they wont be our opponents next season...
  12. Saw this on Twitter... the Very Pound that Sir Craig bought rangers(RIP) with is going to Auction..... Bidding starts at 25 pence...😉
  13. Donated... Dundee clubs costing me a fortune fighting the Maroon scum.. First the purchase of the Dundee FC jersey in accordance with the HiDee alliance signed in 1986 and their good fight next season.. Now Uniteds turn for some of the original green pound..
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